International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers Markers

International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers Markers

The purpose of Daughters of Utah Pioneer Markers is to pay tribute to Utah pioneers and help teach descendants and current and future generations about important places and events. The first markers were established in the 1930s and today nearly 600 ISDUP Markers are maintained in many states and in Europe.

Lists, Descriptions, and Photos of DUP Markers

There are three websites where information on DUP Markers can be accessed: provides a searchable list of markers by marker number, title, city, state and DUP company name click here. provides a map and numeric list with photos and descriptions of DUP Markers click here

Utah Division of State History — Markers and Monuments Database provides information by area and photos click here

Cleaning Markers

It is important to keep markers clean. Information on cleaning both bronze and Navalloy plaques can be found on the information on Cleaning Markers, click here.

Replacing or Moving Markers

The care of all markers within the DUP Company boundaries is under the supervision of the Company Board. The local Camp or Company is responsible for the perpetual care of markers. If a marker becomes damaged or is stolen, it is the responsibility of the Camp or Company to replace the marker. For information on Replacing or Moving ISDUP Markers, click here.

Applying for a New Marker

ISDUP accepts applications to establish new markers from local DUP Camps or Companies.

Who can apply for a new marker? A local DUP Camp or Company (or both) can apply for a marker. The marker must be within the geographical area where the Camp or Company reside.
Who pays for the marker and monument? ISDUP pays for the cost of the 16″ x 22″ plaque. The Camp or Company pays for the cost of establishing a monument for mounting the plaque.
What does ISDUP mark? ISDUP marks important historical events, locations, or objects which date to the pioneer period. The pioneer period generally begins in 1847, when pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley and ends at the conclusion of the colonization era, which is generally considered 1900. The marker must have important historical significance and meet ISDUP Marker Policy and Criteria.

For a one-page ISDUP Marker Requirements Overview, click here.

For information on establishing an ISDUP Marker, contact the ISDUP Marker Chair at or 801-532-6479 ext. 203. The ISDUP Marker Chair will provide the ISDUP Marker Policy, Criteria, and Application Packet and will work with Camps or Companies wishing to establish a marker.

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