DUP Lessons

Lesson TitleSeries/VolumeLesson Topic
Utah State FlagHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1
Utah State SongHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1
The Provisional Government of the State of DeseretHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1First Government in Valley; Organization of the State; Officers of the New State; Charter to Establish University
Utah Under Territorial LawHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Acts of Congress to Establish; First Officers of the Territory; Early Political Parties; Territorial Governors
United OrderHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Organization; United Order of Northern Utah; Orderville; Glenwood; Articles of the Association; By-laws of the United Order; Instructions for Members
Handcart Pioneers of UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Reasons for the use of Handcarts; Handcart Companies; Stories by Handcart Veterans
Indian Chiefs of Pioneer DaysHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Black Hawk; Walker; Arapene; Tabby; Pocatello; Washakie; Kanosh: Sowiette; Red Cap; Bear Hunter; Old Posey; Native Americans
Indian Women of the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Utah Indian Women; Chipeta; Sally Kanosh; Harriet Hamilton; Mickey; Jane; Rhoda Carpenter (Shamp); Pocatello’s Mother; The Dorian Women; Advice of Aztec Woman to Daughter
Indian Reservations of the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Congress Policy Toward the Indian; Indian Farm at Spanish Fork; Reservations — Uintah; Shebit; Goshute; Skull Valley; San Juan; Fort Hall; Fort Washakie; Navajo
Indian Slavery of the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Indian Slavery in Pioneer Days; Pioneer Attitude Toward Slavery; Pedro Leon and His Associates; An Act for Relief of Indian Slavery in Utah; Indian Children Raised by Pioneers; Native American
Pioneer Missionaries Among the IndiansHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Santa Clara; Moquis; Elk Mountain; Salmon River (Salmon River Mission); Indian Territory; Pioneer Missionaries
Communication of Early UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Mail Service; Pony Express; Post Offices; Telegraph; Pioneers Construct Own Lines; Telegraph Offices; Experiences of Telegraphers
Roads of Early UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Laws Pertaining to Roads; Toll Roads; Poll Tax; Canyon Roads; Military Roads
EntertainmentsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Home Dramatics; Traveling Theater; Medicine Man; The Wagon Salesman; Traveling Circus
Cattle and Sheep Industry of UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1First Sheep in the Valley; Herding; Early Experiences in Cattle Raising; Cattle Towns; The Round-up; Branding; Butchers of Early Utah
Public Works and Social SecurityHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Their Brothers’ Keepers; Establishment of Public Works; Blacksmith Shop; Paint Shop; Shoe Factory; Tannery; Home Industries; Meeting Houses; Canals and Irrigation; Ditches; Looking Glasses; Temple Wall; Church Farm; Tithing Scrip
Landmarks and Historic PlacesHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Eagle Gate; Lion House; State House at Fillmore; Juab Stake Tabernacle; Alpine City Hall; Old Cemeteries; School Houses; the Good Year Cabin (Goodyear Cabin); The Chase Mill
Pioneer BooksHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Pioneers Encouraged to Bring Books; Review of Historical Discourses; Old Account Book; Musical Monitor; Life of a Pioneer; From Liverpool to Salt Lake Valley; First Libraries; Pioneer Song Book
Historical Miracles of Pioneer DaysHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Irrigation; Miracle in the Desert; Crickets and Seagulls; Desert Blossoms Because of Irrigation; Early Irrigation in Sevier County; Irrigation Beginning in Washington County; Irrigation in Provo; Honeydew; Newton Reservoir; the Gull Monument;
The Other MotherHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1The Reiser Family; The Jarvis Family; The David Cannon Family; Mothers of Eva Jensen Olsen; Elizabeth Evans Parry; Jemima Durrant; The Wives of Charles A. Terry; Phoebe Ann Covington Pace; William Snow Families; Olivia Forsgren Lee; Orson Smith’s Large Family; Wife of Philip Pugsley; Wives of Albert Gregory; The Hyer Mothers; Christina Jepson; Wives of Marcus L. Shepherd; Mary Ann B. Hubbard
Pioneer RecipesHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Pioneer Bread and Yeast; Sugar; Mormon Gravy; Brigham Tea; Cat-tail Mattress; Soap Making; Salt; Dixie Molasses; Mother’s New Dress; Dyes; My Grandmother Woodbury’s New Dress; Silk Industry; Candles; The Leather Industry; Wooden Utensils; Adobe Making in Fillmore; Pioneer Fences
Early Fairs and Jubilees of the State of UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Deseret Agricultural and Manufacturing Society; Jubilees; Sunday School Jubilees; Memories of Sunday School Jubilees; parades; pioneer day; celebration
Hospitals of UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Council of Health; Early Doctors; Deseret Hospital; St. Mark’s Hospital; Catholic Hospitals in Utah; W. H. Groves LDS Hospital; Ogden Hospitals; First State Mental Hospital; Utah State Hospital; Keeley Institute; Transient Hospital; Salt Lake County Hospital; Keogh-Hosmer Hospital; Pioneer Midwives
Pioneer Memorial BuildingHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1Encouragement of Building of Pioneer Memorial Building by Past Presidents of the Organization; Capitol Exhibits; Pioneer Memorial Museum
Value of Writing and Preserving HistoryHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 1
Utah in Pre-Pioneer DaysHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2John C. Fremont; Fur Trappers and Traders; William Ashley; Miles Goodyear; James Bridger; the Rendezvous; Early Emigrants; John Colter; Nathaniel J. Wyeth; Benjamin Bonneville; Jim Baker; Osborne Russell; James Bridger; The Donner Party; Father De Smet; Christian Missionaries in the West
Friends of the PioneersHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Thomas L. Kane; Richard F. Burton; Lt. Col. George Cooke; Captain James W. Gunnison; Howard Stansbury
Mountains, Lakes, and StreamsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Streams Along the Trail; Chimney Rock; Fort Laramie; Devil’s Gate; South Pass; Big Mountain; Utah Mountains; Lakes of Utah; San Juan County; Virgin River; Southeastern Utah
Women of the Mormon Battalion and the Mississippi SaintsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2The Families of the Mormon Battalion; The Women of the Battalion; the Merrill Sisters; Susan Smith Adams; Women who made the entire trip; Susan Davis; Lydia Hunter; Phebe Palmer Brown; Melissa Burton Coray; Women of the Mississippi Saints; The First Group to Enter Valley; Robert Crow Family; Manamas Lavina Andrus; Three Negro Pioneers
Utah and her Neighbor States Receive StatehoodHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Utah’s Plea for Statehood; Benefits of Statehood; Political Parties of Utah; Oregon Receives Her Statehood; How Wyoming Received Statehood; Statehood for Nevada; California Enters Union; Idaho Receives Statehood; Arizona in the Making
Pioneer Schools and School MastersHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2The University of Deseret; Parent’s School; Private Schools; Brigham Young’s School; First School in Long Valley; John R. Parks in Utah’s Schools; Early Public Schools of Salt Lake; Provo City Schools; Utah School for the Deaf; Utah School for the Blind; Utah State Industrial School; First Free School in State; The History of Education in Tooele; Early School Teachers
Pioneer ChoirsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Charles Thomas; George E.P. Careless; Evan Stephens; Anthony C. Lund; Ogden Tabernacle Choir; Morgan S. Evans; Pioneer Choir of Logan; Thomas Griffin; First Choirs of Provo; The Tabernacle Organ; Joseph Ridges; Kaysville Brass Band; Cedar City Choir; The Romance of Gathering Old Songs; Music
Graves Along the TrailHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Included in this chapter are the histories of men, women and children who died enroute to Utah
Mining in the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Mining Coal and Iron in Early Utah; Some Facts Regarding the Coal Mine Near Wales, San Pete County, Utah; Iron and Coal Mining Industry in Iron County; General Cowan and the Mormons; The Alta District; Mining in Park City; Park City; Mercur; Mining in Tooele County; Rush Valley; Bingham Canyon; Silver Reef; Tintic District; Mammoth Mine; Eureka Hill; Jesse Knight as Mining Man; Mining in Beaver County; Mining in Western Nevada; Coke Ovens of Wyoming; Placer Gold in Idaho
Trees, Flowers and Birds of UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Tree Planting in Early Days; Old Juniper; Lone Cedar Tree; Trees in Liberty Park; Salt Lake County Trees; Ye Olde Pine Tree; Trees in Tooele, Fillmore, Elsinore, Monroe, Richfield, Pocatello, Idaho; Boise, Idaho Trees
Four Outstanding Activities of the PioneersHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Deseret Alphabet; George D. Watt; Surveying in Pioneer Utah; Henry Sherwood; Joseph L. Heywood; W.W. Phelps; Jesse W. Fox, Sr. Pioneer Surveyor; Albert Carrington, the Surveyor; David H. Burr; J. Fewson Smith; Orson Pratt, the Astronomer; The Union Academy; Astronomy and Astronomical Observatory; Salt Lake City, Utah; Deseret Money; John Mobourn Kay
Scandinavia’s Contribution to UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Danish Contributions to America; Andrew Jenson, Historian; Icelandic Contributions to Utah; Norwegian Contributions to Utah; The Swedes in Utah (Sweden); Scandinavian Economic Contribution; The Scandinavian Mother; Choral Activities; Scandinavian Topics; Rebild Park, Aalborg, Denmark
Pioneer CelebrationsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Pioneer Christmas Celebrations; Ogden’s First Christmas; Christmas in Old Los Angeles; Thanksgiving in Pioneer Days; New Year’s Day in Utah; Independence Day; Celebrations of Pioneer Day
Development of TransportationHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2The Covered Wagon; Freighting by Ox Team; Stagecoach Days; Pony Express; Railroading in Pioneer Days; The Utah Northern; Utah Central; Calico Road; San Pete Valley Railroad; Transportation in Southern Utah
Military Life in the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Utah Militia; Gen. Daniel H. Wells; Col. Robert T. Burton; The Ogden Militia; David McKay; The Echo Canyon War; The Mormon Battalion; Its Achievements; In San Diego; In Los Angeles; In Sacramento; Utah in the Civil War
The Indian and the PioneerHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2The Religion of the Indian; The Indian and His Home; President Young’s Indian Policy; Tony Ivins and the Indian; Amos Wright’s Story of Washakie; Ida Anna Rice Wilcox (the Indian Woman); Richard May Among the Indians; The Return of her Son; Other Indian Stories; Religion of the Indian, John Jackson Galbreath
Early Arts and Crafts of the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2First Art School; Early Day Artists; Early Sculptors; Weber County Artists; Samuel Jepperson, the Artist, Musician; Pioneer Handicraft, Wax Fruit, Millinery of Early Utah; Straw Store; Making Yarn and Cloth; Carpet Weaving; the Silk Industry; Ralph Ramsey (Ralph Ramsay); Making Burial Clothes
Her Wedding Journey / Pioneer CourtshipHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 2Love Stories of the Pioneers; Pioneer Courtships; This chapter contains 38 Romances of the Pioneers, including stories of the Plains, the Old World, as well as these of Early Utah. Pioneer Courtships; A Lass from Scotland (Isabel, Joseph and Margaret Irvine McMurrin); The Old Story (Zurviah Fuller, James Eardley); Love That Cannot Die (George and Harriet Lowe); The Loved from Childhood (Bertha Marie Carlson; James Jensen); The Salteratus Biscuit; It Was Love (Hermina Ambrosen Thuesen); A Wedding Trip on Horseback (William C. Lewis; Sanford Bingham and Martha Lewis); A Love that Never Died (Hannah Cornaby); A Pioneer Romance (Charlotte Carter); 1847 Romance of the Plaines (Rebecca Cherry); the Parkinson Romance (Samuel R. Parkinson; Arbella Parkinson); Her Fortune (Martha Roach); A Great Love (Sarah E. Carmichael); I am Thinking of Days Gone By; Her Love Story (Ethel T. Scalley); Her Love Story (Martha Fox Taylor); When Persistence Won (Chariton Jacobs); From Old England (Thomas Child); A Pioneer Leah and Rachel (Goudy Hogan); Courtship of Nephi and Conradina A. Mariager; An Old World Romance (Carl C.N. Dorius); Our Nellie (Ellen Nash); Joshua Terry’s Indian Bride; Philip James Garn and His Bride; Joseph Holbrook’s Romance (Nancy Lampson; Hannah Flint); Grandma’s Story (Mary Magdaline Vogt); Bride of the Plains (William Humphreys; Elizabeth Nelson); Mary Jane Goodridge and William Flint; He Unknowingly Spoke the Truth (William Anderson; Henrietta Bartzen); The Courtship of Willie and Rachel (William Walton Burton; Rachel Fielding); Courtship of Keplar Sessions and Ann Call; The Courtship of Ann Mayer and Everett Peck; Young Colonizers (Hattie Cox Reid; Sam Snow; Francis M. Cox and Elizabeth Johnson Cox); Cupi Wins (George Mortimer Brown, Elizabeth Olsen); Early Weddings in Cache Valley (John Theurer; Joseph H. Campbell; Elizabeth Mathews); Lyman and Maribah (Lyman L. Woods and Maribah Ann Bird)
Pioneer Mills and MillersHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 3First Mills; Charles Crismon Mill; Heber C. Kimball Mill; Mills in Mill Creek Canyon; Mills of Weber; Cache; Uintah; Sanpete; Sevier; Beaver; Washington; Utah County; Millard; Paper Mills in Salt Lake; First Sugar Mill
Pioneer Homes and HousesHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 3First Houses in the Valley; Tuft Mansion; White House; Bee Hive House; Devereaux Mansion; Old City Hall; Gardo House; Hyrum Clawson Home; Factors in Building Pioneer Homes; Pioneer Homes of Jacob Houtz; Amos P. Stone; Charles F. Middleton; Temples — Salt Lake, Logan, St. George, Manti; Tabernacle and Church Buildings; Insignia on Pioneer Buildings; Church Architects
British Contributions to UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 3First Mormon Converts in England; English Musicians; Contributions of the Isle of Man; Contributions of the Welsh; Scotch in Utah; Ireland’s Contribution; Australian Contribution; Canada’s Contribution; Perpetual Emigration Fund; Copy of Perpetual Emigration Fund Note
Women of DeseretHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 3Heroines of Deseret; Pioneer Relief Society Mother; Our Living Pioneers; Wives and Daughters of Brigham Young; This Chapter contains about 50 stories of prominent pioneer women from the state of Utah, each woman serving her state and church in a different capacity.
Military Forts of the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 3Pioneer Forts in Utah; Utah Military Forts–Camp Floyd; Fort Douglas; Camp Rawlins; Fort Cameron; Fort Uintah (Robidoux); Fort Thornburg; Fort Duchesne; Wyoming–Fort Williams; Fort Laramie; Fort Bridger; Fort Phil Kearney; Other Forts in Wyoming; Idaho — Fort Hall; Fort Henry; Fort Boise; Fort Lapwai; Fort Sherman; Colorado Forts; Fort Pueblo; Massachusetts; Other Colorado Forts; California Early Military Forts; Fort Moore; Nevada–Church Hull; Halleck Fort
Shops and FactoriesHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 3Home Manufacturing; Blacksmith Shops; Gunsmiths; Tin Smiths; Watch Maker; Manufacture of Shoes; Salt; Manufacture of Oil; Furniture; Paint; Stone Quarry; Lime; Broom Manufacturing; Hats; Bakers; Brush Making; Wine Manufacturing; Sugar Factories
Merchandising in DeseretHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 3Barter and Due Bills; Influence of Pioneer Merchants; Camp Floyd Sales; Transient Merchants; ZCMI; Co-ops (Cooperative); Ladies Co-op Store; Auerbach; General Stores; Underground Store
Mormon Colonization of the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 3Colonization in Eastern United States; Salt Lake Valley; Plan of Colonization in Utah; Leaders as Colonizers; Apostles as Colonizers; Colonization in Neighboring States–California, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, Wyoming; Canada; New Mexico; Old Mexico
Some May Call it FolkloreHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 3Brigham Young’s Vision of the Valley; Prophetic Sayings of Heber C. Kimball to Sister Amanda H. Wilcox; Strange White Horse (Mary P. Morris by Winnifred Tibbs); Two Mothers (Frederic Walter Cox; Jemima Lossee Cox; Alida Snow Woolley); Her Dream (Susannah Rogers by Ruth M. Pickett); A Handcart Pioneer (Susan Melverton); Who Held the Door (William Carter; Harriet Carter); A Warning Heeded and a Promise Fulfilled (George F. Jarvis); My grandmother’s Story (Catherine Cristina Jensen by Alla Loveland); “Not By Man Alone” Maria Angell Woolley by Laura Angell King); Whisperings of the Spirit (Shadrach Roundy); Dudley Leavitt’s Story; Excerpts from Leaves from My Journal by Wilford Woodruff; Prompting of the Spirit (Charles C. Rich); Warnings (Andrew Locy Rogers); Bread for the Orphans (Niels J. Nielson); The Flour Bin That Has Never Been Empty (Archibald Gardner); ‘A Mysterious Giver (William Walton Burton); The Pea Patch That Never Failed (Andrew Jenson, grasshoppers); How Bread was Provided (by Elvira D. Ballard); Who Planted the Greens (Abigail Cox Heaton); A Promise is Fulfilled (Emily Davis); The Pioneer Flour Bin (Charles Lambert); The Quiet Voice (Laura Richardson Bess); Strange as it May Seem (Marriner W. Merrill); Jesse N. Smith’s Experience; They Could Not See (Julia Ann Mitchell, Emma Smith); Was it Mental Telepathy or Inspiration? (Lillian B. Corry; Ralph Clyde Bunker); Her Child was Healed (Thomas and Matilda Stolworthy); Her Zion (Sarah Ann Morgan Edwards); A Mysterious Visitor (James Rencher); An Incident in the Lives of William Henry and Mary Laidlaw Seegmiller; The Right Road; Incident in the Life of My Mother Elizabeth Mathews Campbell; An English Newspaper (Logan Temple; Henry Ballard); The Miraculouse Healing of William H. Dickson; My Experience (Thomas Palmer); Was it a Mirage? (Wilmer Bronson); A Strange Visitor (Mary Harriet Burgess Bullard); A Marvelous Experience (Maude May Babcock, Carrie Helen Lamson); The Helping Hand; A Nephite Visits a Descendant of the Lamanites; John Smith Adams, pioneer of 1847; The Three Nephites Return; Sugar from the Lord (Mabel B. Colton; George Washington Adair; Mrs. Emeline Baldwin; Marriner W. Merrill); The Tale of the Sea Gulls (Joseph H. Armstrong; Mary Young Wilcox; Sophronia Moore Martin; Manomas L. Andrus; Harriet Utley Carter; Schuyler Everett; Gunnison); The Old Virgin Ditch
Living the United Order in OrdervilleHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4The Muddy Mission; Organization of the United Order; Laying Out the Community; Industry in Orderville; Homes and Houses in Orderville; Chronological History of Orderville; Church Organization; A Call to Protect the Settlers Across the Colorado River; Amusements in Orderville; Breaking up of United Order; Final Settlement of the Order
Fire Departments of UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4First Department; Laws Pertaining to the First Fire Department From 1871-1890; Paid Fire Departments Roster of Names; Fire Horses; Firemen’s Hall; Veterans of Fire Department; Fire Departments of Other Towns in Utah
History of Drama in the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4Drama in Nauvoo; In Early Utah Pioneer Dramatic Companies; Owners of Salt Lake Theatre; Roll of Honor; The Home Dramatic Company; Ward Dramatic Associations; Theatricals in Other Cities and Towns
Bands and Orchestras of Early DaysHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4Nauvoo Legion Band; Mormon Battalion Musicians; Early Musicians of Utah; Early Bands in Utah; Pioneer Martial Music in Cache and Weber Counties; Story of Other Bands in Utah; First Band in Evanston; First Band in Western Utah
Ships and BoatsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4LDS Emigration by Ships; Name and Statistic of Every LDS Emigrant Ship from Europe 1840-1868; History of William Adams, Married on the Ship; Buried at Sea; Fire on Board; Steamboats; Rafts; Ship Brooklyn; Boats on Great Salt Lake; Boats on Utah Lake; Starrh’s Ferry; North Fork Ferry; Lee’s Ferry; Pearce’s Ferry
The Pioneer Mormon MissionaryHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4India; LDS Missions First Organization; First Missionary; Mission to the Lamanites; His Family in the Wilderness; He Gave His Life Preaching the Gospel; The Spirit of His Calling; The Folks at Home; Three Missions; First Lady Missionary; Her Mission at Home; Journal of William F. Carter Kept on his Mission to Indian 1852; William Carter
The Contribution of Eastern United States to UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4Introduction of Mormonism; the Mormon Prophet; The Relief Society; Personnel of First Pioneer Company; Men and Women Who Came to Utah from Eastern United States
Contribution of Germany, Holland, Italy, Austria, France and Switzerland to UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4German Mission; German Pioneers; Swiss Mission and Pioneers; Holland Contribution to Utah; Italian Pioneers; French Pioneers; From Gibraltar, Palestine, Austria, Hungary, Turkey and Siberia
The Division of Land in Pioneer DaysHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4The City of Zion; Their Inheritance in Zion; Land Laws and the Distribution of Land; Land Issues; Land Jumpers; Timber Lands; Land Conservation in Utah; Land Barter; The Mormons on Indian Lands; Mexican Land Grants in Utah; Land Issues Throughout Utah and Nevada
The Spirit of EmigrationHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4The Road to Zion, Church immigration, Pioneer Companies and Independent Companies, Company from Australia, Instructions to Captains, Incidents of the Rich Company, Help from Deseret, Across the Plains in 1863, Camping on the plains, A Stampede on the plains (an episode in the life of A. Milton Musser), Principle of Gathering
Harvest Time in Pioneer DaysHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4First Plowing; Farming in the Desert; Seeds from England; Progress of Agriculture; The Gold Seekers Part; Crops Destroyed; Gardens and Orchards; Harvest Time in Sanpete County, Washington County, Salt Lake County; Farm Machinery; Threshing Days; Alfalfa; Fruit Cutting Bees; Gleaning; Pioneer Fences
Religious Sects and Cults that Sprang from MormonismHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4This Chapter Contains a History of the LDS Church under Joseph Smith. Also a Record of the Many Factions that Broke Away from the Dominant Church
Pioneer Poets and PoemsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 4Pioneer Poets; Poems They Have Written; Poems in Honor of Pioneers; Poems Written by Daughters of Utah Pioneers
Origin of Mormon Names of Cities, Mountains, Streams, Counties, Etc. in the United StatesHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5Mormon Place–Names from Missouri to Nebraska; Across the Plains; Name Origins of Utah Counties; Origin of Names of Utah Cities, Named for Women and Families. Prominent Men; Indian Names; Book of Mormon Names; Industry; Other Cities; Condition of Surroundings; Proximity to Water; Mountains; Some Place-Names of Utah’s Canyons, Mountains and Streams in Counties; Canyon Name History; Mormon Place-Names in Western States; Arizona; California; Colorado; Idaho; Nevada; New Mexico; Oregon; Wyoming; Canada; Old Mexico
Quaint Pioneer CustomsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5First Old Folks Entertainment; Old Colored Folk on Hand; The President of the United States Meets “Old Folks” of Utah; “Old Folks” in 1916; Old Folks Choir; Charles Roscoe Savage; Old Folks Excursions; Old Folks Day in Salt Lake City; Old Folks Day in American Fork; Salt Lake Theatre, The Old Folks; Orphans’ Free Excursion to Garfield; Dedication of Pioneer Homes; Utah Pioneers Honored by Daughters of Utah Pioneers; Family Reunions; Utah Indian War Veterans Encampments; 25th Annual Campfire of Utah Indian War Veterans
Outdoor PlaygroundsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5Warm Springs Resort; On the Shores of Great Salt Lake; Edens Park; Syracuse Lake Resort; Lagoon Park; Early Parks in Salt Lake County; Lindsay Gardens; Calder’s Park; Wandamere Park; Fuller’s Hill; Wagstaff Gardens; Swaner’s Gardens; Wagner’s Brewery Resort; Wasatch Resort; Liberty Park; Old Fort Square or Pioneer Park; Salt Palace; The Lure of the Mountains; Outdoor Playgrounds in St. George; “Timber Day” in the Old Grove; An Old Grove Celebration; Saratoga Springs; Luke’s and Schneiter’s Hot Pots; Castilla Springs, Utah County; Glenwood Lake; Lake Como, Morgan County; Fish Lake; Monroe Hot Springs; Weber County; Rich County; Bear Lake; Later Salt Lake City Parks; Jordan Park
Journalism in Pioneer DaysHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5First Newspapers in Utah; The Deseret News Other Early Newspapers; Utah’s City and Town Newspapers; LDS Publications; Woman’s Press Club; Utah’s First Newsboy; Journalistic Mortuary; Mormon Printing in California
Heart Interest Stories of the PioneersHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5Fighting grasshoppers, pioneering in Idaho, a Notable Fast day, Pigeon Springs, Life of a Freighter, Pony Express, Bitter Creek, First blacksmith shop in Summit County, Utah; Old Glory (flags); pioneer wedding, courtship, Native American (Indian) experiences, pioneer clock, Margaret Jane McIntire Burgess, Old Indian Tower Relic of early days in Alpine, gift of tongues, Incidents of the Raid Caused by the Edmunds-Tucker Act; “Told by an old tea caddy”, “To my old paisley shawl” Aunt Zina’s chair, The Lost Rhoads Mine, foster parents of Fourteen Children; When Grandma Was Ready for Winter
Journal of John T. CaineHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5Mission to the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii); Journal of San Francisco; Journal of Voyage from San Francisco to Honolulu
Woman Suffrage in the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5Universal Suffrage; Mormon Women and Suffrage; Woman Suffrage for Utah; Attempt to Disfranchise the Women of Utah; Prominent Women of the U United States Sustain the Women of Utah on Suffrage; Utah Women of 1880 Indignant; The Edmunds Act; National Woman’s Suffrage Association; Women Call Mass Meetings; Utah Constitutional Convention; Extracts from Hon. O.F. Whitney’s Speeches on the Suffrage Question; Extracts from B.H. Roberts’s Speech Against Women Suffrage; Women Who Were Active in Suffrage; A Suffrage Party; Notes on Utah Suffrage; Utah Women and Suffrage; Women of Weber County Work for Suffrage; Utah County; Sanpete County; The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution; Women Suffrage in Neighboring States
First Hotels, Laundries, and Dairies in the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5Pioneer Hotels; Salt Lake House; The Grand Hotel; Townsend House; Union Hotel; Valley House; Walker House; Devon Hotel; Templeton; Kenyon; Cullen Hotel; Knutsford Hotel Corner; The Woman’s Industrial Home (Ambassador Hotel); Ephraim K. Hanks’ Wayside Hotel; Mt. Dell Canyon; Kimball’s Wayside Hotel; Utah’s Wayside Hotel for Travelers; Early Hotels of Provo, Utah (The Lion House); The Octagon House; Bullock House; The Pulsipher House; Provo Canyon; Harrison Hotel; Kamas; Beaver; St. George; The Harrison House of Silver Reef; First Hotels in Fillmore; Robison House; Weber County; Box Elder County; Sanpete County, Manti; The Bench House; Darying in the West; Winder Dairy; Dairying in Cache Valley; Sego Milk Factory; The Theurer Dairy; Beaver; Dairy and Cheese Factor, Kamas, Utah; Weber County; Box Elder County; Homemade Cheese; Home Butter Making; Dairies in Wyoming, Star Valley; Fairview; Laundries of Early Days; Lion House Laundry; Walker House, Laundry; Laundries in Salt Lake City; Utah County; Weber County; Washington County; California; Montana; Idaho
Pioneer Letters of Historical ValueHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5Descriptive Letters Written in Nauvoo; The Pioneer Trip; Perpetual Emigration Fund; Conditions in Early Utah; Pioneer Settlements; Military Letters; Pioneer Family Letters; Missionary Letters; Love Letters of Pioneers
Development of Lighting Systems in UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5The Story of Two Lamps; St. George; First Gas in Salt Lake Valley; Daniel H. Wells’ Experience; Brief History of the Gas Industry in Salt Lake City and Ogden; Agreement for the Incorporation of the “Salt Lake Gas Company”; Organized Gas Companies; Governor’s Report; Brigham City; Box Elder County; Weber County; Logan; Davis County; The Assembly Hall; Lighting in Salt Lake Theatre; Gas or Electricity; Electric Lights; Logan; Utah County Light and Power Company; Park City Light, Heat & Power Company; Provo Woolen Mills; Jordan River Electric Generating Company; Weber County; Citizens Electric Light Company; Box Elder County; Hurricane; Jensen; Kamas; Payson City; Manti; Beaver; The Lights as the Pioneer Paper Mill; Carbide or Acetylene Gas Lighting System Explodes
Songs Composed and Sung by the Western PioneersHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 5Hymns; Mormon Hymnologists and Their Songs; Children’s Primary Songs; Utah Folk Songs; Pioneer Favorite Song; Songs of Diversion
Forsgren Pioneer JournalHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 6History of the Old Journal; The Forsgren Company; Peter Munk, last survivor of the company; Peter A. Forsgren and the Forsgren Family
Governors of UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 6Brigham Young, First Governor of Utah Territory; Alfred Cumming; Acting Governor Francis H. Wootton; John Dawson; Acting Governor Frank Fuller; Stephen S. Harding; James Duane Doty; Charles Durkee; Acting Governors Edmund Higgins, S.A. Mann; J. Wilson Shaffer; Vernon H. Vaughn; Acting Governor George A. Black; George L. Woods; Samuel Beach Axtell; George W. Emery; Eli H. Murray; Caleb W. West; Arthur L. Thomas; Heber M. Wells, First Governor of the state of Utah;; John C. Cutler; William Spry; Simon Bamberger; Charles R. Mabey; George Dern; Henry H. Blood; Herbert B. Maw
Monuments Erected by Daughters of Utah PioneersHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 6Story and History of Monuments; Tooele Pioneers; Salt Creek Fort Wall; Cedar Springs Fort; Primary Association Organized; Spanish Fork Indian Farm Reservation; Cove Fort; Utah’s First Capitol; Fillmore Pioneer Fort; Cache County Relic Hall; Bountiful Tabernacle; Salt Creek Canyon Massacre; Last Camp Site; Old Rock School House; Dixie Pioneers; Richmond Fort; Father Escalante; Lincoln Mine; Newton Reservoir; A Pioneer Morgan County Cabin; Hurricane Pioneers; History of Fort Alma; Fort Utah; Fort Deseret; Rhoades Valley Fort; Heber C. Kimball Grist Mill; Jensen “Mabee” Ferry; First Stake Relief Society Hall, Ogden; Cemetery at Orderville; Old Pioneer Cemetery, Mona; Pioneer Builders; Beaver Woolen Mills; Manti Pioneers; Pioneer Cabin, Cedar City; Eagle Rock Meeting House
Monuments Erected by Daughters of Utah Pioneers (cont)Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 6First Settlement of Icelanders in United States; Pond Town Fort; Pioneer Trail and Grist Mill; John Colter; Drowne Log Cabin; Las Vegas Fort; Pioneer Fort and Tithing Office; Naming of Zion Canyon; Crismon Mill; Thurber Relief Society Hall; Richfield Pioneers; Fort Halleck; First Free Public School; North Willow Creek Fort; Swiss Colony; Indian Peace Treaty; Indian Trail; Fort Bridger, Wyoming; First University West of the Mississippi; Tooele South Ward; Settlement of Oxford; Old Meeting House, Draper Fort; Mormon Battalion; Pioneer Cemetery; Midway Fort; Ship Brooklyn; Pioneer Mail Route; Panguitch Fort; First Mills in Utah County; Beaver Stake Tabernacle; Elk Mountain Mission; Pioneer Church; Military Training Camp Site; Pioneer Church Farm; Weston Pioneers; Pioneer Meeting House; Charleston Pioneers; Fort Thornburgh; Pioneer Silk Industry; The Kelly Ranch; Starrh’s Ferry; Snowflake Pioneers; Glenwood United Order; First Brick Church; West Jordan; A Pioneer Home; Toquerville; English Fort; Pioneer Cemetery; Pioneer City Hall; Iona; Rock Creek Station; Willow Creek Settlement
Journal of William ClaytonHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 6From Winter Quarters to Salt Lake City
Pioneer Undertakers, Sextons, and CemeteriesHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 6Along the Trail; Care of the Dead in Early Days; Pioneer Undertakers; Pioneer Funerals; Funeral Customs in Early Days; Cemeteries; Sexton’s Reports; Private Burial Grounds; Caring for the Dead; People to be Remembered; Cemetery
Stories of the Handcart PioneersHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 6Emigration from Europe; Edward Bunker Company; Daniel McArthur Company; Ellsworth Company; James G. Willie’s Company; Edward Martin Company; George Rowley’s Company; The Daniel Robinson Company; The Stoddard Company; From Utah, Eastward by Handcart; Israel Evans Company; Christian Christiansen’s Company
Rugged Men of the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 6Orrin Porter Rockwell; On the Trail of the Overland Stage; Ephraim K. Hanks; Captain Lott Smith; William Hickman; Jacob Hamblin; Dimick Huntington; James Andrus; Adam Sharp; George Crismon; Joseph Stacy Murdock; James Whitehead Taylor; Ammon Tenney; John Lowder; William Henry Streeper; Benjamin Amos McBride; William Barnes; Jonathan O. Duks, Sr. William Madison Wall; John Riggs Murdock; The Last of the Robber’s Roost; Utah Fuel Company Hold-up, Castle Gate, Utah; Joe Hickman tells a Story; Amasa M. Lyman; R.A. Meeks
Indian Wars in DeseretHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 6Provo Valley and the Indians; Walker War; Chronology of Walker War; Massacre of Capt. Gunnison’s Party; Tooele War; Indians and the Salmon River Mission; Elk Mountain Mission Forced to Close; Tintic War; Diary of Abraham Hunsaker; Incidents Leader to Black Hawk War; Kanosh; White Horse Chief; Chief Sanpitch; the War in Southern Utah; Battle at Bear River; Black Hawk Indian War Experiences; Battle of Cedar Ridge; Heber Benson; John Taylor Law; Christian Anderson; Indian Fighters of Kimball Family; Zenos W. Hill (Indian); Shoshones and Cheyennes Battle near Huntsville
Latter-Day Saint ConferencesHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7Foreword to Conference Lesson; General Conferences; Early Mormon Conferences; Presidents of LDS Church Chosen; Special Conferences; Annual and Semi-Annual Conferences; Voice of the Leaders; Two Hundred and Fifty Miles to Conference in a Covered Wagon Caravan; Spanish Fork Choir; The Music of the Early Conferences; Alone on the Trail; Conference Notices; Experience of Street Car Men with Conference Visitors; Quarterly Conferences; Brothers Meet for First Time in 55 Years; Going to Conference
Sayings, Jingles, Mottoes, and Sermonettes of the PioneersHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7Sayings We Won’t Forget; Poor Richards’ Almanac; Character Building; Weather Proverbs; Days and Months; Sayings of Dr. Karl G. Maeser; Wisdom Brought From the Old World; Jingles; Jingles Taken From Snatches of Old Songs; Pioneer Philosophy; Riddles; Superstitions; Tongue Twisters; Autographs From the Old Albums; Valentine Verses; Slang of Early Days; Games We Remember; List of Contributors
Celebrating the 24th of JulyHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7Our Pioneers; In the Valley of the Great Salt Lake; Reasons for Coming; Semi-Centennial Jubilee; Beaver County; Box Elder County; Cache County; Carbon County; Davis County; Garfield County; Iron County; East Millard; San Juan County; Sanpete County; Utah County; Wasatch County; Washington County; Weber County; Arizona; Idaho; Nevada; Pioneer Day
March of the Mormon BattalionHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7Mormon Battalion–Company A, Company B, Company C, Company D, Company E; Women of the Battalion; The Round Trip Journey from Fort Leavenworth to California; Los Angeles to San Francisco via Water; Discovery of Gold in California; Sutter’s Fort; Los Angeles–Salt Lake–Winter Quarters; From Sutter’s Fort to Valley of Great Salt Lake; To the Salt Lake Valley in 1848; “Mormon Volunteers”; Pioneer Southern Route; Orders to “Mormon Volunteers”; The Sick Detachment and Women of the Mormon Battalion; Some of Sick Detachment Returns to Winter Quarters; Achievement of the Mormon Battalion
Pioneer MedicineHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7Herbs, Flowers and Barks; Lobelia; Pioneer Mother and Baby; Common Diseases–Their Pioneer Home Cures; Western Home Remedies; Preparations Made to Serve Pioneer Communities; Pioneer Dentistry; Indian Medicine; From Pioneer Journals; County Doctor; From Old Books and Journals; Case Histories; Prejudice Against Doctors; Men vs. Women Doctors; Medical Advertisements in Early Days; From Our Counties
Non-Mormon Religious Denominations in UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7Jewish Religious Organizations in Utah; Episcopal Beginnings in Utah; First Presbyterian Church; Catholic Chronicals; The Catholic Church in Utah; Baptists of Utah; Phillips Congregational Church; Lutherans in Utah; Unitarian Society Church; Church of Christ, Scientist; Church of the Nazarene; Disciples of Christ; Salvation Army; From Our Counties
Advertising in Pioneer DaysHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7In Utah; Regular Advertisements; Utah Firms Advertise in Eastern Papers From the Pulpit; Notice; Look Here; Remember the Poor; Merchants Advertise; Cheap John; A Safe Investment; Fashions; Professional Ads; Advertisements Taken from a Mormon Way Bill to the Gold Mines; Notice to Emigrants; Home Manufactory; Mail Contracts; Schools in Utah; Herding; Quaint Ads; Ran Away; Notice to the Proprietors; From Southern Utah; The Anti-syspeptic or Boneset Pills
History of Utah and Her Founders as told by ManuscriptsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7Settlements; Temperance Pledge; Tithing Receipts; Mormon Way Bill; Price Control in Early Utah; Bills Showing Prices; Appointments; Election Notifications; Citizenship Papers; An Old Telegram; Manuscripts Pertaining to Schools; Co-operatives in Utah; For His Wife’s Immigration; Military Appointment of Louisa Stout; Utah Women’s Petition United States Congress; Receipts; Marriage Certificates; Divorce; Veterans of Blackhawk War Ask for Remunerations for Losses Incurred; Pension from U.S. Government; Agreements; Preamble; Constitution; Brigham Young’s Will
Mormons in Illinois, Iowa, and NebraskaHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7Nauvoo, the Beautiful; Mormon Villages Near Nauvoo; From Nauvoo to Winter Quarters; Pioneer Days in Nebraska; Richard Bentley–Mormon; John Pack–Pioneer; The Journey; “A Mormon Boy”; Life in Iowa; Henry W. Miller, Mormon Builder; The Famous Gunsmith; The Mormons and Indians; A Witness; An Important Letter
Mormons in CaliforniaHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7Incidents in the Life of Samuel Brannan in California; They Came on the Ship Brooklyn; A Trip to San Francisco; In Mariposa, California; Journey of Parley P. Pratt; San Bernardino, California; Circular; Mormons in San Bernardino; Pioneers of San Bernardino; Mormon Battalion; Old Mormon Mine on Point Loma near San Diego, California; Seeks Gold in California
Mormons in NevadaHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7Western Nevada; Southern Nevada; Important Letters; The Colorado Near Las Vegas
Mormons in Arizona and ColoradoHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7They Pioneer Arizona; The St. Johns, Arizona, Mission; Perils of the Trail; The Mormons in Colorado; The Mormon Battalion at Pueblo; Mississippi Saints
Mormons in Wyoming and IdahoHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 7The Mormons in Wyoming; Along the Trail; Uintah County; Lincoln County; Big Horn County; The Mormons in Idaho; Bear Lake County; Bannock County; Jefferson County; Bonneville County; Madison County; Butte and Custer Counties; Clark County; Fremont County; Cassia County; Bingham County; Teton County; Gem County; Ada County
Pioneer FashionsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 8Contemporary Fashions; Their Leaders Speak; The Orson Pratt Family; From the Press; In Our Relic Display; Fashions as I remember Them (1863 to 1900); Sanpete County; Cache Valley; Spanish Fork; Fillmore; Southern Utah; Smithfield; From Foreign Lands; Denmark; Scotland; Guernsey Isle; Denmark; England; In Utah; From Wales; A Birthday Dress; Iceland; Pioneer Journals; Quotations from ‘One Who Was Valiant’; My Grandmother’s Paisley Shawl; Wedding Styles in Paragonah; Clothing I Love; Photos and Heirlooms I’ve Seen
Pioneer Men’s and Children’s ClothingHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 8Contemporary Styles, 1840-1870; President Brigham Young; Heber C. Kimball; From an Old Book; As I Remember Them; St. George; Cache County; Sanpete County; Brigham City; Weber County; Utah County; Spanish Fork; Fillmore; At the Utah State Prison; Cedar Fort, Utah; My Father’s Pocket Knife; Clothing of Pioneer Children; Infants’ and Children’s Wear; Memories; In Our Exhibit; Two Girls of Long Ago; A Home-made Shawl; Boys of Long Ago
Diary of Albert CarringtonHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 8Introduction; Stansbury’s Report; Chapter I, From Fort Leavenworth to Fort Kearny; Chapter II, From Fort Kearly to Fort Laramie; Chapter III From Fort Laramie to Fort Bridger; Chapter IV From Fort Bridger to the City of the Great Salt Lake; Chapter V Reconnaissance from Salt Lake City to Fort Hall; Chapter VI Reconnaissance of the Western Shores of the Great Salt Lake; Chapter VII Suspension of the Survey for 1849; Chapter VIII Survey of Salt Lake; Chapter IX Departure from Great Salt Lake; Carrington’s Diary from August 28th, 1850 to Sept. 16, 1851; Mr. Carrington in Utah, Sept. 18th, 1851 to Nov. 11, 1854
Ghost Towns of the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 8Beaver County; Box Elder County; Carbon County; Emery County; Juab County; San Juan County; Salt Lake County; From An Old Newspaper (1889); Sevier County; Summit County; Tooele County; Utah County; Washington County; In California; In Idaho; In Nevada; In Oregon; In Wyoming
Journal of Louisa Barnes PrattHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 8Ancestry and Childhood; Life in Canada; Addison and Louisa Pratt; Housekeeping in Buffalo; Home in Ripley; Visit to Lower Canada; Pratts Join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter0day Saints; Nauvoo Period; On To The West; Mount Pisgah; Winter Quarters; Across the Plains; In the Valley of the Great Salt Lake
Journal of Louisa Barnes Pratt (cont)Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 8Their Mission; Masters the Language; Farewell to the Islands; Life in San Bernardino 1853-1858
Journal of Louisa Barnes Pratt (cont)Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 8Louisa’s Indomitable Will Takes Her Back to the Valleys of the Mountains; Established Home in Beaver; Visits San Bernardino; A Life’s Dream Comes True–Carries Gospel to Relatives in Canada; Declining Years and Death in Beaver
They Came in ’47Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 8Index of the First 1847 Pioneers; Mississippi Saints; The Advanced Company; July 27th Pioneers; Pioneers of July 29th, 1847; Mormon Battalion Members Who Were 1847 Pioneers; Later Emigration of 1847
Pioneer MemoirsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 9Leaves from the Journal of C.L. Christensen; Priscilla Merriman Evans; Zion’s Daughters Sing; Nellie Druce Pugsley; President Harding visits Zion Canyon; Burning of the Nauvoo Temple; Orville S. Cox, Pioneer; An English Boy in a Strange New Land; My Great Grandmother; At the Grave of Rebecca Winters; Saved by A Needle; A Miraculous Escape; A Pioneer Sailor; On the Plains; Lashed to the Mast; More About the Muddy Valley and Its Pioneers; In Ashley Valley; Pioneer Broom Makers; Hat Making in Early Brigham City; Pioneer Memoirs from Tooele County; An Oil Lamp; A Different Choice; A Mormon Battalion Romance; A Heroine of the West
Riders of the Pony ExpressHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 9Riders of the Pony Express; Romance of Pony Express; Names of the Riders of the Pony Express; Some Riders of the Pony Express Stories; Pony Express Stations; Stories of Pony Express Stations in the West; Tooele County and the Pony Express; Pony Express Clippings; Pony Express Club Organized; “The Can Do It” Says Tom Ranahan; Passing of the Pony Express; Westward Ho!
Story of an Old AlbumHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 9The Story of An Old Album; Stereoscopic Views; Enlarged Pictures; First Photographers; A Photographic Tour of Nearly 9,000 Miles; Western Explorers and Their Photographers; Diary of A Pioneer Photographer; Box Elder County; Washington County; Sanpete County; Utah County; Davis County; Cache County; Weber County; The Old Album; To My Grandmother’s Portrait; Our Family Albums; Mother’s Album; A Family Album; For Sale: My Mother’s Album; Only A Picture; Leafing Through an Old Album
Pioneer Water SupplyHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 9Pioneer Water Supply; In the Valley of the Great Salt Lake; Jordan River; Cooperative Irrigation Systems; Capitalistic Irrigation Companies; Early Irrigation Companies; Pioneer Legislation and Water Control; Water Rights vs. Arbitration; Wasting of Water; From Our Counties; Box Elder, Carbon, Emery, Iron, Millard, Morgan, San Jual, Sanpete, Salt Lake, Sevier, Tooele, Utah, Washington, Weber; States, Arizona, Wyoming, Idaho
Among the Firsts in UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 9Among the Firsts in Utah; Firsts in Pre-Pioneer Days; Life and Death in the Valley; Building and Homes; Publications; First Church Organizations in Utah; Government; Pioneer Mills; Utah’s First Merchants; First Shoes Made in Utah; The First Deseret State Fair; Firsts in Mining; Coins and Currency; Public Utilities; Transportation; Horizons Conquered; Box Elder County; Cache, Carbon, Davis, Emery, Iron, Juab, Millard, Morgan, Salt Lake, Sanpete, Sevier, Tooele, Uintah, Utah, Wasatch, Washington, Weber
Journal of George Cannon LambertHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 9Journal of George Cannon Lambert; Foreword; Memoirs at 21; Childhood; A Trip to Provo; Stories of My Youth; A Man’s Work; President Young’s Guard; An Indian War Soldier; Relief Arrives; At Home Again; Starting with the Juvenile Instructor; A Saleswoman and Collector; A Real Printer; Studying French; A Property Owner; A Pioneer Love Story; Paper Mill; In the Seventh Ward; Southern Utah and Nevada; Marriage and A Home; A Business Manager
Journal of George Cannon Lambert (cont)Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 9A Contest; On the Road; John D. Lee; The Father; In Provo and Other Valleys; Plural Marriage; Rosa; Life on the Farm; A Partner in Juvenile Instructor; Rosa’s Child; An Important Letter; The Story; Lost Pocketbook Recovered in Answer to Prayer; Letter in Code; Expansion of Printing Business; Faith Promoting Series; Tracts; A Letter from Box B; Sells Business Interests; Mission to England; Enroute to Mission Field; Arrive in England; Compiling Ready Reference; Preparing for Homeward Journey; Leave England and Arrive Home; With the Deseret News; A Tried People; Protection of Church Records; Arrested in 1886; The Trial Before Judge Zane; In the Penitentiary; A Visit from Governor West; the Last Years
I Was a Pioneer ChildHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 9I Was a Pioneer Child; Margaret Simmons Bennett Beck Tells Her Childhood Story; From the Life Story of Lorenzo S. Clark; James Brown’s Daughter; Childhood of Hannah Daphne Smith Dalton; A Pioneer Daughter; Excerpts from the Diary of Julia H. Stewart; The Stohl Children View a 24th of July Parade; The Pioneer Boy and His Job; They were Pioneer Boys; Childhood Memories; I, Too, Was a Pioneer Child; Story of Nellie Pucell Unthank; A Pioneer Home That Two Little Girls Helped to Build; The Old Molasses Mill; A Child Goes to Emery County; Isaac Morris; When My Mother Was a Girl; Back to My Childhood; As I Remember; A Son of the Pioneers; The Story of Emma Riddle; In Verdure; Memories from Fillmore; Born in Deseret; Indians; Looking Back Eighty Years; Memories of Idaho; In Central Utah; Biscuits; Childhood Days; A Pioneer Child in Ephraim; Sally A. Cordon at Ninety Years Remembers the Boy’s Room; In Clarkston; Child Gleaners; On the Plains; A Story of Pioneer Dolls; Dolls and Toys; Childhood Reminiscences; Stories from the Childhood of Elizabeth J.T. Blair
They Came in ’48Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 9Index of Pioneers who came to Utah in 1848, including Organized Companies, Mormon Battalion Soldiers, Ship Brooklyn Pioneers, Missionaries, Mail Carriers and others
Political PartiesHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 10The First Government; A Pioneer Election January 17, 1851; Non-Mormon Migration; Governor’s Messages; Politics in 1872; Political History of 1867-1870; Story of Municipal Election of 1874 by Tullidge; Territorial Election, 1874; Governor George W. Emery’s Message to the Legislative Assembly–January 11, 1876; “Gentile League of Utah”; The Political Campaign of 1888–“Sagebrush” Candidates; Liberal Committee Action; Political Activities in the Gay Nineties; Notes from the Story of Charles C. Richards; William Waterfall Remembers; A Torch Light Parade; Early Utah Political Events in which James H. Moyle Participated; In 1890-91; The Cup I Handed Bryan by the Lake; A Republican or a Democrat?; The Election of Officers for 1896; In Cache County; Iron County; Millard County; Sanpete County; Summit County; Tooele County; Utah County; Washington County; Weber County; Wasatch County; Davis County; Pay Day of Elective Officers; Politics of Idaho
Trails and Pioneer Freighters Who Followed ThemHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 10Toll Gates; Bridges and Ferries of the West; Trails Known in History–The Overland Trail; The Oregon Trail; The Santa Fe Trail; the California Trail; The Mormon Trail; the Spanish Trail; Some First in Wagon Wheels; Travel and Freight; That Freighting; Observations; Organized Freighting Companies; The B.Y. Express and Carrying Co.; Russell, Majors and Waddell; A Freight Wagon; Horace S. Eldredge; Chilean L. Miller; Freighting in the Olden Days; On the Spanish Trail; Early Day Freighting Experiences of Daniel Melville; Ute Warren Perkins, Pioneer Freighter and Trail Builder of Southern Nevada and Utah; Abraham Freer Carling, Jr.; Joseph Wright on the Spanish Trail; Early Day Freighting in Sanpete County; Freighting Goods From Manti to Mines Located in Nevada and Southern Utah During the Years of 1870 and later 80s; Fort Steele to Salt Lake City; John C. Whitbeck & Sons; Utah County; Iron County; Colorado; Idaho–Father Alphonse Brossard’s Freighting Experiences; An Old Freighter; John S. Wells Tells Story of Freighting; Journal of Oscar F. Lyons; Wyoming; Early Nevada Transportation; Farewell to Freighting; Truman’s Grandfather Saved from Business Failure by Brigham Young
Toll Gates, Bridges and Ferries of the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 10On the Great Salt Lake Trail; Notes from Journal History; Kimball’s Toll Bridge; An Old Bridge Writes Pages in State’s History; Jordan’s Toll Bridge; An Act Incorporating the Provo Canon Road Company; Provo Canyon Toll gate; First Ferry Boat on the Snake River; Mac Tucker’s Ferry; Upper Snake River Ferry Near Heise Hot Springs; A Lee’s Ferry Story; In Nevada; The Old Toll Road
Western FolkloreHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 10The Trail West; A Flock of Quail; My Precious Quilt; Crossing the Plains; White Flour; A Loaf of Bread; Pumpkin Sugar; From the Life Sketch of W.B.; A Pioneer Who was Twice Raised from the Dead; Told by James Kirkham to his Grandchildren; A Dignified Gentleman; Brother “L” fro the Journal of Ellen C. Greer; Her Mother; The Rushton Peep Stone; Memoirs of Walter Granger; The Lost Mine; The Whistlers and Whittlers; In San Juan County; Water Runs Uphill; Stories I Remember; $6,000 in Gold; A Mystery Unsolved; “Granddaddy” of Them All; Aunt Caroline; My Grandmother Elizabeth Watts Fife; The Ghost on Springs; the Old Rooster and the Peas; Believe it Or Not; Hawk’s Tail Feathers; The Accommodating Harness; The Haunted House; The Liberty Pole Goes “Goofy”; The Story of Sarah Carlisle Giles; Folk Songs and Ballads; Sam Owens; Some Old Favorites; A Dialogue Between the Reverend and the Boy; From Pioneer Scrap Book of Eliza Wilson Cleghorn; Snatches from Here and There; From an Old Book; Oddities; Utah Happenings in High Life
Horticulture in the WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 10Notes from Journal History; Visitors Report; Difficulties of the Desert; They Carried Vegetables to the Desert; Brigham Young’s Garden; William C. Staines; Luther S. Hemenway; C.H. Oliphant, Pioneer of 1853; Joseph Ellis Johnson; John D. Oakley; Horticultural Society in Utah; A Pioneer Nursery; Box Elder County; Davis County; Juab County; Millard County; In the Salt Lake Valley; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Tooele County; Weber County
The Move SouthHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 10In Big Cottonwood Canyon; the Work of the Military in Utah; To Arms; A Soldier for Johnston’s Army Writes; Charles Wright; U.S. Soldier; Notes from Journal History; People Organize for Move; War Times, From Life of Wilford Woodruff by Cannon; Journal of George Laub — Great Salt Lake City, 1858; The Journal of Esaias Edwards; Diary of A.J. Allen; John R. Young’s Experience in the “move South”; Autobiography of James Horace Nelson, Sr.; Leaves from the Journal of Charles Pulsipher; Provo Receives the Saints; Box Elder County; Davis County; Tooele County and the Move South; Morgan County; Weber County; Stories of the Move; Called Home; Dixie
Journal and Diary of Robert GardnerHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 10The Gardner Family The New Gospel; A Visit to Nauvoo; An Important Message; From Nauvoo to Winter Quarters; To the Valley of Great Salt Lake; In the Valley of Great Salt Lake; An Accident; Father Gardner; Hand Cart Mission Diary 1857-58; In Canada Again; Return to the States; Journal Record; Home Again; The New Mission
The Story of the Blind in UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 10The Blind Harpist 1856; One Hundred Years of Living; The Organ Tuner; Snow Blind at Alta; A Woman of Great Faith; Murray B. Allen; School for the Blind; Society for the Aid of the Sightless–1904-37; Work Shop and Field Work for the Adult Blind, 1921-36; Auxiliary Reading Room for the Blind; Albert Talmadge and Western Association for the Blind; From the Files of Jane C. Weaver; Carbon County; Davis County; Emery County; Iron County; Juab County; Millard County; Morgan County; Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Utah County: Washington County; Weber County; in Idaho; San Luis Valley, Colorado; Children of the Pioneers John Hallett–Frightful Accident
The Daughters of Utah PioneersHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 10The First Officers; Charter Members; The Presidents; County Companies; Arizona; California; Colorado; District of Columbia; Hawaii; Idaho; Illinois; Nebraska; Missouri; Montana; New Jersey; New York; Nevada; Oregon; New Mexico; Pennsylvania; Utah; Washington; Wyoming; The Camp; Camp Officers; Steps of Progress in Plans to Build a Pioneer Memorial Building with All Presidents Participating During the Term of Office; Pioneer Memorial Museum
They Came in ’49Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 10Short history of the year 1849, including a list of pioneers who came to Utah that year. These names were taken from the records of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers, Central Office. They are not included in the index.
Welsh in UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 11Wales; Welsh LDS Mission; Captain Dan Jones; Jane Melling Jones; The Welsh Queen; The Welsh Pioneers in the 15th and 16th Wards; Spanish Fork’s Welsh Citizens; Winter Quarters, Utah; The Welsh Settlement at Wales, Utah; In Box Elder County; the Welsh in Idaho; Welsh Samaria; Set Apart to Organize Choirs; On the Plains; Friend of the Needy; Her Children; A Paper Manufacturer; Father Knows Best; The Town Mayor; Welsh Mid-wife and Milliner; Stewart and Musician; The Welsh Mason; Relief Society President; Youthful Missionary; U.S. Commissioner; Courage to Act; Director of Music Festivals; To Light the Way; John E. Price of Llandilofan; The Freighter; The Welsh Widow; John James; Cambrian Association
Silk Industry in UtahHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 11Something New in Deseret; A Visit to President Young’s Cocoonery; Dresses of Utah Silk; Deseret Silk Association; Utah Silk Association; By-Laws; Silk Factories; Utah Silk Commission; A Bill; Reports of Silk Commission; Minutes of Silk Commission Meeting; A Public Letter; To All Those Interested in Silk Culture; Instructions to Silk Growers; Notice to Those Interested in Silk Culture; Japanese Enter the Field; Seri-Culture and the Relief Society; The Utah Silk Exhibit; Box Elder County; Cache County; Davis County; Millard; Salt Lake County; Sevier County; Summit County; Utah County; Washington County; sericulture
Latter-Day Saint SchoolsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 11Forerunners of Education in Utah; Brigham Young Academy; To Establish Other Schools; Superintendent of Church Schools; Salt Lake Stake Academy–LDS Business College; Beaver Stake Academy–Beaver, Utah; Juab Stake Academy–Nephi; The Summit Stake Academy; Sevier Stake Academy–Richfield, Utah; Notes from Journal History; Weber College–Ogden, Utah; Randolph Church Schools–Randolph, Utah; Morgan Stake Academy–Morgan, Utah; Wasatch Academy–Heber City, Utah; Grantsville-Tooele County, Utah; The Uintah Stake Academy–Vernal, Utah; Snow College–Ephraim, Utah; Parowan Stake Seminary–Parowan, Utah; Emery County Stake Academy and Huntington Seminary; Millard Academy–Hinckley, Utah; Dixie College–St. George, Utah; Brigham Young College–Logan, Utah; The Fielding Academy–Paris, Idaho; Ricks College–Rexburg, Idaho; Cassia Stake Academy–Oakley, Idaho; Oneida Stake Academy–Franklin and Preston, Idaho; Arizona–Thatcher, St. Johns, Snowflake; Snowflake Stake Academy; San Luis Academy–Sanford, Colorado; Big Horn Academy–Lovell, Wyoming; Canada–Sardston; On the Islands of the Sea; School in Hawaii; Religious Education in Hawaii; Schools in Samoan Mission; Mexico–Colonia Juarez
Journal of Rachel Emma Woolley SimmonsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 11Preface; Firsts in Her Journal; A Visit to Ohio; Home in Nauvoo; Incidents of Childhood; Death of Joseph Smith and Hyrum Smith; The Exodus; At Winter Quarters; The Journey West; The New Home; Social Activities; Marriage to Joseph M. Simmons (15 Years of Age); Joys and Sorrows 1855-60; Memoirs of the 1860s; Joseph; The Older Children Marry; Rachel Takes a Course in Obstetrics; Entries from the “Day Journal”; Death of Father Edwin D. Woolley; The Mid-wife and Her Work; A Trip to St. George; At Home Again; January to December 1883; Events in 1884; Life in 1885; Written in 1886; Happenings of 1887; Notes of 1888; Records of 1889; It is 1890; January 1, 1891; She Lived Ninety Years
Men’s and Women’s Societies, Clubs, and AssociationsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 11Universal Scientific Society; Deseret Typographical Society; Deseret Philharmonic Society; Polysophical Association; Deseret Theological Institute; The LDS Relief Society; Mutual Improvement Association; The Ladies Literary Club; Utah Federation of Women’s Clubs; Some Old Time Associations; From the Salt Lake Council of Women; Notes from Library; Men’s Clubs in Salt Lake City; Societies and Lodges in Utah; Box Elder County; Utah County; Weber County; From the Press
Early Historical EventsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 11Jacob Hamblin–His Later Years, Death and Burial; Two of Jacob’s Wives; Ina Coolbrith, Poet Laureate of California (Niece of Joseph Smith); Twelve Mormon Towns; Acquilla and Nancy Killian Hooper (pioneers of 1850); As Told by William Gibson; Settlers of Castle Valley; Letter to His Sons by Heber C. Kimball
Utah’s First Newspaper – The Deseret NewsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 11Notes from Journal History; Deseret News; The First Press; Paper for the Press; Paper Industry in Utah; Recollections of Julia Lambert Eldredge; Presses to Print the News; Homes of the Deseret News; The News in the ’50s; Items from 1851-53; The News in Fillmore and Parowan 1858; Memories of ’69; The News Published in the 70s; Memoirs of Four Old Timers in the 80s; George E. Carpenter Speaks of the 90s; Editors of the Deseret News; Business Managers of the Deseret News; Among the Firsts; Women of the News; A News Boy in 1858; The People’s Paper
Pioneer RecipesHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 11Emily Stewart Barnes; We Remember; Items from the News; “When Grandma Was Ready for Winter” by Eunice B. Trumbo; Bread–the Staff of Life; The Pioneer Way of Preserving and Cooking Meals; Pioneer Soups; Pie Making in Pioneer Days; Cakes Baked by Our Pioneers; Pioneer Puddings; Mary M. Vogt Garn’s Ice Cream; Fruits and Vegetables; Scandinavian; From Iceland; From Old England; From Wales; From Switzerland; French Tea Cakes; From India to Utah
They Came in ’50Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 11Chronology of 1850; From the Third General Epistle of the Presidency; A Diary of 1850; By Way of Fort Hall; The Oxen Stampede; Memories of Salt Lake City; A Woman’s Story; A Meeting with Abraham Lincoln; Settlement of Pleasant Grove; Springville is Colonized; Companies of 1850; Rules and Regulations for Travel; Names and Dates
The University of Utah and Other Schools of Early DaysHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 12
Pioneer Mail Routes, Carriers and ContractorsHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 12Mail Arrives November 30, 1848; In 1849-50; The Mail in 1851-52; Mail Items 1851; Inadequate Mail Service 1853-60; Mail in the Sixties; In 1884; Ben Holliday; Beaver’s Early Mail Service; Box Elder County; Davis County; Duchesne County; Cache County; From Carbon to Emery; Millard County; Sevier County; Uintah County; Weber County; Washington County; Idaho; Nevada; The Story of Daniel Thomas; William R. Anderson; A Half-Million Mile Buggy Ride; Joseph A. Peck’s Journal; Charles Henry Billman
Stories to Tell Your ChildrenHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 12The Story of the First White Child Born in Salt Lake Valley (Elizabeth Steele Stapley); A Pioneer Mother (Ann Rogers Taylor); Recollections of Early Life in Beaver (William Greenwood and John Ashworth; William Ashwood); Pioneer Courage (William and Mary Hibbert Smith); The Courage of Prudence (Prudence Brown); Crossing the Plains (George F. Jarvis); “We Rode the First Train to Sandy” (Ann P. Greenwood); My Mother Told Me (Sarah Laub Perkins); Indians Raid Wagon Train (Charles Taylor); A Builder of the West (James Bevan); Indian and Pioneer Experiences (Isabelle Ashman Peterson); More Indian Stories (Joseph Holbrook); James May’s Story; A Pioneer Girl Remembers Brigham Young (Alma Elizabeth Miner Felt); Stories from the Life of Mabel Young Sanborn; Story of the St. George Tabernacle Windows (Revilo Fuller, David Henry Cannon); Rain in the Desert (Della Webb); True Experiences (John Bird; Thomas Oakey); Stories from the Albert Gregory Family; Reminiscences of Early Days in Cassia County, Idaho; The Stories of William Hastings; Two Bear Stories (Bob Walters; Adelina O. Thornton); Fuel Problems of the Pioneers of Idaho; Warren M. Johnson at Lee’s Ferry; The Wager (Lovina Pratt Van Cott); Mountain Dell Families; Ann Brook’s Piano; The First Prison Warden of Utah (Daniel Garn)
Journal and Diary of William MarsdenHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 12Biography; William Marsden’s Journal; Bound for America; In Nauvoo; Genealogy; Death of Wife Jane; Biography of Jane; Manchester, Nov. 8th 1840; Leaves Illinois; A New Kind of Living; Copy of Instructions to the President of Seventies; June to January 18, 1858; Recorder of Consecration Deeds 1858; Happenings April – December 1858; Throughout 1859; The Year 1860; Moves to Iron County 1861; In Southern Utah 1862-1871; First Cotton in Deseret; An Incident; His Wife Allice; Little Dog Spot
Exploration in the Rocky Mountain WestHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 12Exploration, the Basis of Permanent Settlement; Early Explorers and Expeditions; Miles Goodyear, Explorer; Mormon Exploration; From the Journal of Parley P. Pratt; Important Exploration Letters; Men of the Mormon Battalion as Explorers; White Mountain Mission; The Old Days in Emigration Canyon; Beaver County; Davis County; Juab County; Sevier; Summit County; Utah County; A Trip to the Muddy Country; Pioneering Arizona; Contributions of My Pioneer Forefathers in the Exploration and Settlement of the Rocky Mountain West; Exploration of Long Valley; Exploring Mountains and Rivers
Ranching in the Early DaysHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 12Ranching on Antelope Island; The Kesler Ranch; Kimball Ranch in Parley’s Park; The Story of David Moore, Rancher; John Brimhall’s Family; Two Ranch Stories; Ranching in Upper Kanab; Beaver County; Ranching in Garfield County; Cache County; In Iron County; Juab County; Millard County; Tooele County; Utah County; Washington County; Ranching in Idaho; Nevada; Ranching in Old Mexico; Early Ranchers
The Western CowboyHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 12The Laws of 1854; Laws of 1855; Two Types of Cattlemen; The Herd Boy; Brands; Old Time Cattle Round-up and Drives; from the Journal of John H. Davies; Al Scorup, Cowboy; Cow punching in Early Days; The Greer Men; An Agreement (Exact Copy); Trailing Cattle on the Old Spanish Trail or Mormon Trail in 1868; Cache County; Iron county; Cowboys of Strawberry Valley; Millard County; San Juan; In Southern Utah; Sevier County; Utah County; Franklin County, Idaho; Cattle Rustling
Pioneer FurnitureHeart Throbs of the West, Volume 12Their Pioneer Homes; Early Newspapers Advertise Furniture; Famous Builders of Furniture; Utah’s Oldest Continuous Mercantile Establishment; An Old Fashioned Parlor; The Old Sideboard; Box Elder County; Davis County; Garfield County; Iron County; Juab County; East Millard County; Salt Lake County; Sevier County; Utah County; Wasatch County; Weber County; Washington County; Franklin County, Idaho; Arizona; Other Furniture Builders
They Came in ’51Heart Throbs of the West, Volume 12Stories and names of 1851 Utah Pioneers
Utah Central and Other RailroadsTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 1The Utah Central; Surveyors of Utah Central; Editorial Correspondence; Route of Utah Central Determined; Letter From Brigham Young; From a Journal; The Railroad and Woodscross; the Last Spike (Golden Spike); Opened to Traffic; The First Train into Salt Lake City; from the Deseret News; The Celebration; The Night Festivities; In the Governor’s Message; Utah Central Railway Jubilee; Tabernacle Program; Original Builders; Completion of the Pacific Railroad; Union Pacific Railroad; The Story of the Central Pacific Railroad; California State Telegraph Company; Other Railroads in Utah; the Utah Northern Railroad in Franklin County
Early Business and Professional WomenTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 1Utah’s Pioneer Women Doctors; Romania Bunnell Pratt; Martha Hughes Cannon, M.D.; Dr. Jane Wilkie Manning Skofield; A Biography of Dr. Caroline A. Mills; Dr. Minnie F. Howard; A Life Biography of Dr. Caroline A. Mills; Dr. Minnie F. Howard; A Life Dedicated to Kindergarten Work; the Millinery Business; Eliza Ann Graves Rich, Seamstress; In the Livestock Business; Mary M. Donahue; Ellen Lee Jakeman, Poetess; Prominent Civic Worker; The First Millinery and Dressmaking Shop in Nephi; Mary Ann Homer Boram, Pioneer; Elizabeth Provided for her Family; She Kept a Boarding House; From Sevier County; From Franklin County; Cache County; Business and Professional Women of Payson, Utah County; Rich County; Sanpete County
Stories to Tell at Christmas TimeTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 1Christmas Memories (Sarah Bell Harris); Her First Christmas Eve in Utah (Lettie E. Call); The Plum Pudding (Annie C. Kimball); Grandma’s Gift from Santa (Winnifred Loosle); When Santa Was Late (Edith Hinton Gibson); The Purple Purse (Pearl B. Wonnacott); Christmas in North Ogden (by Etta C. Bilson; Lovina Campbell); A Home for Christmas (by Florence McCune Lunt about Isaac Grace); A Story to tell at Christmas (Rose Ann G. Hafen); Her Mouth Organ; a Christmas Incident (by Ariel Warren Perry); First Christmas in St. George (Ruth M. Pickett Washington); LaVerkin’s First Christmas (Sarah A. Sanders); How the Pioneers of Ephraim Celebrated Christmas 9by Lillie G. Barton); My Childhood Memories of Christmas in Gentile Valley Idaho (by Lydia Bennett Egbert); A Pioneer Christmas in Franklin County, Idaho (by Amanda West Nash re: Samuel J. Webster, Ada Mendenhall Webster, Cecil Woodward); Story of Elizabeth Jones Fox; Mother of Kate B. Carter (Mary Jensen Bearnson); How Maria Came Back (Maria Stubbs Wagstaff by Annie C. Kimball); Waiting to go to Zion (Frances Simpson about Mary Barnes); They Started for Oregon (by Ivie Romney Richardson about Mary Ann Darrow and Edmund Richardson); A True Story, Zack Decker, Pioneer (by Mildred Pearce Morgan); Sketches from the Life of George Mason Tiffany (by Almira T. Bethers); Left on the Plains (James Staples by Joseph L. Staples); A Story Worth Telling (Mary M. Jones); From the Story of Margaret Mathie (by Edith Hanson); The Indian Custom (by Mildred Pearce Morgan about her mother Vilate Oakley Pearce); White Eagle (Emily Noble Davis); His Baby Boy (Isaac Morley by Wilma Morley Despain); Their Mother (Dudley Leavitt by Virginia Barnum Miller); Among the Lamanites; A Brave Mother (Ada Burke Earl); Stories from the Parker Family (by Ella Parker Ogden); Note Signed by Mary Jensen Bearnson
Old ProspectorTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 1The Test; So Said President Young; Preamble to Mining; the Burro; Seeking for Lost Mines; Panning Gold; Boom Mining; In City Creek Canyon; His Blessing; Bingham Mining District; Minutes of the First Mining Company; Woman’s Lode; Prospector’s Drifts Lead to Fortune; The Alta District; Park City Prospectors; Silver King Coalition; Mining Excitement in Utah; Mercur and Ophir Canyon Districts; Two Willow Mine; In the Tintic District; Jesse Knight; The East Tintic District; The Mining and Legal Prospector of Tintic; In Beaver County; Prospectors in Garfield County; Sanpete County; Report on the Dyer Mine; Uintah County; Weber County; Utah County; Early Prospectors of Pleasant Grove; Above Alpine in Utah County; Dream Mine; In Payson; Wasatch County; Washington County; Miners and Prospectors of Dixie; Silver Reef Mining Days; Utah’s Diamond Boom; The Miner’s Ten Commandments; Mormon Prospectors in California; Prospecting in Idaho; I Remember; Weston, Idaho; The Rio Tinto; H.O. Ball Reminisces; Silas McCaslin Wilcox, Prospector; Seeking Gold in Montana; Lost Spanish Mine is Found, Wyoming
Autobiography of John LingrenTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 1John Lingren Tells His Story; Childhood in Sweden; the Gospel Message; Leaves Native Sweden; On the Plains; the Journey’s End; In Utah; Brother Dies on the Plains; Letters from His Father; Salina, Sevier County; Disappointment; In Utah Again; A Real Estate Deal; in Idaho; Trip to Sweden; To America — Home; Arrives in Ogden; The Power of the Church; The Capstone of the Temple; In Answer to Supplication; Death of Johanna; John Meets His Future Wife; Their Marriage; Thru the Years; John’s Last Days; the Swedes in Utah
Mormons in Oregon and MontanaTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 1My Mission to Oregon; Louisa A. Bozarth, Early Oregon Mormon; The Mormons in Union County; the Eccles’s in Oregon; From the Story of Charles W. Nibley; The Stoddards in Oregon; Franklin Jeremiah Davenport; the Northwestern States Mission, 18971926; The Saints and Missionaries of the Northwestern States Mission; History of the Portland Relief Society; From the Journal of William J. Fife — Northwestern States Mission, 1901-1903; A Latter-day Saint; The First Mormons in Nyssa, Oregon; Early Utahns in Montana; James Johnson in Montana; Martha E. Wightman Morrill; Jennie Booth Lane, Pioneer; Incidents From the Life History of Albert Beutler
Jews in Early UtahTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 1Jewish Devotion in Early Days; Congregation Montefiore; the Mission of Orson Hyde; Alexander Neibaur, the Mormon; President Young and Gentile Merchants; Morris David Rosenbaum; Staunch Friend of the Mormons; Julius Gerson Brooks; Eveline Brooks Auerbach; the Auerbach Brothers; Solomon Nunes Carvalho; Louis Cohn. Notes on Jewish History; The Kahn Brothers; Mrs. Louis Reggel; Fred Simon – 1870; Solomon Siegel, Pioneer 1864; Jacob Moritz, Brewer 1871; Simon Bamberger, Governor; Jacob Bamberger; Bertha Grennewald Bamberger; Our Jewish Neighbors; Beaver County; Sevier County; The Early Jews of Utah County; in Weber County; Myers Cohn — in Idaho; Judaism
Pioneer HumorTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 1In Early Days; the People’s Man; Tony Ivins Told This Story; Major Howard Egan and the Coyote; From the Gardner Family; Court Dismissal; From the Long Ago; His Saddle; The First Blessing; Wallop My Dodger; “Salt Risin'” Bread; the Squaw and the Onion; Their First Meeting; Lydia Pinkham; Retribution; Father’s Temper; Punishment; They Remember; The Pack-Rat; In Horse and Buggy Days; Old Log School House; From the Kimball Family; It Was a Mess; Eavesdropping; Grandma Lowry; A Different Kind of Spring; Expression; Beware; I’ll Stand; Life in Lehi; Their First Year’s Salary; Happy Memories; A Little Bear Story; The Tithing Office; Amusing Incidents; Two Fairbanks’ Stories; the Door Knob; More Baptism; From Castle Valley; In Iron County; Three Stories; The United Order in Orderville; Kane County; From Springville, Utah County; Sanpete County; It Happened in Manti; Incidents Remembered; From Monroe, Sevier County; Humorous Incidents in Morgan County; Nicknames From Elsinore; Nicknames in Ephraim; Washington County; In Santa Clara; Two Stories from Bannock County; In Weston, Idaho; The Old-Time Parties; Ye Lords of Creation; The Bachelor’s Moan; Is It Anybody’s Business?; I would Not Die; Vermillion; An Old Song; The Tingle of the Shingle; Tommy, You’re a Father; The Deacon’s Courtship
They Came in ’52Treasures of Pioneer History, Volume 1From the 7th Epistle; Ships or Boats of 1852; Captains of 1852; LDS Church Emigration; Sugar Machinery Brought to Utah 1852; Scandinavian Saints; Happenings in 1852; Irrigation and Agriculture in 1852; Items from ‘A Journal of My Time Kept By My Own Hand”(Truman O’ Angell); 1852 Theatricals in Utah; Autobiography of Augusta Stevens; Mary Ann Stearns Winters; A Pioneer of 1852; Sarah M. Chaffin, Pioneer of 1852
Traveling West in ’47Treasures of Pioneer History, Volume 2The Exodus from Nauvoo; The Mormon Battalion; Winter Quarters; The Journey to Utah, 1847; President Young’s Report; the Building of a Commonwealth; Original Pioneer Entrance into the Salt Lake Valley; the Old Fort; Life in the Valley, 1847-1850
Mormons in CanadaTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 2The Canadian Mission; Railroading in Canada; The First Settlement Cardston; Mother of Cardston; Pioneers of Cardston; Founding of Magrath; Eleanor Lufkin Kimball; History of Raymond; Some Firsts in Raymond; Homesteading in Taber, Stirling Ward; In Caldwell; Edward J. Wood and Cochrane Ranch; the Alberta Temple; Contributions of the Mormons in Canada; Excerpts from “The Founding of a Mormon Community in Alberta”; Meek Brothers; Canadian Ranchers; The McIntyre Ranch
The Story BookTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 2“Beef Steak” Harrison (George Harrison); The Child’s Journey (Emily Ellen Swain Squires); Father Turns the Tables (John Gibby; Ellen Gibby; Dorcas Gibby); Christmas in Union Fort in 1861 (Ann Mailin Sharp); The First Letter (Abigail Smith; James Smith and Lydia Lucina Harding); Birth, On the Move South (Sarah Ann Sargent); The Valiant Mother (Mary Ann Vorhees Snow); The Lord Moves in Mysterious Ways (John R. Young); The Weston Property (William Wagstaff, William Weston); An Unusual Baptism (Nick Crookston); A Sleigh Ride (Frederick Anderson); Three Stories (Mary Heusser, Maud Jorgensen, Edna Hulse Whitney, Charles Hulse and Ann Smith); From His Journal (Luke William Gallup); Experience of a Pioneer Boy (John Brown Kenilworth Hanson); At Funk’s Lake (by Fannie G. Thompson); The Old Utah Sow Cannon (Old Sow); Cast Thy Bread (John Lowe Butler); A Threshing Story (Thomas Davenport); Their Child (Martha Alice Parker Woodbury); Christmas Holidays on the Atlantic Ocean; A Mistaken Signal (Cache Valley Minute Men); Hughie by Annie S. Dickson; Three Friends (Mary Price Howells Adams); A Christmas Gift (Ruth Perkins Mathews) by Altha M. Dial; Wooden Shoes (Eliza Bearentson by Francis Taylor); Winsor Castle (Anson P. Winsor); Remembering (Silas Ardene Owens); The Lost Herd (Harrison Sperry by Lilly Vay Weaver); God Has Been Good (Richard and Emma Packer Morris by Ruth M. Pickett); A Narrow Escape (William and Elizabeth White by Bessie P. Brough); At Christmas Time (Emeline A. Stapley); Pioneering in the Northwest (Luella Billings, Joel Shoemaker by Ruby Finnlayson); A Man From California (Willis Coplan by Vera White Barkdull)
Pioneer Money, Banks, and BankersTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 2In Kirtland, Ohio; In Nauvoo, Illinois; Ordinance; Conditions in Early Utah; Trade and Barter in Salt Lake Valley; Money in the Valley; Coinage 1848-49; Hand printed currency, January 1849; Deseret Currency; the LDS Millennial Star, January 26, 1861; Coins of 1860; Other Paper Notes; Currency of Great Salt Lake City Corporation; Merchants’ Due Bills and Scrip; Tithing Scrip; From the Millennial Star; The Romance and Tradition of an Important Banking Institution, 1859; Hooper and Eldredge in 1868; Bank Listing in 1863-1869; Zion’s Savings Bank & Trust Company 1873; The Bonanza Banker, 1873; Wells Fargo and Company Bank; Origin of Tracy Loan and Trust Company; Other Salt Lake Banks; Box Elder County; Cache Valley; Garfield County; Moab State Bank; First Bank in Millard County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Utah County; The Bank Robbery; Pioneer Bank of Uintah Basin; In Utah’s Dixie; Weber County; Franklin County, Idaho; Banking in Southern Idaho
Eliza Marie Partridge LymanTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 2Eliza Partridge Lyman; Their Faith was Tested; In Nauvoo, Illinois; Plural Marriage; From Nauvoo to Winter Quarters; Arrives in Winter Quarters; The Eventful Year of 1847; The Journey to the Valley, 1848; Zion in 1849; Pioneer Living, 1850-1854; Happenings in 1854 to 1863; Live in Fillmore, 1863-1876; Events at Oak Creek, 1876; Amasa Lyman Dies Feb. 5, 1877; The Mother and Her Family, 1877; Marriage of Carlie and Joseph; Mother Answers the Last Call; The Passing of Carlie; Her Sons Move to San Juan County; The Family in 1880; Life in San Juan County 1881; Joseph Injured 1881; The Years of 1882-1883; Return to Oak Creek, 1884-1885
Wheels of Pioneer ProgressTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 2Pioneer Fences; Remarks by President Brigham Young; Other Fences; The Stone Cutters; The Grindstone and Whetstone; Adobe Making in Utah; Pioneer Brick; Lime Industry; The Pottery Industry (Ceramics); The Tannery, the Tanner and the Shoemaker; Deseret Tannery; Working with Wool; Salt; Bee Keeping; Paint and a Painter; Two Chair Builders; Barrels and Cookies; Ox Yokes and Grain Cradles; A Pioneer Artisan Makes Spinning Wheels; The Women Made Bullets; Gunpowder; Two Whip Stories; The First Windlass and a Puzzle Hobble; Brass Bells and Candlesticks; The Making of Glue
Dancing – A Pioneer RecreationTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 2From the Dance Hall Invitations; Dance Regulations; The Quadrille; Their Dances; the Danish Dance; Mathias Cowley Udy, the Caller; Dancing Schools; “Ringing In”; Dancing in Ashley Valley; Davis County; Grand County; in Iron County; Juab County; Roundy Dance Hall in Escalante; Garfield County; Kane County; Millard County; Morgan County; Piute County; Sanpete County; Salt Lake County; Sevier County; Utah County; Washington County; Oxford, Idaho
Monuments Erected by Daughters of Utah PioneersTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 2No. 88 Pioneer Cabin, Henefer, Utah; No. 89 Pioneer Cabin, Plain City, Utah; No. 90 Pioneer Relic Hall, Pleasant Grove, Utah; No. 91, The Milford Stamp Mill, Milford, Utah; No. 92, Brigham Young’s Garden Wall, Salt Lake City, Utah; No. 93 Old Fort of Franklin, Idaho; No. 94 Escalante, Utah; No. 95 Mormon Pioneer Camp, Omaha, Nebraska; No. 96 the Kennedy Ditch, Salt Lake City, Utah; No. 97 St. George Tabernacle, St. George, Utah; No. 98 Winter Home of President Brigham Young, St. George, Utah; No. 99 Bear River City, Utah; No. 100, The Old Rock Granary, South Salt Lake County, Utah; No. 101 Lewiston Pioneers, Lewiston, Utah; No. 102 Pioneer Camping Grounds, Salt Lake City, Utah; No. 103 Adobe Rock, East Tooele County, Utah; No. 104 The Weinel Mill, Kaysville, Utah; No. 105 Huntington, Utah; No. 106 Rigby, Idaho; No. 107 Our Pioneers, Payson, Utah; No. 108 Sanford Pioneers, Sanford, Colorado; No. 109, Santaquin, Utah; No. 110 Gunnison, Utah; No. 111 First Public Building in Orangeville, Utah; No. 112 Pioneer Cannon, Farmington, Utah; No. 113 First Grist Mill in Weber County, Ogden, Utah; No. 114 Pioneer Cemetery, American Fork, Utah; No. 115 Garfield and Lake Point Resorts, West of Garfield, Utah; No. 116 Pioneer Fire Station, Ogden, Utah; No. 117 Ferron Pioneers, Ferron, Utah; No. 118 Black Rock Resort, near Magna, Utah; No. 119 Pioneer Cabin, Delta, Utah; No. 120 Stage Coach Station, Centerville, Utah; No. 121 Public Works, Parowan, Utah; No. 122 Pioneer Rock Church, Parowan, Utah; No. 123 Jackson Hole, Jackson, Wyoming; No. 124 Toronto Cave, Magna, Utah; No. 125 Old Comedy Hall, Parowan, Utah
They Came in ’53Treasures of Pioneer History, Volume 3Extract from the 9th Epistle, April 13, 1853; Chartered Ships of 1853; Organized LDS Company, 1853; Outfit Necessary for a Family of Five; the Year of 1853; Journal of Discourses; The Cornerstones of the Temple; Laws Enacted in 1853; Counties and Towns; Wall and Fort Building; Utah Penitentiary Site; the Deseret Iron Company; Territory of Utah–Proclamation by the Governor; The Walker War; Chronology of the Walker War; Massacre of Captain Gunnison’s Party; Advertising in 1853; David West, pioneer of 1853; John Isaac Hart; Mary Lois Walker Morris; Sarah Ann Woodhead Berrett; My Story — Hannah T. King; She Came in 1853
Our Living PioneersTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 3Maria Stock Allred 1860; Ida Clark Arave 1864; Amy White Barnes 1862; John Barnett 1866; Elizabeth Bullock Bissegger 1863; Alice Rose Tucker Berrvessa Blair 1864; William Henry Bradfield 1868; Frederick Thomas Bradshaw 1860; Agnes Griffin Branch 1862; Juliet Austin Brown 1868; Minnie Peterson Brown 1866; William Baxter Brown 1863; Harriette (Hattie) Longmore Burrows 1866; Ada E. Harper Caldwell 1866; Minnie Hansen Campion 1859; Reuben Cheshire 1863; John Hoyle (Jack) Chew 1864; Harriet Harris Sweeting Clawson 1868; Heber Charles Cox 1866; Fred Crowton 1864; Cyrus Crowton; Olena Amelia Swenson Cushing 1866; Maria Jarman DeGrey 1868; Lola Montez Durfee Dinsdale 1864; Christina Graham Ericson 1866; Hilda Erickson 1863; Walter George Fowler 1868; Ruth May Fox 1867; James Sidney Willis Frame 1865; Elizabeth Sainsbury Fullmer 1866; Niels Oscar Gyllenskog 1866; Josephine Erickson Halverson 1865; Estella Dixon Harper 1865; Katherine Sarah Perkes Harris 1862; James E. Hart 1857; Joseph Emanuel Hart 1863; Joseph Hibbard 1861; Nancy Foreman Hicks 1862; Mary Collard Holladay 1861; Emily Hooper 1868; James Christian Jensen 1863; Lucy Ann Francis Jensen 1866; Ole Peter Jensen 1863; Selma Lundberg Jensen 1866; Simeon Jensen 1866; Emma Ida Johnson Jesperson 1869; Charles Ferdinand Johnson 1862; Frances Lovina Harris Jones 1858; Parley P. Jones 1868; Thomas Jones 1866; Selina Beddous Kelsey 1867; Peatria Jensen Latimer 1866; Jane Sarah Goody Lewis 1864; Harriet Clarissa Taylor McClellan 1863; William McCoard 1866; Ann Jarvis Milne 1860; Elizabeth Brown Needham 1863; Anna Cecila Gyllenskog Nelson 1864; Sarah Jane Anderton Perkins 1864; Ellen Ash Peterson 1856; Matilda Nelson Peterson 1861; Josephine Thompson Rasmussen 1861; Isabel Smith Reese 1867; Hannah Laycock Rhodes 1864; Mary Ann Jones Rhodes 1863; Mary Caroline Clarke Rigby 1866; Marie Neilson Robins 1866; Alice Norris Sears 1866; Anna Matilda Jensen Smith 1866; Eliza Ann Stratford Smith 1861; Tora Nielsen Jacobsen Starkie 1866; Jacob Albert Stringham 1863; Edwin Swindlehurst 1868; Robert Wall Talbot 1861; Margaret Delia Taylor 1867; Nancy Elizabeth McIntyre Taylor 1868; Gensina Christensen Hume Thursby 1867; Martha Barrett Tolman 1866; Marjorie Alston Whiteley 1864; Dorothy Ellen Reese Williams 1863; Mary Evans Woodbury 1862; These are the Pioneers” Ora Pate Stewart
We Remember Their StoriesTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 3Mary, the Mother of Many Mothers (Mary Jane Meeks; William Meeks; Sylvia Pearce Rogerson); Christmas Memories (James Collings; Elizabeth C. Parrish); A Christmas Doll (Mella Morley); Blest of Her Heavenly Father (Margaret Evans Pryor; Margaret Pryor Dalley); Mary Jane Hetherington Hickman; Mary Hannah Burton (Samuel Burton; Lucile Farnsworth Hale); His Wives (Joseph Davis Mathews; Ann Roberts; Ruth Perkins; Altha M. Dial); A Father’s Story (Charles C. Christensen Fautin; Myrtle C. Fautin Marquardson); Her Home (Elizabeth Echo Mercer); Whence Came the Horse (Benjamin Ashby at Winter Quarters; Martha Ashby Stevens)); The Orphan — Betty (Lizzie Eckersley Openshaw; Emma Ellen Openshaw Kay); More Potatoes (Joseph Lee Robinson by Lucy C. Robinson); Rachel Ann Mayer Brimhall (Tryphena M. Brimhall Garff); George W. Badger Plays Santa Claus (Afton H. Badger); A Pioneer’s Trust in the Lord (Edward Stevenson by Emily M. Carlisle); The Muddy Mission — 1865 (History of Joseph and Lucy Allen); For the Gospel’s Sake (Ruth Baker Eldredge by Joseph Underwood Eldredge); Judd Stories (William Riley Judd); A Pioneer Christmas in Teton Valley (Alice M. Hansen); The Red Patchwork Quilt (Charlot Woods Carter Higbee by Frances Carter Yost); Christmas Gift (Jane Ann Bown; Sarah Jane B. Hill); Sophia (William and Sophia Rigby); The Stowaway Martha Weaver by Ida Rachel Weaver Haycock); How the First Organ was Obtained (Frederick Willard Morgan by Isabel P. Morgan); The Red Pine Pole (Joseph E. Aitken); A Pioneer Christmas (Mary Ann Sterns Winters; Delia, Gusta; Elinor Brockbank Brimhall); Escape from Death (Harriet Crow); Sarah Pippen Jolley; Grandma Told Me (Mary Ellen Scott Barson, Ann Godfrey Hansen); Martina C. Sorenson, Living Pioneer; Mary Jane Jones, Living Pioneer (Bertha Jones Thomsen and Rachel Jones Rich)
Mormons in MexicoTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 3Mormon Colonization; Conditions in Mexico; Mormon Colonies in Mexico; First Experience with Mexican Government; My Grandparents Pioneer in Mexico; The Miles P. Romney Family; The Mill Building; Memories of Mexico; To Mexico in 1844; The Farr and Williams Families in Mexico; Edward Milo Webb III; Bishop Jensen of Salina; Experiences of Price W. Nelson; Death of Agnes; James A. Little and Family Go to Mexico; A Friend Indeed; The Moffetts; David F. Stout Takes His Family to Mexico; Peter Julius Christofferson and His Family; Called to Mexican Mission; Christopher B. Heaton; Out on the Railroad; The Relief Society President; School Days; Utah Colonization and Improvement Company’s Plans for a Colony in Mexico; The Exodus; Culled From the Writings of Harvey Webb; Jacob Huber Story; Exodus from Pacheco; Leaving Mexico; Drive from Ciudad; It Happened in Old Mexico; Conclusion
Journal and Diary of Albert King ThurberTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 3His Story; Childhood Recollections; A Working Man at Ten; The Years of 1842-43; The Youth Finds Employment; A Change in His Path; The Gold Fever; On the Way West; At Laramie; In Great Salt Lake City; Studies and Accepts Mormonism; Called to Go to the California Gold Mines; Certificate; To California; On the Rio Virgin River; At Hernandes; At Los Angeles: to San Francisco on Schooner Placa; State Election in California; To Sacramento and to the Mines; Prospecting Tours; Counseled to go Home to the Valleys; Heading for Salt Lake Valely; On the Trail; Cholera in Camp; Arrives Home; Meeting with President Young; Winter of 1850-51; Marriage to Thirza Malvina Berry; A Seventy; Moves to Spanish Fork; A Soldier in the Walker War; A Military Trial; Recordings of a Bishop; Home Worries; Trouble with Indians; The Bishop at Work; Old White Meeting House; A Mission to England; Moves to Sevier County; Notes from Church Records; Albert King Thurber, the Explorer; President Thurber, III; Death of President Albert K. Thurber; Thirza Malvina Berry Thurber; Agnes Brockbank Thurber
Your First Town GovernmentTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 3An Ordinance to Incorporate Great Salt Lake City; The Spring City Council Meets; Beaver County; Box Elder County; Cache County; Davis County; Iron County; Juab County Organization and Government; Kane County; Millard County; Morgan County; Salt Lake County; Dedication of the First City Hall; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Uintah County; Utah County; Weber County; In California; Idaho–Franklin County; Caribou County; Madison County; Bear Lake County
Pioneer IndustriesTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 3Linen Thread; Skilled Fingers; A Mother’s Story; Grandma in Business; Leather Craft; Our Loom; Gleaning in Dixie; Hats and Shoes; The Story of Annie Underwood; Achievements of Women; Mr. Wright in Richfield; Molasses Making; Shoe Manufacturers; Among the Firsts; From the Journal of Francis A. Webb; Pioneer Fisherman; The Clock Maker; A.B. Lambson’s Story; Nails; Utah Cement; From the Journal of Ebenezer Farnes; Cache County; Garfield County; In Kane County; Items from Iron County; Millard County; Morgan County; Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Tooele County; Utah County; The Mill Builder; Pioneer Carpenter; Franklin County, Idaho
Story of Pioneer Memorial Building and MuseumTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 3Legislative Action in 1920-1921; Our Presidents Speak; Definite Plans; Senate Bill No. 56, Passed; Moving Forward in 1941; Honorary Certificate; Daughters of Utah Pioneers Names two Committees on Memorial; Opinion Requested; The Years of 1942-43; Senate Bill No. 53, Passed; Continued Effort; Senate Bill No. 13, Passed; Finance Committee; Excerpts from Three Special Meetings of the Memorial Finance Committee; Brigham Young Dinners; The Architectural Committee; Increased Activities; Governor Maw Directs State Board to Proceed with Plans for Construction of Pioneer Memorial Building; Breaking Ground; First Opposition; Continued Opposition to the Building; Much Opposition — Good Advertisement; DUP Insists on Triangle for Building; Lists Four Reasons; Bids Opened for Construction of Pioneer Memorial Buildings; Bill Aimed at Memorial; Way Cleared for Construction; Construction Starts; Court Action; the New Lease; Determined Not to Fail; Response from Counties and Camps; Agreement; Escrow No. 3095; Thomas B. Child and Company; Contract with Otto Buehner and Company; Days of ’47; Excerpts from Bulletins; “Heart Throbs of the West”: Appreciation; Gift from the LDS Church; Furnishing Building; The Andrew Jenson Collection; The Union Pacific Room; Artists Make Contributions; The Country Store; The Move; Invitation; The Dedication; Awards; “Memorial Museum — Eva Willes Wansgaard; Financial Report of the Pioneer Memorial Building From April 1, 1937 to July 20, 1950; Building Board; Building Opens to the Public; The Work Goes On; The Salt Lake Theatre Curtain; The Stained Glass Window; Parking Lot; Cooling System for the Building; Future Responsibility; Salute from the Central Company
They Came in ’54Treasures of Pioneer History, Volume 4Extract From the Eleventh General Epistle, April 10, 1854; To the Bishops; the Year 1854; Hawaiian Mission in 1854; Italian Mission; Report of Mission at Gibraltar; St. Louis Stake of Zion; Emigration in 1854; Names of Post Offices in Utah, 1854; Indian Missionaries of 1854; Sugar House; Ephraim Settled in 1854; Death of Willard Richards; Death of Patriarch John Smith; Teacher’s Certificates; The Walker War Peace Treaty; Col. Fremont in Utah; Incidents of Travel and Adventure in the Far West with Col. Fremont’s Last Expedition; Pah-van-tes; Col. Steptoe and the Military Road; Deseret Alphabet; Labor Agreement 1854; Painting; The Temple Wall; The New Ferry Boat for Salt Lake; Fence Building; Lost; City Wall; Notice to Pension Claimants; The Last Call; Flower Seeds; Mormon Chartered Ships 1854; LDS Church Emigration; Emigration on the Trail; James and Harriet Snarr; William and Eliza Jex; The Lost Boy; Mary Collier Winter; Ready to Go; From the Writings of Thomas Franklin King; Seven Graves Along the Trail; Sarah Ann Sturgess Hill; Thomas Tidwell and His Family; Story of Louise Graehl; Thomas Stolworthy; Elizabeth Jane Dufresne Stevenson; Ephraim’s First Postmaster; James Fielding and Family
State EmblemsTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 4Utah — The Beehive State; Origin of Names; Territorial Seal; State Seal; Utah’s Flag; Our First State Flags; The Flag Must Not Be Changed; State Tree; Utah’s State Flower; They Ate Sego Lily Bulbs; The Sea Gull; The Cricket; They Testify; The Gull Protected in Utah Fish and Game; Poem–“Tale of the Sea Gulls”; The Living Wreath; Map of Territorial Acquisition of Western United States; Song “Utah We Love Thee”; Arizona — The Sand Hill State; California — the Golden State; Colorado — The Centennial State; Idaho — The Gem State; Nevada — The Sagebrush State; New Mexico — The Sunshine State; Oregon — The Beaver State; Washington — The Evergreen State; Wyoming — the Equality State; Montana — The Treasure State
Mormon VillageTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 4The Plan of City of Zion; An Inheritance in Zion; Farms; Deeds in 1848; A Reminder of Utah’s Early Days; The Villages; Draper — 1849; Cedar City — 1851; Harrisville — 1851; Nephi –1851; Gunnison — 1859; Panguitch — 1864; Marysvale 1864; Monroe–1864; Kanosh– 1867; Leeds–1867; Freemont–1873; Elsinore–1874; United Order of Kingston –1876; North Logan — 1878; Price–1879; San Bernardino, California –1851; Manassa, Colorado — 1879; Sanford, Colorado–1884; Bloomington, Idaho–1864; Sugar City, Idaho–1879; Bancroft, Idaho–1882; Mesa, Arizona–1877; Snowflake, Arizona–1879; Panaca, Nevada–1865; Overton, Nevada–1869; Star Valley, Wyoming–1878-1880
So Our Children May KnowTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 4“This Too Will Pass”; The First Rose in Utah; Christmas in Tubuai; Christmas in Tooele; Sarah Jane’s Christmas in England; Sarah Jane’s Christmas in Idaho; Her First Doll; My Story; An Indian Story; It Will Do No Good To Cry; Secret Prayer; Their Mother’s Grave; The Church Organ; A Book of Mormon; Uncle Amos; Mr. Whittaker’s Wife; My She Rest in Peace; Sophia Eldora Sweat Carter; Ortentia; A Friend in New Orleans; Faith in Tomorrow; Richard; Prepare for the Life to Come; Drafting Patterns; “I Was Healed”: When Lightning Strikes; The Calico Dress; From the Journal of Hosea Stout
Pioneer AttorneyTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 4Before the First High Council; Bishop’s Court; The Provisional Government of the State of Deseret; Justices’ Court–W. Snow, Esq., Presiding; Some Ordinances Passed by the State of Deseret Assembly 1850-1851; Territorial Federal Courts; U.S. Courts in Utah; Some Laws of Utah–1851-1896; Disapproval; The Probate Courts; Territorial Courts; An Act in Relation to Marshals and Attorney General; Poland Law; United States Attorneys and Marshals in Utah; Power of the City Council; Hosea Stout; Seth Millington Blair, Attorney General; Zerubbabel Snow; Aurelius Miner; Hugh Sidley Gowans; Probate Judges; Almon W. Babbitt, Pioneer 1848; Two Women of Note; Joseph Lafayette Rawlins, Pioneer 1848; Charles Stetson Varian; Robert N. Baskin; Orlando Woodworth Powers; From Garfield County; Juab County; Sevier County; Idaho; Utah County; Wasatch County; Pioneer Women Lawyers
Journal of Minnie Peterson BrownTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 4My Story; First Homes in Zion; Our First Move in Utah Mother; Father; The Wanship Farm; In West Jordan; Back in Wanship; The Wage Earner; Preparations for Marriage; Married in the Endowment House; “Our Duty to God”; Deseret Country; Lee’s Ferry; Happy Travelers; A Mormon Town; In St. Johns, Arizona; Home in St. Johns; Our First Child; Released From Mission Home; Life in Coalville; Death of My Mother; Grandma Petersen; “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”; The Family Grows; The Brick House; Holidays in 1896-1897; A Baby Boy; The Passing of the Husband and Father; Another Sorrow; Friends Keep Loneliness Away; The Years of 1911-13; A Pioneer’s Life 1914-1915; The Red Cross Worker; Grace and George Marry; The Carpenter; The Helping Hand; The Influenza Epidemic; Hotel Life Again; Poem “The Family”; Mary; Life Goes On; The Mine Explosion; The Devoted Grandma; Death Strikes Again; In the Parade; a Trip; Later Years; A Tribute
Indian Tribes and their Dealings with the MormonsTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 4The Peace Treaty; The Indians the U.S. Government; The Gospel to the Indians; Some Indian Customs; Crossing the Plains in 1863; Ogden’s First Christmas; Mary Mountain; First Execution in Territory of Utah; Stolen Fruit; A Use Story; The Indian Burial; Zenos W. Hill, Indian; Six Little Feet; The Indian Baby; A Tragic Death; His Losses; An Indian Disturbance; Moshoquop; It Happened Before; An Indian and Mr. Foster; The Peace Maker; Application for Indian War Pension; Members of LDS Church; A Woman’s Courage–1864; “Mr. Lupe”; The Large Cave; In Garfield County; Claim for Injury By Apaches; The Faith of a Lamanite; The Trail Blazer; Pipe of Peace; The Unwritten Law; “The Saga of the Squaw Man” Native Americans
Stories of the Mormon BattalionTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 4Enlisting the Men; Circular to the Mormons; Companies Organized — A-B-C-D-E (Complete Roster); Women Who Made the Entire Journey; Servants to the Officers; Women of the Battalion; Death of Captain James Allen; The March; Capt. Jefferson Hunt; Gilbert and Marshall Hunt; Jesse D. Hunter; Albern Allen; James Riley Allred; James Tilman Sanford Allred; Reddick Newton Allred; Reuben Warren Allred; James Bailey; James Bevan; Ebenezer Brown; Jacob Kemp Butterfield; William Wallace Casper; Riley Garner and Joseph Clark; James Calvin Earl; Henry Fairbanks; James Ferguson; David Garner; James Harvey Glines; Elijah E. Holden; Henry and Timothy Sabin Hoyt; William Kelly; Barnabas Lake; James W. Lemmon; David Moss; William Smith Muir; Marcus Lafayette Shepherd; Joseph Taylor; John Crow Thompson; Franklin and Miles Weaver; Charles Young Webb; Thomas Weird; Jeremiah Willey; Alfred G. Wilson; Dennis Wilson Winn; John Price Wriston; Horace Martin Alexander; Elijah Allen; Erastus Bingham Jr. Samuel Boley; John Borrowman; Francis Brown; Richard Bush; Isaac Philo Carter; Richard Carter; Zacheus Cheney; John Darwin Chase; Haden Wells Church; Dorr Purdy Curtis; Thomas Dunn; Israel Evans; Elijah Norman Freeman; Ephraim Knowlden Hanks; George W. Haskell; Arza E. Hinckley; Jacob Hoffheins; Edward Hunter; William Hyde; Guy Messiah Keysor; Jesse Bigler Martin; Philemon C. Merrill; Samuel Miles; John Riggs Murdock; Robert Owens; Harmon Dudley Pierson; David Pinkney Rainey; William Alphas Simmons; Albert Smith and Azariah Smith; Lyman Stevens; John Rufus Stoddard; George Washington Taggart; William Holmes and Edwin Walker; Francis Tuft Whitney; William Wesley Willis; Andrew Jackson Workman; Jerome Zabriskie; William Prows
Stories of the Mormon Battalion (cont)Treasures of Pioneer History, Volume 4James Brown–Captain Company C; Orson B. Adams; Ezra H. Allen; Lorenzo Babcock; Walter Barney; Henry G. Boyle; John Brimhall; Alexander Brown; Edward Dalton; Augustus Erastus Dodge; Francillo Durfey; Samuel J. Gould–Son, John; Charles Brent and George Washington Hancock; Meltiar and Orrin Hatch; Shadrach Holdaway; William Holt; Jarvis Johnson; Thurston Larson; Christopher Layton; Samuel Lewis; Levi Hamilton McCullough; Orlando Fish Mead; Calvin White Moore; Harley Mowrey; James Myler; Jabus T. Nowlin; Thorit Peck; David Martin Perkins; Dr. William Walker Rust; Joseph Shipley; James W. Shupe; Andrew Jackson Shupe; Jacob Mica Truman; Daniel Tyler; Moses and Edward Davis Wade; John S. White; David Wilkin; William Wood, Sr.; Nelson Higgins, Captain Company D: Jeduthan Hardy Averett; James (Polly) Brown; James S. Brown; John Buchanan; William W. Casto; James Barnett Cole; Allen Compton; Ralph Briggs Douglass; William Dorris Hendricks; Daniel Henrie; Jonathan H. Holmes; Abraham Hunsaker; Dimick Huntington; Nathaniel Vary Jones: David S. Laughlin; Erastus Darwin Meacham; Peter I. Mesick; James Oakley; James Owen; Edwin M. Peck; Daniel Berry Rawson; Alonzo Pearis Raymond; William Rowe; John Roylance; Henry Wix Sanderson; Abel M. Sargent; Sebert Crutcher Shelton; Willard Gilbert Smith; James Stewart Myron Tanner; John Harvey Tippets; Daniel Coon Davis, Captain Company E; John Wesley Binley; Daniel Brown; Newman Bulkley; Edward Bunker; Matthew Caldwell; Ebenezer Hanks; Abraham Day; Robert Harris; Isaac Harrison; Nathan Hart; John W. Hess; Charles Jameson; Zadock Knapp Judd; Miles Miller; David Pettegrew (Pettigrew); Robert Pixton; Sandford Porter; Jonathan Pugmire, Jr.; Levi Roberts; Joseph Skeen; Richard Slater; Lot Smith; Henry Standage; William Strong; George Deliverance Wilson; Thomas Woolsey; John Steele Tells His Story; James Greer Camp; Sick Detachments; Mormon Volunteers; Achievements of Mormon Battalion
They Came in ’55Treasures of Pioneer History, Volume 5Quotations from Pioneer Diaries 1855; Chronology 1855; Preparation for Handcart Migration; New Indian Agent; Death of Judge Shaver; Death of Walker; Colonization in Southern Nevada 1855; Salmon River Mission; First Icelandic Settlement; Western Standard; LDS Church Migration 1855; The Sailship Chimborazo; The Texas Company of Latter-day Saints; Anna Johana Larsen Ottosen–Denmark; Elizabeth Strong–Denmark; Ann Botting Atkinson–England; George Sellman Fox–England; William Howard and Elizabeth Croft Knowles–England; Ellen Knowles Melling–England; Joseph Darnbrough Reynolds–England; Ralph Smith–England; James Mather–England; Thomas Paul Stephenson–England; Emma Smith Willden–England; Mary Wood Wilson–England; James Timbrell Worlton–England; Emily Pauline Malan Farley–Italy; Boletta M. Allen–Norway; Jacobina Wills Osborn Williams–Scotland; Mary Halley Stocks–Scotland; Anna Hiig–Switzerland
Pioneer Dentists and DruggistsTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 5From the Journal of Lafayette Guymon; John A. Sutton–Blacksmith; The Bullet Mold; Catharine’s Story; Alexander Neibaur; Dr. James Hancey; Dr. W.H. Groves, Surgeon and Mechanical Dentist; Isaac Morton Behunin; From Father to Son; Alma Bailey Dunford; Dr. Rose Ellen Bywater Valentine; Members of the Dental Society; Early Druggists; Deseret Drug Store–William S. Godbe; William J. Willes’ Story; Robert Cleghorn, Druggist; H.J. Richards (Heber John Richards); Beavery County; Cache County; Carbon County; Davis County; Emery County; Iron County; Millard County; Sanpete County; Salt Lake County; Sevier County; Tooele County; Wasatch County; Weber County; Utah County; The Coming Woman; Provo; Idaho; Toothache Times
Mormons in HawaiiTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 5To the Islands of the Pacific; Progress of the Mission; Other Missionaries; Translation of the Book of Mormon; First Elders Return Home; A Gathering Place, City of Joseph; All Missionaries Called Home; Walter Murray Gibson; Purchase of the Laie Plantation; Growth Since 1895; Today in Hawaii; Iosepa, Utah Colony; Joseph F. Smith, Friend of the People; Francis A. Hammond; John Stillman Woodbury; Benjamin F. Johnson; Louisa A. McClellan; James Keeler; A Mission in 1931; God’s Garden; Aloha, Hawaii; Glossary of Words
The Untold StoryTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 5The Pioneer Home; Dolls of Long Ago; Two Rag Dolls; Margaret’s Rag Doll; From the Burnham Records; Her Letters; As Told by Sarah Ellen Martin Holmes; “One of a Family”; The Molasses Barrel; Abigail and Walter; A Trip to the Sawmill; Midwife and Friend; Indian “Mouse from Moapa Valley”; “Queho”; A Missionary Romance; The Boy Miller; The Good Samaritan; Crossing the Plains in 1852; Mary’s Christmas; Honesty is the Best Policy; Her Child; Emma P. Eliason Tells a Story; Christmas at Chase’s; “Give Me Biscuit”; Thomas McIntyre, Musician; The Hammer Toe; The Jersey Cow
Handcart PioneersTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 5The Millennial Star — December 22, 1855; Further Instructions; Saints Leave Their Native Land; Description of Handcarts; Edmund Ellsworth, Captain of First company; the Powell Family; Daniel Duncan McArthur, Captain of Second Company; The Parker Family; Poem “Child of the Handcart Train”, Ralph and Elizabeth Burn Ramsay; From Switzerland; From Scotland; Edward Bunker, Captain of Third Company; Two Girls; Ann and Her Two Children; Fourth and Fifth Companies; James Grey Willie, Captain of Fourth Handcart Company; From Scotland; Sister Farnsworth; Her Journey West; The James Family; A Teamster; James Sherlock Cantwell; Rebecca Pilgrim Goates; A Promise Fulfilled; Edward Martin, Captain of the Fifth Company; Writings of John Jaques; Eliza; John and Mary; The Parkinson Family; Samuel George Read and His Family; Mary Taylor Upton Simmons Robinson; Only One Day in Zion, To the Rescue; Dan Jones’ Writing; Israel Evans, Captain of the Sixth Company; Hannah and Jane; They Danced and Sang; Christian Christiansen, Captain of the Seventh Company; A Birth on the Plains; From Denmark; George Rowley, Captain of Eighth Company; From New England; Daniel Robinson, Captain of Ninth Company; David; A Handcart Veteran; Oscar O. Stoddard, Captain of Tenth Company; Poem, “Veterans of the Handcarts”
Diary of Reddick AllredTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 5The Diary; In Nauvoo; Reddick’s First Marriage; Leave Nauvoo, the Beautiful; Joins the Mormon Battalion; Journey to Council Bluffs; To the Valley of the Mountains; In Salt Lake Valley; His Mission Call; Takes Southern Route to California; To Sacramento, California; From San Francisco — Home; Back in San Bernardino; At Las Vegas; With His Folks Again; To the Aid of the Handcart Companies; Active in Church and Civil Affairs; Moves to Sanpete Valley; The Black Hawk War; Moves to Chester, Sanpete County; The Years of 1887-88; Returns and Makes Home at Spring City; Death of Mother Allred; Still Serving his Church, Family and Friends; Smallpox Epidemic; Every Day Life in Spring City
Utah During Civil War YearsTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 5The War Foretold; Western Military District; Utah’s First Call; From the Journal of Robert T. Burton; Brigham Young Answers Call; Lot Smith; Halliday’s Message; Roster of Men Under Captain Lot Smith; On the Move; Bear Lake Expedition; The Snake River Expedition; Establishment of Fort Douglas; Battle of Bear River; Important Letters; Indian Treaty; Utah Soldiers; Louis A. Huffaker; From Elsinore, Utah; Freighting Across the Plains During the Civil War; Hans Nadrian Charlson–Civil War Veteran; En Route to Utah — Civil War Days
Price of PioneeringTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 5Four Who Did not Reach the Valley; The Dart Family; “We Never Know”; En Route from California; The Family of Samuel Utley; Eight Graves Along the Trail; Their Native Land was Scotland; Mother and Three Children; From Switzerland; Father and Five Children; On the Ship Brooklyn; Mother and Child; Four Lonely Children; A Willow Casket; The Handcart Builder; In the Hodgett Company; A Sacred Spot; The Brooks Family; Abigail Lee; John West and Children; In Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Brother, Sister and Cousin; They Gave Their Lives; Their Children; Little Katie’s Casket; From 1847-1868 (Names of those Buried En Route)
Publications of the Daughters of Utah PioneersTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 5Constitution and By-Laws of the National Society, Daughters of Utah Pioneers; Pioneer Song Book; The Beginning of Publications; Minutes of Salt Lake County; The Central Company Minutes; Original Copy of Typewritten Lessons; The Printed Pamphlet; The First Outlines of Study; Central Company Publications; Heart Throbs of the West 1-12; Treasures of Pioneer History 1-4; Our County Publications; “Moments to Courage” — Beaver County; History of Box Elder County; “Centennial Echoes of Carbon County”; “Castle Valley” — Emery County; “East of Antelope Island” — Davis County; Early History of Duchesne County; “Golden Nuggets of Pioneer Days” — Garfield County; History of Juab county; “Milestones of Millard” — Millard County; “Tales of a Triumphant People” — Salt Lake County; “These Our Fathers” — Sanpete County; “Through the Years” — Sevier County; “Echoes of Yesterday”–Summit County; “Builders of Uintah”; “Memories that Live” — Utah County; “Under Wasatch Skies” — Wasatch County; “Under Dixie Sun” — Washington County; “Rainbow Views” — Wayne County; “Beneath Ben Lomond’s Peak” — Weber County; “The Trail Blazer” — Southeastern Idaho; “Pioneer Irrigation in the Upper Snake River Valley” — Bingham, Bonneville, Fremont, Jefferson, and Madison Counties; The Bibliography of Utah Writings and Histories; The Years Ahead
They Came in ’56Treasures of Pioneer History, Volume 6Chronology of 1856; Famine in 1856; Irrigation; Gleaning–The Poor Must Be Fed; The Harvest Begins; Box Elder Syrup and Sugar; Fourteenth General Epistle–December 1856; The Reformation 1856-57; Land Warrants; The First State Fair; Important Removal; Deseret Store and Exchange for Home Manufacturers; The Tintic War; Discourse, President J.M. Grant; Celebration Twenty Fourth of July in the Tops of the Mountains; A Promise Fulfilled; Julia and Emily Hill; Death of Secretary Babbitt; Death of Jedediah Morgan Grant; From the Deseret News; Genoa, Nevada, San Bernardino California Missions; McCormick Reaper and Mower; Percussion Matches; LDS Church Emigration, Ships and Companies; The Bunker Handcart Company; The Willi Handcart Company; The Martin Handcart Company; The John Banks Company; The Philemon C. Merrill Company; the Canute Peterson Company; William Benjamin Hodgetts Company; John Alexander Hunt Company; Poem–“Heroes of the Handcart Trail”
Col. Thomas Kane and the MormonsTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 6The Utah War; The Exiles; Not for Themselves; Kane Hears “Mormon” Stories; Council Bluffs; The Pioneer Camp; The Pioneers of Utah; The Crickets, Then the Gulls; The Land of Gold; The Land of the Mormons; Death of Colonel Kane
From An Old ScrapbookTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 6Poem — “To My Grandchildren”; My Mother’s Album; The Oldest Scrapbook; Sarah Ellen’s Scrapbook; Reminiscences; Memories of the Salt Lake Theatre; Albums of the Warburton Family; Among My Souvenirs; Old Card Collection; Discernment; The Utah Poets; The Musser Albums; Bishop Tuttle’s Scrapbook; Helpful Hints from their Albums; Notes on Indians; The Cottonwood Scrapbook; A Scrapbook from Dixie; Harriet’s Scrapbook; Salt Lake County Scrapbooks; From the Walkinshaw Scrapbook; Utah County Scrapbook; A Galaxy of Gems
Reminiscences of ChristmasTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 6Eliza R. Snow; The Christmas Tree of Life; Lucy Clarinda, a Pioneer Nurse; In the Hour of Need (George W. Badger); Grandmother’s Story (Kerstina Maria Nielson); The Journal of Oluf Christian Larsen; The Pioneer Artist 1862 (George Beard); In Coalville is a Man Worth Knowing (George Beard); Jens Christian Nielsen, Pioneer; Father and Son, Pioneers (John Rowe Moyle, son of Stephen Moyle; James Moyle)); Jean Gillies, Primary President; Andrew Watson–Firm in the Faith
South Africa’s Contribution to UtahTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 6The First Mission; Mission to South Africa 1862; His Native Land; One of the First; Two Sisters–Two Brothers; Courageous Elizabeth; John Stock, Bishop and Patriarch; Mother and Six Children; Samuel Nathaniel Slaughter; Joseph Richard Humphries, Wife and Seven Children; A Manifestation; Devoted to their Church; Nicholas Paul, Builder; Eli and Susannah 1861; The Talbots of South Africa; The Day Family 1862; From Elizabeth’s Journal; The Mitchells 1863; John Allen Knight; The Kershaws from South Africa; Ann H. Francom–Family; John O’Driscoll and the Smiths; John Swift, 1865; By Way of San Francisco, 1866; Samuel Martin 1916
Journal of Lucina Mecham BorenTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 6Childhood Memories; Life in Kanesville; The Year of 1853; Home in Utah; Family Moves to Provo; Love Finds a Way; Our First Home; To Provo Canyon; A New Home; School Teacher, Home Maker; Moroni Bigelow; Daeth of Mother Boren; Another Death–Father; Alma Lionel; Blood Poisoning; Trying Times; In the Temples of the Lord; Incidents of Home Life; A Business Deal; A New Way; Mr. Boley, a Friend Indeed; On the Dugway; Wilford Healed by Faith; The Parting; Both Mother and Father; A Trip to Idaho; Another Store; Nurse and Musician; Wilford Marries; Temple Worker; Emma; Life in Salt Lake City; The Twilight Years; Death of Lucina M. Boren; Children of William Jasper Boren and Lucina Mecham
The Story of Utah’s Canyons – Part OneTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 6“For the Strength of the Hills’; City Creek Canyon; Out of City Creek Canyon; Emigration Canyon; Notations from Journal History on Red Butte Canyon; Parley’s Canyon; The Golden Pass-Parley’s Canyon; Lambs Canyon; Mount Air; Big Cottonwood Canyon; Childhood Memories; Water from Big Cottonwood Canyon; Memories of Loy Andrus; Little Cottonwood Canyon; Granite for the Temple; Visits to the Quarry; Mill Creek Canyon; I Remember Mill Creek Canyon; Provo Canyon; A Trip to the Ranch Through Provo Canyon; Hobble Creek; American Fork Canyon; Forest City; Timpanogos Cave; Townsend’s Park; Daniel’s Canyon; Wasatch County; Davis County Canyons; Weber County Canyons; Canyons in North Ogden, Weber County; Logan Canyon, Cache County; Sardine Canyon; Blacksmith Fork Canyon, Cache County; Canyon Road Building in Pioneer Days
The Story of Utah’s Canyons – Part TwoTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 6Echo Canyon; Summit County; Carbon County; Emery County; Sevier County; Bryce Canyon, Garfield County; Emily’s Paintings Cedar Breaks; The Escalante; San Juan County; Zion Canyon; Cable Mountain; Washington County; Beaver County; Millard County; Juab County; Tooele County; Stansbury Mountain Canyon–Grantsville Division; The Red Sandstone; Canyons and Their Names; Pioneer Road Building; Poem–“If I Lived in a Mountain Valley”
Monuments Erected by Daughters of Utah PioneersTreasures of Pioneer History, Volume 6No. 181 Early LDS Church; No. 182 Coltman Ward; No. 183 Snake River Bridge; No. 184 Academy Hall; No. 185 Teasdale First Public Building; No. 186 Pioneer Women; No. 187 Morgan Pioneer Memorial Building; No. 188 Central Ferry Station; No. 189 Uintah Stake Tithing Office; No. 190 Little Rock Schoolhouse; No. 191 Settlement of Meadow; No. 192 Old Academy; No. 193 Cainesville; No. 194 Public Buildings; No. 195 Willow Creek, Idaho; No. 196 Early School; No. 197 First Meetinghouse; No. 198 First Public Buildings; No. 199 Early Settlements; No. 200 Old Tithing Office; No. 201 The Old Fort; No. 202 Saw and Grist Mill; No. 203 Calder’s Park; No. 204 Pinto; No. 205 Warm Creek, Fayette; No. 206 Glendale; No. 207 Duchesne; No. 208 Powell Survey; No. 209 Lime Kiln; No. 210 Enterprise; No. 211 St. Charles; 212 Monticello; No. 213 Washington Cotton Factory; No. 214 Francis; No. 215 Pine Valley; No. 216 Shelley; No. 217 Old Social Hall; No. 218 Escalante Trail; No. 219 Last Chance Canal Co., Ltd; No. 220 Thomas L. Kane and the Mormons; No. 221 Lake Shore Fort; No. 222 Fort Cedar; No. 223 Rockland Valley; No. 224 Ricks College; No. 225 Settlement of Fairview; No. 226 Pioneer Cemetery; No. 227 Given Family Massacre; No. 228 Upper Snake River Valley Irrigation; No. 229 Corinne Opera House; No. 230 Lewisville; No. 231 North Ogden; No. 232 Bancroft’s First School; No. 233 Reynold’s Flour Mill; Poem — “We, Too, Are Pioneers”
They Came in ’57Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 1Handcart Missionaries; Settlement in Nebraska; Organization of Cache County; President Young visits Lemhi; Death of Parley P. Pratt; Mountain Meadow Massacre; LDS Emigration ships; Walker Company; William Goodall Young; Richard Harper; Jesse Bigler Martin Company; Israel Evans Company; Christian Christiansen Company; Kate Lublin Alexander; Matthias Cowley; Jacob Hoffeins Company; Texas Company; They Came in 1857
The Utah War 1857-1858Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 1Johnston’s Army; Troops Ordered to Utah; The Brethren Speak; The Territorial Militia Called to Action; Proclamation of Governor Brigham Young to the People of Utah; Captain Van Vliet Visits Utah; Governor Young’s Letter to the Commander of the Utah Expedition; Headquarters 10th Regiment of Infantry; Order Given by General Wells to Major Lot Smith; Utah Militia Takes the Initiative; Results of the Burning; Correspondence Between Governor Young and Colonel Alexander; Winter of 1857-8 at Camp Scott; Indictment by the US Government; the Move South; Friend of the Mormons; Peace Commission; The Army Enters Salt Lake Valley; Camp Floyd: Sale of Animals and Property at Camp Floyd; Two Stories from the Journal of A.J. Allen; They Made their Homes in Utah
Pioneer Houses and EnclosuresOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 1Pioneer Adobe Homes in the Salt Lake Valley; My Pioneer Home; Homes of President Young; Two Famous Homes; His Inheritance in Zion; the Emery House; Happy Adobe Homes; A Pioneer Home that Grew; A Home in Box Elder County; Duchesne County; Cache County; Carbon County; Davis County; Emery County; Garfield County; Juab County; Sanpete County; Salt Lake County; Summit County; Tooele County; Utah County; Wasatch County; Washington County; Weber County; Pioneer Houses in Bear Lake Valley, Idaho; in Oxford, Idaho; Two Homes built by Grant Campbell; Poem — The Pioneer Adobe Home
Stories of Long AgoOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 1Trekking Back with Grandpa; His Christmas Gift; Three Treks West; Their First Hymn Book; The Emmets at Lee’s Ferry; Man of Courage; Anna Mennorrow Hamilton; Letters of Long Ago; The Boughten; Journey for a Bucket of Pickled Beans; Called to Oak City; John Lowder’s Find; A Boy’s Experience in Arizona; Elias: A School Teacher’s Prayer; It Shall Be Your Shield; Swap Em Squaw; I Always Knew I didn’t Kill that Cow; A Child and a Toy; Log Cabin school Marm Remembers; A Unique Disguise; The New Home; Sarah; Builders of Industry; Father Graham; The Death of John Hill; From the Diary of Wilson Howard Dusenberry; A Farewell Message
Their Contribution to UtahOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 1Australian Mission; Zion’s Watchman; New Zealand Mission; Society Island Mission; The Samoan Mission; John Q. Adams’ Story; Ships Sailing From the Islands; Charles W. Wandell, President; On the Ship, Julia Ann — 1855; Augustus A. Farnham, Joseph H. Ridges; Mission President, Absalom Porter Dowdle, 1856-7; Andrew Jackson Stewart; The Ship Lucas; Sailed on the Ship Lucas; Two Missions to Australia; Truly Pioneers, 1857; George Robb’s Story; From My Father’s Diary (Nye); Later Missionaries; From the Diary of John Clarence Stewart; The Banks Family — 1855; The Jenny Ford, 1856; The Moyes Family; Rhoda Ann Taylor; Grandfather Malmstrom; Grandfather Joe Welling; Australian Converts; From New Zealand; To the Empire of India; Missionary in 1853, Levi Savage, Jr.; The McCune Family; Hannah Peters Booth; Arrival of Elders in Calcutta; William and Elizabeth Tait
Diary of Isaiah Moses CoombsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 1Fanny McLean Coombs; Charlotte Augusta Hardy Coombs; From My Journal; Widow Turk and Her Daughter; My Chosen Profession; My Choice; Mother’s Passing; Marriage to Sarah; To Zion; In Salt Lake Valley; A Mission Call 1856; Father and Friends; The Parting: From the Diary 1857 to April 1858; Return to Utah; Home Sweet Home; A Happy Marriage; We Move to Parowan; Life in 1861-2; Activities During 1863-4; Treaty with the Redmen; Dedication of Tabernacle at Nephi; Joys and Sorrows; Taking Stock; In Charge of Tithing Office; Happenings of 187204; Order of Enoch; The Jubilee of 1875; A Mission to England; Released to Return Home; The Years Pass Swiftly; Fanny’s Children, A Great Sorrow
Brigham Young – His Wives and FamilyOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 1Biography; His Testimony; His Wives and Family — Miriam Works Young; Mary Ann Angell Young; Lucy Ann Decker Young; Harriet Elizabeth Cook Campbell Young; Augusta Adams Young; Clara Decker Young; Olive Grey Frost Young; Louisa Beaman Young; Clarissa Ross Young; Emily Dow Partridge Young; Emmeline Free Young; Margaret M. Alley Young; Susan Snively Young; Margaret Pierce Young; Ellen Rockwood Young; Maria Lawrence Young; Martha Bowker Young; Zina Diantha Huntington Young; Naamah Kendel Jenkins Carter Young; Mary Jane Bigelow Young; Lucy Bigelow Young; Eliza R. Snow Young; Eliza Burgess Young; Harriet Barney Young; Harriet Amelia Folsom Young; Mary Van Cott Young; Ann Eliza Webb Young; The Father, The Guiding Hand; Tullidge, the Historian, Speaks; Meeting the Great Man; The Actress Julia Dean; From Richard Burton, the Famous Explorer; Stay in the Valleys of the Mountains; Love for His People; Meeting Youth; From the Records of Stephen Bliss Moore; Truly a Prophet of God; Prayer of a Missionary; The Robinsons; Be Faithful and You Shall Return in Safely; Death of Brigham Young; Tributes to Brigham Young
Women and Children of the Mormon BattalionOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 1Women Included in Call; detachments sent to Pueblo; Women Who Made the Entire Trip; Lydia Hunter, wife of Captain Jesse O. Hunter; Susanna (Susan) Davis and Daniel Jr. Phebe Draper Palmer Brown; Melissa Burton Coray; Celia Mounts Hunt; Wife of Captain Jefferson Hunt; Matilda Nease Hunt, wife of Captain Jefferson Hunt; Mary McCree Black Brown, wife of Captain James Brown; George David Black and Mary Hunt Black; Sarah Blackman Higgins, wife of Captain Nelson Higgins; Ruth Abbot; Susan Smith Adams; Eliza B. Allred; Elzadie Emeline Ford Allred; Harriet Brown; Agnes Brown; Eunice Reasor Brown; Mary Button; Jane Wells Cooper Hanks; Emeline Bigler Hess; Mary Ann Hirons; Fanny Maria Allen Huntington; Malinda A. Kelly; Sarah Kelley; The Two Merrill Sisters; Martha Jane Sharp (Mowrey): Caroline Sargent Rebecca Smith; Caroline (Emmeline) Sessions; Elizabeth Shelton; Sarah P. Shupe; Catherine Steele; Sophia Tubbs; Isabella Hunter Wilkin; Youths who Accompanied the Mormon Battalion
In Their FootstepsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 1poetry and poems
They Came in ’58Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 2Peace Commission; Official Dispatch from the Peace Commissioners to the Secretary of War, General Johnston’s Proclamation to the People of Utah; Proclamation of the new Governor; the Move South; Patty Sessions (parry) Moves South; From the Diary of Luman Andros Shurtliff; The Deseret News; John Powell goes to Fillmore; John Lowe Butler Tells His Story; Make Work Project; The Army Arrives in Utah; Establishment of Camp Floyd; Returning to their Homes; John and Elvira Egbert Carson; The Mormon War Speculation; John Woodhouse, Ammunition Maker; Making a Living in 1858; Pioneer Ships of 1858; Jesse Hobson, Ship Empire; On the Way to Zion; the Cook; Ship John Bright; LDS Church Emigration 1858; Russell King Homer; Cache County; Remission of Sins; Indian Massacres; Indian Mission; Schools; Governor’s Message to Legislative Assembly
And They Were HealedOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 2Mother Sessions (Patty Sessions, Mother of Utah Midwifery); They Will Be Done; A Thompsonian Doctor; Priddy Meeks — Pioneer Doctor; Leah Jane Shaw Keeler’s Second Career; Doctor John L. Dunyon; From the autobiography of Martha Cox; A Pioneer Miracle; Warts (Jacob Terry); Valued Recipe; Indian Teachings; Emily; Set Apart; Doctor of Herbs; Did you?; A Black Cat; Brigham Young’s Steam Bath; Faith and Works; Plants Commonly Used by the Pioneers; Pioneer Ointments; Pioneer Poultices; salt as a pioneer cure; patent medicines
Utah LakesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 2Antelope Island; Slate Quarries; Freemont Island; Other Islands; Great Salt Lake Beach Resorts; Captain David L. Davis; Utah Lake; First City Ordinance; Peter Madsen; Veteran Fisherman of Utah Lake; Wasatch Lakes; Rich County; Lakes in Tooele County; Wasatch County; Funk’s Lake — Sanpete County; Sevier and Wayne Counties; Garfield County; An Old Letter; Millard County; Lakes of Beaver County; Iron County; Emery County; Lakes in the High Uintahs; Southeastern Idaho; A Mountain Lake at Dawn
Down Memory LaneOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 2The Ways of the Lord; A Pioneer Mother; Caroline Jenkins Dutson; Hair Wreaths; Their Courtship; Maria Parker; Colonel Loveland; To his Son and Daughters; Grandma’s Treasure; For the Cause of Freedom; An Answered Prayer; Their Testimony; The Legend of the Green Gates; Their Christmas; Their Journey; Memories of her pioneers; In Time of Need; Precious Butter; the Dorius Family; The Shanghai Bridge; from the story of Elizabeth Pulsipher; a Tribute to Annie C. Kimball and Ellen C. DuPont; When He Calls His Children Home
They Came AloneOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 2Ann Roberts and her son Brigham Henry Roberts; Ingeborg; Mildred Eliza Johnson Randall; A Young Girl’s Courage; True to the Faith; Ann Wilde Clemens; Mary Jane and Margaret; Elsie and Sena; Harriet’s Story; Anne Shill Bird; Faithful all his days; Lydia; She of the Great Faith; Her Decision; Three Sisters; She Came in 1847; From England; From Germany; From Italy; From South Africa; From Sweden; a Pioneer from Switzerland; A Convert from Wales; Tamma; Mamma-Sine Olene Jensen Nielsen; Zion — their goal
Journal of Mary Ann Weston MaughanOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 2The story of a young English Latter-day Saint emigrant; her marriage to Peter Maughan and arrival in Utah in 1850. Personal incidents relating to her life in the Valley as told in her own words.
Mississippi SaintsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 2John Brown — From his journal; Robert Crow Family; James Albert Chesney; Lewis B. Myers; A.P. Dowdle; The Gibsons; The Kartchner Family; John Holladay; The Harmon Family; Allen Freeman Smithson; William Cox Smithson; George W. Sparks; Benjamin F. Mathews; William Mathews family; William Harvey Lay; George Washington Bankhead; William Crosby; Daniel Monroe Thomas; John D. Holladay; Elizabeth Coleman Crosby; John H. Bankhead; The Lockharts; Francis and Margaret McKnown
First Company to Enter Salt Lake Valley – 1847Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 2Personal histories, letters, pictures and other historical records pertaining to their journey and life in Utah
They Came in ’59Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 3Chronology of 1859; Merchandising; Agriculture and Stock Raising. Opposition is the Life of Trade; Tobacco Leaf Wanted; Public Auction; Settlements; Bowring Theatre; Masonry in Utah; Deseret Alphabet; Meridian Rock; Eagle Gate; Horace Greeley Visits Utah; Governor Cumming General Johnston; Death of Chief Tintic; Ships Bringing Emigrants from Europe; Organized Companies; Overland Journey; George Rowley — Captain; Thomas C. Christensen Fautin; Sarah Elizabeth Wilde Stallings; Jane Carter Harris; The James Stephen Brown Company; Captain Horton David Haight; John King; Captain Robert Francis Neslen; Marie Elizabeth Dessoulavy; Helena Anderson Pederson Kjier; Captain Edward Stevenson; Thomas Hull — Ireland; Caroline Christine Eliza Reiche Wilcken; Autobiography of Ida Fredrica Kruger
The Lonely TrailOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 3Annie K. Smoot; Margaret Roberts Morgan; Nicolena Marie; The Independent Family; Thomas Green; Anna Hess Milne; Dora W. Pratt; Catherine Houtz buyer; Fanny Elizabeth Goodman Moss; Louisa Gittens Clegg; Anna Matilda Doolittle; Christina McNeil Reynolds; George and Emma Whaley Curtis; Elsa Sorenson Christensen; Traveling the Lonely Trail — Johanna Elggren; Helena saner; Henrietta Bell; Maren Thompson Peterson; Christina Nielsen; Susannah Gazy Neff; Puah Sarah Collins; Elizabeth Newbury Rawlings; Susannah Daybell Carlisle; Elizabeth Walmsley Marshall; Hannah Clegg Smith; Ada Winchell Clements; Elizabeth Clements Kendall; Harrison Perry Fugate; Sarah Ann Leigh; Mary Aikens Smith; Abigail Mead McBride; Sarah Hannah Garret Fackrell; Isabella Graham
Historic Letters of the PastOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 3From New Liberty, Illinois; To Orson Pratt from the Mother of the Prophet; From Willard Richards Letter Collection; Letters to Rhoda Y. Green, sister of President Young; Samuel W. Richards letters; From Nauvoo to Salt Lake Valley; Life in Nauvoo; To a Mormon Battalion Boy; Taken from the collection of family letters; George A. Smith to his wife Susan; From Susan’s Daughters; Army Uniforms Sold; His Testimony; A Sister’s Letter; Jezreel Shoemaker; Two Wives; To His Parents; The Family Who Were Separated; Precious Notes; Letters written by Moses Franklin Farnsworth to his wife; Tithing Wheat
Happenings in the ValleyOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 3Christmas Spirit Divine; Margaret McNeil Ballard; Nanna Amelia Erickson Anderson; Martha Hughes Cannon; A Convert from Sweden; Pioneer Temple Recorder; as told by pioneer Emily Spencer; Alma; Grandmother; My Journal from Memory; Pioneers We Should Remember — Magdalena Zundel Moesser; Elizabeth Walker Coombs; James McArthur; Julia Hansen Hall; Susan Ellen Johnson; Sven Olson; Caroline Louisa Durham; Sarah Ann Bowser Snow; Isaac’s New Trousers; Old Letters; From John Esplin’s Brother David; Letters written by pioneers of 1847; Cornelia S. Lund
Diary and Journal of Thomas BriggsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 3Emigration to America and arrival in Utah. A day by day account of his life in the Salt Lake Valley
Utah and the Pony ExpressOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 3Napoleons of the Central Route; the Pike’s Peak Venture; the Pony Express; Financial Difficulties; Pony Express Stations; Great Men of the Pony Express; Pony Express Riders; in Nevada; Other Western Riders; Death of the Pony Express
A Treasury of Indian StoriesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 3Indian Chiefs and Reservations (Native American); Report of Explorations; Batteas; Escape from the Indians; Missionary to the Indians — Charles Pulsipher; Tuba — the Oraibi; Twenty-two years among the Indians; From the Autobiography of Joseph Fish; Cyrus M. Hancock; In Utah County; An Indian Never Forgets; From the Journal of John Pulsipher; Mrs. Burt’s Story; the Tin Hat; In Pioneers Days — Martha Johnston; Ruth; Julie; Joseph Couzens; Sarah Elizabeth Dunn Thornton; Johanna Nilsson Lindholm; Elisha H. Davis, Jr. Maria Woodbury Haskell; James Madison Thomas; Betsy Kroll Bradley; Daniel McArthur; Andrew Locie Rogers; William Smith; Ruby Iverson; The Linds; Pamela Elizabeth Barlow; The Baby Agnes Hogg McEwan; Stephen Martindale Farnsworth; George Heap; Joseph Ninrod Workman; The Lish Family; Chief Arimo; the Hormans; John Stoker; Too Much; Winter Snow; An Indian Scare and Raid — Arizona
The Ship Brooklyn SaintsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 3Samuel Brannan — Their Leader; Passenger List Ship Brooklyn; Pacific Pilgrims; From the Diary of Daniel Stark; Elizabeth Wallace Bird; As Told by Augusta Joyce Crocheron; The Horners — first settlers of Alameda County, California; Aldrich — Buckland Families; The Austin Family; The Bullen Family; The Burr Family; The Coombs Story; Joseph and Jerusha Nichols; Orin Smith Family
The Brooklyn Saints – Part 2Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 3Ashbel, His Wife and Children; the Eager Family; The Evans Family; William Glover Family; The Isaac R. Goodwin Family; Mary Hamilton; Two Important Letters; From the Autobiography of John M. Horner; Augusta Joyce; Edward C. Kemble — Printer; John Kittleman and his Family; Richard and Sarah Knowles; Samuel Ladd; The Mory Family; Ambrose Todd Moses and Family; Lucy Nutting; E. Ward Pell; John Phillips; The Poole Family; The Reed Family; The Family of Isaac R. Robbins; John Rogers Robbins; Charles Robbins; Henry Rollins Family; Susan Eliza Savage; The Family of George Sirrine; The Skinner Family; Alphonso Farnsworth; Robert Smith Family; Zelnora Snow; Quartus Sparks family; William Stout; Jesse A. Stringfellow; Thomas Tompkins; the Warners; George K. Wimmer Family
Recollections of 1860Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 4Excerpts from Bancroft’s Story of 1860; Church Chronology; From the Deseret News; Johnston’s Army Leaves Camp Floyd; Annual Fair Report; Fourth of July Celebration; July 24th Celebration; Organization of the Deseret Teachers’ Association; President Brigham Young’s Private School; Death of George A. Smith Jr.; Abraham Lincoln Elected President of the U’s; Lincoln’s Farewell address at Springfield, Illinois; Pioneer Educators; Pioneer ships; LDS Church Emigration; Asa Calkin, Ship captain; James Darling Ross, ship captain; Daniel Robinson, Captain; Oscar O. Stoddard, Captain; Warren Walling, Captain; Jesse E. Murphy, Captain; John Smith, Captain; Benjamin Franklin Brown, Captain; Joseph Watson Young, Captain
Letters of John H. BarkerOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 4Letters written by John H. Barker to his sister in England; Her correspondence with him prior to her arrival in Salt Lake Valley. Other interesting letters written by Mr. Barker concerning his life in Cache Valley and mission to England
Zion SingsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 4Organization of the Salt Lake Tabernacle Choir; it’s conductors, Church organists; The Fountain Green Choir, its conductors and organists
A Treasury of Pioneer StoriesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 4On to Zion; Susanna Rogers; Richard Jones; Hezekiah Thatcher; the Spirit of Gathering; Our Other Mother; John Conrad Naegle; Sarah McDonald; The Four Orphans; Augustus Erastus Dodge; Memories of Charles F. Middleton; Johanna Hansen; the Musician; Karen Marie Larsen; Truly Pioneers; Poem, Wilderness
Excerpts from the Diary of William F. RigbyOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 4The story of a prominent Utah, Idaho and Wyoming pioneer
Pioneer City OrdinancesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 4The First City Council Meets; Removal of the Old Fort; the City Wall; the years 1854-1860; Naming Salt Lake City Streets; Ordinances 1860-1865; City Hall; Important Years 1866-1880; City and County Building; Pioneer Fire Department; City Council–Fillmore, Utah; City Council — Mount Pleasant, Utah
Mormons in San BernardinoOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 4Leaders; the Journey to San Bernardino; In San Bernardino Valley; The Fort; growth of the Colony; Harvest Feast; Sound Advice; Roads, Mills, Schools, Public Buildings and homes; mail, the city, the first election, two factions, paying for the Rancho; the Call Home; From a California paper
Mormons in San Bernardino – Part 2Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 4Freighting, Utah to San Bernardino; Members of the Mormon Battalion; Mississippi Saints; Pioneers of 1847; Ship Brooklyn Saints; From the Islands of the Pacific; Family of Charles Coulson Rich; Family of Amasa Lyman; Family of Jefferson Hunt; Ebenezer Hanks; Colonists of early San Bernardino; Journal of Louisa Barnes Pratt
Story of TelegraphyOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 4Samuel Finley Breese Morse; Chronology of the Electric Spark; History of Western Union Telegraph Company; From the Writings of George P. Oslin; From the Deseret News; Completion of the Overland Telegraph; Protecting the Telegraph Lines; The Telegraph Operator; Deseret Telegraph Company; Rebort to the President; Organization of Deseret Telegraph Company; Tribute to President Young; The Final Days; Beaver and Iron Counties; Cache County, Davis County, Juab County, Millard County, Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Tooele County, Utah County; Washington County; Telegrams, western union
They Came in ’61Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 5From the Records of Wilford Woodruff; Charles William Penrose; The Evans Williams Family; Chronology; President Lincoln takes office; Conference Time; Sale at Camp Floyd; The Salt Lake Theatre; The Grand celebration July 4th; Territory of Nevada; Transportation; Home Industries; executive order; the Settlement of St. George; Indians; Pioneer Ships; LDS Emigration; Ship Captains; Milo Andrus Company; David H. Cannon Company; Homer Duncan Company; Ira Eldredge Company; Joseph Horne Company; Sixtus Ellis Johnson Company; John Riggs Murdock Company; The Scandinavian Saints; Job Pingree Company; Peter Ranck; Samuel A. Woolley Company; Thomas Woolley Company; Joseph W. Young Company; Hymn: Oh Ye Mountains High
Utah’s Three GovernmentsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 5in Nauvoo; Winter Quarters; In the Valley of the Great Salt Lake; Under Council Rule; Ordinances of the High Council; Provisional Government of Deseret; Preamble of the Constitution of the State of Deseret; First Laws of the State of Deseret; Territorial Government of Deseret; Territorial Governors; The Ghost Government; Statehood; Governors of Utah
Pioneer Cook BookOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 5Pioneer Hints on Marketing; Rules for Eating in Early Days; Bread — The Staff of Life; Molasses; Pioneer Ways of Preparing and Cooking Meat; Poultry; Eggs; Utah’s Fish; Soups; Potatoes — Fourteen Ways of Dressing Them; Suggestions for Brigham Young Dinners; Vegetables; Cakes; Pies; Puddings; Confections; Beverages; Cookbook
They Had FaithOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 5Mary Palmer Graves; From the Diary of Pioneer Bailey; Famine Baby Starts a Town; The Choir Leader; Grandma Free; Friends; Abraham Chadwick and Family; Anna Marie Meyer Meyer; A True Pioneer Mother; The Indian Baby; Martha; Almina Randall Farr; The Thayn Story; Hannah; Christina The Stowaway; Faith of our fathers; By their fruits ye shall know them
Salt Lake TheatreOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 5Early drama in Salt Lake City; Social Hall; Bowring Theatre; Theatre at Camp Floyd; The Building of the Theater; Dedication of Salt Lake Theatre; Salt Lake Theatre Musicians; Plays and Players 1862-1870; Behind the Scene; In Retrospect – Alfred Lambourne; The Greenroom of the 1860s; H.G. Whitney; Rules and Regulations of the Salt Lake Theatre; Owners of the Salt Lake Theatre; Utah’s Maude Adams; The Carters; George D. Pyper, manager; Home Dramatic Club and Brigham Young III; Old Folks Program; Last Curtain
Three Pioneer Women SpeakOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 5Hannah Hood Hill Romney; Eliza Shelton Keeler; Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner; Outstanding autobiographies of three pioneer mothers
Denominations that Base Their Beliefs on the Teachings of Joseph SmithOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 5The Famous Letter; Prior to the Death of the Prophet; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Sidney Rigdon — The Church of Christ; Strangites — Lyman Wight; Congregation of Johavah Presbytery of Zion; the Brewsterites; Austin Cowles; Bickertonites; Whitmerites; Cutlerites; Reorganized church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; William Smith; Hedrickites; Fettingites; Dravesites; Walter Murray Gibson; Godbeites; Morrisites; Church of Christ Independent; The Fundamentalists and Others; Maurice Lerrie Glendenning; The Aaronic Order; Church of the First Born; Annalee Skarin
Markers Number 234-270Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 5Settlement of Scipio; Old Fort; Pioneer Ferry and Bridge; Star Valley; Bear Lake Valley; Settlement of Clearfield; Mormon Island; Outbreak of the Black Hawk War; First Public Building; Settlement of Greenville; Pioneer Cemetery; Strage Coach Station; Pioneer Schoolhouse and Chapel; Parcel Post Bank; Settlement of Blanding; First Tabernacle; Showlow Valley Settlement; Stage Coach Station; First LDS Church; The Old Fort; Indian Peace Treaty; The Grist Mill; First Public Building; Women of the Mormon Battalion; Old Rock Schoolhouse; Pony Express Station; Brigham Young’s Summer Home; New Harmony; Lone Cedar Tree; The Meeting House; City Hall; Poineer Tabernacle; Fort Wall at American Fork; Frisco; Pioneer Cabin; Utah and the Civil War
Mormons in St. LouisOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 5Missouri; Nathanial Felt; Erastus Snow; From the Journal of Parley P. Pratt; St. Louis Luminary; St. Louis 1840s; 1850s; The Church 1860-1960; Autobiography of John Powell; Jens Christian Nielsen, President Danish Saints; Thomas Wrigley Biography; The Rex Family
They Came in ’62Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 6Convention; Utah Civil War 1862; Fort Douglas; Remarks by Brigham Young; Salt Lake Theatre; Indian Affairs; Education; Deseret News; United States Mail Stage; Which Road to Travel; Silk Industry; Something New in Deseret; Pioneer Ships; LDS Church Emigration; Danish Saints Poulsen Family; Ship leaders; James S. Brown Company; Lewis Brunson Company; Canfield Company; Willian Horne Dame Company; Horton D. Haight Company; Home Duncan Company; Ansel P. Harmon Company; Joseph Horne Company; Ola N. Liljenquist Company; Christian A. Madsen Company; Henry W. Miller Company; John Murdock Company; James Wareham Company
Hilda Erickson – PioneerOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 6The Story of Utah’s oldest living original pioneer realistically told with entries from her diary, family records, newspaper articles and pictures
Fort Douglas – Civil War VeteransOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 6Patrick Edward Connor, Military Leader; Camp Douglass; Trouble with the Indians; Bear River Battle; Inspection Report; Treaty with the Shoshones; The Church at Fort Douglas; Post Cemetery; Mining in Utah; The Newspaper Vedette; Connor Retires; Spanish American War; Through the Years; Civil War Soldiers Buried in Utah; Men Who Enlisted at Fort Douglas 1862-1866
In The Valley of the SaintsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 6The First Christmas; Gifts for the Lord; Martha Young Duke; The Letters of Orson Spencer; Abigail’s Story; Susan E. Dameron; The Silver Queen, pioneer of 1864; William Van Orden Carbine; A Marker on the Plains; Lewis Ricks, pioneer; autobiography of Jane E.C. Brough; George and Sarah Hamson; Inez Bushnell Allred
Mormon Emigration 1840-1869Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 6The Beginning of Foreign Emigration; An Epistle of the Twelve Saints to England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, Ships from 1840-1847; nauvoo; Scandinavian Emigration; Cities important to Mormon Emigrations; Westward Bounds; Perpetual Emigration Fund; Ships and Companies; Islands of the Pacific; Emigration from South Africa; William Clayton Emigration Guide
Three Prominent PioneersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 6In this chapter are presented the autobiographies of three outstanding LDS converts: Erastus Fairbanks snow, Edward Hunter and William Decatur Kartchner. Through wisdom and untiring efforts each contributed much toward the psiritual and temporal growth of Utah Territory
Pioneer Women DoctorsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 6Romania Bunnell Pratt Penrose; Ellis Reynolds Shipp; Margaret Curtis Shipp Roberts; Relief Society School of Obstetrics and Nursing; a Teacher of obstetrics: Mary E.H. Shipp; Ellen Brooks Ferguson; Board of Directors Deseret Hospital; Martha Hughes Cannon; Jane Wilkie Manning Skolfield; Elivra Stevens Barney; Belle Anderson Gemmell; Minnie F. Howard; Emily Atkins; Caroline A. Mills; Mary Van Schoonhoven; Licesnts to Practice Medicine in Texas; Netta Anna F. Cardon; Sophie Ruesch–Received degree in Europe; Isabella Lambert; Ann Arbor Medical Student; Schooled in Copenhagen, Denmark; Graduate Obstetrician; Known as a Doctor; Deseret Hospital; Medical College of Utah Morgan; Margaret Irvine Leatham 1856;
Pioneer MidwivesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 6Set apart by the Prophet Joseph Smith; Blessed by the Prophet; In the United Order; Julia Ann Clark Harrington; Two Ramsay midwives; Emily Allen Lish, pioneer 1851; Jane Munday Andrus, pioneer 1855; Mother and Daughter; Her diary — liljenquist; Sarah Marinda Thompson Black, 1847 pioneer; Mary Elizabeth Robison; Elizabeth Fife Blair, pioneer 1850; Mary Ann Grayson Roper, 1859; Mary Leight Oxborrow 1864; Anna Christina Anderson 1862; Grandma Archibald; Known as Aunt Polly Ann; The Gift of Healing; Susanna Goldthorpe Heaps; Charlotte Gilchrist Wylie, Archer, Idaho; Abigail Starbuck Coffin; Grandma Lucy Woolf; An Arizona Midwife; Handcart Pioneer Schooled in her Native Land; Midwives in southern Utah; in Heber Valley; They answered the call to serve
Pioneer Midwives Part 2Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 6Mommie Elizabeth Malholm Kleinman; Regular Benz Naegle; Grandma Baxter; Midwife Forty Five Years Sarah LaDue Pope; Leonora Cannon Gardner; From the States; From England; From Switzerland; From Scotland; from Scandinavian countries; from South Africa; from Australia; from Canada; Wealthy Sheffer; Go Get Maggie — the story of Margaret Ellen Black Rowley; A Life of Service; in later years; Harriet Walton; Sophia Warren Culmer
They Came in ’63Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 7From Wilford Woodruff’s journal; Jenson’s Chronological History; Charles Dickens and the Mormons; Pioneer Ships; Men appointed captains; A Thrilling experience on the plains, John R. Young; My Trip from Denmark to Zion, Ole A. Jensen; Settlements Made in 1863; Indian Battle; James Duane Doty Becomes Governor; Deseret News; President Young’s Tour South; Sarah Ann Durnford Towler, pioneer of 63; Naomi’s Story; Elizabeth J. Pulsipher; Anna Maria Dorius; The Hunter Story
Story of Mining in UtahOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 7Mining in Iron County; Later Coal Mining in Utah; The Utah Fuel Company; Gold and Silver; Minutes of the First Mining Company; President Young Speaks 1869-73; Bingham Conyon; Lockerbie’s Story of Alta; Awaiting the Resurrection; Tintic Mining District; Park City District; Snake Creek District; Mercur and Ophir Canyon Districts; Mercur Community Life; Beaver County; Washing County; The Silver Eyed Frow; Utah Mining Industry
Salmon River MissionOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 7Colonists added to pioneer groups; from Israel Justus Clark’s Journal; George Washington Hill; President Young’s Visit to Fort Limhi; From the Journal of Pleasant Green Taylor; Thomas Day’s Story; Joseph Harker; From the Journal of Jacob Miller; Lemhi County Re-settled; The Mormons return to Lemhi County; The Holbrooks of Lemhi Valley; Notes on Lemhi Valley
Courageous PioneersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 7LDS General Epistle Council of Twelve Apostles; President John Taylor and his wives; From the Records, Alley Stephen Rose; A Handcart pioneer ann Morris Butler Rice; Autobiography of Sarah Sturdevant Leavitt; From his diary William Henry Freshwater; pioneer of 1848 Sarah Ann Huffman Pitkin; George Patten’s Story; An Historic Letter; Sarah Ramsbottom Ashworth; Florence Ellen Fowler Adair; Immortal Laureate Kleinman
Two Utah Pioneers (Mary Minerva Dart Judd and John Nielson)Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 7This chapter contains the autobiographies of Mary Minerva Dart Judd and John Nielson; Both were pioneers and they tell in their own way the story of their conversion to Mormonism, their trek across the plains and their experiences in early Utah.
A Century of LivingOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 7Ann Jarvis Milne; Ruth May Fox; Michael Peter Munk; Elizabeth Jane Russell Day; Sylvia S. Metcalf; Johanne Marie D. Hansen; Francis George Wall; Washington Jones; Anna H. Vincent; Mary Susanna H. Sleater; Dr. Harvey Coe Hullinger; Hannah Madsen Aldrich; Emma Howard Corbridge; Wilhelmina A. Garn Rogers; Charles William Seegmiller; Emily Susan Hooper; Jacob Hatch; Reuben Cheshire; Harriet Clarissa Taylor McClellan; Susannah Matilda C. Huish; Barbara Mills Haws; Frederick Croyton; Martha May Cardon Merrill; Anna Starr Rockwood; Mary Catherine Jones Erickson; Lovenia Nicholson S. Berry; Our Lamanite Friends
A Century of Living (cont)Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 7Mary Field Garner; Hilda A. Erickson; Moroni Miner; Lucy Smith Cardon; Jennie Chaplow Howell; Joseph Hancock; Emily Hodgetts Lowder; Alice Wright Seaman; Moses V. Reeves; Elizabeth Bullard Hyde; Anne L. Snow; Charles William Carroll; Peter and Celestia Peterson; Cynthia L. McClellan Bailey; Elizabeth Meads; George Gittens; Mary Ann Brown Clark; Utah Native Centenarians; Utah’s Other Centenarians; Carl Schemensky; Lydia Hamp Baker; Elizabeth Jane Terry Blair
First Icelandic Settlement in AmericaOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 7Mormonism in Iceland; Samuel Bjarnason; One of the first, Thordur Didriksson; Gudmundur Gudmundsson; Loftur Jonsson, pioneer of 1857; Magnus and Thuridor 1857; Ragnhildur and Her children; The Icelandic Doctor; Finnbogi Bjornsson (Bearnson); Gudny Haflidasson Family; Einar Eiriksson; Julius Jon Bjarnason; Johanna and her family; Icelandic Blacksmith; Gisli Bjarnason Family; Jon Eyvindsson Relatives; The Eyjolfur Gudmundsson Family; The Runolfssons; Thorarinn Bjarnason and his family; Order of the Falcon; National Anthem; DUP Icelandic Monument
Mormon FolkloreOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 7A compilation of folkore stories and verses cherished by the pioneers
The Year of 1864Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 8Conditions in Zion; Utah Settlements; Colorado River Navigation; Nevada Gains Statehood; Chronology; Journey over the plains; the first Dutch Immigration; Scandinanvian Immigration; English Pioneers; A Gracious Lady; Death on the Plains; The Blake Family; From Wales; A Pioneer Mechanic
Indian and the PioneerOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 8The Utah Indian; The Cliff Dwellers; The Earliest White Man; The Mormon and the Indian; President Young’s Indian Policy; The Ute Indian; Beaver County, Box Elder County; Cache County; Iron County; Juab County; Millard County; Kanosh, the Peace Maker; Morgan County; Rich County; San Juan County; Sanpete and Sevier County; Summit County; Utah County; Wayne County; Washington County; Weber County; Chief Tuba; Chief Santaquin; Native American
A Relic Tells A StoryOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 8The Site; the Utah Pioneers; Relics of the Prophet Joseph; Brigham Young; Eliza Roxey Snow’s Relics; Pioneer Paintings; Main Floor; The Lower Floor; Seoncd Floor; Third Floor; Pioneer Memorial Museum
That They May Live AgainOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 8The Three Pioneer Women; Daniel H. Wells and his Wives; Ellen Nash Parkinson; One Hundred Years; As Told by Eda Fredreca Kruger Tietjen; A Good Book; John Bloomfield Finds a Baby; Pioneer of 1850; Charity
Thomas Bullock – PioneerOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 8Mr. Bullock’s Story; For the Gospel’s Sake; A Letter to Elder Franklin Richards; Winter Quarters and the Journey West; Day by Day Journey; The New Home; The Glorious News from Salt Lake; in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake; Mission to his Homeland; His Return Home; The years of 1860-1885; Thomas Answers his Last Call; His Wives and Children
Golden SpikeOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 8The Story of Railroading; the Enabling Act; Message and Order by the President; Utah and the Union Pacific Railroad; Construction Begins; Deseret News; Quotes from Whitney; The Mass Meeting 1868; Important Letters; Indian Interference; Reports of Progress; Celebration in Ogden; Heneferville Helps to build a railroad; First in the West; the Central Pacific; Benson, Farr and West; Compensation; The Golden Spike; Celebration at Salt Lake City; San Francisco Celebrates; Ogden, the Junction City; They Remembered; The Last Spike; The Utah Central Railroad
People Who Came on the First TrainsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 8The Coming of the First Train; Industrial Growth; Passenger Service Commences; The Hotel Train of 1870; Chronology of the First Trains; The First Immigrant Company; From the Southern States; Elizabeth Jane Russell Day; Sarah Edwards Hutchings Tells her Story; The Croft Family; Mary Bell; The Jacobsen Story; The First of her Family; Thomas and Martha Ann; The Gallacher and Impey Families; Emma Susan; Cousins; Rasmus and Elizabeth; They, Too, Came in 1860-70; My Mary Tyler: Taken from the journal of Thomas Ashments; John Hasel
Utah Pioneer Recreation CentersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 8Eliza R. Snow Story; Wilford Woodruff, Enjoyment; the Bowery; Deseret News; Warm Springs Resort; Two Presidents Visit Utah; In the Chase Home; Returned Missionaries Party in the Social Hall; The Lure of the Mountains; The Procession Parade 1880; Brigham Young Visits the Settlements; When Saltair Was a Jewel; Pleasure — Beaver, Utah; Salt Lake; Private Circular; Huntsville; Davis County; Huntington; Millard County; Recreation in Millard, Sanpete and Sevier Counties; The Monroe Hot Springs; Upton Recreation Center; Recretation, Utah County; Castella Springs; The Taylor Public Square in Arizona; The First Brass Band in St. Charles, Idaho
Negro PioneerOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 8The Utah Negro; The Freed Slave; Green Flake; John Brown’s diary; Jane Manning James; Hark Lay; Oscar Crosby; Faithful John; Elijah Abel; Toby; Uncle Phil; Emigration of 1848; The Mississippi Company; The Bankhead Negro Families; Alex, Chaney, Venus, Amy, Marinda; The Perkins Family; Negro Woods; The Crosbys; Betsy; The Grice Family; Hannah Smith; Knelt and Henderson; Hooper, Williams and Johnson Negroes; Mammy Chloe; Emigration of 1850; The Camp and Greer Negroes; Sold in Utah; Sammy; Negro Joe; Mrs. Dykes; Judge Drummond’s Negro; Negroes Accompany the Dennis Family; Gobo Fango; Two Free Negroes; the Pullman Company Negroes; The Leggroan Family; Samuel Chambers; Dan Brockman; William Granstaff; The Negro Barber; Abner’s Story; Len Hope; George Keller; The Utah Negro Attorney; Negroes in Utah’s Dixie Fort Duchesne; Ninth Cavalry; Negroes in Vernal, Utah; Negro Soldiers in Utah; Sergeant Rucker; Sergeant Jackson; Ivie Ensign’s Story; The Twenty-fourth Negro Regiment; African American
The Year of 1865Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 9Legislative Assembly; State of Deseret; Second Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln; President Andrew Johnson; Railes; The Muddy Mission; The Uintah Reservation Treaty; The Deseret Telegraph; Death of Governor James Duane Doty; The New Governor; Purchase of Laie Plantation in Hawaii; LDS Emigration; Immigration Lists; From Scandinavia; Great Salt Lake City Retail Market; James (Jens) Anderson; Julia Dean Hayne; By Way of Colorado; Frants Christian Grundvig; Her Second Trip; Anne; Johannah; Maria Lofdahl Andelin
Pioneer Forts of the WestOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 9Entering the Valley, from William Clayton’s Journal; President Young’s Advice; Thomas Bullock Writes; Major Howard Egan Story; Happenings in the Fort; Home Life in the Pioneer Fort, Mary Isabella Horn; It Must Not Be Sold; General Orders; City Walls; Weber County; Utah County; Sanpete County; Iron County; Cache County; Washington County; Tooele County; Millard County; Other Utah Forts; Las Vegas Fort; Fort Joseph, Arizona; Pipe Springs; Fort Supply; Fort Bridger
Blackhawk Indian WarOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 9The Nauvoo Legion; Incidents leading to the Black Hawk War; Andrew Madsen’s Story; Mobilization of Troops; The Indian; Chronology; Peter Ludvigsen; Elijah Barney Ward, James P. Anderson; William Kearns; Jens Larsen; The John Given Family; David Hadlock Jones; Anthony Robinson; Robert Hemphill Gillespie; Martin Pedersen Kuhre; Benjamin Black; William Hite, Soren Jesperson; William Washington Thorpe; James Montgomery Whitmore, Robert McIntyre; James Froid; Massacre of the Berrys; Albert Lewis; Christian Christensen; In Circleville; The Year 1866; Christian Nielsen; Thomas Jones; Christian Larsen; Henry Wright; James Russell Ivie; Charles Brown; Albert Dimick, Jonathan Edmundson; Black Hawk’s Raid Into Round Valley; The Last Battle of 1866; Wasatch County; The Year 1867; Jens Peter Petersen; Mary Smith; Utah’s Dixie; Louis Lund; Major Vance; Heber Christian Houtz; James Meek; Martin Andrew Johansen (Johnson); John Hay; William George Potter; New Orders Sept 1867; Lars A. Justesen; Charles Wilson; The Death of Franklin Benjamin Woolley; Niels Heiselt; Nathaniel B. Stewart; Daniel Miller; Chief Black Hawk’s Last Days; Peace Treaties
Heroic PioneerOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 9
Autobiographies of PioneersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 9Barbara Gowans Bowen; John Haslem Clark; Teresa Ann F. Urie Duncan, 1859; The Family of John Ramsey; Ann Jarvis Stickney; Life of Charles Sperry; Julia; Charles C. Christensen Fautin; James Humphries, Sr.; Josephine Hartley Zundle; Levi Wolstenholme, Sr.; Francis De La Haye Horman; John Hasler
Early Mediums of ExchangeOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 9In Nauvoo, Illinois; Trade and Barter; Merchant’s Due Bills and scrip; Called to settle Lehi, Arizona; To Build Zion; Tithing of the Saints; President Young Writes Samuel Brannan; The Gentile Store; The Mormon Battalion; Gold Dust; The Gold Mission; Gold, The Ship Brooklyn Saints; Gold Seekers; Prophecy Fulfilled; The First Minting; Godl Backed Paper Notes; The Deseret Mint; Deseret Currency Association; Drover’s Bank; Gold Dust in 1865; Money
Pioneer CattleOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 9Laws Governing Livestock; Cattle rustling; cattle for San Bernardino Ranch; livestock statistics; the stock; towns settled by men interested in cattle business; the Nutters; William Jennings; on the first train; Henry Jacob Faust; Berry Brothers; The Meeks Cattlemen; Winterton Family; the McIntyre Cattle; original church farm; the Kimball cattle; in Davis County; Deseret Livestock Company; Eaerly stockmen of Grand County, Utah; Iron County; early livestock industry in Kamas Valley; in San Juan County; in Tooele County; Uintah Basin; Cattle Kingdom, Uintah County; Weber County; Trailing Cattle to Arizona; Orville Sutherland Cox and his oxen; to the Big Horn; Eastern Nevada’s Cattle Industry
Sheep Industry in Early UtahOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 9Along the Trail; the Harker Family Sheepmen; John H. Seely; Rambouillet Sheep in Iron County; The Orme Sheepmen; the Flake Story; he Paid the Price; Pioneer of 1866; sheep and wool production in Cache Valley; The Pulsipher Brothers; John Edward Ingram, Sheepman; Pierre Moynier, Sr. Tells his story; The Collings Family; Sheep Valley; Disagreements Between Sheepmen and Cattlemen; In Beaver County; Emery County; Iron County: San Juan County; Sanpete County; Weber County; Woolen Mills of early days; the Woollen Mills; the Islands of Great Salt lake; Mr. Walker Tells His Story; The Shepherds Story
They Came in ’66Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 10The Instructor; City Hall; Prayer of Dedication; Deseret State Telegraph; Logan City Charter; Railroads; the First Free School in Utah; The Gentile Merchants; A Civil War Veteran; The Blackhawk War (Black Hawk War); The Masonic Lodge is Established; Two homicides; Church Chronology; emigration; Captain Gilette Dies; Autobiography of Andrew Jensen; Mrs. Clark’s Story; Ellen Burton Beazer; Charles Peter Warnick; Johan Peder Johansen
Eleven AutobiographiesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 10The Man from Denmark (Jens Iver Jensen); The Great Musician; (Evan Stephens) Celestia Clarissa Bromley; The Minuteman (Thomas Edward Rogers); The Trail of an Itching Foot (Warren Gould Child, Jr.); Home is Zion (Catherine Hagell Naisbitt); Michael Standley Tells His Story; Story of the Plains (John V. Adams); Richard Healy; A Short Sketch of My Life written in 1881 (Lucy Ashby Clark); The Coppersmith; Melissa K. Rollins Lee Heyborne. Fredrick Julius Christiansen
Utah RailroadsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 10The Utah Centrail Railroad; The Utah Southern Railroad Company; Wasatch and Jordan Valley Railroad; Bingham Canyon and Camp Floyd Railroad; American Fork Railroad; The Utah Northern; The Coalville and Echo Railroad Company; The Utah Eastern Railroad; Echo and Park City Railroad; Salt Lake, Sevier Valley and Pioche Railroad, Salt Lake and Fort Douglas Railroad; Utah-Idaho Central Railroad; Ogden and Syracuse Railroad; Oregon Short Line Railroad Company; Sanpete Valley Railroad; The Rio Grande Western Railway; the San Pedro, Los Angeles and Salt Lake Railroad; the Uintah Narrow Gauge Railway; The Salt Lake and Mercur; The Salt Lake City Railroad Company; The Salt Lake and Fort Douglas Railroad; Utah-Idaho Central Railroad Company; the Saltair Road; Mr. Rock; Railroads of 1884; Utah Railraods as of 1914
Stories of YesteryearOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 10Truman O. Angell, Master Builder; His Journal; Mission 1856; President Wilford Woodruff; Phoebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff; Mary Ann Jackson Woodruff; Emma Smith Woodruff; Sarah Brown Woodruff; Sarah Delight Stocking Woodruff/ Mother of Kate B. Carter; Gyllenskog Family; Grandma Buttars; The Young Sisters; Annie Cathrine Christensen Olsen
Journal of Joseph Smith BlackOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 10Joseph’s Father and Mother; Joseph Smith Black; In the Valley of Great Salt Lake; Called to Labor; Home in Millard County; The Dam; Chosen Bishop; The Storekeeper; Rio Grande Railroad; A New Church; Healed; Journey to Arizona; The Dam, Once More; an Eastern Tour; At Home Again; Edmunds Law; Home Again; His Last Days; Obituary; Joseph’s Wives
Banks of Early YearsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 10Banking in America; Home Banking; Bank Listings in 1863-1869; The Bank of Deseret; Zions Savings Bank and Trust; Walker Bank and Trust Company; The Bonanza Banker; Tracy Loan and Trust Company; Ten Commandments; Beaver County; Box Elder County; Cachge County; Davis County; Duchesne County; Castle Valley Banking Company; Garfield County; Grand County; Millard County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Pioneer Bank of Uintah Basin; Utah County; Washington County; Weber County; Utah Banks in 1919; Banking in southern Idaho; Banking in Snowflake, Arizona
Heber C. Kimball His Wives and FamilyOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 10His Wives and Family; The Family Cemetery; Names of Those Buried in the Kimball-Whitney Cemetery
Early Chinese of Western United StatesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 10China; Their Nature and Character; The Chinese Costume; Their Religious Beliefs; The LDS China Mission; The Chinese and the Central Pacific Railroad; Along the Way; Chinese Businessmen in Salt Lake City; Mr. Ju; The King Doll Hospital; Chinese in Carbon County; From the Press; the Chinese New Year Entertainment; Chinese Labor 1869-1872; Chinese Exclusion Acts; Wong Sing; Duchesne Merchant; Chinese in Park City; Tooele County; Tintic District; Weber County Chinese; The Chinese in Silver Reef; In Colorado; Chinese in Idaho; Chinese in Nevada; Wyoming Chinese; “China Mary is at Rest”; Rock Springs 1875; Conclusion
Landmarks Saved by the Daughters of Utah PioneersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 10Pioneer Park; Liberty Park; Lone Cedar Tree; Be It Ever So Humble; State House at Fillmore, Millard County; Kanosh; Stake Relief Society Hall; Bountiful Pioneer Relic Home; West Jordan Pioneer Church; Academy 1872; Our Hall in Enterprise; Pleasant Grove’s Schoolhouse; Rock Schoolhouse, Orderville 1886-1887; The Little Rock House; Ashley Town Post Office; Wellington, Carbon County; A Relief Society Hall; Cache County Camp Christine Cabin, Redmond; First Ranger Station; The Rock Granary; Thier Relic Hall; Pioneer Memorial Home; In Idaho; Georgetown Relic Hall; Rockland Museum Montpelier; Tithin Office; First Trading Post; Las Vegas, Nevada; Wyoming; Colorado; Other Pioneer Landmarks; New Memorial Buildings; Cemeteries; Markers 270 – 333
The Year of 1867Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 11Items from the Press; Jenson’s Church Chronology; Home Industry; Education; Indian Troubles; Dedication West Jordan Church; A New Apostly; The Deseret News Becomes a Daily Paper; States Goods; Cove Fort; The Trancontinental Railroad; The Deseret State Telegraph; The Muddy Mission; The Great Tabernacle; Death on the Plains, At Home; On the Ship Hudson; He Kept His Promise; Leonard Rice and Lucy; Bertha Marie Jensen Eccles; Ole Hansen Jacobson; James Miller Christensen; The Indians’ Friend; Called to the Muddy Mission; Johanna Larsen Winters; The Two Families
Great Mormon TabernacleOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 11The Great Tabernacle; Folsom and Grow; The Years 1863-66; Notes on the Tabernacle; Truman O. Angell, Architect; The First Meeting; After 1867; The Organ Builder; The Tabernacle Organ; Wood from Southern Utah; The Testimonial; His Obituary; The Organ is Renovated; The Tabernacle Gallery, 1870; The Dedication, 1875; Through the Years; From the Day of Dedication; The Message of the Ages
Pioneer AutobiographiesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 11Sarah Beriah Fiske Allen Ricks; Rasmus Neilsen and His Son Christian; Sarah Birch Waters; Isaac Riddle Tells His Story; Ernest Petersen; Jane Bybee Stowell, 1852 (verbatim); William McDonald, pioneer 1850 (verbatim); Life of L.H. Kennard; Georgina Norr Miller, 1867; Autobiography of William Henry Hill
A Miscellany of Pioneer RecordsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 11A Key to the Floral Record (verbatim); The First Presidency; Our Savior; The Prophet and Patriarch; The Latter-Day Apostles, 1853 to 1880; The First Latter-Day Quorum of Apostles, 1835; The Apostles of Our Savior on Both Continents; Temples and Other Important Buildings; A Sacred Hour; Melissa Bloomfield LeBaron Johnson; Our Aunt Sarah Jane; A Pioneer Writes Home; The Bishop’s Wife; Her First Home in the Valley; My Story, Margaret Robertson Salmon
Three Important ManuscriptsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 11Andrew Christian Nielson, pioneer; Receives the Gospel; Leaves His Homeland; On the Plains; Zion; His Mission to Denmark; Returns to Utah; His Wives; Journal of Francis Sharp; Gustave Louis Edward Henriod
Mormon BattalionOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 11The Enlistment; Companies are Organized; Death to Colonel Allen; Jefferson Hunt’s Report; The Sick Detachment, Pueblo, Colorado; The Journey — Zadok K. Judd; What Shall We Do? Battalion Discharged; The Answer to Jefferson Hunt; The Mormon Volunteers, 1847; Edward Bunker, In Winter Quarters 1847; California Gold, James S. Brown; Important Letter; From the Autobiography of Albert Azariah Smith, Father and Son; Notes from Battalion Soldiers; An Old Soldier; The Soldier’s Wife, Fannie Parks Taggart. List of Battalion; Company A, Company B, Company C, Company D, Company E
Great Salt Lake and its IslandsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 11Lake of Mystery; The Mormons Explore the Valley; the Islands of Great Salt Lake; Island Birds; The Stansbury Survey; Early Industries; Boats on Great Salt Lake; Yachting on Great Salt Lake; Salt Lake Yacht Club; Captain David L. Davis; Perils of the Deep; Alfred Lambourne, Gunnison Island; The Wenner Family, Fremont Island; George Frary, Antelope Island; David and Caroline, Antelope Island
Government of the U.S. vs. Utah Territory 1880-1896Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 11The Morrill Law; Federal Official;s President Young Arrested; The Reynolds Case; Other Bills; The Edmunds Law; During the Eighties; The Edmunds-Tucker Act; From Church Chronology; The Manifesto; Official Declaration; Entering Statehood; Father Went to Prison
Almon Whiting BabbittOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 11To Nauvoo; The Death of the Prophet; Almon Chosen; The Treaty; Almon, the Defender; Babbitt Defends Porter Rockwell; To the Valley of Great Salt Lake; A Delegate to Congress; the Family Comes to Zion; the Attorney in Utah; Notes of Interest 55-56; Almon’s Untimely Death; Almon’s Wife Julia Ann and Their Children
They Came in 1868Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 12Immigration; Across the Ocean; LDS Church Overland Emigration; News from the Immigration; Scandinavian Emigration; Church Chronology; Home Manufacture; Railroad in 1868; Hired in Castle Garden; Celebrations in Utah Territory; Advertising; Items of Interest; What Faith; The Wool Worker; Mary Ann; Ivy’s Mother; Marie; the Dressmaker; From the Isle of Man; Startup candy; Maria Jarman Degrey Tells Her Story; He Worked on the Railroad; Nancy LeMarchant DeLaHaye
Ten AutobiographiesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 12A Soldier’s Story (Andrew Martin Mason); Sailed on the Kenilworth (Caroline Pedersen Hansen); Loaned Out (Henry Butler); Whatever You Do, Do It Well (Mary Margaret Forquhar Cruickshank Morrison); The Pioneer From Scotland (William Anthony); She Came in 1866 (Laura Swenson Fowers); Joseph Bradfield – Newbury, England; From India – 1857 (Harry F. McCune); A Pioneer Story (Melissa Jane Lambson Davis); Ole Harmon Olsen, pioneer 1868; The Orphan Boy (Isaac Alldredge)
Zion’s Co-operative Mercantile InstitutionOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 12ZCMI; To the Presidents, Bishops and Saints Generally; The First Meeting; Constitution and By-Laws; First Department Store; ZCMI Drug Store; Buying for ZCMI; The New Home; 1885 Report; Ladies Co-op Stores; Local Co-ops; Salt Lake Valley Co-operatives; Beaver Co-operative Mercantile Institution; Cache County; Davis County; Garfield County; Iron County; Juab County; Kane County; Millard County; Morgan County; Sanpete County; Weber County; Utah County; Early Day Drummers
Unpublished StoryOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 12Mary Mole Smith; Caroline E.W.W. Larrabee; Baptized in the Mississippi by the Prophet (Talitha Garlik Avery Cheney); A Review by Luke Cosgrave; United (Albert Clements); Autobiography of John Loveless; She Came in 1853 (Sarah Davis Carter); Kerstina Maria Neilsen Strong; The Lost Child (James Johnston); Mary Allen Phillips Terry
Records of Duckworth GrimshawOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 12Duckworth Tells His Story; Seeks to Know; The Journey to Zion; Across the Plains; Frist Years in Utah; The Years 1863-1864; To Beaver County 1865; She Was Sixteen; 1873-1886; Two Families; The Price of Plural Marriage; As Told by a Daughter; Ellen Muir Smith Grimshaw; Faith and Susana; Our Pioneers; Early Latter-day Saint Choirs in Beaver
First Transcontinental Railroad in Picture and StoryOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 12The Enabling Act; President Lincoln’s Message; Construction Begins; Grading and Laying the Tracks; Brigham Young’s Contract; The Mass Meeting; Reports of Progress; The Rails Reach Ogden; Central Pacific – First in the West; Benson, Farr and West; The Race to Promontory; Echo Canyon; The Golden Spike; Celebration at Salt Lake City; The Cost; Their Wages
Historic LettersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 12Letters from Home; Dear Father and Mother; Two of a Family and One of a City; The First Convert; Mother and Daughter; Dear Sister; Conditions in the Valley; News from the Valley; Letters of a Missionary; Letters to Olive 1855-57; Instructions from the President; Dear Jane; The Pioneer from Scotland; Chosen to Study Medicine; Mary; Elections 1877; To Minnie; Her Father’s Coffin; My Dear Children; The Wanderer; Called
Sailing Vessels and SteamboatsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 12The First Ships – 1840-1849; From 1850-1859; During the 1860s
Pioneer Irrigation in Upper Snake River ValleyOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 12Idaho; Bingham County; The Parsons’ Story; Mr. Just; Bonneville County; The Great Feeder; Jefferson County; Sarah Matilda Rostan’s Story; Madison County; Fremont County; Annie M. Johnson Howard’s Story
The Year of 1869Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 13Chronology of 1869 – Jenson; From the Press 1869; The First Latter-Day Saints Companies to Arrive by Train; The Salt Lake Theatre – 1869; From the Woodruff Story; A. Milton Musser’s Private Memo – Verbatim; University of Deseret; The First City Directory; Celebration of July Twenty-Fourth in the Settlements – 1869; Mining in Utah in 1869; Indians – Pioneers – 1869; John Taylor’s Discussion with Vice-President Schuyler Colfax; Governor Durkee; The Davidson Tragedy; The First Presbyterian Church to Utah; Lighting the Lamps; Utah Central Railroad; Observatory; The Circus Comes to Utah; Bishop Thomas H. Blackburn; Niels Petersen; Elizabeth Baugh Haycock
John Wesley PowellOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 13Powell’s 1869 Expedition; The Major – Salt Lake City; Powell Prepares for a Second Expedition; The Second Colorado River Expedition; Overland Journey; Another Try at Grand Canyon; The Years of 1874-75; The Legacy
Young Women’s Mutual Improvement AssociationOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 13YWMIA; A Retrenchment Association; Articles and Resolutions; Officers of the First Retrenchment Association; Maria Young Dougall Reminisces; Senior Retrenchment Association; Other Organizations; Name of the Organization; Visiting the Stakes; Publications of the M.I.A.; The Guide; Organization of the Stakes and the Central Board Young Ladies’ Mutal Improvement Association 1893
Pioneers in Picture and StoryOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 13Edmund and Mary; Elizabeth Vaughan Hunt; Francis Marion Bishop; Relfex of Salt Lake City and Vicinity; Charles Wilden Sr.; Ann Jane Willden Johnson 1852; Christmas; Donner Party; Alfred M. Doten; union Fort; John Wesley Powell Survey; Edmund D. Lewis and Mary Thomas Lewis
William Wood – PioneerOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 13William Wood Sr.; Sailor – Crimean War; H.M.S. Retribution; The Mormon Boy; To Zion 1862; On the Plains; Zion, Beautiful Zion; Their Marriage; The Butcher; The Muddy Mission; Overton – Eagleville; God Will Bless You; Mission to England; The Move to Canada; Home – Salt Lake Valley; William Wood, Mormon Invader; Obituary of William Wood; Elizabeth Gentry Wood; Susan Parker Wood; Mariah Elizabeth Raleigh Wood; Eliza Whytock Wood
Mormons from IrelandOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 13Irish Mission; Mother of Nine (Mary Ann Leach Adams); The Pony Express Rider (Howard Egan); To Her Children (Agnes Cross Douglass); Utah’s Pioneer Bookman (James Dwyer); Wife of Dr. Priddy Meeks (Mary Jane McCleve Meeks); Friend of the Prophet (Thomas Sloan Mackay); Catherine Hammond McElhinny; Thomas Ravinhill McCann; Sarah Ferguson McDonald; Samuel Russell McLatchie; The Mary Cunnachy McFall Family; She Loved the Land (Margaret Montieth McOmie); Peter Howard McBride; Other Illustrious Irishmen
Mormons from Scotland and WalesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 13Scottish Mission; the McKays (David McKay); Mother Crawford (Catherine Thompson Crawford); A Man of Great Faith (Robert Salmon); Handcart Pioneers 1857 (Isabella Neill); The Yucca Blooms (John Young); Pioneers 1861 (Isabella Nelson Darling); From Paisley (Samuel Crawford); Her Faith Sustained Her (Mary Crystal Howard); The Iron Miner (David Kerr Stoddard); Others from Scotland (Thomas Farnes Grant, Agnes McConnell, Adam Sharp Fife, Christina Burt Marshall, Alexander Fraizer Edward, Hamilton Morrison Garrick, Catherine Russell Hinchcliff, Thomas Orr, Hugh Findlay, William Weir Fyfe, ); The Welsh Mission; Ann Roberts Griffiths; The Welsh Patriarch; Stalwart Citizen; Cadwallader Owens; Margaret and Her Family; Eleanor Davis Beckstead; The Shoemaker; Whither Thou Goest I will Go; Mrs. Crosby; John Bennion; Thomas Evans Jeremy; Frederick Lewis;
Nine AutobiographiesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 13A Noble Pioneer; John Henry Hayes; Louisa Harriett Mills Palmer; George Goddard; Nancy Areta Porter Mattice; James Holt 1852; Susannah Turner Robison; Alonzo Knight; Katherine Hulet Winget
Mormon Ghost TownsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 13Box Elder County; Emery County; Garfield County; Iron County; Juab County; Kane County; Millard County; Piute County; Rich County; Salt Lake County; San Juan County; Sanpete County; Tooele County; Uintah County; Utah County; Washington County; Wayne County; Arizona; California: Idaho; Nevada
The Year of 1870Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 14Territorial Governors; Utah Territorial Legislature; The Ghost Government; The Nauvoo Legion; Woman Suffrage; Liberal Party-People’s Party; Utah Central Railroad; One the Union Pacific; Martin Harris Arrives in Utah; J. Wesley Powell; Mormon Tribune; Salt Lake Herald; Ogden Junction; The Palmologist; the 1870 Census; Arsenal Destroyed; Protestant Churches; The Lake House; The Salt Lake Theatre; University of Deseret; From the Diary of Charles R. Savage; Items from the News; Notes from the Counties; Mormon Settlments; From Their 1870 Records
Relief SocietyOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 14Female Relief Society; in Nauvoo; “Elect Lady”; Cross the plains 1846-1847; in Utah; Relief Society in Spanish Fork 1857-1970; Advice from the President; First Stake Organizations; General Relief Society Conference; General Presidents 1866-1970; Relief Society Publications; A Woman’s Building; Deseret Hospital; Special Missions; Annual Day and Annual Dues; Discontinuance of Charity Fund; Nurses School; Organization of the Ward Relief Societies; Box elder County; Cache County; Davis County; Emery County; Garfield County; Davis County; Emery County; Garfield County; Iron County; Juab County; Kane County; Millard County; Morgan County; Rich County; Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Tooele County; Utah County; Washington County; Wasatch County; Weber County; Arizona; Idaho; Montana; Wyoming
Mining and Railroad Ghost TownsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 14Beaver County; Cache County; Carbon County; Duchesne County; Iron County; Juab County; Piute County; Summit County; Salt Lake County; Tooele County; Washington County; Along the Rio Grande; Idaho Ghost Towns; Railraods; Wyoming; Two Towns
Glad TidingsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 14Christmas with the Pioneers; Christmas Festival; Thier Friend; A Christmas Party; A Wish for Pioneer Park; Famous Letter 1847; Perpetual Emigrating Fund; The President; His Grandmother; His Mother; His Father; Milo Andrus; wives of Milo Andrus
Records of the Handcart PioneersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 14Handcart Companies; the Prophet Speaks; Patience Loader Rozsa Archer; Thomas D. Evans and his wife Priscilla; Mother; Mary Brannigan Crandal; From Piedmont, Ital; Wedded in Lehi; From Jutland, Denmark; to Zion; the Tinsmith; From Norway; Roster of the Handcart Companies 1856 – First COmpany Edmund Ellsworth, Captain; 1856 – Second Company – Daniel D. McArthur, Captain; 1856 – Third Company – Edward Bunker, Captain; 1856 – Fourth Company – James G. WIllie, Captain; 1856 – Fifth Company – Edward Martin, Captain; 1857 – Sixth Company – Israel Evans, Captain; Seventh Company – Christian Christianson, Captain; 1859 – Eighth Company – George Rowley, Captain; 1860 – Ninth Company – Daniel Robinson, Captain; 1860 – Tenth Company – Oscar O. Stoddard, Captain
Nauvoo LegionOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 14Duties and Assignments; The Legion in Action; Death of the Prophet; The Nauvoo War; The First Company 1847; The Valley of Great Salt Lake – 1847-1856; Organization of the Militia; Nauvoo Legion – Civil War; The Year 1857; Troops Ordered to Utah – 1857; The Territorial Militia Called to Action; First to Enter Utah; The Peace Mission; The Price; The Indian War 1864-68; The Year 1870; Governor Shaffer’s Proclamation; The Governor’s Fiat; The Wooden Gun Rebellion; Utah National Guard 1896-1897
Mormon TemplesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 14At Kirtland, Ohio; Nauvoo Temple; The Endowment House; The St. George Temple; Manti Temple; Logan Temple; Salt Lake Temple; The Hawaiian Temple; A Temple in Canada; Arizona Temple; Idaho Falls Temple; Swiss Temple; A Temple in Los Angeles; The New Zealand Temple; London Temple; The Oakland Temple
Mills and MillersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 14Report of 1888; The Great Mill Builder; In the Canyons; Beavery County; Cache County; Davis County; Emery County; Iron County; Millard County; Rich County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Tooele County; Uintah County; Utah County; Saw and Gristmills; Wasatch County; Weber County; Idaho: Arizona; California; saw mill grist mill
Pioneer Love StoriesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 14Charles W. Penrose; A Message from England (Parley P. Pratt; Lovina Van Cott; Thankful Halsey; Mary Ann Frost Stearns; Mary Wood Pratt; Phoebe Soper Pratt); Three Letters (Howard Egan; Tamson Parshley); It Was Love (Hermina Ambrosen Thuesen); Dear Sister (Amasa Mason Lyman); Romance of Emily Casto and Moroni Hunt; Grandma Had a Beau (Peter Barson and Mary Helen Scott); The Little Widow (Willis Eugene Robison; Sarah Ann Ellett; Emma Reeve Wright); A Love that Never Died (Hannah Last Cornaby); Her Answer (Sarah Pear Rich); His Proposal (John Rozsa); Two Wives (Thomas Waters Cropper); Joseph and Nancy (Joseph Holbrook and Nancy Lampson); My Wife (Dorothy Henderson Watson); Joshua Terry’s Indian Bride; A New Broom Every Day (Martha Fox Taylor); Told by Emmeline B. Wells; Happy in their New Home; Marraige Extraordinary (Elizabeth Whittaker; Joseph Cain); May Angels Round Thee Stand (Thomas Harris; Elizabeth Harris); Newlyweds Join Handcart Company (Ebenezer Beesley; wife Sarah); The Peep Stone (Samuel R. Parkinson; wife Arabella); A Bold Attempt at Kidnapping (Agnes Lowry); A Thimble of Salt (Zurviah Fuller; James Eardley); This is my wife” (Thomas Jefferson Howell; Mary Jane Heaton); Her Children (Elizabeth Francis Williams Yates); Nephi and Conradina (Jason Peterson; Nephi Johnson); A Pioneer Leah and Rachel (Goudy Hogan); An Old World Romance (Carl C.N. Dorius); An Early Courtship (Bertha Marie Carlson; James Jensen)
The Year of 1871Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 15Jenson’s Church Chronology; Bank of Deseret; Conference; Two Railroads; The Salt Lake Tribune; President Brigham Young Arrested; The Penitentiary Warden; A New Map of Utah; Muddy Mission Closed; Fourth of July; Utah Education; A Tithing Clerk; From the Counties; Non-Mormon Denominations in Utah; From their Records; the Chicago Fire; Items from the Press; Drama; Silk Industry in Utah; Pioche, Nevada
Eight Pioneer BiographiesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 15William Draper — Defender of the Faith; James Amasy Litt;e His Plural Wife, Mary Elizabeth Tullidge Little; Silas Richards, pioneer 1849; Talitha Cumi Garlick Avery Cheney; William Reynolds Terry; Mary Ann Greenhalgh Mace; Henry Roper
Primary AssociationOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 15A Manner School; The Primary; The First Meeting; Aurelia Spencer Rogers–Founder; A General President; Louie B. Felt — First President; May Anderson — Second President; May Green Hinckley — Third President; Adele Cannon Howells — Fourth President; LaVern Watts Parmley — Fifth President; The Children’s Dance; Primary Band; Primary Fairs — 1880; A Songbook; The Children’s Friend; The Primary Children’s Hospital — 1911; Nickel Fund — 1902; Primary General Conference; President Brigham Young’s Birthday; Stories of Primary; Youth Parade; From the Counties — Beaver, Boxelder, Davis, Duchesne, Juab, Kane, Millard, Morgan, Summit, Rich, Salt Lake, Utah, Wasatch, Washington, Weber, Arizona
True to the FaithOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 15A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief; Lest We Forget the Pioneer Christmas; First Christmas in Dixie; Julia’s Christmas; Her Sacrifice (Johanna Anderson); For the Gospel’s Sake (John Martin); Benjamin Franklin Johnson; Joel Hills Johnson; Joseph Ellis Johnson; Spring Lake Villa; George Washington Johnson; William Derby Johnson; The Johnson Sisters
Goodridge-Goodrich Family StoryOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 15The Journey West; Bishop Hardy; Hardy’s Station; Penelope Writes; Mrs. Flint; Two Sisters; Their Only Son; A Grandson’s Story
United OrderOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 15The First Organization; Letter of Instructions; New Articles and Constitution; A Letter from St. George; Kane County; Iron County; Millard County; Salt Lake County; Piute County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Utah County; Northern Utah; Arizona; Idaho
Mormon ScoutsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 15Council of Fifty; The President’s Plan; Thomas Rhoades–A Place in the West; Orrin Porter Rockwell — The Trusted Messenger; John R. Young–He Was Called; Lot Smith — The Minuteman; John Doyle Lee — Active Member, Council of Fifty; Hosea Stout–Captain of the Police; William A. Hickman–Loved by Family and Friends; Howard Egan–The Prophet’s Guard; Return Jackson Redden–Trail Blazer; Charles Shumway–The First to Cross the Mississippi; John W. Myers–The Station Keeper; Henry Jacob Faust–Mail Carrier
Woolen and Cotton MillsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 15The Pioneer Woman Weaves; Holdaway Factory–1851; Deseret Woolen Mill; An Important Weaver; The Wasatch Woolen Mill; The Cotton Mission; The Beaver Woolen Mills; Provo Woolen Mills; Silk Industry in Utah; Pioneer Flax Industry; Cache County; Davis County; Emery County; Iron County; Kane County; Millard County; Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Utah County; Weber County; Idaho and Wyoming; The Three Weavers
Pioneer Choirs and Their LeadersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 15The Hymn Book; The Latter-day Saints’ Psalmody; The Wesley Collection; Called; Beaver County; Box Elder County; Cache County; Carbon County; Davis County; Emery County; Iron County; Juab County; Kane County; Millard County; Rich County; Salt Lake County; San Juan County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Tooele County; Uintah County; Utah County; Wasatch County; Washington County; Weber County; Colorado; Pioneer Songs; Little Maggie May
The Year 1872Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 16Visit to Salt Lake City; Emigration; A Friend Speaks, Embarkation of Mormons from Liverpool; Church Chronology; President Young; Temple and Tabernacle; Mule Cars; Fort Cameron; The Gas Works; City Water Works; Utah Mining; Woman’s Suffrage; Women Admitted to the Utah Bar; Woman’s Rights in ’72; Politics; To Palestine; The Year 1872 by Eliza R. Snow; Railroading in 1872; The Territorial Fair; Utah Schools; Postal Code; St. Mark’s Hospital; Major Powell; The Indian–The Pioneer; Classified Advertising; Cache County; Millard County; Salt Lake County; Summit County; Wasatch County
Sunday SchoolOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 16Richard Ballantyne, Founder; In the Valley of the Mountains; Other Early Sunday Schools; The Juvenile Instructor; The Sunday School Union; The Teachers’ Association; The First Jubilee — 1874; Rules for the Guidance of Sunday Schools — 1876; Our Little Friends — 1879; The Children Sing–1888; Haste to the Sunday School by W.G. Bickley; Inauguration of Nickel Day – 1891; The Sunday School–1892; A Leader’s Story; Beaver County; Cache County; Davis County; Iron County; Juab County; Millard County; Morgan County; Piute County; Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Summit County; Tooele County; Utah County; Wasatch County; Washington County; Weber County; Idaho State; Oregon State; State of California; Colorado; Eastern States; Hawaii
Early HotelsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 16In Nauvoo; Hotels in early Utah; the Salt Lake House; The Valley House; The Walker House; Brighton Hotel; The Woman’s Industrial Home (now the Ambassador Althletic Club); Beaver County; Box Elder County; Cache County; Davis County; Kane County; Millard County; Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Summit County; Tooele County; Utah County; Wasatch County; Washington County; Weber County; Idaho; Wyoming; the Open Door
Recollections of Pioneer DaysOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 16The Miracle by Claire S. Boyer; Christmas; From Her Diary (Josephine Streeper Chase); Pioneer Christmas Memoirs (Sarah E. Crowther); Two Chairs (Mette Christine Jensen Peterson); The Father-in-Law I Never Met (John Darbyshire Lea by Katherine Drew Lea); “When I Die, Let it be with my Boots on” (Isaac Joseph Seely); George and Nancy Openshaw; Their Daughter Esther; George Ingham Openshaw; Mary Nancy Openshaw Squires; Sarah Elizabeth Openshaw Wiscombe; The Pioneers by C.C. Goodwin, April 1916
George Washington Sevy, ColonizerOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 16His Family and Friends; To New Harmony; The William Pace Family; Resettlement of Panguitch; Phoebe Melinda Butler Sevy; Margaret Nebraska Imlay Sevy; Martha Ann Thomas Sevy; Hole-in-the-Rock Mission; Journal of Platte D. Lyman; George Sevy in Mexico as told by Geana Christiansen; His Friend; Lemuel Hardison Redd; I Follow a Famous Father
Apportioning the LandOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 16City of Zion; Their Inheritances in Zion; Land Laws and Distribution of Lands; Charles H. Brough Story; Fencing and Fence Watchers; Penalty for not Keeping the Agreement; Land Issues in Utah; U.S. Land Surveys; Homestead Law; Congressional Act of 1867; Copy of Mayor’s Deed; A Mayor’s Deed from Iron County; Land Jumpers; Timber Lands; Land Warrants; Consecration of Property; Recapitulation; Portion of Property Deeded Back to Brigham Young by Church; Selecting Their Lots; Land Barter During Pioneer Days; Pioneer Deed Within a Deed; The Mormons on Indian Lands; Pahute Indian Land Government; Mexican Land Grants in Utah; Deed to Fort Bridger; Beaver County; Box Elder County; Cache County; Davis County; Duchesne County; the Opening of the Reservations; Emery County; Garfield County; Iron County; Juab County; Kane County; Millard County; Morgan County; Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Tooele County; Utah County; Wayne County; Weber County; Bancroft’s Report 1883
Apportioning WaterOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 16Irrigation; The Streams in Salt Lake Valley; Cooperative Irrigation Systems; Capitalistic Irrigation Companies; Early Irrigation Companies; Pioneer Legislation and Water Control; Water Rights vs. Arbitration; Wasting of Water; Box Elder County; Cache County: Davis County; Emery County; Garfield County; Iron County; Kane County; Morgan County; San Juan County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Tooele County; Uintah County; Utah County; Wasatch County; Washington County; Wayne County; Weber County
Graves Along the TrailOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 16The Year of 1847; Graves Along the Trail ’48; There were Days of Mourning 1849; Some Answered the Last Call 1850; For the Gospel’s Sake 1851; Many Died in 1852; Along the Trail 1853; The Price of Pioneering 1854; Until We Meet Again 1855; 1856 The Year of the Handcart Companies; The Supreme Sacrifice; Beyond Their Endurance; Many Were Tried; Little Caskets; Among the Willows; Our Hearts Were Heavy; “Blessed are They Who Die in the Lord”; Buried at the Foot of the Hills; My Children are on the Right Way; A Watery Grave; Fifteen of Their Company Died; Travel-Weary Saints; 1869 – The Beginning of a New Era
Isle of Man – Wight – JerseyOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 16John Taylor – Isle of Man; The Cannon Family 1847; A Mormon Battalion Soldier – 1847; God and Godl — 1847; One of a Family — 1847; The Thomas Tarbet Family — 1847; The Thomas Mackay Family — 1847; William Kelly — Mormon Battalion — 1848; The William Watterson Family — 1850; Charles Cowley Family — 1850; The James Cowley Family — 1852; Ann and her Children — 1854; The Mills Family — 1852; The Comish Family — 1855; Jane Charters Robinson Hindley 1855; John B. The Bookbinder 00 1855; Mr. Cannell — 1868; Brother and Sister; Martha Lane Theobald–son George; Francis De St. Joer’s Story
The Year of 1873Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 17The Chronology of 1873; Brigham Young’s Resignation; Governor Woods; Mrs. Kane’s Story; The Salt Lake Temple; Wasatch and Jordan Valley Railroad; Salt Lake City Gas Lights; The Salt Lake Theatre; Plan for a New Home; Indians-Pioneer; One of the Firsts; The Territorial Fair; State Schools; Zion’s First National Bank; Utah Mining; Fort Cameron; Called to Arizona; The Flake Story 1873-77; A Great Celebration; Beaver County; Davis County; Iron County; Kane County; Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Tooele County; Utah County; Weber County; Washington County
Old FortOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 17Our Pledge; Mormon Migration Westward; Come, Come Ye Saints; Wilford Woodruff’s Impressions; From William Clayton’s Journal; Activities Between July 23rd and August 26th 1847; Anglo-Saxon Education in the Great West Originated in the Old Fort; President Young Returns to Winter Quarters; A Mother’s Faith; Crossing the Plains; Proceedings of the First General Conference in the Valley of the Great Salt Lake, Sunday 22 August 1847; This is the Place; The Fort Boweries; President Young Returns; Perpetual Emigrating Fund Incorporated; Conferences Held in the Bowery; Provisional State of Deseret is organizaed in the Old Fort; Notice; City Wall around Great Salt Lake City; Resolution; From the New York Tribune; Poem, Bertha A. Kleinman; Proceedings of Stake Presidency and High Council in Executive Legislative and Judicial Capacity; O! Ye Mountains High
Origin of Pioneer NamesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 17From Missouri to Nebraska; Across the Plains; In the Valley of the Mountains; Name Origins of Utah County; Beaver County; Boxelder County (Box Elder County); Cache County; Carbon County; Daggett County; Davis County; Duchesne County; Emery County; Garfield County; Grand County; Iron County; Juab County; Kane County; Millard County; Morgan County; Piute County; Rich County; Salt Lake County; Naming the Streets of Salt Lake City 0 1872; San Juan County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Tooele County; Uintah County; Utah County; Wasatch County; Washington County; Wayne County; Weber County; Mormon names in southeastern Idaho
Portraits of YesterdayOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 17Mary; Sarah is Found; Grandma Burnham; A Pan of Flour — a Few Eggs; A Toll of Six; Aunt Sina; Phebe; Religiously Inclined; Stanley Taylor–1860; Hannah Howard Taylor; Mary Anne Howard Taylor; Fifth Prophet, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Parley P. Pratt, His Twelve WivesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 17A Great Apostle (Parley Parker Pratt); His First Love (Thankful Halsey); His Second Wife (Mary Ann Frost Stearns Pratt); Elizabeth, the Third Wife (Elizabeth Brotherton Pratt); The Fourth Wife (Mary Wood); His Fifth Wife (Hannahette Snively Pratt); His Sixth Wife (Belinda Marden Pratt); The Seventh Wife (Sarah Huston Pratt); His Eighth Wife (Phoeve Soper Pratt); His Ninth Wife (Martha Monk Pratt); the Pratt Story as Told by the 10th Wife (Ann Agatha Walker Pratt); The Eleventh Wife (Kezia Downs Pratt); His Twelfth Wife (Elenor J. McComb Pratt); His Last Days; Important Letter; the Morning Breaks
In Their Own WordsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 17Mother of Fourteen (Lucinda Haws Holdaway); A Man of Courage (Charles Ramsden Bailey); Great Faith Sustained Her (Caroline E.W.W. Larrabee); James T. Sutton’s Story; Blessed Indeed (Louisa Mellor Clark); Man of Many Aptitudes (Job Pingree); Pioneer Joseph Cooper; Niels Johnson — Pioneer 1862
Eliza R. Snow – Pioneer of 1847Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 17O My Father; Sketch of My Life; Eliza R. Snow Smith; The Camp of Israel; From Her Diary — Nauvoo to Winter Quarters, At Winter Quarters–1846; At Winter Quarters — 1847; Across the Plains–1847; Life in the Fort; “Bury me Quietly When I die”; To George and Emma Brown
The General EpistlesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 17Containing Important Instructions to Membership; The General Epistles; First General Epistle; Second General Epistle — Oct. 1849; Third General Epistle — April 1850; Fourth General Epistle — September 1850; Fifth General Epistle — April 1851; Sixth General Epistle — 1851; Seventh Epistle — 1852; Important Appointments
The General Epistles (cont)Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 17Eighth General Epistle — 1852; Ninth General Epistle — 1853; Tenth General Epistle — Oct. 1853; Eleventh Generl Epistle — 1854; Twelfth General Epistle — 1855; Thirteenth General Epistle — Oct. 1855; Fourteenth General Epistle — Dec 1856; Circular — 1862
An Eventful Year 1874Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 18Mormon Immigration; General Alexander W. Doniphan Visits Utah; Utah Governor 1871-1874; Chronology, Jenson; Education; Western Railroads; Utah Iron; The Glorioius 4th Ogden; From Their Journals; The United Order; U.S. Troops in Utah; Utah Indians; The City of the Saints; A Mormon Home; Items from the Press; Reports from Settlements; Elections; A Writing Machine; Anna Mathilda Flygare Evert; Brigham Young, Patriot
Pioneer QuiltsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 18Quilting and Patchwork; In the Pioneer Memorial Museum; From the Counties; Another Crazy Patch; The Story of a Quilt; From Iron County; Stories and Pictures of Quilts in Museum
Las Vegas FortOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 18First Mission Call; George W. Bean; The President; John Steele; The Second Call; George Mayer Answered the Call; His Diary; Mission Stories
That They May Be RememberedOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 18The Shepherd of the Streets; Christmas Dinner, 1840 (Osborne Russell); The Spirit of Christmas 1842-1852; Our Home Life (Howard Egan and Tamson Egan); They are Remembered (Matilda P. Atkinson and Martha G. Griffin); The Stories Behind Famous Carols; John Mills Ashton; His Daughter Isabelle (Moses Martin); From our Counties (Charles R. Bailey); Amasa Potter; A Foster Mother (Ellen Julian Greenwood); True to the Faith (Richard Bentley)
Pioneer DiaryOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 18The Bullock Family; First Settlement of Cedar City; Christina Bulloch; Husband John Sherratt; Their Children; Her Brother David; Experiences of David Bulloch; Early Day Trading with the Nevada Mining Camp; Notes from Iron County History; The Later Years; Alice Blade Bulloch, His Wife; Sarah Ann Higbee Bulloch, His Plural Wife
Early Pioneer PhotographersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 18Enlarged Pictures; Stereoscopic Views; The Firsts; Liverpool to the Great Salt Lake Valley; Pioneer Photographer; Charles Rosco Savage; A Photographic Tour of Nearly 9,000 Miles; Trip to South in 1870; Savage and Ottenger (Ottinger); Fox and Symons; Pioneer of 1860; Johnson and Sainsbury; Hales Hall; Alma Hardy, Photographer; New Daguerrean Gallery Center; George Edward Anderson; His Story; BYU Acquires Rare Pioneer Photo Gallery; Walter Stringham, Sanpete; George S. Taylor; The Shipler Studio; Western Explorers and Their Photographers; John Hansen Hougaard, Photographer; Early Photography in Box Elder County; Cache County; Tooele County; Washington County; Weber County; Utah County; Wasatch County; To My Grandmother’s Portrait; The Family Album
Origin of Mormon Place NamesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 18From Missouri to Nauvoo; From Nauvoo to Winter Quarters; Mormon Place Names in Arizona; the Mormons in California; The Mormons in Canada; Mormon Place Names, Colorado; Place Names in Idaho; In the Islands of the Pacific; Mexico; Mormon Place Names in Nevada; Oregon Place Names; Wyoming; How Big Horn County was Settled
Historic TrailsOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 18The Escalante-Dominquez Explorations, 1776; The Spanish Trail; The Santa Fe Trail; The Ashley Explorations, 1825; The Ogden Explorations 1825-29; The Smith Explorations 1826-27; The Walker Explorations 1833; John C. Fremont 1843; Other Trail Makers; The California Trail; The Mormon Trail; Latter-day Saints’ Emigrants’ Guide; Pony Express Stations; The Mormon Battalion Journey from Fort Leavenworth to California; The Rendezvous; Following a Trail; Utah to Old Mexico
By Their Works They Shall Be KnownOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 18(occupations); The Danish Pioneer (Karen Hansen Nielsen); Homebuilding in Pioneer Times (Marriner Wood Merrill); Bread–the Staff of Life; A Pioneer’s Hints on Marketing; Important Letter (David Darwant Sabin); Pioneer Ways of Preparing Meat (cooking); They Made Molasses; Early Manufacture of Salt (Richard Jenkins, Thomas Booth, and Mr. Salisbury); Pioneer Medicines; Silk Industry in Utah; Important Pioneer Artisans (Fredrick Judd, Samule Brough, N.P. Anderson and adobes, Niels C. Hanson); Early Peddlers (Joseph Derbidge, Thomas Quayle, John Gabbot, Thomas Twiggs, Seth Rigby, William Gibby, John Van Cott); The Pioneer Shoemaker (Jens Rasmussen); Two Stories of Ditch Digging; John Theurer, the Tailor; From Henefer, Utah (William Bond, William Jones); Gunsmiths (John Ash; David Sabin, David D. Sabin); Tinsmith (Christopher Lister Riding); The Pioneer Wood Turner (John Cottam); Development of the Lighting Systems in Beaver; Arts and Crafts (making soap; Flax cultivation; William Painter, John Squires; Candle Making, Painting, Mary Isabella Horne, hair wreaths, carding machine; William Houchen; Ice Salesman; John Aaron Hill; Jefferson Tidwell; Building a Mouse Trap; Knute Knutson); Beginnings in Cache County (glue factory; whips; Eli Bell, Mark Fletcher); Early Days of Hanksville (Ebenezar Hanks, E.H. McDougall, Charlie Gould, Samuel Gould, Joe Sylvester); One Christmas When Lorenzo D. Young Played Santa Claus (United Order); Life in Emmett, Idaho; The Briggs Store (Archer Store; Terry’s Store; George and Sarah Susannah Briggs); Butchering in Early Salt Lake (Feramorz Little, Levi Garrett, John Picknell, Charles B. Taylor, John Paul Epworth, George Chandlers); Pioneer Potters (ceramics; James J. Hansen); Fences in Pioneer Days; The Barber’s Pole; Early Blacksmiths (Alexander Beckstead; Kale Green; James Glover)
Every Pioneer An Empire BuilderOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 19Old Folks Excursions; Jenson’s Chronology – 1875; the Tabernacle Dedication – 1875; Utah Women Petition Congress; I have been Deceived; Details of the Snowslides; Hawaiian King Visits Utah; Parties of Indians Request Baptism; Young Men’s Mutual Improvement Association; the Grand Jubilee; The Messiah – 1875; The Children’s Day – April 17; Exploration in Utah – 1875; Utah Resources; Brigham Young Academy; Education in Utah – 1875; The Teacher’s Profession; One of the First; 10th Governor – Samuel Beach Axtell; 11th Governor – George W. Emery; President Young Arrested; Utah Railroads – 1875; The Suit in the Abatement Case; Experiments in Potato Culture; Items from the Press; Important Letters; President George A. Smith; My Dear Son
Unique Story – President Brigham YoungOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 19Brigham Young – Patriot, Pioneer, Prophet; As Did Moses; On Ensign Peak; Brigham Young as Pioneer; A Diligent Student; Religious Pioneer; Along the Platte; Throw up a Dam; This is the Place; As it Stands Today; There Were Giants in Those Days; Brigham Young and His Family; As a Practical Prophet; Prophetic and practical; Brigham Young Chronological Dates 1801 to 1877; a Daughter Remembers
Story of BYUOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 19Brigham Young Academy; A Great Scholastic Era – 1891; Warren Dusenberry; Karl G. Maeser; Benjamin Cluff; George Henry Brimhall; Franklin Stewart Harris; Howard S. McDonald; Acting President; Ernest L. Wilkinson; the Next President; BYU in Brief; The Charter Course; Founder’s Day Program; Judge Harrington Story; Salt Lake Judge Lauds Work of Dr. Karl G. Maeser; David O. McKay Building; A Message to the 1941 Graduating Class of Brigham Young University; Items of Interest; Looking Back; Graduation Messages – 1852; the BYU Tomorrow
Their Accomplishments Must Be ToldOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 19An Early Pioneer (Lucy Walker Kimball); Artemissia Beaman Snow; Louisa Beaman Young; Jane Walker Smith’s Story; Mary Fielding Smith; Nanny Longstroth Richards; Hannah Tapfield King; One of the First (Miles Morris Goodyear); Early History of Twenty-Seventh Ward; Brigham’s Second Son (Joseph Don Carlos Young); Birgithe Jensen Madsen; Mary R.C. McCann Story; From a Package of Old Letters; Martha Jane Knowlton Coray; Eliza Marie Partridge Lyman; Elvira Annie Cowles Holmes; Melissa Lott Willes; Alfred Lamb; Emily Dow Patridge Young; Christiana Monroe Stuart Pomeroy; the First Christmas I Can Remember (Bernett Blonquist Smith); My Most Exciting Christmas (Lela N. Fackrell)
Nurse of the San Juan FrontierOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 19Josephine Catherine Chatterley Wood; Aunt Jody (Jody Wood); Her Story; Back to Salt Lake; Josephine; Called; the Indians and the White Man; Stake Conference; The Wood Family (Joseph Henry, Arthur Stpehens, John Martin, Sarah Jane, George William Wood; Catherine Josephine and Charlotte Alice); He Answered His Call; Sam and Emma (Samuel Wood); Emma Louise Elliker Wood; Move to Monticello; My Mother’s Hand
Autobiographies of Six Pioneer WomenOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 19Mother of Eight (Elizabeth Haven Barlow); Louisa Thalmann Hasler; Fanny Parks Taggart; Harriet B. Cook Teeples; Eda Fredraca Kruger Tietjen; Mary S. Maudsley
Autobiographies of Six Pioneer MenOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 19By Their Works They Shall Be Known (Edward Johannes Jorgensen); A True Shepherd (William Lampard Watkins); A Pioneer From Denmark (Hans Peter Christiansen); William Wilson Sterrett; Pioneer, 1866 (Henry Crane); John Gillespie
Trunks, Chests and BoxesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 19In the Museum; Trunk from the Isle of Man; Luke Shaw Sr. Trunk; The Hughes Chest; Steamer Trunk; Caroline Warner Trunk; The Jeremy Chest; Unpainted wood Chest; the Wilson Trunk; the Adams Trunk; The Harris Chest; John Rozsa Chest; Cushing Chest; A Black Leather Trunk; the Simmons Chest; Danish Pioneer Steamer Trunks; Trunk from Denmark; Huffaker Family; Marraige Proposals in an Old Trunk; John Langston Trunk; Atkinson Chest; Two Large Trunks; Elias Smith Chest; the Willey Valise; Joseph Toronto Chest; Truman O. Angell Chest; The Ellsworth Trunk; Autobiography of Edmund Ellsworth Jr.
Pioneer Trees and FlowersOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 19The Land Made Beautiful; Box Elder County; Cache County; Davis County; Salt Lake County; Dedication of Liberty Park; Locust Trees in Liberty Park; Trees Planted by the Pioneers; The Cottonwood is a Lady Poplar; Eucalyptus; Joshua Trees; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Tooele County; Utah County; An Elm Tree Planted 1875; Official Tree of Utah; Idaho; Flowers of Utah; The Sego Lily; The Pioneer Garden; Early Florists; Sanpete County; Utah County; Weber County; Walker Gardens
1876 Centennial Events and Territorial ActivitiesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 20Chronololgy 1876; From the Deseret News; Centennial Celebrations; A Visit to Ensign Peak; Petitions for Statehood; Proclamation of Admission; Inauguration Day; Utah’s First Capitol; 50th Anniversary of Statehood; the State Flag of Utah; Flags and Banners; Contains record of our Flags and Banners; 45-star flags; Letter from the Flag; Banners of Utah’s First Political Parties; the United States Flag; The Flag on Mother’s Day; The American Creed
Bands and OrchestrasOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 20Early Bands and Leaders; Community Bands; Beaver County; Box Elder County; Cache County; Davis County; Emery County; Garfield County, Iron County; Juab County; Kane County; Millard County; Morgan County; Rich County; Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Summit County; Tooele County; Uintah County; Utah County; Washington County; Wasatch County; Weber County; Idaho; Wyoming
Old CemeteriesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 20Mormon Burial Ground in Missouri; One of the First Private Burial Grounds; Established by the Military; Mountain Meadow Cemetery; Caring for the Dead; Beaver County; Box Elder County; Cache County; Davis County; Juab County; Kane County; Millard County; Salt Lake County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Tooele County; Utah County; Wasatch County; Washington County; Idaho Burian Grounds; California; Nevada; Texas
Unpublished Pioneer StoriesOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 20Christmas When I was a Girl (Emma B. Lindsay); A Christmas Story (Eliza Ann Bennion); A Humble, Religious Family (James Ephraim Madsen, Birgithe Jensen Madsen); United in Love (Caroline Griffin Thompson, Joseph Lewis Thompson) ; One Who Was Valiant (Jedediah Morgan Grant); A Difficult Journey (Esther Emily Ogden Bosworth); A Great Loss (Peter Ludvigson); A Man of Great Trust (Lauritz Smith); Cache Valley Pioneer (Marriner W. Merrill); An Energetic And Resourceful Lady (Mary Anne Winn Johnson); A Halfway House (James Wynn and Mary Dugan); Teacher, Play Actor, Mother (Charlotte Joy Claridge); My Half-Sister (Mary Ann Squires Lewis); Negro Pioneer (Gobo Fango); Escalante’s Vision of Utah Valley
Firm in the FaithOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 20(Concerning Drusilla Dorris Hendricks and her husband James Hendricks); Marriage and Family; Introduction to Mormonism; Baptism; Tragedy at Crooked River; Family Breadwinner; William Called to the Battalion; James Hendricks
Woman Suffrage in Pioneer DaysOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 20Universal Suffrage; Mormon Women and Suffrage; The First; Suffrage for Utah Women; Attempt to Disenfranchise the Women of Utah; The Edmunds Act; National Woman’s Suffrage Association; Women Call Mass Meetings; Utah Constitutional Convention; Women Who Were Active in Suffrage; Eliza R. Snow; Sarah M. Kimball; Emmeline B. Wells; Emily SOphia Richards; Mary Isabella Horne; Bathsheba W. Bigler Smith; Rachel Ridgway Ivins Grant; Elmina Shepherd Taylor; Johanna Hollister Pattern; Lydia Ann Wells; Elizabeth Howard; Zina Diantha Young; Utah Women and Suffrage; The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution; Woman Suffrage in Neighboring States; Dedicated to the Women Who Pioneered the West
President Kate B. CarterOur Pioneer Heritage, Volume 20Her Mother; President Carter Reminisces; My Church, My Teacher; A Dream is Realized; Salute from the Central Company; Days of ’47 Inc.; Accomplishments and Honors; Tributes; From the Members; Eulogy
Historical Markers Nos. 271-337Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 20Allred Point – No. 271; Settlement of East Carbon – No. 272; Settlement of South Weber – No. 273; First Meetinghouse – No. 274; Moapa Valley Pioneers – No. 275; First Public Building Alpine – No. 276; First Post Office – No. 277; Pioneer Cedar Cemetery – No. 278; Settlement of Lynn – No. 279; First School House – No. 280; Pioneer Rock Wall – No. 281; Pioneer Rock Church – No. 282; First Log House – No. 283; Salmon River Mission – No. 284; First Irrigation Project – No. 285; Highland Park – No. 286; Stage Coach Station – No. 287; Old City Hall, Now Known as Council Hall – No. 288; Old First Church – No. 289; United Order Industries – No. 290; Utah and Northern Railroad – No. 291; Settlement of Hatch – No. 292; First Relief Society Hall – No. 293; Settlement of Fish Haven – No. 294; Utah’s First Fort – No. 295; Provo Woolen Mills – No. 296; Pioneer Burial Grounds – No. 297; The Stone Quarries – No. 298; Pioneer Home – No. 299; Isaac Chase-Brigham Young, First Post Office – No. 300; the First LDS Church – No. 301; Settlement of San Bernardino; – No. 302; Twentieth Ward School – No. 303; Early Schools – No. 304; Clay Hill Pass – No. 305; Fort Omni-Richfiend – No. 306; Settlement of Kirtland – No. 307; Old Rock Mill – No. 308; Hamilton Fort – No. 309; Fort Buena Ventura – No. 310; Old Tithing Office – No. 311; Old Rock Church – No. 312; Old Ashley Post Office – No. 313; Warm Springs – No. 314; Fort Duchesne – No. 315; Echo Gristmill – No. 316; Birmingham Conference – No. 317; West Bountiful Church – No. 318; Relief Society Granary – No. 319; Marysvale – No. 320; Bloomfield-Hammond – No. 322; Settlement of Lund – No. 323; Oregon Trail Campsite – No. 324; Logan’s Hydro-Electric Plant – No. 325; Cottonwood Paper Mill – No. 326; Fort Cameron-Murdock Academy – No. 327; Liberty – No. 328; Oneida Station – No. 329; Summit Stake Tabernacle – No. 330; Tooele’s First Cemetery – No. 331; West Jordan Pioneer Church – No. 332; Kimball-Whitney Cemetery – No. 333; Hansen Cooperative Dairy – No. 334; Oakley Tabernacle – No. 335; New Orleans-Port of Entry – No. 336; Last Peace Treaty – No. 337
Historical Markers Nos. 338-396Our Pioneer Heritage, Volume 20Tragedy Spring – No. 338; The German Mission – No. 339; Fort Ashley Center – No. 340; Pioneer Flour Mill – No. 341; Fort Sage Bottom – No. 342; Site of Mound Fort – No. 343; Arizona’s Pioneer Women – No. 344; the Danish Mission – No. 345; Ivins Pioneer Cemetery – No. 348; Pioneer Cabin – No. 349; Lee’s Ferry – No. 350; Tithing Granary – No. 351; New Plymouth – No. 352; The Swedish Mission – No. 353; Pioneer Cabin – No. 354; Lake Fork – No. 355; Lest We Forget – No. 356; To Utah in 1868 – No. 357; The Transcontinental Railroad – No. 358; The Norwegian Mission – No. 359; Startup Candy Factory – No. 360; Granger Settlement – No. 361; The First Scandinavian Branch – No. 362; The Welsh Mission – No. 363; Irish Mission – No. 364; Silver Fork – No. 365; Circleville – No. 366; Scottish Mission – No. 367; Roosevelt – No. 368; Utah Lake Resorts – No. 369; Granite Settlement – No. 370; Osmond – No. 371; Montgomery Ferry – No. 372; Cedar Point-Basalt – No. 373; Netherlands Mission – No. 374; Morgan Stake Tabernacle – No. 375; Brigham Young Academy – No. 376; First Millcreek Ward Chapel – No. 377; Pooles Island-Menan – No. 378; Alta – Silver to Skis – No. 379; Bloomington – No. 380; Emmaville – No. 381; Slough House Pioneer Cemetery – No. 382; South Jordan Settlement – No. 383; Ephraim Settlement – No. 384; Overton – No. 385; Swiss Mission – No. 386; The Walker War – No. 387; Myton – No. 388; Saramarie J. Van Dyke Carriage House – No. 389; Spring Lake Villa – No. 3390; Clinton – No. 391; The Constitution Revered – No. 392; Fremont Park – No. 393; Fountain Green – No. 394; Pioneer Log Cabin – No. 395; First Wayne Stake Tithing Office – No. 396
The Year 1877An Enduring Legacy, Volume 1Branch, Stake and Ward Organization; Occasions for Sorrow; Construction of Temples and Important Buildings; The United Order Progresses; Mormon Settlement in South Central Arizona; Women’s Activities; Miscellaneous news items
Pioneer Memorial Museum and Sara Marie J. Van Dyke Carriage HouseAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 1Pioneer Memorial Museum; Transportation; Industries; The Pioneer Home; Pioneer Parlor; Pioneer Bedroom; Pioneer Kitchen; Dishes; Clothing; Personal Relics; Professions; Religion; Education; Music; Drama; Art; Photographs; Clocks; Guns; Dolls and Toys; General Offices
Native PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 1William Edward Bunker; Annie Ballantyne Moench; Ellen Catherine Anderson Brady; Samuel Thomas Gardner; Margaret K. Sant Smith; Ellen Moss Hatch; Dora Elmira Day Johnson; Charles Cannon Creer; Harriet Susannah Eddins
Sketches of YesteryearAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 1Charles H. Allen; John W. Hess; Sarah Far LeCheminant; Joseph Ellison Beck; Elizabeth Patrick Taylor; Utah’s First Threshing Machine; The First Christmas in St George; Greetings; Memories of Home
Joseph HolbrookAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 1Written by his own hand; manhood; United with the Church; Joseph Meets the Prophet; Joseph Marries Hannah Flint; Joseph Leaves Nauvoo; Located for the Winter; Mission West; Leave for West in Brigham Young’s Company; Arrival in the Valley; Festival of the Camp of Zion
Presidents of the Daughters of Utah PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 1Annie Taylor Hyde; Alice Merrill Horne; Maria Young Dougall; Susa Young Gates; Lily Clayton Wolstenholme; Isabel Madelena Whitney Sears; Zina Prescinda Young Card; Elizabeth Richards Wright; Laura Hyde Merrill; Annie Wells Cannon; Elizabeth Ann Pugsley Hayward; Flora Bean Horne; Fannie Carrington Woodruff; Kate Crawford Snow; Cornelia S. Lund, Ida Josephine Murdock Kirkham; Kate Bearnson Carter; Emma Reeve Olsen
Indians and UtahAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 1Native Americans; Deseret Culture; Pueblo-Freemonth Cultures; Nothern Utahs; Southern Utes; Gosiutes; Paiutes; Shoshones; Hopis; Navajos
Historic Cosumnes and the Slough House Pioneer CemeteryAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 1Daylor-Sheldon Partnership; Thomas Rhoads Comes West; California Battalion is formed; Donner Party Rescue; The First Marriage – Elizabeth; Two More Marriages – Sarah and Catherine; The Death of Thomas’s Wife; Sheldon’s Flour Mill; Discovery of Gold; Daylor’s Store; Floods on the Cosumnes; The SLough House; Mahone and Gunn Arrive; Keyser-Gunn Marriage; Horse Thieves on the Cosumnes; Cholera Takes its Toll; Right-To-Land Question; Grimshaw Marries Sarah; Sheldon Builds Dam; Melancholy Accident; Early Schools; Matilda’s Death; Catherine Marries Mahone; Thomas Jr. and Isaac Return to Missouri; The Hanging of William Lomax; John Rhoads’s Death; Thomas Rhoads in Utah; Catherine and John Mahone Separate; Slough House Pioneer Cemetery; Family Recollections; What Happened to the Rhoads Family?
Pioneer Poets and PoetryAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 1Poet Laureate, Ina Donna Coolbrith; Emigrant Pioneer Poets; Edwin Parker; Emily Hill Woodmansee; Louisa Lula Green Richards; Alfred Lambourne; J.H. Ward; Ellis Reynolds Shipp; Jacob Peart Sr. ; Emmeline B. Wells; Hanah Tapfield King; Sarah Elizabeth Carmichael; Betsy Smith Goodwin; Thomas Harris Jr. William Lewis; John McLaws; John Lyon; Augusta Joyce Crocheron; Poets and Lyricists, Samuel Bailey Mitton; Elsie Edge Booth; Charles W. Penrose; John Jaques; Henry W. Naisbitt; Orson F. Whitney; Joseph Lonking Townsent; Hannah Last Cornaby; Native Pioneer Poets: Aretta Young, Alice Merrill Horne
Economic and Territorial ProgressAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 2Chronology of 1878; Newsworthy Events; Death Claims Community Leaders; Catastrophes; New Settlements; Women’s Activities
Native PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 2Elizabeth Hogge Hart; Clara Adelia Babbitt Ramsey; Mary Ann Shaw Williams; Isaac Beck; The Spnaish Fork Indian Farm Reservation; Fidelia Winget DeMill; William A. Johnson; Mary Ellen Spencer Cornwall; James Richard Beus; Mary Ann Carver Geddes; David E. Layton; Sarah Jane Shields Plumb Powell
Old SamplersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 2Samplers, flax raising, the Old Sample, Nauvoo Temple Sampler; others
Events in CountiesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 2Utah Counties — Beaver, Box Elder, Cache, Carbon, Daggett, Davis, Duchesne; Emery, Garfield, Grand, Iron, Juab, Kane, Millard, Morgan, Piute, Rich, Sanpete, Salt Lake, San Juan, Sevier, Summit, Tooele, Uintah, Utah, Wasatch, Washington, Wayne, Weber Southeastern Idaho
Edwin Charles Cox JournalAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 2
Old Homes and BuildingsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 2Beaver County; Cache County; Davis County; Juab County; Millard County; Salt Lake County; Sevier County; Summit County; Utah County; Washington County; Stock Home — Fish Haven, Bear Lake, Idaho; Mormon Home in Mexico
Freighters and FreightingAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 2The Mormons Leave the Midwest; Church Trains; The Era of the Prairie Schooner; Intersettlement Freighting; Freighting to the Mines; Freighting Out of State
Emigrant PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 2Thales Haskell; John George Labrum; Richard Fry; Elizabeth Stanley Winn; Solomon Angell; William Edward Cowley; Lydia Wilkinson Reeder; John Coulam Jr.; Indian Annie
Pioneer and Old DollsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 2Betsy Buttons; Lucy Ann; Donner Party Memento; Potato Dolls; The Doll House; Classification of Dolls; Manufacturing Wax-covered dolls; Chila head dolls; Frozen Charlotte Bisque; Parian; Composition Gutta percha; Metal Heads; Novelty Dolls; Doll collector; Doll maker’s; Utah’s doll carver; Furniture Maker
The Year 1879An Enduring Legacy, Volume 3Miscellaneous News; Home Enterprises (Home Industry); Indian problems; Need for Civic Improvements; Progress on Church buildings
Native PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 3Lerona Minerva Hickman Vanderhoof; Eliza Ann McKee Chamber; John Heber Murdock; Annie Louisa Van Tassell Millard; John Franklin Norton; Elizabeth Pixton Harker; Thomas Ephrain Harper; Josephine Bingham Taylor; William Walters Wright
Salt Lake’s Original Nineteen LDS WardsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 3First Ward; Second Ward; Third Ward; Fourth Ward; Fifth Ward; Sixth Ward; Seventh Ward; Eighth Ward; Ninth Ward; Tenth Ward; Eleventh Ward; Twelfth Ward; Thirteenth Ward; Fourteenth Ward; Fifteenth Ward; Sixteenth Ward; Seventeenth Ward; Eighteenth Ward; Nineteenth Ward
Pioneer StoriesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 3The Christmas Dance; The Big House; Handcart Incidents; Black People in the Malad Valley; The New Employee; A Providential Freeze; an Indian Episode of 1864; Kanab’s Midwife; the Blue Bonnet; the Wooden Washtub; Chris Larsen and his black horses; Faith Moved an Avalanche; First Organ in Hayden, Idaho Ward; A Distressing Incident; A California Mormon Colony; A Bear Story; A Resourceful Wife; Toothache and hte Death Howl; How I obtained a Start of Yeast; Escaping from Indians; A Shared Encounter; A Sad Story; The Warning of the Squaw; Old Indian Tower Relic of Early Day in Alpine (John Rowe Moyle); Entertainment
David PettegrewAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 3Mormon Battalion Immortalized
Locality HistoriesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 3Granite, Salt Lake County, Utah; Monroe, Sevier County; Huntsville, Weber County; Wilson, Weber County; Taylor, Navajoy County, Arizona; Monperier-Crow Creek Road; St. Thomas, Clark County, Nevada; Genoa, Douglas County, Nevada; Panaca, Lincoln County, Nevada; Hammond, San Juan County, New Mexico; Calder’s Park; Garfield Beach
Emigrant PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 3John Davidson Burt; Hiram Theron Spencer; William P. Brown; Sarah Jane Empey Briggs; Hannah Christensen; Magdalena Zundel Moesser; Aaron Johnson; Thomas Shore Wadsworth
Museum ArtifactsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 3Pioneer Memorial Museum; Hair Work Jewelry; Mary Barr Young Spencer; Hair Pictures; Lydia Roper Osguthorpe; Horsehair Handicraft; Horsehair furniture; Robert Cleghorn; Shawls, Grandmother’s Shawl; Paisly Shawls; Brooch; Sarah Van Wagoner Fairbanks; Catherine Sarah Horrocks; Jane Allen; Hannah Helliwell Smith Hillam; Desdamona Fox Brown; Mary Ann Kay Haslam; Sarah Collins Tranter; Mary Ann Lyman Johnson
Pioneer Gunsmiths and GunsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 3The Gunsmiths: Jonathan Browning; John Moses Browning; Theodore Turley; David Sabin; William Naylor; John Moburn Kay; Thomas Tanner; Parowan Gunsmith; Lars Christen Jensen; James Hague; Charles Stuart Knowles; Jacob Thomas; Jerome Bonaparte Kempton; John Ash; The Guns; Powder Horn
The Year 1880An Enduring Legacy, Volume 4Important events; weather-related incidents; The Census
Native PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 4Philomela Lake Taylor; Elizabeth Reese Craig; Ellen Susan Buckwalter Taylor; Anne Jane Jorgensen Rasmussen; Alfred Lewis Booth; Wilford Elisha Cragun; Hannah Elizabeth Dewey Loveland
Nauvoo Brass BandAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 4The Trek; In the Valley; The Nucleus; A New Era; The Band Members; Old Musical Instruments
American ClocksAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 4Types of clocks; Glossary of Clock Terms; Clocks in the Pioneer Memorial Museum; Ane Marie Anderson Dastrup; Phineas Howe Young; Ann Rogers Snow; Elizabeth Dilworth Nebeker; Thomas Edward Holroyd
Two Important Journals (William Kilgore and Samuel Openshaw)An Enduring Legacy, Volume 4William H. Kilgore; Samuel Openshaw; The Handcart Migration
Notable PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 4Carl Christian Asmussen (Amussen); Charles Sreeve Peterson; David Dollen Sullivan; Silas Richards; Richard Twiggs Sanders; Sylvanus Cyrus Hulet; John King; John Neff III
Portrait of a Danish Family (Bertelsen)An Enduring Legacy, Volume 4Denmark, Scandinavia; The Bertelsens; Denmark; Johanne Bolette (Lette) Dalley; Johanne Helene (Lanie) Byergo; Lars B. Neilson; Nicolene Marie (Lena) Baker; Petrine (Thrine) Dalley; Kjersten (Kisty) Jorgensen; Frederikke Kristene (Stena) Larsen; Ottemine Catherine (Meenie) Frandsen; Niels Maren and Christiana Dorthea (Anna) Farnsworth
Pioneer DancingAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 4Dancing as an aspect of early Mormon and Utah Culture; The Mormons in Utah; Dancing in the Settlements; Utah’s Dixie; Matilda; James Kirkham; Nephi; On Heel and Toe; Early Day Dancing in Richville; Kanosh; Franklin, Idaho; Early Dances of Minersville; In Clover Valley; Brigham City; Pioneer Dancing in Fountain Green; Pioneer Dancing in Payson
The Year 1881An Enduring Legacy, Volume 5Church Chronology; Snowslides; State of Deseret; New Settlements; Sarah Ann Salina Smithson Turley; John Rawlston Poole; railroads
Pioneer Artisans and ArtifactsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 5Fibers and fabrics; Flax weaver; weaving and spinning; sewing machines; knitting machine; shoemaker; tailor; Shoemaker; Hatmaker; Glove Maker; Silkworker; Seamstress, Dressmaker; Rosetta Campbell
Locality HistoriesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 5Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming
Native PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 5Sabra Jane Beckstead Hatch; Moses Andrew Shepherd; Mary Ann Barrup Hellewell; Alfred Richins Jones; Cyrus Tolman; Johanna Maria Christiansen; Isaac Ensign Freeman; Charlotte Baker Longstroth
Sarah DeArmon Pea RichAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 5
Emigrant PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 5Jens Hansen; Charles Henry John West; Josephine Mauchley Bauman; Alvus H. and Martha Fillmore Patterson; Elizabeth Starley Whicker; Ellen Hancock Burns MacDuff; Elizabeth Young Bailey; John Webster
Early Elementary SchoolsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 5Financial support; Denominational Schools; Buildings; President Brigham Young’s Private School; The White Rock School Building; Beaver County; Box Elder County; Cache County; Carbon County; Daggett County; Davis County; Duchesne County Emery County; Garfield County; Grand County; Iron County; Juab County; Kane County; Millard County; Morgan County
Early Elementary Schools (cont)An Enduring Legacy, Volume 5Piute County; Rich County; Salt Lake County; San Juan County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Summit County; Tooele County; Uintah County; Utah County; Wasatch County; Washington County; Wayne County; Weber County; Westner States Education
The Year 1882An Enduring Legacy, Volume 6Railroad news; New hospital; Occasions for sorrow; New Utah Products; Weather related incidents; New Settlements — Centerfield, Upper Kanab, MacDonald, Arizona; Pleasanton, New Mexico, Governing New Areas
Pioneer Musicians and ComposersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 6William Wines Phelps; George Percy Edward Careless; Evan Stephens; Thomas Cott Griggs; John Elliott Tullidge; Orson Pratt Huish; William Fowler; Nellie Druce Pugsley; Ebenezer Beesley; Charles John Thomas; Joseph J. Daynes; William Clayson; John H. Johnson; John M. MacFarlane
School TeachersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 6First schoolroom in Western American; Mary Jane Dilworth Hammond; Julian Moses; Camilla C. Cobb; Sarah Julia Hill Bement; Rules for Teachers; Early Mesa Arizona Teacher, Mary Ursulia Pomeroy Kimball; Two outstanding Idaho Teachers: Annie Pike Greenwood, Etta Simmonds Robbins; Remembering Early Teaching Experiences; Lucille Moffat Thornnock; Catherine Marchant Judd; All Were Important; Sarah Ettie Jeremy Anderson; Jennie P. Stewart; Hannah Flint Holbrook; Marie Redfield Everett; Mary Norley Hall, Pauline Monsen Peterson Rasmussen, Susannah Ward Allen Brady, Catherine Snedaker Calder.
Emigrant PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 6Mary Larsen Benson Peterson; Thomas Callister; Susan Lucina Clark Sanford; Myron Abbott; Martha Burrows Taylor; Margaret Ann Griffiths Clegg; John Edward Wiscomb; Karen Nielsen Jensen; Simeon Fuller Howd and Lucinda Morgan Houd; Edward Hunter
The Journal of Fanny Fry SimonsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 6Handcart Migration; Introduction; Thoughts of Zion; Good-bye to England; The Trek
Native PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 6Emma Morse Price; William Tanner; Adella Cowley Gibson; Catherine Wardrop Garrett; Milton Melvin Hammond; George Henry Thaxton; Sarah Ellen Duncan Morris; Alvin Willard Nichols; Ann Elizabeth Wheeler Labrum
Historic Western TrailsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 6Lewis and Clark Trail; The Plains Indians; Fort Mandan; Great Falls, the Sante Fe Trail; Patrhfinders; Buffalo and Indian Country; The Jornada; Santa Fe; The Mormon Battalion Trail; The Gila River Trail; Jean Baptiste Charbonneau; John Charles Fremont, El Camino Real; The Mormon Emigrant Trail’
Governors of the State of Utah and First LadiesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 6Brigham Young; Heber Manning Wells; Theresa Clawson Wells; Emily Katz Wells; John Christopher Cutler; Sarah Elizabeth Taylor Cutler; William Spry; Mary Alice Wrathall Spry; Simon Bamberger, Ida Maas Bamberger; Charles Rendell Mabey; Afton Amanda Rampton Mabey; George H. Dern; Charlotte (Lottie) Brown Dern; Henry Hooper Blood; Minnie Ann Barnes Blood; Herbert B. Maw; Florence Buehler Maw; J oseph Bracken Lee; Margaret Draper Lee; George Dewey Clyde; Ora Packard Clyde; Calvin Lewellyn Rampton; Lucy-beth Cardon Rampton; Scott Milne Matheson; Norma Warenski Matheson; Utah Governor’s Residences; Utah’s Capitols
The Year 1883An Enduring Legacy, Volume 7Death of General Thomas L. Kane; A New Settlement; Enjoyable Occasions; Building Progress; Growth Changes; Local Products; Artistic Endeavors; Caineville
Native PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 7Rose Daniels; Margaret Ellen Brown Smurthwaite; Peter Allan; Revecca Hendricks Merrill; Elizabeth De La Mare Tate; Emma Mary Ann Hold Oliver; Minerva E.R. Knowlton; Clarissa Amelia Cornia Putnam; Eliza Stratton Knight
Pioneer Mills and MillingAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 7Flour milling in the United States before 1870; Milling in Colonial America; Improvements in Milling 1790-1870; Oliver Evans and the Automated Mill; Flour Milling in Pioneer Utah (Pre-1869); The First Year in Salt Lake Valley; Early Water-Powered Mills; Multiple-Use Mills; Automated Mills; Advent of the Turbines; Roller Mills; The “New Process”; Three Important Pioneer Millwrights; Typical Waterwheels; Kesler-designed Flour Mills; the Unknown Kesler Mill
Chase MillAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 7Significance of the Isaac Chase Flour Mill; Archeological Excavations at the Chase Mill; Waterpower Systems at Chase’s Mill; The Partners: Chase and Young; the Millwright; Fredrick Kesler; The Major Builders; Other Figures; Millers and Managers; Chronology
Felt JournalAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 7Elizabeth Mineer Felt, Sweden, Scandinavia; My Declaration of Independence
Pioneer Art and ArtistsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 7Pioneer Artists and other Utah Artists; Dan Weggeland; Carl Christian Anton Christensen; George M. Ottinger; William Warner Major; Alfred Lambourne; John Hafen; Lorus Pratt; John Willard Clawson; John B. Fairbanks; James Taylor Harwood; Edwin Deakin; J. Leo Fairbanks; G. Wesley Browning; Florence Ware; Jack Vigos; Francis (Frank) McKay Treseder; John Henry Moser;
Pioneer Museums and Relic HallsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 7Sara Marie J. Van Dyke Carriage House; Beaver County; Box Elder County; Cache County; Davis County; Emery ounty; Elder County; Garfield County; Grand County; Iron County; Juab County; Millard County; Morgan County; Sanpete County; Sevier County; Salt Lake County; Tooele County; Uintah County; Utah County; Washington County; Wasatch County; Wayne County; Weber County; Idaho — Bonneville County, Caribou County, Cassia County, Madison County, Power County
Emigrant PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 7Tribute to the Pioneers; William Horsley; John Winn; Cynthia Elizabeth Damron Moody; Helen Niblet Huish; Napoleon Bonapart Pritchett; Rachel Taylor Fowler; James Nelse Christensen
Preserving Pioneer RelicsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 7The Beginnings; Prevent Damage; Environmental Factors; Security; Cataloging; Proper Handling of Museum Objects; Conservation of Artifacts; Framed Portraits; Photographs; Metals; Woods; Textiles; Leather; Glass; Oil Paintings; Utilizing the Collection; Tours; Help! DUP Museum Gets High Marks
The Year 1884An Enduring Legacy, Volume 8The Weather; Tragedy in Tennessee; Cyrus E. Dallin; James Sharp; Juana Maria Patti; A New Temple; New Settlements; Items of interst; A Bit of Humor
Immigrant PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 8Christian Hans Monson; Mary Allen Syddall Barnes Griffiths; Abraham Day III; Anders Jonasson Johnston; William Butler; Thomas Samual Thomas
Locality HistoriesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 8Rexburg, Idaho; Blackfoot, Idaho; Tropic, Utah; Provo, Utah; Ferron, Utah; Uintah, Utah (Weber County); Moapa Valley, Nevada
The First Latter-Day Saint ApostlesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 8Joseph Smith; Oliver Cowdery; David Whitmer; Martin Harris; Thomas B. Marsh; David Wyman Patten; Heber Chase Kimball; Orson Hyde; William E. McLellin; Parley Parker Pratt; Luke S. Johnson; William Smith; Orson Pratt; John F. Boynton; Lyman Eugene Johnson
Eli WiggillAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 8Leave England; Edward King; marriage; missionary to Bechuanaland; My Wife Visits the Colony; settle in Winterberg; War of the Axe; Move to Queenstown District; Cross the Plains; Sojourn in Davis County; Leave for South Africa; Notes on South African Mission
Pioneer VocationsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 8Feeding the People; Raising Livestock; Pioneer Housing; Logs, Stone, Brick, Saw and Shingle Mills; Instrumentalists; The Textile Industry; Tailors; Leather Industry; Tanneries; Boots and Shoes, Saddles and Harnesses; Blacksmithing; molasses mills
Pioneer FashionsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 8Guidelines from Leaders; Brigham Young; Wilford Woodruff; Eliza R. Snow; From the Press; Contemporary Fashions; Fashion Trends in Women’s Clothing; Fasion Trends in Men’s Clothing; Fashion Trends in Children’s Clothing; Clothing sources; Nancy Areta Porter Stevenson Clark; Types of Clothing; Grandmother’s Apron; Sanpete County; Utah County; Millard County; Washington County; Cache County; Iron County; Scotland; Guernsey Isle; Denmark; Wales; England; Pioneer Memorial Museum Exhibit
The Texas ExpeditionAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 8A Grandson Recounts the Pilgrimage; Heman Hale Smith; A New Group Joins the Colony; Lyman Wight’s Eulogy; Children in the Wight Family; A Declaration of Esteem; Historic Eras of Texas; Daughters of Utah Pioneers in Texas; LDS Church Members in Texas
Native PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 8Zemira Terry Draper; Emma Wright Dalley Morrill; Jacob Nathaniel Merkley; Edward Wallace Guymon; Charles Edgar Cloward Sr.; Frank Alma Argyle and Agnes Cowan Argyle; Early Fuel and Lumber Problems in Idaho
The Year 1885An Enduring Legacy, Volume 9The Weather; Special Events; Important Occasions; The Gathering Storm; Occasions of Sadness; The United Order Disbands; Provo Foundry and Machine Cmpany; News from the Settlements; Children’s Activities; Down on the Farm
Immigrant Pioneer WomenAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 9Susanna Stone Lloyd; Elizabeth Stewart Crane; Ruthinda Baker Stewart; Laura Ingeman Mickelsen; Mary Turner Clarkson Ellett; Magdalene Westenskow Funk; Sophronia Kelly Stowell; Mary Ann Allen Lowry
Sanctuary in MexicoAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 9Mexican Government Officials; Conditions in Mexico; Mormon Colonization; Dias, Juarez, Pacheco, Dublan, Oaxaca, Garcia, Chuichupa, Morelos, Utopia Lost; Oppressive Days
Christmas ReminiscencesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 9The Children’s Christmas; Early Pioneer Christmas Celebrations; Weber County; Garfield County; San Juan County; Salt Lake City; How the Pioneers of Ephraim Celebrated Christmas; The First Christmas in St. George; LaVerkin’s First Christmas; A Pioneer Christmas in Franklin County, Idaho; Weston; Christmas in Perry, Box Elder County; Pioneer Stories: When Santa Was Late; The Purple Purse; The Old House; Christmas Memories; Grandma’s Gift from Santa; Her Mouth Organ; In Gentle Valley, Idahop; Christmas Poems; My Most Exciting Christmas; Homemade Christmas Gifts from Pioneer Days
Levi Jackman – Lyman CurtisAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 9Lyman Curtis: The Thirteenth “Ten.” Life of Lyman Curtis, Pioneer of 1847; The Ninth Horseman; Two Unidentified Men
Utah RiversAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 9Spanish Era; Escalante Train; The Journey Begins; The Green River; The Trappers; The Powell Expedition; Fugitives in Paradise; Green River; The Duchesne River; White Settlement; Strawberry River; Utah Valley; Provo River; Spanish Fork River; Hobble Creek; American Fork River; Sevier River; Gunnison; A Tributary; Southern Utah; Iron County; The Virgin River; Grafton; Return to Santa Fe
Locality HistoriesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 9Kanab; Fairfield; North Ogden; Old Ashley Town; Wales, Sanpete County; Lewisville, Idaho; St. Charles, Idaho; Bunkerville, Nevada
Pioneer StoriesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 9Six Were Lost; a Resourceful Family; Tragedy at Black Rock; The Terrible Winter of 1879; An Island Home; Important Assignments; His Watchful Care; St. John’s First Settler; A Brother Remembers; Alphonse Brossard, Freighter; The Stage Driver; Courageous, Daring and Resourceful; They were Tried; Squaw Peak; Gold Canyon Jig; Green Gates in St. George; Ghost Town; Mercur
Early StoresAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 9Grass Valley Mercantile Company; Glenwood Co-op; Memories of the Williams Store; The Harding Stores; The Coalville Co-op; W.H. Freshwater Store; The Barnes Grocery Company; Union Co-operative Mercantile and Manufacturing Company; Speirs Store; Uncle Harry’s Store; St. Thomas, Nevada; The Old Time Village Store
The Year 1886An Enduring Legacy, Volume 10Visit with David Whitmer; A New Governor West Visits the Prison; The Dalton Case; News from the Settlments; Buffalo Bill; Special Occasions; Mother’s Day; Occasions of Sadness
Utah Rivers, Part 2An Enduring Legacy, Volume 10Miracle of Water; Weber River; Ogden River; Bear River; Malad River; Randolph Early Day Timber Cutting; Logan River; Uinta River; Price River; Muddy River; San Rafael River; Fremont River; Paria River; Escalante River; San Juan River; Jordan River
British ImmigrantsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 10England; William Selley; Tooele Pioneers from Lincolnshire, England, Who Crossed the Plains in 1849; Scotland; Alexander Frazier Edward; Mary Reid Cottam Wales; Elizabeth Harris Powell; Ireland; Mary Brannigan Crandal; Other Irish Immigrants
Early Foreign MissionsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 10Canadian Mission; Agnes Thompson Park Borrowman and John Borrowman; Pacific Islands; Society Islands; Sandwich Islands (Hawaii); Iosepa; European Mission; Scandinavian Mission; Denmark; Carl Christian Anton Christensen; Sweden; John Waldemar; Norway; Canute (Knut) Peterson; Christmas Holidays on the Atlantic Ocean; Pioneer Christmas Somewhere on the Trail
Jean Rio Griffiths BakerAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 10Her Journal Begins; America at Last; Among the Rockies; We Reach the Valley
Lawless OnesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 10Utah Indians; The First Indian Battle in Utah; Conditions Worsen; The Battle at Fort Utah; The Shoshone-Cheyenne Battle; Other Indian Wars in Utah; The Tooele War; The Walker War; Conditions in Sanpete County; the Tintic War; the Black Hawk War; The Hostilities Begin; Indian Atrocities in Southern Utah; Indians of Beaver County; A Navajo Incident; Outlaws; the Livestock Industry; Knaves in Zion; Grand County Sheriffs; Hideouts; Robber’s Roost Gang; From the Newspapers, Early-day Payroll Robbery Story of Castle Gate Gold “Stickup” Reflects Activities of Butch Cassidy Gang; Old Files Reveal Story of the Killing and Capture of Notorious Bandits by Posse from Here in Book Cliff Region; Butch Cassidey; Cassidy’s Sister Tells It True; Matt Warner’s Story; the Last of the Good Bad Guys; Native Americans
Markers Placed by Daughters of Utah PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 10
Early Military Forts of the WestAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 10Fort Utah; Bingham’s Fort; Camp Floyd; Another Story of Camp Floyd; Supplies Required; Destroy Munitions; For Douglas; Camp Rawlins; A Military Riot; Fort Cameron; The Fort Cameron Purchase; The Old Fort Becomes the Murdock Academy; Fort Uncompahgre; Fort Winty (Uintah); Fort Kit Carson; Fort Thornburg; For Duchesne; Fort Supply; Fort Bridger; Colorado Forts; Forts in Idaho; Nevada Forts; Fort Churchill; Fort Halleck; Early Military Forts in California
Early Pioneer FortsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 10Salt Lake City’s Old Fort; Happenings in the Fort; Union Fort; Pioneer Forts in Other Counties of the Territory; Tooele County; Tooele’s First Fort; Grantsville Fort; Clover Fort; Utah County; Springville Fort; Sanpete County; Mount Pleasant Fort; Millard County; Cove Fort; Charles William Willden; Deseret Fort; Iron County; Paragonah Fort; Fort Cedar; Johnson’s Fort (Enoch): Washington County; Fort Harmony; Weber County; Mount Fort; Ogden City Fortified; Las Vegas Fort; Arizona Forts; Fort Pipe Spring; Fort Joseph; Idaho Forts; Fort Lemhi
The Year 1887An Enduring Legacy, Volume 11The Constitutional Centennial; Celebration: The Constitution Inspired of God; Church Chronology; A Conspicuous Number, Numeral Coincidents; death of President John Taylor; Cardston, Canada; Indian Affairs; Edmunds-Tucker Law; Royal Visitor – the Hawaiian Queen; Wyoming Hermit; news of the Railraods; Book of Mormon in Spanish
Native PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 11Sarah Elizabeth Richards Robinson; Melfin Conway Morris; Sylvia Whipple Margetts; History of Edward Thomas Walton; Sarah Ellen Martin Holmes; Elizabeth Ann Udall MacFarlane; Almira Jane Nebeker Eldredge; A Thing of Beauty is a Joy Forever; William James Harris; Frank Bailey Adams
Wildlife of the Utah TerritoryAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 11Trappers, Beavers, Indians, Their Food, their clothing; Their Dwellings; An Indian Antelope Trap; Animal Legends of the Paiute Indians; How the Badger, the Skunk and the Sage Hen were Marked; How the Beaver Lost the Hair on his Tial; The Explorers; The Pioneers; Wild Animals and Fowl around Provo, Utah; Wildlife in West Jordan; Early Wildlife of Bonneville County, Idaho; Wildlife of Summit County; A Skunk Incident; A Hunting Trip; A Coyote Story; A Wolf Story; Our Experiences with a Bear; A Bear Story; Enoch Wardell’s Bear Story; Alexander G. Matheson’s Bear Story; Two Bear Experiences in the Life of John Wilford Steed; Buffalo Chips Provide Pioneers with Fuel; Pioneers Find Thrill in First Buffalo Hunt; Lost Buffalo Hunter Returns to Caravan; Huge Herd of Buffalo Blocks Pioneers’ Path; Passing Away; Sea Gulls
Remembering ChristmasAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 11First Pioneer Christmas; Happenings in the Valley; New Year Celebrations in Pioneer Times; Christmas Spirit Divine; Christmas Remembrances in the infant colony; Christmas with the pioneers; Social Life in Pioneer Days; George W. Badger plays Santa Claus; A Pioneer Christmas in Teton Valley; Christmas Gift; A Pioneer Christmas; The Plum Putting; A Home for Christmas; A Christmas Story; A Pioneer Christmas in a Lonely Cabin Brings its Own Joy; The FIrst Christmas in Mendon, Utah; Christmas in Union Fort in 1861; A Christmas Gift; again it was Christmas in the City of Mexico; Christmas Eve Weather; The Polar Wave; A Christmas Incident; Christmas on the Ranch in 1885; My First Doll; Christmas Customs in Denmakr; The Xmas Candy Box; Candy Recipe; Christmas Puddings and Cakes; Cotton and Candles; Christmas in Old Los Angeles
Early Mormon SettlementsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 11Mendon, Utah; Brief History of Croydon, Morgan County; Settlements in states surrounding Utah; the Settlement of Paris, Idaho; Clover Valley, Nevada; Snowflake, Arizona; Fruitland, New Mexico; San Luis Valley, Colorado; Grover, Lincoln County, Wyoming
Benjamin Thomas Clark and Caroline Barnes CrosbyAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 11
DUP Camps in States Other than UtahAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 11Camps in Idaho; A Brief History of the Mary Lou Camp of the DUP in Inkom, Idaho; The Old Tithing Barn; Charlotte Leavitt Baker; Camps in Arizona; Settlement of Phoenix, Margaretha Fuhrer Schlappi; a Short history of Lehi; Maria Taylor McRae; Camps in Wyoming; DUP Organizations in Star Valley, An Early History of Afton, Wyoming; An Early History of Star Valley; Piedmont, Uinta County, Wyoming, Evanston Ice Industry
DUP Camps in States Other than Utah (cont)An Enduring Legacy, Volume 11California; History of the DUP in San Diego; the Golden West Camp, California DUP; La Brea Camp of DUP; The first camp of DUP in Tice Valley, Contra Costa County; DUP Camps in Florida; Seminole Camp of DUP; Biography of Kate Homer, A Sketch of my Experiences; DUP Camps in Texas; Lone Star Camp, El Paso, Texas; Camps in Washington DC; Special History of Washington; DC County Camp; Levi Stewart Founder of Kanab Utah; DUPcamps in Hawaii, Ilima Campl. the Stained Glass Window
Children on the TrailAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 11Child of the Handcart Train; Oliver Lee Robinson; Susah Noble Grant; The Herd Boy of the Plains; Two Children on the Trail in 1852; Mary Jane Robey and Elizabeth Agnes Wood; a Young Girl’s Courage; Martha Elizabeth Ashworth Brian; Annie CHristina Peterson Wilcox, pioneer of 1857; Margaret Simmons Bennett Beck tells her childhood story; Thomas Henry Bullock; Margaret Daniels Brown Hemsley; Childhood Reminiscences; Adeline Wilson Stewart; Story of Nellie Pucell Unthank; On the Plains; Left on the Plains; Two Indian Experiences; They Were Pioneer Boys; Martha Alice Parker Woodbury
The Year 1888An Enduring Legacy, Volume 12Celestial Phenomena for 1888; The Eclipse; In Memoriam, Death of David Whitmer; erastus Snow- Apostle; A Brief History of Erastus Snow; The Death of Judge Snow; Founding of Weber Stake Academy; News from the Settlements; New Industries; the Weather; Animals in the News; Women of Note; Chicken Thieves; Visit to the Asylum; Books for the Library; A Remarkable Tree; Another Translation; Twin Brothers; A Load of Fish; Thanksgiving Day; Utah Territory; Executive Office; Dedication of the Temple at Manti; Garfield Beach
Immigrant PioneersAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 12Abraham Washburn; Rasmus Peter Christensen; Rasmus Peter Christensen in Denmark; Emigration; in Moroni, Colorado; Home to Utah; Some Facts about Moroni; Reminiscences of the Life of John (Johannes) Gerber and family; Hans Thoresen Carlston; Lemuel S. Leavitt; Israel Neilson; Elizabeth Wright Brown Parkin; Jane Golightly Winter
Daughters of Utah Pioneers Through the YearsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 12Introduction; Membership and Growth; Publications; The Pioneer Songbook; Meetings and Conventions; The Pioneer Memorial Building; Relics; Flags and Banners; Markers; The Riter Cabin; The Chase Mill; Saramarie J. Van Dyke Carriage House; Immigrant Pioneers Commemorated; the Days of 47; Community Affairs; Tree Planting; Kate B. Carter Remembered; A New Era; National Election; Blacksmith Shop; Care of Faded Documents; Pioneer Book and Brochure; Slide Show and VCR; Coloring Books; Publishing Pioneer Histories; The Legacy; Membership; Markers; Pioneer Memorial Museum; District Conventions; New Administration
Christmas ReflectionsAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 12Pioneers’ Christmas; Christmas in the Settlements; Garfield County; Christmas 1849, Manti, Utah; Christmas in Cache Valley; Sana Claus at Eagle Rock; A Happy Event; Christmas in Oak City, Utah; Christmas in the Missions; The First General Conference in England; Christmas 1882; Rambling Thoughts for the Latter-day Saints’ Children; From Various Mission Fields; Christmas at the Lion House; The Julia Dean; Christmas Carols; “Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains;” Christmas at Highland Boy; Christmas with the Donner Reed Party (Donner Party); The Christmas Gift; Empty Stockings; Christmastime; The Season Comes But Once a Year
Pioneer Journals (Eliza Dana Gibbs and Nannie Anderson)An Enduring Legacy, Volume 12Eliza Dana Gibbs (1813-1900); The Hefferan Story; The Autobiography of Nannie Amelia Erickson Anderson (1855-1939)
Locality HistoriesAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 12Utah, Box Elder County, Brigham City; Salt Lake County; Sugar House; Utah County; Palmyra and Spanish Fork; Millard County; Fillmore; Fillmore’s Little Rock Schoolhouse; Golden Anniversary; The Little Rock Schoolhouse; Sanpete County, Spring City; Washington County, Santa Clara
Pioneer PotpourriAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 12Stories of pioneer life in Utah; early life in Utah; a pioneer story; pioneer food; a true pioneer story; erly reminscences; the first state fair in Utah 1856; an Indian raid on Hawthorne Dell Ranch; An exodus from Manti, 1880; Pioneer Music; Frederick Weight; Pioneer Musician; A Great Musical Instrument; Music in Early Ogden; Charles W. Penrose; Pioneer Industries; the Cutting and storing of ice in early days; The Story of Dayne’s Music and Jewelry Businesses; Pioneer Possessions; the Necklace of Elizabeth Sansom Barnes; The Chair that Rocked across the plains; DUP Camp Histories Almaden Valley Camp; History of Sequoia Camp DUP; the Old Mill
Graves Along the Pioneer TrailAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 12The Wayside Graves on the Pioneer Trail; Rebecca Burdick Winters; At the Grave of Rebecca Winters; Heartbreak in the Signey Tanner Family, A Quadruple Tragedy; Pioneer Baby Grave Marked; Three in the Depths of the Sea; Nephi Aaron Folland; Jonathan H. Hale and Family; Lydia A. Edmunds Hunter; Arnold Stevens; Anson Pratt; Alpheus Gifford; Dorothy Elizabeth Plumer Bissell; David Baldwin; Abram Evans; Jane Terry Tarbox Young; Lollie Anderson’s Death on the Plains; Danie Harrocks; Sarah Cordon Coulam
Missions to the IndiansAn Enduring Legacy, Volume 12Indians and Home; Tuba’s Religion; William Lee, Missionary to the Indians; Indians at Deep Creek; The Indian Burial; Fifty Years an Indian Missionary; the Moqui or Ariba Indians; Cases of healing; life threatened; President Wilford Woodruff visits the Lamanite Mission; President John Taylor; Lived Forty Years Among the Indians; Charles Pulsipher, Missionary to the Indians; Mission to the Indians; Indian Territory Mission; Indian Missionaries; The First Missionaries to the Indians; Indian Missions; Twenty-two years among the Indians; A Summary of our Lamanite Missionary Work “Lamanite Song of Thanks” Native Americans
A Century Ago: 1889Chronicles of Courage, Volume 1Oath of Office; A Grat Celebration; Centennial Inauguration Day; National Holiday; A New Church President; New Governor; Capitol Building; Daylight for Utah; Inauguration of General RElief Society Conferences; The Young Woman’s Journal; New Religious Institutions; The Marist Fathers; Sacred Heart Academy; Congregation Montefiore; Utah Population; The Coming Census; Wyoming News; Snake River Notes; Parowan Paragraphs; Notes from Mendon; Notes from Elsinore; from Cache County; Provo Festival; Beautiful Star Valley; Panguitch Paragraphs; Recreation and Amusement; Old Folks Excursion; A Visit to Prison; Mr Edison the Inventor; The Germ of Diptheria; A New Bank Building; City Market Building Fire; The Atlantic Storm: Special Care for the Saints; The Relief Movement; A Hawaiian Princess; A Local Attraction; Miscellaneous; To Save Two Hours; Slaughter of Chickens; Wanted Some Socks; Runaway in salt Creek Canyon; Deseret News Advertisements; Buttermilk as a medicine; To Make Home Happy; Punctuality; Autumn Leaves
Native Pioneer HistoriesChronicles of Courage, Volume 1Betsy Jane Hancock Shurtliff; Martha Maria Meacham Burton; Joseph Hans Christensen; Fanny Louisa Steed Meadows; Frederick William Hurst; Mary Emma Langston Stout; Laura Christina Bastian Van Orden; Arletta Cloward Simmons
Richards FamilyChronicles of Courage, Volume 1Joseph Richards; Rhoda Richards; Phinehas Richards; Wealthy Dewey Richards; Franklin Dewey Richards; Jane Snyder Richards; Samual Whitney Richards; Mary Haskin Parker Richards; Mary Amelia Richards Streeper; Joseph William Richards; Nancy Richards Peirson; Hepzibah Richards; Levi Richards; Sarah Griffith Richards; Levi Willard Richards; Louisa (Lula) Greene Richards; Sego Lily; Willard Richards; Jennetta Richards Richards; Dr. Heber John Richards
Social Life and Recreation of the Utah PioneersChronicles of Courage, Volume 1Socializing in the settlements; Recreational life in Cache Valley; Early Day Amusements in Weber Valley; Evanston, Wyoming’s Historic Ice Cream Social; Pioneer Entertainments in Richfield; Pioneer Dancing; Winter Recreation; Dancing in the Bear Lake Stake; Dancing in Weber County in Pioneer Days; Dancing in Kanab; An Old-Time Dancing Party; Beaver’s Wood Dance; Pioneer Music; Spirit of Music in Utah; Music and Band in St. George; Ogden’s Famous Brass Band; The Swiss Band of Midway; Theater in the Wilderness; the Social Hall; The Salt Lake Theater; Old Home Dramatic Club; Fuller’s Hill; Pioneer Parks and Resorts; Liberty Park; Garfield Beach; Holidays; the First Thanksgiving; Pioneers’ First Christmas; Christmas in Bear River; Fourth of July; Tenth Anniversary of the Coming of Poineers; Pioneer Day Celebration in Parowan; Pioneer Sports and Games; Baseball in Weber Valley; Baseball in Provo; Sports in Cache Valley; Recreation in Wasatch County; Games in Pioneer Days
Pioneer Journals (Peter Wilson Conover and Cathrine Winget and Robert Pixton)Chronicles of Courage, Volume 1Journals of Peter Wilson Conover; Cathrine Hulet Winget; Robert Pixton
Law and Order in Early UtahChronicles of Courage, Volume 1Early Mormon Law and Order and the First Utah State Penitentiary; The First Prison Warden of Utah; Francis (Frank) McKay Treseder; Rules for the Government of Convicts; Isabelle Maria Harris
Foreign Emigrant HistoriesChronicles of Courage, Volume 1The Italian Mission; Narrative of Elder Thomas Margetts; Susette Staley Cardon; Converts from the British Isles; Though Hard to You This Journey May Appear; Isaac Conway Morris and Sarah Elizabeth Henderson; William Van Dawson Burnett; Scandinanvian Emigrants; Mission of Erastus Snow to Scandinavia; Emma Matilda Backman Peterson
Landmarks and Events Along the Historic Mormon TrailChronicles of Courage, Volume 1Nauvoo to Winter Quarters, Pioneer Trail; Handcart Pioneers; Church Trains from 1860 to 1869; Railraod; National Trails System; Illinois; Iowa; Montrose Landing; Sugar Crossing; Locust (Shoal) Creek; Garden Grove; Mount Pisgah; Mormon Lake; Indian Town; Kanesville (Council Bluffs); Mormon Ferry; Nebraska; Elkhorn River Crossing; Liberty Pole Camp; Indian Station; Genoa Historic Site Marker; Loup River Crossing; Mormon Trail Rest Area; Fort Kearny; Buffalo First Sighted; One Hundredth Meridian; Sandhill Ruts; The Odometer First Used; Ash Hollow; Indian Lookout; Ancient Bluff Ruins; Courthouse Rock; Chimney Rock; Rebecca Winter’s Grave; Scotts Bluff; Prayer Circle Bluffs; Fort Laramie; Fort Platte; Mexical Hill; Register Cliff; Guernsey Ruts; Warm Springs Canyon; Porter’s Rock; Heber’s Spring; Natural Bridge; Mormon Ferry; Emigration Gap; Rock Avenue; Willow Springs; Prospect Hill; Independence Rock; Devil’s Gate; Martin’s Cove; Split Rock; Three Crossings; Ice Spring Slough; Willie’s handcart Graves; Burnt Ranch; South Pass; Parting of the Way; Simpson’s Hollow; Mormon Knoll; Church Butte Historic Site; Fort Bridger; Oil Springs; The Needles; Cache Cave; Echo Canyon; Hog’s Back Ruts; Big Mountain; Emigration Canyon; This is the Place
Pioneer Uses of CanyonsChronicles of Courage, Volume 1Lime; Weber County; Washington County; Red Butte Area; Limekilns; The Brockbank Bicentennial Park; Red Butte Quarries; Rock Quarries; Little Cottonwood Canyon; Bell Canyon; Timberlands; Ogden Canyon; American Fork Canyon; Tyng Mine; Huntington Canyon; Meetinghouse Canyon; Rilda Canyon; Knuck Woodard Canyon; Trail Canyon; The Fork; Crandall Canyon: A View of Big Cottonwood Canyon; LDS in Brighton; the Ferguson Gold Mine; Parley’s Canyon
A Century Ago: 1890Chronicles of Courage, Volume 2Manifesto; Official Declaration; Politics of Utah Territory in 1890; Political Campaign Recalled; Torchlight parade; Lawn Fete; A Song, Equal Rights, A Legislative Act for Grand County, Judge Charles S. Zane; Idaho Becomes the 43rd State; Wyoming becomes 44th; Agricultural College; Courses of Instruction; Domestic Arrts; Mechanical and Civil Engineering; General Equipment; Weather Notes; A Phenomenal Winter; The Blockade in Cache; Migratory Muttons; Two Renowned Musicians; Ebenezer Beesley; Evan Stephens; Salt Lake’s First Music Festival; The Mexican Colonies; Obituaries of Note; The Death of Anson Call; Death of John C. Freemont; The City of Nauvoo; Happenings of interest in 1890; Freedonia, Arizona Organized as a Branch; Establishment of Stockyards in Utah; the Hawaiian Colony
Pioneer of Faith, Courage and Endurance (Peter Isaacson)Chronicles of Courage, Volume 2Peter Isaacson by President Thorpe P. Isaacson; George Albert Goodrich; Lucy Clements Hale; Ann Boyack Ririe; William Gibson Wilson; Samuel Haycock and Eliza Stredder; Phebe Holbrook Harding; Alfred Fisk Stout and Mary Emma Langston; Incidents I Remember of my Father and Mother by Millenium Matilda Hall; Nanny Longstroth Richards
Woodruff FamilyChronicles of Courage, Volume 2Revered John Lothrop, Aphek Woodruff, Wilford Woodruff, Extract from Wilford Woodruff’s Book Leaves From My Journal; Wilford Woodruff, the Farmer; Letter; Phoebe Whittemore Carter Woodruff; Wives of Wilford Woodruff; Children of Wilford Woodruff; Mary Ann Jackson Woodruff; History of James Jackson Woodruff; Emma Smith Woodruff; Abraham O. Woodruff; Sarah Brown Woodruff; Sketch of Phoebe Arabell Woodruff Moses; Sarah Delight Stocking Woodruff
Participation of Women in Utah’s Pioneer HistoryChronicles of Courage, Volume 2The Woman Pioneer; The First Pioneer Women in Utah; Harriet Page Wheeler Young; Clara Decker Young; Ellen Sanders Kimball; The Women of Utah; Women in the Grange and as farmers; women of Utah in Education; Women of Utah in Philanthropy; Women in Politics; Women of Utah in Literature; Women of Utah in Medicine; Eliza R. Snow; Emmeline B. Wells, Pioener Women and Pioneer Ways
Pioneer AutobiographiesChronicles of Courage, Volume 2August Adrainus Hjorth; Mission Experiences; 22 Years with the Indians (Native Americans); Short Story of August A. Hjorth; Robert Leeming Fishburn
Lakes of Utah in Pioneer DaysChronicles of Courage, Volume 2The Great Salt Lake; Utah Lake; Tragedy on Utah Lake; The Fish of Utah Lake; Bear Lake; Sevier Lake; Funk’s Lake; Fish Lake; an Indian Legend; Panguitch Lake; An Old Letter; Navajo Lake; Silver Lake at Brighton; A Group of Wasatch Lakes; Naming of the Wasatch Lakes; A Mountain Lake at Dawn
Mormon CorridorChronicles of Courage, Volume 2The Opening and Development of the First Route from the Rockies to the Pacific; Jefferson Hunt’s 1848 Pack Trip to Southern California; Jefferson Hunt, Pilot for the Forty-Niners; Parley P. Pratt and the Southern Exploring Company; George A. Smith and the Settlement of Parowan; Organization of Iron County; Settlement of San Bernardino
Early LDS Church HistoriansChronicles of Courage, Volume 2Recording our Past; DUP Contribution; The Manuscript Collection; Oliver Cowdery; Testimony; John Whitmer; George W. Robinson; Elias Higbee; Willard Richards; George Albert Smith; Albert T. Carrington, Orson Pratt; Wilford Woodruff; Franklin D. Richards; Anthon H. Lund; Andrew Jenson
Contributions of Non-Mormons to UtahChronicles of Courage, Volume 2History of Episcopal Reverent in Utah; Samuel Unsworth; History of Early Jewish Pioneers; The Pioneer Jews of Utah; The Watters Brothers; Abraham Watters; Ichel Watters; Charles Popper; Nicholas Siegfried Ransohoff; the Kahn Brothers
A Century Ago: 1891Chronicles of Courage, Volume 3Introduction: disbanding the people’s party; President Benjamin Harrison’s visit to Utah; Obituaries of note; Daniel H. Wells; George W. Hill; Lucy Decker Young; Death of King Kalakaua; Mormons in Mexico; Old Folks Day; An Episode in the Life of Sarah Pilling Marsing; Tidings from the Towns; New sfrom Snowville; News Notes from Panguitch; Notes from Midway; A Trip to Sanpete; Items of Interest from the Millennial Star of the year; A Statue of Brigham Young; A visit to Box Elder County; Women’s Press Club notes
Settlement BuildersChronicles of Courage, Volume 3Janette Osborne Murdock McMullin; Malinda Grimlin Lewis Moody; Kumen Jones; “Aunt Mary” Nielson Jones; Lydia May Lyman Jones; Joseph Johnson; Sarah Elizabeth Allen Cameron; Life Sketch of Sarah Ann Clark and Erastus Harper Rudd; The Rugged Trail; Walter Rampton 1866-1949; the Use of Tobacco; Richard Edmon Redden; Archibald Duncan
Pioneer Buildings of Early UtahChronicles of Courage, Volume 3Pioneer Homes; The Architectural History of Utah; Vernacular Architecture [Native to the Region]; Stylistic developments; Spring City and its Unique Pioneer Architecture; the Gardo House; the Devereaux Mansion; Truman O. Angell, journal entries; William Harrison Folsom; Salt Lake City and County Building; St. Paul’s Episcopal Church
Women of Note and Christmas StoriesChronicles of Courage, Volume 3Protagonists of our Pioneer Culture; Martha Marie Hughes Cannon; Prescendia L. Kimball; The Deseret Hospital; Memoir of Romania Pratt Penrose, M.D.; Ellis Reynolds Shipp, M.D.; Elizabeth B. Howard; How Pioneers Celebrated Christmas; Celebrating the Holidays in Brigham Young’s Day; The First Christmas in the Valley
An Early Journal and Diaries (Robert Warne Reeve, John Reeve)Chronicles of Courage, Volume 3Journal of Robert Warne Reeve, Jr. (1838-1913); Diary of John Reeve; John and Mary Lyman
Locality HistoriesChronicles of Courage, Volume 3Salt Lake County; Salt Lake City; Tooele County; Grantsville; Iron County-Cedar City; Sanpete County; Ephraim; Nicknames for Ephraim’s Early Settlers; Washington County — Shunesburg, Cleveland; Weber and Davis Counties; Hooper, Utah; Early History; Captain William H. Hooper
Scouts at Devil’s GateChronicles of Courage, Volume 3
Pioneer LettersChronicles of Courage, Volume 3Sarah D. Rich; Caroline Hopkins Clark; Edward Arthur Smith; Richards’ Family Letters; Almira Mack Letters; George Busby; Thornton Letter; Christina Bagley Bickmore; Letters to Catherine Messam Smith; Elisha H. Davis; Military Letter; On the Salmon Mission; Letter from Genoa Nevada; Life in Bunkerville
Canadian PioneersChronicles of Courage, Volume 3Canada; Cardston, Alberta; Other Beginnings; Cardston’s First Christmas (1887); Newspapers; Land dedication and temple site; Cardston Schools; Early Canadian Wards; Raymond, Alberta; Daughters of Utha Pioneers Museum in Raymond; Mary Lucretia Hyde Woolf; John Anthony Woolf III(; Sarah Fish Smith McGregor; Alice Bevan Anderson Moves to Cananda; Mormon Women in Souther Alberta; The Pioneer Years; Contributions of the Mormons in Canada
A Century Ago: 1892Chronicles of Courage, Volume 4From Andrew Jenson’s Chronology; Brigham Young Academy; Amoung the Mormons; The Society Islands Mission; The Hawaiian Colony; The Relief Society Jubilee; Essay on the Relief Society; Laying of the Temple Capstone; Arrangement of the Assemblage; Apostle Lorenzo Snow; Wilford Woodruff; The Procession; the Hosanna; Resolution; Benediction; the Multitude; the Statues of Moroni; The Finials; A Witness of the Placing of the Capstone on the Salt Lake Temple; News Items from the Millennial Star; Advertisements from the Deseret News, First Presidency Declaration on the Church and Politics; Frank H . Dyer
Ancestral Histories From the British IslesChronicles of Courage, Volume 4Ann Rushen Keys Paxman; Mary Ward Heap Savage; Maria Gill Clayfield; An Unknown Grave; Richard Collings and Emma Lawrence Collings; Handcart Song; Archibald McFarland; Mary Standing (1825-1894); Grandmother’s Experience (Sarah Ellen Stone Wheeler); William Garrett; Francis and Emma Gabbitas Beardall; George Matthew and Mary Elizabetion Spratling Webster; Autobiography of Carolne Rachel Wakefield Fitt
Leading Ladies of the Dramatic ArtsChronicles of Courage, Volume 4Mercy Ellen Westwood Tuckett; Annie Asenath Adams Kiskadden; Maude Adams; Sara Ann Alexander; Agnes Hogg McEwan; Margaret Gay Judd Clawson; Julia Dean Hayne; The Julia Dean Sleigh; Emma Green Bull; An Excellent Art Specimen; Viola Pratt Gillette MacFarlane; Ada Dwyer Russell; The Irwins and Brigham’s Big Ten; Salt Lake Theatre
Pioneer Autograph Albums and ScrapbooksChronicles of Courage, Volume 4Autographs; Charles C. Rich Collection; Ella Miller; Miriam B. Adair; Joanna Gregory Angell 1877; George Washington Adair; Cornelia N. Kelsay; Johnathan S. Harvey Autographs 1880-1883; Minnie Jane Fisher Ellsworth (1891-1894); Martha Dent Lolly; Orenie Smart; Maud Estella crane; Scrapbook Clippings; Out of Albums; the Fun Spot of the Gay Nineties was the Salt Palace at Ninth and Main; Cornerstone of Capitol is Laid; Tribute to the Pioneers; Governor William Spry; President Joseph F. Smith; Mayor Samuel C. Park; Famed S.L. Residence and the Woman Who Gave it to Utah; Kearns Home Accepted as Governor Mansion; Prophet’s Courtship
Extracts from the Journal of Henry W. BiglerChronicles of Courage, Volume 4Journal: January 1847; January 1848
Journal of David L. DavisChronicles of Courage, Volume 4
Pioneer Music and MusiciansChronicles of Courage, Volume 4Pioneer Day Musicians; Pioneer Choirs; Eddy Q. Dutson and the History of Oak City Ward Choir; The Old Ward Choir of Fillmore; 1877 Grand Jubilee Featured Voices of 4,000 Children; Bands and Orchestras of Pioneer Days, Their Music was Simply Grand; Pioneer Days and Martial Music; George Kirkham and the Kirkham Brothers Orchestra; Pioneer Day Composer and Performers; George Percy Edward Careless; Evan Stephans; History of Joshua and Jemima Midgley; Charles John Thomas; History of Adam Craik Smyth; Women Musicians Who Pioneered the Arts in Fledgling Utah; Autobiography of Nellie Druce Pugsley; Musical Highlights; George Manwaring’s song about the vision of “boy prophet”
Pioneer Health CareChronicles of Courage, Volume 4The Word of Wisdom; Hulda Cordelia Thurston Smith; Dr. George W. Hickman; A Miracle in the Desert; From the Journal of LaFayette Guyman; Prejudice Against Doctors; Margaret Cooper West; Priddy Meeks; Toothache; Alexander Neibaur; Dr. C.H. Bird; Willard Hancy; Medical advertisements; Drugstores; Godbe, Pitts and Company; ZCMI; Dr. John L. Dunyon; Mary Hyde Woolf
Locality HistoriesChronicles of Courage, Volume 4History of Almo, Cassia County, Idaho; A Testimony of the Almo Massacre; Locality History of Oakley, Cassia County; Eagle Causes School Problems; Oakley School Borrows Stuffed Eagle; The City of Rocks; Hisotry of Southern Raft River Valley (Bridge, Naf, Strevell); History of Starrh’s Ferry; Bingham Canyon (A Narrow Street with a broad outlook); Discovering the Bingham Copper Mine; A Locality history of Eureka, Uah (Its beginnings, growth, peak and decline); Early History of Fort Duchesne; How Woodscross Received its Name; Hunter; How Squaw Peak Got Its Name; Panguitch, Marysvale, Utah
A Century Ago: 1893Chronicles of Courage, Volume 5Utah polygamists won Amnesty on way to Statehood; The Amnesty Granted to Mormons; Dedication of the Salt Lake Temple, April 6; Temple Song; I Attended the Salt Lake Temple Dedication; Hosanna Anthem; President Wilford Woodruff, An Autobiography; The Saltair Beach Pavilion; Moonlight at Saltair; The World’s Fair (Columbian Exposition); Utah at the Fair; Utah in Good Shape; Missionary Work of the Friendly Islands; News from the Hawaiian Kingdom; Musical Notes; Panoramic National Concert; The Mormon Tabernacle Choir in St. Louis. Obituaries; Peregrine G. Sessions. Death of one of England’s first converts; Death of Colonel Little; Elsie Edge Booth; Third Hymn; Faint From Thirst; Observing St. David’s Day; the Author’s Club; Woman Suffrage
Don Carlos Driggs – A Native PioneerChronicles of Courage, Volume 5Don Carlos and May Robison Driggs; Don Carlos Driss — Growing Years; My Story by May Jerusha Robison Driggs; First Winter; First Store in Teton; the Decade Ends; New Century; The Train to Driggs; The Eventful Teens; During and After the War; Don (by his son Douglas H. Driggs)
Pioneer Poets and PoetryChronicles of Courage, Volume 5Introduction; Faye Little Alvey; Daughters of the Utah Pioneers, Your Morning Ritual; Edwin Parker and the Telegraph; Poems by Edwin Parker; Pony Express; In the Evening of Life; Memories of the Old Thatched Cottage; Our Summer Outing; Our School; Tell me; A Character Sketch; Memories of the Plains; The Shore of the Great Salt Lake; Great God to Thee Our Voices Raise; Anne Nielsen Petersen; The Old Homestead; My Mother; Eliza R. Snow; O My Father; Emily Hill Woodmansee; Providence is Over All; Alexander Neibaur; Come Thou Glorious Day of Promise; Orson F. Whitney; The Mountain and the Vale; Harvest Festivals; God Speed the Plow; John Jaques; O Say What is Truth; Charles N. Carrol; Farewell; John Lyon; Impromptu; Charles W. Penrose; Blow Gently Ye Wild Winds; Charles L. Walker; Dixie’s Pioneer Poet; Dearest Children, God is Near You; Hannah T. King; Memorial Day; Alfred Lambourne; Wilhelmina Marie; Ellis Reynolds Shipp; A Petition; Reba Beebe Pratt; Reflections; Joseph L. Townsend; An Unknown Grave; J.W. Ward; Be True to Thyself; Thomas Frazier; Live and Let Live; Thales Haskell; Kate Willie Angell; The Old Schoolbook; Kate C. Snow; What Money Cannot Buy; Eva Wanda W. Wangsgaard; To Our Utah Pioneers; Ann Woodbury Hafen; A Ballad of the Days of ’49; Eleanor Bigler Heppler; Memoirs; Mabel Jarvis; Gift of the Sego Lily
Woman’s ExponentChronicles of Courage, Volume 5A Utah Ladies Journal; History of the Woman’s Exponent; Our Position, Kind Words; Louisa Green Richards; Emmeline Blanche Wells; Women’s Rights and Wrongs; Statehood; Humor and Diversions; An Adventure, On and In the Water; Nearer Home; Home Affairs; Crossing the Atlantic; Suffrage in the Territories; Home Affairs 1873; Household Hints; Woman’s Work in the Garden; The Grand Jubilee; From Dixie; The Children’s Jubilee; Obituary of Emeline B. Young; Pens and Scissors; Celebration of President Brigham Y oung’s Birthday at St. George; Sericulture; Funeral services of President Brigham Young; Lines sung at the funeral of Brigham young; the Edmunds Bill
Private Journal of William HydeChronicles of Courage, Volume 5Early Years; Eastern States Missions; Nauvoo, Illinois; Southern States Mission; Council Bluffs; Mormon Battalion March; Salt Lake Valley Trek; Winter Quarter’s Trek; Omaha to Salt Lake Valley Trek; Australia Mission
Pioneer PotpourriChronicles of Courage, Volume 5The Honeymoon Trail; He Built the Impossible Building; Battle of Bear River; Adobe: An Enduring Mud; Isabella Gray Park, the Gift; The Dedication of Our Home; Dance; Ballrooms, Once a part of our cultural heritage, are memories; Clarinda Cynthia Hill Beus; Utah’s First Cloth; A Short Account of the Organization of the Panguitch Militia, March 21, 1865; the Last Outlaw; The Deseret Alphabet; Richville Gristmill; The Old Organ; A Threshing Story
Scandinavian ImmigrantsChronicles of Courage, Volume 5The Beginning of the Scandinavian Mission; Iceland; Gisli Gislason Budvarson; Denmark; Christian John Larsen; Karen Sorensdatter Beck; Norway; Autobiography of Olaus Johnson; Children of Olaus Johnson and Paulina Thomsen; Children of Olaus Johnson and Anna Helena Dyresen Amundsen Johnson; Anne Marie Pederson Carlston and Hans Carlsen Carlston
Markers Placed by Daughters of Utah PioneersChronicles of Courage, Volume 5From Marker 434 to Marker 473
Indian Tribes and the Utah PioneersChronicles of Courage, Volume 5Origin of the Indians; The Federal Policy; President Young’s Indian Policy; Trival Domains and Living Styles; Manners, Customs and Legends of the Utah Indians. Young Woman’s Journal 1917; Indians Leave Mark in State Names; Indian Chiefs; Ouray and Chipeta; Chief Guffick; Chief Kanosh; Chief Washakie; Chief Pocatello; Chief Wakara (Walker); Indian Stories; The Pahutes; Ida Ann Rice; An Indian Woman; Indian Burial; Ira Hatch; Jim Injun; Indian Aggressions; Deseret News 1860; Indian Lemuel, A Member of the Piede Tribe; Battese, the Ute Indian; The Ute Indian; Hunkupp and Puissant; Hunkupp; Puissant; The Navajo; Black Hawk’s Last Raid 1866; Rules of Conduct with Indians. Native Americans
A Century Ago: 1894Chronicles of Courage, Volume 6The End of an Era 1887-1896; Discourse by President Wilford Woodruff, April 1894; Excerpts from President Wilford Woodruff’s Journal, Vol. 9; The Pioneers Celebrate at Saltair; Railroad Worker’s Strike; The Great Strike; Two Women’s Attitudes Regarding the Manifesto; Josephine Christensa Monson; Excerpts from the Autobiography of Annie Clark Tanner, Farmington Home; Salt Lake City and County Building Dedicated, December 28, 1894; New Building Site and Plans; Some Humor from the Deseret News; A Red Letter Day; Feminine Hints; Women’s Rights; Articles from the Woman’s Exponent; The Tendency of the Age; A Fireside Talk with my Sisters; The Need of the Hour; Economy; The Old and New Year; The Abuses of Christmas
Faith, Endurance and Success of British EmigrantsChronicles of Courage, Volume 6The Opening of the British Mission; Mary Ann Wood Watt Brown; Brown Family Heirloom; A Short Life Remembered; Sarah Jane Holding Bryden; A Wonderful Recovery After Accident; Pioneer Destiny — the Life of Mary Ann Chapple Warner, 1862-1944; Esther Beilby H eaton; Isabella Jane Bradshaw Astle; Elizabeth Anderson Howard; Ralph Snowball
Brigham Young Excursions to the ColoniesChronicles of Courage, Volume 6Letter from Vilate Murray Kimball to Her Sons; Brigham Young’s Excursion Party; A Hazardous Journey; Brigham Young’s Visit to Bear Lake Country; Remarks by President Brigham Young, Sunday, May 22, 1864; Souther Trip to Valleys of the Sevier River; Colonel Kane and His Wife Travel with Brigham Young; “We Rode the First Train to Sandy”; How Sandy Got Its Name; History of Sandy Kinghorn; The Manti Temple (1877-1888); President Young Selects Sites for Ogden and Provo; President Brigham Young Visits Moroni; Sanpete County; I remember My Grandmother’s Story
Reminiscences of Pioneer ChildhoodChronicles of Courage, Volume 6The Maturity of Pioneer Boys; Lorenzo S. Clark; Edwin Pettit; Evan (Bach) Stephens; What It Was Like To Be A Teenage Pioneer; The Childhood of Hannah Daphne Smith Dalton; A Child Goes to Emery County; Margaret Simmons Bennett Beck; I, Too, Was a Pioneer Child; Ole and Maren Hansen Pederson, pioneers of 1861; Wagon Train Incident; A Pioneer Home That Two Little Girls Helped to Build; Some Christmas Days of Long Ago; The Bells of Peace
Journal of Mosiah Lyman HancockChronicles of Courage, Volume 6
Locality HistoriesChronicles of Courage, Volume 6Idaho, The Settling of Amon; The Colonization of Maughan’s Fort (now Wellsville, Utah); A History of Morgan County; Peterson; Milton; Littleton; Richville; Porterville; East Canyon; Croyden; Chinatown; Morgan City; South Morgan; The Weber Canyon Road; Como Springs; Draper; Glenwood; Milford; The History of Beaver County; Leeds: The Territorial Capital in Fillmore
The Millennial StarChronicles of Courage, Volume 6Editor’s Address to His Patrons [May 1840]; Late from America; Falsehood Refuted [1840-1841]; Atrocious Attempt to Assassinate the Queen and Prince Albert; Mormon Battalion [1848]; Exploring Tour From the Missouri to the Pacific [1848]; Dreadful Tornado — Destruction of the Temple Walls [1850]; Home Correspondence; Editorial: Cherokee Mission [1856]; Memorial to Congress [1858]; The Members and Officers of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Utah to hte President and Congress of the United States; The Rebel Army [1858]; News from California [1858]; An Address to Mothers; Passing Events [1858]; Statement of the First Presidency [1911]; Charles W. Penrose, Second Counselor in the First Presidency [1911]; Dr. James E. Talmadge, the New Apostle [1911]; Birthday is Mother’s Day [1911]; To My Son; Making Friends in South Africa [1911]
Welsh EmigrantsChronicles of Courage, Volume 6A Heritage of Hardy Pioneers; Going Home; A Search for Roots; Gather to Zion; The New Plan; The Ship S. Curling; Captain Edward Bunker; 1856 Emigrant Stories; Thomas John Rees and Margret Davis Rees; a Remarkable Cure (1840); Henry Davis Rees; Margaret Jenkins Rees; Wales
Rugged Men of the WestChronicles of Courage, Volume 6Ephraim K. Hanks (King of the Western Scouts); Andrew Smith (The Hero of Linister); Orrin Porter Rockwell (Old Port); William Hickman; A Son’s Tribute; Jacob Hamblin; Lot Smith; John Riggs Murdock (Champion Horseman); Major Howard Egan (Pioneering the West); William Henry Streeper (Pony Express Rider)
A Century Ago: 1895Chronicles of Courage, Volume 7Introduction: Utah’s Constitutional Convention; Watching Utah; The Constitution; The New Star; The National Conference of the National american Woman Suffrage Association; Celebrating Statehood; President Cleveland’s Proclamation; Chinese New Year; St. David’s Day; The Fourth of July at Saltair; The Day at Garfield; Indians ad the Fourth; Pioneer Day; At Big Cottonwood; At Eureka; At Richfield; At West Weber; the Eistedfodd is Ended; President Woodruff’s Visit to Alaska; Obituaries of Lucy Ferguson, William Elmer, John H. Gilbert, Elder Robert Skelton, Caroline Elizabeth Dye, Death of Utah Pioneer Lorenzo D. Young, Emma Gull, Circus in the City
State of DeseretChronicles of Courage, Volume 7Provisional Government; Reorganization Under Brigham Young in 1848; Size of the State of Deseret; The Gold Rush; Deseret is Functioning
Governors of the Territory of UtahChronicles of Courage, Volume 7Meaning of the word “Utah”; Selecting a Site for the Capitol of Utah; Founding of Fillmore City; The State House; Holding of Utah Legislature at Fillmore in 1855; Salt Lake City Becomes the Capitol of Utah; Reducing the size of Utah; The State of Deseret; Governor Brigham Young; Governor Alfred Cumming; Activing Governor Francis H. Wootton; Governor John Dawson; Acting Governor Frank Fuller, 1861-1862; Governor Stephen S. Harding; Governor James Duane Dotty; Governor Charles Durkee; Actiging Governors; Governor J. Wilson Shaffer; Governor Vernon H. Vaughn; Actiging Governor George A. Black; Governor George L. Woods; Governor Samuel Beach Axtel; Governor George W. Emery; Governor Eli H. Murray; Governor Caleb W. West; Governor Arthur L. Thomas; Governor Heber M. Wells
Signers of the Utah ConstitutionChronicles of Courage, Volume 7Members of the Constitutional Convention Chosen; What Becoming a State Means to Utahns; John Henry Smith; Friedrich Johan Kiesel; Rufus Albert Allen; Charles Carroll Goodwin; John Foy Chidester; Thomas Kearns; William Howard Jr.; John Lycurgus Johnson; David Keith; Karl Gottfried Maeser; Elias Morris; Francis Asbury Hammond; Thomas Henry Clark, Jr.; Samuel R. Thurman; Orson F. Whitney; Heber M. Wells; Franklin Snyder Richards; Joel Ricks; Harrison Tuttle Shurtleff; Moses Thatcher; Brigham Henry Roberts; William Bowker Preston; William Harrison Maughan; Edward Partridge
Statehood CelebrationsChronicles of Courage, Volume 7A State is Born; The Proclamation Issued by President Cleveland; the State of New State; Utah Celebrates Statehood; The Statehood Inaugural Celebration; Governor Hever M. Wells Inaugural Address; Inaugural Festivities from the Viewpoint of Women; Inaugural Ball Artifacts; First Flag Raised; Triumphant Callipes; the United States Forty-Fifth Star Flag; Citizens Set to Observe Thirty-Ninth Anniversary of Statehood of U tah; Utah State License Plates; Utah State Governors
Woman’s Place in the ConstitutionChronicles of Courage, Volume 7The Struggle for Equal Rights in Utah, 1895; The Constitutional Convention; Ruth May Fox, Forgotten Suffragist; Diary; Miss Susan B. Anthony and Reverend Anna Shaw; Susa Young Gates; Utah Distinguished Daughter; Zina Diantha Huntington Young; Women and Voting
Utah’s Neighboring States Receive StatehoodChronicles of Courage, Volume 7California, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon
New State of UtahChronicles of Courage, Volume 7First Session of the State Legislature; First State Law Passed; Politics of Early Statehood; A New Era for the LDS Church as Utah Enters Statehood; Observations on the First State Legislature; Utah’s First State Governor; Heber Manning Wells; The University of Utah — a Personal Account from an Alumnus; Mercur Plans a Celebration for January 4, 1896; Physical Culture in the state of Utah; Other Events in the State in 1896
Charles A. Scott’s Diary and Letters Written by Elizabeth CummingChronicles of Courage, Volume 7Charles Scott’s Diary and letters; New York to Camp Floyd, Utah Territory 1857 and 1858; Letters written by Elizabeth Cummings
A Century Ago: 1896Chronicles of Courage, Volume 8Inaugural Program; National Guard Orders; Hark to the Signal; Utah is a State; Another Prophecy Fulfilled; New State Song; Patriotic Piute; At Parowan; Cannonville; Huntington; Panguitch; Southern California: Topics of the Time; Parley’s and the Park; Healed of Blindness; Buried in a Coal Mine; the 150th Anniversary of the Journey of the Ship Brooklyn; Death of Apostle Abraham H. Cannon; Rio Grande Western Railway; The People’s Canal; Among Fairview Farmers; The Woman’s Vote; Uncertainty as to This City and County; Home and the Kitchen; A Beauty Talk; Fashions Sensibe and Pretty; Our Airlments — Rheumatism
Selected Histories of Pioneers of UtahChronicles of Courage, Volume 8Lousa Minnerly Shumway; Charles Sperry; Charles Porter Squires; George Washington and Betsy Elizabeth Kroll Bradley; Alexander Cowan; Archibald Sullivan; Laura Lucinda Reed Steed; Dudley Leavitt; Friend of the Indians
Early Pioneer Life in the Great Salt Lake ValleyChronicles of Courage, Volume 8Early Pioneer Life in the Great Salt Lake Valley; John Smith’s Life — One of Hardships; Great Salt Lake City as Seen by an Itinerate Gold Seeker en route to California in 1849; the Mormon Meeting House; Pioneer John Brown; Zion Spreads her Branches; Early Pioneer Communication
Return of the Mormon BattalionChronicles of Courage, Volume 8History of the Call of the Mormon Battalion; Return of the Sick Detachment, Pueblo, Colorado, Captain Nelson Higgins, Captain James Brown; James Stewart; The Return of the Battalion from Southern California; Henry Green Boyle; William Bailey Maxwell; William Bryan Pace; Return of Battalion Members from the Gold Fields of Northern California; Sergeant Daniel Tyler; Letter from Henry W. Bigler to George A. Smith; Azariah Smith; Reunion of the Mormon Battalion; Mormon Battalion Song
Sesquicentennial Year – Thomas L. KaneChronicles of Courage, Volume 8The Mormons; Nauvoo; The Exiles; The House of the Lord; Built by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; Council Bluffs; The Pioneer Camp; the Pioneers of Utah; The Crickets then the Gulls; The Land of Gold; Kane’s Final Tribute
Non-Mormon Immigrants to UtahChronicles of Courage, Volume 8Non-Mormons in the First Company of Pioneers; Miles Goodyear, Utah’s First White Settler and Other Mountain Men; Early Jewish Settlers in Utah; Early Protestant and Catholic Churches in Utah; Catholic Church; Episcopal Church; Presbyterian Church; Methodist Church; Congregational Church; Baptist Church; Lutheran Church; Epilogue; Excerpts from the journal of Richard Thomas Ackley, A Sutler at Camp Floyd; Matthew Cullen; John Fitch Kinney; Two Celebrations of the Fourth of July; Mormon Celebration; Non-Mormon Celebration
Story of TransportationChronicles of Courage, Volume 8Church trains; An Account of One Church Train Under the Direction of Weber, Cache, and Box Elder Counties; Freighting in the Great Basin; Overland Stagecoaches and Freighting; Freighting Experiences of Amos George Arnold; a Stagecoach Robbery and Romance; Chilean L. Miller; Edward Milo Webb; Daniel Melville; A Load of Sugar; Freighting in the Uintahs; Early Modes of Transportation in Uintah County; John S. Wells; A Wyoming Freighter; Jordan River Toll Bridges; Upper Snake River Ferry Near Heise Hot Springs; Dixie Toll Road; Parley P. Pratt’s Toll Road; A Tribute to the Builders of 1869; Letter from a Laborer on the Railroad; Letter written to Celebration Committee; Further Remembrances of Seymour B. Young; Excerpts from the Journal of Warren G. Child; The Calico Road; A Network of Small Railroads and Streetcars
The White Indian BoyChronicles of Courage, Volume 8Elijah Nicholas Wilson; Pioneer Days; My Little Indian Brother; Off with the Indians; The Great Encampment; Breaking Camp; Village Life; My Indian Mother; The Crows; Papoose Troubles; A Long Journey; The Big Council; Homeward Bound
Pioneer EducationChronicles of Courage, Volume 8Education in Early Utah; Elementary Schools of Utah 1847-1875; Early Schools in Weber County; An Early Utah School; The Social Hall Private School; Mary Ann Elizabeth Watmough and Her School; the First Free School in Utah; The University of Deseret; The Parent School; Morgan College; Early School Teachers; Karl Maeser; John Rocky Park; Orson Spencer; William Eddington; Education in other Western States; University of Nevada; Hannah Keziah Clapp, Pioneer Educator; Ricks College, Rexburg, Idaho; The Deseret Alphabet
History of Box Elder CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 1Fremont Indians; Shoshone Indians; Trappers and Explorers; James Bridger; John C. Fremont; Pioneer Settlements in Box Elder County; Willard; Perry; Brigham City; Box Elder County Courthouse; Box Elder Flouring Mill; The Co-op; Brigham City Woolen Mill; Baron Woolen Mill; Box Elder Tabernacle; Harper (Call’s Fort); Promontory and the Golden Spike; City of Corinne; Bear River City; Honeyville; Grouse Creek; Garland; Tremonton
Pioneers of Box Elder CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 1Samuel Young; Annora Coleman Boden; William James Kimber; Mathew William Dalton; Martha Ann Roberts Arbon; Arnold Goodliffe; Elihu Ulysses Pettingill; Sarah Jane Loveland Steed; Julius Emil Carl Martin Rohwer; Jonathan Taylor Packer; Niels Christensen; Omer Call; Homer Call
History of Rich CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 1Bear River; Monte Cristo Peak; Crawford Mountain; Randolph; Another Remembrance of Randolph; Little Red Brick School on Sage Creek; Woodruff; Notes from Wilford Woodruff’s Journal; Meadowville; Excerpts from the Minutes of Meadowville Relief Society; Memories of the Ole Mattson Home in Meadowville; Garden City; Laketown; Restoration of Relief Society Hall; Round Valley; Argyle; Pickleville
Jedediah M. Grant’s Westward TrekPioneer Pathways, Volume 1Trip Across the Plains to Utah; Life on the Plains; Franklin Wheeler Young; Christmas in Winter Quarters, 1846; Christmas in the Salt Lake Valley
Pioneers of Rich CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 1Savannah Van Western Clarke Putnam; Randolph Hockaday Stewart; John Snowball; Janet Leishman Moffat; Saw Mill Tragedy; Julius Augustus Caesar Austin; Alexander Sims; Mary Ann Batty Smith; Annie M. Harris Spencer; Henry Bluemel; Hans Heinrich and Anna Barbara Hoffman
History of Cache CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 1White Men Enter the Valley; How Cache Valley Got its Name; First People in the Valley; Bear River Massacre; The Ranching Period. Settlement; Spring Creek – Providence; Logan; Diary of Ralph Smith; The Logan Temple; The Logan Tabernacle; Further Settlements; Brigham Young College; The United Order in Cache Valley; True Bear Story as told by Frank Clark; DUP Museums in Cache Valley; Treats to Satiate a Pioneer Appetite; Cache County Business Directory
Pioneers of Cache CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 1Cache Valley Women; Susanna Goudin Cardon; First Temple Matron; Polly Ann Edwards Gunnell; Francis Gunnell; Henry Ballard; Gertrude Marie Hansen; Louisa Lula Green Richards; Jane Molen
History of Morgan CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 1History; Morgan School District; Union Pacific Railroad; Natural Landmarks; Croydon; Enterprise; Littleton; Milton; Morgan City; Mountain Green; Trapper Cold War; Peterson; Porterville; Richville; Round Valley; Stoddard
Pioneers of Morgan CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 1Thomas Jefferson Thurston; Peter Rock Sr., Peter Rock Jr. Esther Charlotte Emily Wiesbrodt Francis; Thomas Condie; Excerpts from the Journal of Charles Turner; Elizabeth Robinson Condie; David Eaton Henderson; Caroline Ager Compton; Richard Fry; Nancy Warriner Porter; Charles Screeve Peterson; John Gibby; Ira Newton Spaulding; Judson Lyman Stoddard; Thomas Rich Sr.; Roswell Stevens
History of Sevier CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 2Prehistory Fremont Indians; The Sevier River and Valley; Trails and Wagon Roads in Sevier Valley; Mormon Pioneers; Indian Troubles; Sevier County Evacuated; Resettlement; Grass Valley – Koosharem and Burrville; Annabella; Aurora; Austin; Elsinore; Central; Joseph; Glenwood; Monroe; Salina; Sigurd; Sevier City; Richfie;d Redmond; Venise; DUP Companies and Camps
Pioneers of Sevier CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 2Niels Mortenson Peterson (Lynge); Johannah Mathilda Berg Westman; Enos Curtis and John White Curtis; Abraham Daniel Washburn; Isaac Sampson and Martha Hendrix Sampson; Jane Day Bradbury; Caroline Sophia Sorensen Buchanan; Mary Christina Johnson Parsons; Gabriel Marion Utley and Sophia Minerva Burgess Utley; Joseph Smith Staker; Niels Sorensen and Anna Maria Anderson Sorensen
History of Sanpete CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 2Manti; Spring City; Ephraim; Mount Pleasant; Fountain Green; Fairview and Surrounding Communities; Gunnison; Fayette; Axtell; Centerfield; Chester; Dover; Wales; Morrison; Sterling; Trees; Sanpete Barns, Railroad
Return of the White Indian BoyPioneer Pathways, Volume 2Elijah Nicholas Wilson; Year of the Move; Johnston Punishes the Indians; The Overland Stage; Trapping with an Indian; Working on the Indian Reservation; Frontier Troubles; Addendum
Pioneers of Sanpete CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 2Peter Monson (Peder Mogenson) ; Hans Jorgen Hansen; Elizabeth Warren Allred; Chief Walker (Walkara); Martha Anderson (Larsen) Sorensen; Isaac Young Vance; James Stewart; Nathan Faux; John Patten Jr.; Isaac Morley; Jehu Cox and Sarah Pyle Cox; Madison Daniel Hambleton; Carl Christian Anthon Christensen; Johanna Anderson Hansen; Ann Price (Washburn) Rees; Ole Christoffer Olsen
History of Piute CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 2Creation of Piute County; Mountains and Valleys; Mining; Marysvale; Bullion City and early Mining; Circleville; Junction (City Creek); Kingston; Greenwich; Grass Valley; Otter Creek Reservoir; Angle; Kimberly; Webster; Alunite; Boltenheim (Bolonheim); DUP in Piute County
Pioneers of Piute CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 2Sarah Ann Sweet Sudweeks; William Rudd; Matilda Robison King; Kimberly as I remember Her; John J. Ackerman (Jan Jochemson Akkerman); Some Early Settlers of Piute; Henri Edward (Edouard) DeSaules; Juliaetta Bowen Dalton; Laban Morrill; Robert Leroy Parker (Butch Cassidy)
History of Wayne CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 2Early Beginnings; Learning to Live Together; Interesting Events; Industry of Wayne County; Roads; Schools; Medical Services; Wayne County Towns; Fremont; Loa; Lyman; Thurber-Bicknell; Teasdale; Grover; Torrey; Junction-Fruita; Pleasant Creek-Notom; Alridge; Blue Valley – Giles; Caineville; Elephant; Hanksville; Robbers Roost; Conclusion
Pioneers of Wayne CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 2Benjamin Franklin Brown; Hans Peter Nielsen; Benjamin Godfrey Turner and Susan Olds Turner; Anna Maria Sabin Young; Andrew Jackson Allred; Mending the Pig; Elijah Hiett Maxfield and Helen Alcy Tanner Maxfield; Bathsheba Blackburn Grundy; John and Gepkie Degroot White; Willis Eugene Robison; Hans M. Hansen; Josphe Eckersley; Albert King Thurber; The Oldroyd Family; Ebenezer Hanks; George Brinkerhoff; Aurilla Sperry Chappell
History of Duchesne CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 3Ute Lands and People; Ute-Mormon Relationships; Ute Agencies; Fort Duchesne; The Opening of the Reservation; Smith Wells; Duchesne County Communities and the Making of Utah’s Twenty-Eighth County; The City of Duchesne; The Fight to Locate the County Seat; Early School Days; Roosevelt; Pioneering in Uinta Basin; The Queen of the Reservation; Myton; Tabiona and Hanna; Bluebell; Neola
Pioneers of Duchesne CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 3Warren P. and Lula Maud Phillips Mecham; John Henry Jones and Clementine Curvier Coe Jones; Martha Jane Miles Edwards; The Hancocks and Hancock Cove; Growing Up on an Expermental Farm; The Uinta Basin Provided an Ideal Environment for Growing Alfalfa seed and Chasing Butterflies; Edgar Fernando Harmston; Nora D. Workman Mathews; A. M. Murdock; Christian Cyrus Larsen; The Legend of the Rhoades Gold Mine; The Move to Duchesne; Secret of Swasey’s Hole; Sarah Ann Arbuthnot Gibboney; Emma Cowan Wimmer; Austin Garr Burton; Minnie Esther Johnson Farnsworth; Willard and Agnes Hanberg Family; Wilard Day Family
History of Summit CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 3Echo; Henefer; Grass Creek; Coalville; Upton; Hoytsville; Wanship; Rockport; Peoa; Oakley; Kamas; Marion; Francis; Woodland; Park City; Ghost Towns of Summit County
Pioneer Women MusiciansPioneer Pathways, Volume 3Ellen Knowles Melling; Lavinia Triplett Careless; Ann Fellows; Edna Helena Coray Dyer; Lucy May Hilton Green; Ida Gillies Horne White; Nellie Druce Pugsley; Ann Hughlings Pitchforth; Mary Holroyd Thomas and Ellen Thomas Nelson; Hannah Last Cornaby; Women Musicians Who Pioneered the Arts in Utah; Recollections of Early Women Musicians
Pioneers of Summit CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 3James E. Bromley; Brigham Young Jr.; Jemima Angell Young; Marion Frazier; Sarah Ann Thomas Paskett; Charles Richins; Edward Powell II: William Emanuel Chappell; Jacob Huffman; Julia Treby Simms Stone; Stephen Nixon; James Elijah Malin Sr.; Charles Northrop Woodard; Abraham Robert Marchant; Jane Elizabeth Burbidge Lemon; Emily Smith Hoyt; William Wolstenholme (Woolstenhulme); Sidney Boyer Thayne; Susanna Bransford Emery Holmes Delitch Engalitcheff (Silver Queen); Thomas Kearns; George Beard
History of Wasatch CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 3Settlement of Wasatch County; Provo Valley in 1860; The Year 1861; Organizing a New County; The Valley Prospers; Early Government; Religious Activities; Pioneer Education; Early-Day Indian Problems; Other Early Buildings and Businesses; Water for Irrigation; Rio Grande Western Railroad; Midway; Charleston; Wallsburg; Daniels; Center Creek and Lake Creek; Soldiers Summit; Hailstone; Keetley; Strawberry Reservoir
Pioneers of Wasatch CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 3Finity Daybell and Mary Draper Daybell; Dr. Johannes (John) Gerber; Anna maria (Mary) Ackeret Gerber; John Horrocks and Ann Horrocks; Ellen Walmsley Clegg; William Madison Wall; John Wesley Witt; Attewall Wootton; John Ulrich Probst and Anna Barbara Kiener Probst; William Lindsay and Mary Mair Lindsay, Joseph Stacy Murdock; Pernetta (Nettie) Murdock; Mary Murdoch Mair McMillan
History of Uintah and Daggett CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 3Early History; Trappers, Traders, Explorers, and Outlaws; Native Americans; Early Mormon Settlement of Uintah/Daggett; Creation of Uintah County; Education; Transportation; Vernal; Jensen; Maeser; Dry Fork; La Point; Tridell; Ouray Valley Settlements; Gusher; Manila; Linwood
Pioneers of Uintah and Daggett CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 3George Albert Goodrich; Aaron Daniels; Jeremiah Hatch; Anthonette Marie Olsen Lybbert; Thomas Bingham Sr.; Minnie Crouse Ronholdt Rasmussen; Ison Dart; A Celebration I Remember (1889); Pardon Dodds; George Freestone; Dr. Harvey Coe Hullinger; Pamilla Ann Harder Anderson; Robert Snyder; Simon Peter Dillman
History of Carbon CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 4Early Inhabitants; The Coal Mining Industry; Price; Helper; Wellington; Winter Quarters; Scofield; Castle Gate; Sunnyside; Spring Glen; Kiz; Hiawatha; Kenilworth; Clear Creek; Harper; Other Mining Camps; A 1947 Tour of Carbon County
Pioneers of Carbon CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 4Martha Ellen Powell Grames; Keziah Jane Jones Stewart Empey; Sally Ann Barton Oldsen and Peter Isaac Olsen; William Price II; Jefferson Tidwell; The Robbers Roost Gang; Sarah Jane Shields Plumb Powell; John Ammon Powell; Charles William Grames; Albert Eals McMullin; George Frandsen; Pioneer Women of Carbon County; Alpha S. Ballinger; Scott Elliott, English Lord; Pierre Moynier Sr. Tells His Story
History of Emery CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 4Huntington Canyon; Cleveland; Elmo; Lawrence; Castle Dale; Orangeville; Ferron; Clawson; Molen; Emery; Casper; Moore; Woodside; Green River; Ghost Towns; Joe’s Valley; Death in an Indian Camp
One Hundred Years of DUPPioneer Pathways, Volume 4Organization of Daughters of Utah Pioeners; Presidents 1901-2000; Daughters of Utah Pioneers Presidents; Membership Eligibility; The Pioneer Memorial Museum Building; The Saramarie J. Van Dyke Carriage House; The FIre Engine Exhibit Hall; National Award; Annie Taylor Hyde; Alice Merrill Horne; Maria Young Dougall; Susa Young Gates; Lily Clayton Wolstenholme; Isabel Madalena Whitney Sears; Zina Prescinda Young Card; Elizabeth Richards Wright; Laura Hyde Merrill; Elizabet Ann (Annie) Wells Cannon; Elizabeth Ann Pugsley Hayward; Flora Bean Horne; Fannie Carrington Woodruff; Kate Crawford Snow; Cornelia Sorenson Lund; Ida Josephine Murdock Kirkham; Kate Bearnson Carter; Emma Reeve Olsen; Eileen Robinson Dunyon Christensen; Helen Robinson; Louise Carlsen Geren; Mary Abbott Johnson
Pioneers of Emery CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 4Sarah Bedford Pilling Marsing; Elias Cox; Abram G. Conover and Elizabeth Loveless Conover; Francis Grundvig; Isabella Caldwell Kofford; Talitha Cumi Garlick Avery Cheney; Orange Seeley and Hannah Olsen Seeley; Wiley Payne Allred; Lucinda Elmer Hill; Henry Herman Oviatt Sr. Casper Christensen; Henry George Mills and Eliza Ann Horsley Mills; Charles Pulsipher; Newell Knight Beal; Michael Webster Molen; Mary Wood Wilson; Joseph Wrigley and Ann Singleton Wrigley; Mary David Reid Biddlecome. Niels Christiansen (Jensen)
History of Grand CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 4The Spanish Trail; Early Settlement of Spanish Valley; Moab; Organization of the Baptist Church in Moab; Government; The Law and Outlaws; Recreation After 1890; Industries; Castle Valley; Dewey; Thompson; Cisco; Elgin; Westwater; Ghost Towns of Grand County; Pinhook Battlefield; Scenic Attractions; Indian Rock Art
Pioneers of Grand CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 4Early Days in Moab; Ghillie Ann Haze Smith Brack (Grandma Brack); Felix Grundy Murphy Sr. John Newton Smith Roberson; John Carlos Wilcox and Violet Westwood Wilcox; Irene Kennison Luster Berry Powell; Charles (Bachrach) Berry; John Henry Standifird and Fanny Argyle Standifird; Thomas Pink Trout; Gertrude Mary Price Thomson; Richard Dallin Westwood; Henry Holyoak; Hannah Gittins Somerville; Andy Swanson; Joseph Burckholder; Dr. J.W. Williams; Alfred G. Wilson; Maryette Pearce Stewart; Angus Murry Stocks; William Jasper Augustus Meador
History of San Juan CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 4The Old Spanish Trail; White Explorers and Indians; Autobiography of James L. Davis; Hole-in-the-Rock; Appreciation Expressed; Bluff; Other Treasures of San Juan County; Grayson (Blanding): Blue Mountain; Monticello; Bloomfield; La Sal; South Montezuma (Verdure)
Pioneers of San Juan CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 4Lemuel Hardison Redd; Silas S. Smith; James Harvey Dunton; George Brigham Hobbs; Francis Ashbury Hammond; Sarah Williams Perkins; The Indians: Amasa M. Barton; John Albert Scorup; Frederick I. Jones; Twenty-Fourth of July Tragedies; John Reese; Lucretia Lyman Ranney; Joe Bush; Eliza Ann Westover Redd; Lucy Zina Lyman Redd; Tom Ray; Severena Jensen Christensen; Edwin, Caroline and Augusta; John Allen; John Adams; Bluff
History of Iron CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 5Parowan, Paragonah; Cedar City; Iron City; Enoch; Summit; Hamilton Fort; Kanarraville (Kanarra); Modena; Newcastle; President Brigham Young’s Remarks on Iron County; Iron MIssion Pioneer Journal
Pioneers of Iron CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 5George Albert Smith; Jesse Nathaniel Smith; Ellen (Nellie) Pucell Unthank; Thomas Durham; Tarleton Lewis; John Miller Stoddard; Sally Penn Barton; Lucinda Baker Topham; Isaac Chauncey Haight; Autobiography of Joel Hills Johnson; Lorenzo Wesley Roundy
History of Kane CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 5Kanab; Orderville; Glendale (Berryville); Mount Carmel (Winsor or Windsor); Alton (Upper Kanab, also Roundy’s Station); Johnson; Skutumpah; Pahreah (Paria); Adairville; Pipe Spring (Arizona); Moccasin (Arizona); Fredonia (Arizona); Other Kane County Forts; Crocodile; The Village Smithy; Mollies Nipple; Lees Ferry (Arizona); Organization of the Kane County Daughters of Utah Pioneers
Two Men of Faith (John Menzies Macfarlane; Jacob Hamblin)Pioneer Pathways, Volume 5John Menzies Macfarlane; Jacob Hamblin
Pioneers of Kane CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 5Richard Smith Robinson and Elizabeth Wootton Robinson; Artimesia Snow Woolley Seegmiller; Margery Wilkerson Stewart; William Heber Clayton; Victor Prescott Cram and Esther Almeria Johnson Cram; Louisa Bonelli Hamblin; Autobiography of Ruth Elizabeth Greenhalgh Cram; Margaret Robertson Jackson Buchanan; other prominent women of Kanab; Early homes of Kanab
History of Garfield CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 5Panguitch (Fairview); Panguitch Lake; Hillsdale; Asay (Aaron); Hatch (Hatchtown); Recollections of Harriet Hatch Asay; Mammoth Creek Hatchery; Bryce Canyon; Tropic (West Valley); Cannonville (Clifton); Henrieville; Escalante; Boulder; Anasazi Indian Village and State Park; the Circle Cliffs; Antimony (Clover Flat, Grass Valley, Coyote); Osiris; Henderson; Widtsoe (Adairville, Winder); Lake Powell; Hite
Pioneers of Garfield CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 5Panguitch (A Poem); Myra Mayall Henrie; The Houstons; The Old Social Hall; the Old Jail; Claus Harp Home; Martin William (Fahy) Foy; Inger Kerstine Madsen Ipson; John Morrill; Seth Johnson; Clara Armeda Excell and Reuben Carlson Syrett; The Ghost Town of Losee; Daniel Goulding; James Lewis Thompson; Escalante Homes, Farms, Gardens and Barns; William Henry Deuel; Andrew Peter Schow; Morgan Richards; Suzanna Goldthrope Heaps; Mary Alice Barker Shurtz; The Rhoda Perry Organ; Suzannah White; McCullough Family Tragedy; The Day I Wore Mother’s Corset
History of Washington CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 5Pioneer Expeditions to Washington County; Fort Harmony and New Harmony; Tonaquint; Fort Clara, and Sana Clara; Pine Valley; Pinto; Mountain Meadows Massacre; Washington; Pintura (Bellevue); Toquerville; Harrisburg; Leeds; Silver Reef; Virgin; Grafton; Rockville; Springdale; Zion; Saint George; Bloomington; Hebron; Enterprise; La Verkin; Hurricane
Pioneers of Washington CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 5Erastus Fairbanks Snow; James Lang Bunker; Marcellus Edward Bracken; Oswald Barlow; Manomas Lovina Gibson Andrus; William Lang; the Paisley Shawl; The Story of My Life; Hannah Terry Terry; Susanna Porritt Barnes; Zaidee Walker Miles; Christopher Lister Riding; The Saint George Tabernacle; The Washington County Courthouse; The Saint George Temple (St. George Temple)
History of Beaver CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 6Settlement of Beaver County; Beaver City; Manderfield (Indian Creek); North Creek; Pine Creek; Minersville (Lower Beaver); Dams at Blue Lake; Greenville; Adamsville; Milford; The Tanners and the Tanner House; Frisco and the Horn Silver Mine; Newhouse; Morrissey (Sulpherdale); Beaver Stake Tabernacle; The Beaver Woolen Mills; Stone Homes and Buildings in Beaver; Beaver Co-op Store; Thompson Hall; Fort Cameron and the Murdock Academy; Beaver County Courthouse; Edward Bird Home; The Beaver Opera House
Pioneers of Beaver CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 6Mary A. Greenwood; Sam Gentry; Larkin Waters; John Bradshaw; John J. Watson; The Twitchell Family; John Riggs Murdock; Adeline Myria Bohn Puffer; Little Enos; On the Way to Frisco; Annie Elizabeth Huey Slaughter; William Edwards; The Willdens; David Barclay Adams; Jane and Watkin Rees; Lucy Hannah White Flake; Blacksmiths, Last Rites
History of Millard CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 6Fillmore; Holden; Scipio; Hatton; Kanosh; Meadow; Cove Fort; Flowell; Hinckley; Deseret; Oak City; Delta; Leamington; Lynndyl; Sutherland; Woodrow; Sugarville; Abraham; Garrison
Woman’s Exponent and Pioneer Christmas StoriesPioneer Pathways, Volume 6The Woman’s Exponent; A Utah Ladies’ Journal; Pioneer Christmas Stories
Pioneers of Millard CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 6Alexander Melville; Reuben McBride; William Felshaw; Lewis Brunson; Thomas Callister; Nathan Bennett Baldwin; Ira Nathaniel Hinckley; John Styler; Benjamin Hancock Robison; Lars Nielson; Anson Call; Ann Green Dutson Carling; George Crane; Elizabeth Dana Gibbs; Lemira Lewis Rawlinson; John Ashman; George Finlinson
History of Juab CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 6Nephi; Mona; Levan; Mills; Starr; Little Salt Creek; Four-Mile Creek; Nortonville, Tintic; Eureka; Knightsville; Mammoth; Silver City; Ironton; Diamond; Callao; Trout Creek; Fish Springs Pleasant Valley; Joy; Goshute Indian Reservation; Partoun
Pioneers of Juab CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 6Martha Spence Heywood; William Greenhalgh; John Vickers; Charles Sells Jr. and Sarah Cato Sells; Thomas Gustin and Mary Peterson Gustin; Thomas Sutherland and Annie Tunbridge Sutherland; Ephraim Ellertson and Lona Lorraine Swasey Ellertson; Matthew McCune; Ann Midgley Grow McCune; Thomas Job and Thomas Daniel Job; History of the Chase Ranch; William Arnold Rose; Jesse Knight; David Salisbury; Annice Gentry Parker and William Joseph Parker; Other Prominent Pioneers of Juab County
History of Tooele CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 6How Tooele Got Its Name; Native Americans of Tooele County; Hastings Cutoff; Early Pioneers in Tooele Valley; Tooele City; Grantsville (Twenty Wells, Willow Creek); Richville (Mills, Milltown, Milton, Millvale, Mill Pond); Erda (Rose Springs Fort, Bates Ranch, Batesville); Lake Point (E.T. City); The Great Salt Lake Beach Resorts; Lincoln (Pine Canyon, Lake View, Shields Station); Stockton; Rush Valley (Shambip, Clover, St. John); Vernon; Ajax (Center, Puckerville); Ibapah (Deep Creek); Faust; Pony Express Stations in Tooele County; Ophir; Mercur (Lewiston); Gold H ill; Skull Valley; Iosepa; Wendover
Pioneers of Tooele CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 6John Rowberry; The Harrison Herman Severe Family; John Shields; Hilda Anderson Erickson; Luke Samuel Johnson; Hannah Jane Shaw Burridge; Rachel Matilda Ferguson Felt and Charles Felt; Emma Johnson Atkin; Abraham Fawson and Louisa Kilpack Fawson; Mary McLachlan Meiklejohn; Charlotte Howell Woods
History of Davis CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 7Bountiful (Sessions Settlement); West Bountiful; Woods Cross; North Salt Lake; Centerville; Farmington; Kaysville; Layton; Fruit Heights; The Great Salt Lake; South Weber; Sandridge Communities
Pioneers of Davis CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 7Daniel Coon Davis; Lot Smith; The Cowley Family; Early Schools in South Davis; Vilate Muir Winegar Reminiscenses; The Man Who was Banished; Elizabeth Mils Oakden Whitaker; The Old Whitaker Home/Centerville Museum; Joseph Bodily and Isabella Phillips Bodily; Christopher Layton; Sarah Barnes Layton; The Duerdens; Ida Ann Rice Wilcox; “Indian Annie”; The Legend of Billy Williams; William Reed (Reid) Smith; Mary Elizabeth Ricks Smith; A Tragic East Wind; Richard Erastus Egan
History of Weber CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 7Ogden; Harrisville; Farr West; Slaterville; Marriott; Wilson Lane; Plain City; North Ogden; Pleasant View; Ogden Canyon; Huntsville; Liberty; Eden; Burch Creek; Riverdale; Uintah; Roy; Kanesville; Hooper; Fremont Island; Utah Hot Springs
Pioneer Era Buildings in Salt Lake CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 7
Pioneers of Weber CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 7Peter Skene Ogden; James Brown Jr. Lorin Farr; Chauncey Walker West; Martin Henderson Harris; John Marriott; Friedrich John Kiesel; Gilbert Belnap; Warren Gould Child Sr. James Gourley Widdison Sr. Mary Wilson Montgomery; Christopher Olsen; Folkman; Richard Slater; John Crow Thompson; Jennette Evans McKay; David Eccles; Mary Sharp Cox; Jesse Fowers; William W. Fife
History of Utah CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 7Early Exploration of Utah County; Early Mormon Expeditions to Utah County; The Walker War in Utah County; Provo (Fort Uah); American Fork (Lake Citgy); Lehi (Sulpher Springs, Dry Creek, Evansville); Pleasant Grove (Battle Creek); Alpine (Mountainville, Fort Wordsworth); Springville (Hobble Creek); Payson (Peteetneet); Spanish Fork (Palmyra); Salem (Pond Town); Santaquin (Summit City); Spring Lake; Cedar Fort; Fairfield, Camp Floyd; Goshen; Lakeview; Vineyard; Benjamin; Mapleton; Lake Shore; Highland; Orem; Thistle; Resorts on Utah Lake
Pioneers of Utah CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 7David Evans; Rhoda Barnes Snell; Horace Roberts; Stephen Chipman; James Aitken and Mary Ferguson Aitken; Jonathan Oldham Duke; Edward Robinson; Henson Walker Jr.; Mary Green Walker; Hannah Whitcomb Haws; James Washington Loveless; Susan Amelia Childs Noakes; Nancy Adeline Kennedy Wilkins: George Gotlieb Zimmerman and Juliana Hoke Zimmerman; Harriet Austin Jacobs
History of Salt Lake CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 7A New Beginning; First Ward; Second Ward; Third Ward; Fourth Ward; Fifth Ward; Sixth Ward; Seventh Ward; Eighth Ward; Ninth Ward; Tenth Ward; Eleventh Ward; Twelfth Ward; Thirteenth Ward; Fourteenth Ward; Fifteenth Ward; Sixteenth Ward; Seventeenth Ward; Eighteenth Ward; Nineteenth Ward; Twentieth Ward; Twenty-First Ward
History of Salt Lake CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 7Emigration Canyon Area; Fort Douglas; The Big Field; Mill Creek (Millcreek); Sugar House; Holladay (Cottonwood); South Cottonwood; Granite; Butlerville; Danish Town; Brighton; Emmaville; Alta; Union; Murray; Sandy; Draper; Crescent; West Jordan; Midvale (East Jordan); Welby; Taylorsville-Bennion (North Jordan); South Jordan; Herriman; Riverton; Bluffdale; Granger; Hunter; Pleasant Green; Magna; Ragtown and Snaketown; Garfield; Bacchus; Bingham Canyon; Highland Boy; Lark
Franklin County and Southeastern Bear Lake CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 8Symbols of Idaho; Franklin County; (Old Fort); Whitney; Preston (Head Meadows, Worm Creek, Poverty Flat); Mink Creek; Oxford; Clifton; Dayton; Fairview; Mapleton; Stringtown; Treasureton; Weston; Bear Lake County; Paris, Bloomington, St. Charles
Bear Lake and Caribou CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 8Bear Lake County; Fish Haven; Montpelier; Geneva (Thomas’s Fork Valley); Bear Lake Stake Tabernacle (Paris Stake Tabernacle); Bennington; Bern; Dingle; Georgetown; Lanark; Liberty; Nounan; Ovid; Raymond; Sharon; Wardsboro; Caribou County; Soda Springs; Gem Valley (Gentile Valley, Mount Valley); Niter; Chesterfield Valley; Henry; Freedom; Wayan
Oneida, Bannock and Power CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 8Oneida County; Malad; Cherry Creek; Samaria; St. John; Holbrook; Gwenford; Pleasantview; Woodruff; Stone; Bannock County; Marsh Center; Woodland; Arimo; McCammon; Swan Lake; Cambridge (Nine Mile); Virginia; Robin (Garden Creek); Downey; Pocatello; Lava Hot Springs; Dempsey; Inkom; Chubbuck; Power County; American Falls; Rockland; Neeleyville; Arbon
Lewis and Clark TrailPioneer Pathways, Volume 8The Louisiana Purchase; The Northwest Passage; The Journey of Exploration; Meriwether Lewis; William Clark; The Four Chiefs; Sacagawea (Bird Woman); Jean Baptiste Charbonneau
Oregon TrailPioneer Pathways, Volume 8Francis Parkman’s Account; Early Pioneers; Forts and Landmarks; The Marcus and Narcissa Whitman Tragedy; Establishment of Government; Alternate and Cutoff Routes; Additional Routes Being Researched; Oregon Trail Association
Cassia, Minidoka, Twin Falls, and Jerome CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 8Cassia County; Albion; Elba; Sublett; The City of Rocks; Almo; Basin; Oakley; Starrh’s Ferry; Malta; Burley; Declo (Marshfield); Stanrod; Naf, Bridge, and Strevell; Minidoka County; Heyburn; Rupert; Paul; Acequia; Twin Falls County; Buhl; Filer; Kimberly; Historical Names and How They Came to Be; Jerome County; Hazelton and Eden
Bingham and Jefferson CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 8Bingham County; Blackfoot; Moreland; Groveland; Riverside; Thomas; Riverton; Wapello; Shelley; Firth; Basalt; Aberdeen; Sterling; Tilden; Pingree; Jefferson County; Menan; Annis; Lewisville; Lorenzo; Ririe; Rigby; Mud Lake, Camas and Hamer
Bonneville CountyPioneer Pathways, Volume 8Idaho Falls; Taylor’s Bridge; Eagle Rock; Iona; Ammon; Lincoln; Ucon; Shelton; Coltman; Ozone; Bone; Heise; Swan Valley
Lemhi, Butte, Custer, and Madison CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 8Lemhi County; Salmon; Leesburg; Tendoy; Gilmore; Junction City; Leadore; North Fork; Soup; Cobalt; Gibbonsville; Custer County; Challis; Mackay; Chilley; Butte County; Arco; Lost River City; Darlington; Moore; Madison County; Rexburg; Sugar City; Salem; Hibbard; Plano; Edmunds; Burton; Independence; Lyman; Archer; Herbert; Thornton; Moody Creek; Canyon Creek
Clark, Fremont, and Teton CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 8Clark County; Dubois; Spencer; Kilgore; Idmon; Humphrey; Winsper; Small (Lower Medicine Lodge); Edie (Upper Medicine Lodge); Fremont County; St. Anthony; Teton City; Egin; Parker; Wilford; Marysville; Ashton; Newdale; Ora; Farnum; Drummond; Squirrel (Highland); Chester; Island Park; Teton County; Driggs; Victor (Raymond); Haden; Tetonia; Felt; Clementsville; Darby; Chapin; Cache; Leigh; Sam; Bates; Alta, Wyoming (Pratt)
Beaverhead County MontanaPioneer Pathways, Volume 9Bannock; Monida; Red Rock; Lima; Big Hole Basin; Dillon; Lion City; The Big Hole Battlefield; Other Small Towns in Beaverhead County; Lewis and Clark in Beaverhead County (Montana)
Alberta Province, CanadaPioneer Pathways, Volume 9Lee’s Creek; Cardston; Aetna; Mountain View; Beazer; Leavitt; Kimball; Magrath; Caldwell; Stirling; Taylorsville
Handcart Pioneers of 1856Pioneer Pathways, Volume 9A Unique Emigration of Western Settlement Begins; Archer Walters; Twiss Bermingham; Parker Family; Arrival of the First Two Handcart Companies; Elizabeth Parry Parry; Eleanor Roberts Lewis; Priscilla Merriman Evans; Jane Hayne James; Patience Loader Rozsa Archer; Martin Handcart Company; Willie Handcart Company
Oregon and Western IdahoPioneer Pathways, Volume 9Early LDS Settlement in Ogden; La Grande, Union County; Imbler; Alicel; Summerville; Cove; Pine Grove; Mount Glen; Baker City; Sumpter; Ontario; Malheur County; Nyssa; Jordan Valley; Hood River; Hardman (northeast Oregon); Clackamas County; Grants Pass; Josephine County; Western Idaho: Hagerman, Gooding County; Bliss, Camas Prairie, Manard, Wynona
Southwestern Wyoming; Uinta and Lincoln CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 9Uinta County; Chief Washakie; Fort Bridger; Fort Supply; Bridger; Hilliiard (Poverty Flat); Bear River City (Bear Town); Evanston; Almy; Piedmont (Byrne); Aspen Station; Carter; Robertson; Lyman (Bench, Owen); Millburne (Bridger Butte, Riverside); Mountain View; Leroy; Cumberland; Urie; Lonetree; Millersville; Lincoln County; Star Valley (Salt River Valley); Auburn (Stump Creek Settlement); Afton; Grover; Osmond (Dry Creek Settlement, Mount Pleasant); Freedom; Fairview (Crow Creek); Smoot (Cottonwood); Thayne (Glencoe); Bedford; Turnerville (Turner); Kemmerer; Diamondville; Alpine; Etna, Cokeville
Southwestern Wyoming; Sweetwater and Sublette CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 9Sweetwater County; Carter County; Big Sandy Crossing and Station; Bitter Creek; Bryan; Burntfork; Eden and Farson; Granger; Green River; McKinnon (Terry Town); Point of Rocks; Reliance; Rock Springs (Blairtown); Superior; Wamsutter (Washakie); Sublette County; Big Piney; Bondurant; Calpet; Cora; Daniel; Marbleton; Merna (Fort Bonneville); New Fork and Boulder; Pinedale
Wyoming: Big Horn, Park, Hot Springs, and Washakie CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 9The Medicine Wheel; Early Settlement of the Big Horn Basin; Big Horn County; Otto; Mormon Bend and Burlington; Emblem (Germania); the Sidon Canal; Cowley; Byron; Lovell; Greybull and Shell; Park County; Cody; Powell; Meeteetse; Hot Springs County; Thermopolis; Washakie County; Ten Sleep; Worland
Wyoming: Teton and Fremont CountiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 9Teton County; Jackson; South Park; Wilson; Menor’s Ferry; Mormon Row (Grovont); Moran; Grant Teton National Park; Yellowstone National Park; Fremont County; Lander; The Wind River Indian Reservation; South Pass City; Atlantic City; Riverton; Dubois; Sites on the Mormon Trail in Eastern and Central Wyoming
Settlement of Southern NevadaPioneer Pathways, Volume 10Organization of the Great Basin Boundaries; the Lost County of Pah-ute; The Las Vegas Fort; Early Settlement on the Muddy; Clark County; Callville; Overton; Bunkerville; Mesquite; Logandale; Moapa; Nye County; Esmeralda County; Goldfield
Settlement of Lincoln County and White Pine County, NevadaPioneer Pathways, Volume 10Lincoln County; Pioche; Hiko; Panaca; Clover Valley; Alamo; Delamar; Bristol City; White Pine County; Ely; Lund, Preston and Georgetown; McGill; Ruth; Lehman Caves
Settlement of Northwestern NevadaPioneer Pathways, Volume 10The State of Deseret in Utah Territory; Beatie’s Station — the FIrst Mormon Post in Nevada; Carson Valley Mission; Carson County in Utah Territory; Carson City; Ormsby County in Nevada Territory; Douglas County; Washoe (Wassau) County; Storey County; Virginia City; Lyon County; Dayton (Nevada City); Silver City
Settlement of Northern and Central NevadaPioneer Pathways, Volume 10Pathfinders and Road Builders; Elko County (Thousand Springs Valley); Wells (Humboldt Wells); Metropolis; Tuscarora; Carlin; Fort Halleck; Jarbidge; Humboldt County; Winnemucca (French Ford); McDermitt; Mineral County; The Ghost Town of Aurora; Churchill County; Fallon — Nevada’s Oasis in the Desert; Highway 50; Pershing County; Unionville (Dixie); Lander County; Austin (Austin Town); Battle Mountain; Eureka County; Eureka City, a Living Ghost Town
Mormon Battalion Accomplishments and the Histories of the Men in CommandPioneer Pathways, Volume 10Formation of the Battalion; Commanding Officers and Command Staff of the Mormon Battalion; Battalion Command Staff Histories; Captains of Companies A, B, C, D & E. Original Command Staff of the Mormon Battalion; Command Staff Replacements; Spiritual Leaders
Settlement of Southern CaliforniaPioneer Pathways, Volume 10Spanish Occupation of California; The Americans in Early California; The LDS Church Looks Towards California; The Mormon Battalion in the Southern California Deserts; Early History of San Diego; The Mormon Battalion in San Diego; the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in San Diego; Early History of Los Angeles; The Trade Route Between Salt Lake City and Los Angeles; Latter-day Saint Businessmen in Los Angeles; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Los Angeles
Settlement of San BernardinoPioneer Pathways, Volume 10Beginnings; Era of the Ranchos; The Mormon Corridor; The Trek from Salt Lake City to Cajon Pass; Sycamore Grove; Establishing the Colony; Growth and Expansion; Dissension; the Return to Utah; San Bernardino After 1857; Colonists of San Bernardino; Calico; California
Settlement of Northern CaliforniaPioneer Pathways, Volume 10The Bear Flag Revolt; Journey of the Ship Brooklyn; Settlement of San Francisco; Settlement of New Hope; Early History in California of the LDS Church; Histories of some Brooklyn Passengers; California’s First Poet Laureate; History of Sutter’s Fort; The Discovery of Gold; The California Star Express Riders; Epilogue; Northern California Trails; Cosumnes Valley; Utah Pioneers Who Came to Northern California; the LDS Church in Sacramento
Settlement of Colorado by Utah PioneersPioneer Pathways, Volume 11Mississippi Group, Mormon Battalion, John Brown Journal; Kartchners; Passing Through Douglas County, James Polly Brown Family; Lawrence Marcus Peterson; The Pueblo Saints; Calls to Settle the San Luis Valley; Manassa; Ephrain; Richfield; Sanford; Eastdale; San Luis Stake; Mary Caroline Nielsen Clapp; Pike’s Stockade, Bent’s Fort, William Henry Jackson; Inscription Rock; Boulder; Breckenridge; Scandal in Leadville; Alferd the Cannibal; Gunnison; Creede; Ouray; Silverton; Durango; Otto Mears; Telluride; Grand Junction; Delta; Cederedge; Otto Peterson family; Uravan; Ute Indian Museum; Mesa Verde National Park, Webber
Northern ArizonaPioneer Pathways, Volume 11The State of Arizona; Early History of Arizona; LDS Missions to the Hopis; Arizona Strip; Pipe Spring; Moccasin Springs; Beaver Dams (Millersburg); Littlefield; Mount Trumbull (Bundyville); Mormon Explorations on the Colorado; Lee’s Ferry; Fredonia; First Mormon Trek to the Little Colorado Valley
Northern Arizona: The Little Colorado River CommunitiesPioneer Pathways, Volume 11The 1876 Colonizing Expedition; Joseph City (Allen’s Camp, St. Joseph); Sunset (Smith’s Camp); Brigham City (Ballenger’s Camp); Obed; The Boston Party and the Naming of Flagstaff; Mormon Lake; Millville and Mormon Dairy; Wilford and Heber; Fort Moroni; Woodruff (Tenney’s Camp); Holbrook (Horsehead Crossing); Taylor (Bagley, Walker); Snowflake; Shumway; Show Low; Forest Dale; Pinetop-Lakeside; Pinedale (Snowflake Camp); St. Johns; Concho (Erastus); Hunt and Vernon; Springerville (Valle Redondo, Omer); Eagar (Amity, Union Eagarville); Nutrioso; Alpine (Bush Valley); Greer
Pioneer Holiday Celebrations and Excerpts from the Autobiography of James A. LittlePioneer Pathways, Volume 11Pioneer Christmas Somewhere on the Trail; Christmas in the “Old House”: Christmas in Snowflake, Arizona; A Pioneer Christmas in St. Johns, Arizona; Pioneer Christmas at Pipe Spring; Christmas in Mexico; Christmas in Chihuahua, 1885; Christmas in Colonia Juarez; Christmas Flue Epidemic in Colonia Diaz; Christmas with the Ivins Family; A Holiday Celebration in Colonia Diaz; the Colonia Diaz Stellar Band; The Jacob Wesley Norton Family; Juarez is Dead; Christmas in Old Los Angeles; A Christmas in Washington County; Christmas Memories of Sarah Bell Harris; Christmas in Kanab; The Christmas Dance; Christmas Holidays on the Atlantic Ocean; Julia’s Christmas, Christmas in Early Days of the LDS Church; James Amasa little and his Journey in the Southwest
Southern Arizona (Maricopa County)Pioneer Pathways, Volume 11Mormon Battalion in Arizona; Missionaries sent to Arizona and Mexico; Lehi (Camp Utah, Utahville, Jonesville); Mesa; Communities Adjoining Mesa; Histories of Utah pioneers in Mesa
Southern Arizona: Gila River Valley and San Pedro River ValleyPioneer Pathways, Volume 11Pima (Smithville); Saint Joseph Stake; Thatcher; Safford; Solomonville; Matthewsville (Matthew, Fairview and Glanbar); Graham; Eden (Curtis); Bryce; Clifton; Central; Duncan; Virden, and Franklin; Miami; Communities in the San Pedro Valley; St. David; Honeymoon Trail
New Mexico and TexasPioneer Pathways, Volume 11Historic New Mexico; Old Spanish Trail (Santa Fe Trail); the LDS Church in New Mexico; Western States Mission; the Kid from Silver City; Anna Marie Thayne; Recorded in Stone; Carlsbad Caverns; Introduction to Texas; Historic Texas; Mormons in El Paso; The Douglas Street Chapel; Lyman Wight; Central States Mission; Mormon Colony of Kelsey
Northern MexicoPioneer Pathways, Volume 11Mexico, Mexican Govenrment Officials from 1877 to 1913; Establishing an LDS mission in Mexico; Colonia Diaz; Colonia Juarez; Colonia Dublan; Colonia Pacheco; Colonia Garcia
Mexican LDS ColoniesPioneer Pathways, Volume 11Mexico: The End of an Era; Colonia Chuichupa (Chuhuichupa); Colonia Oaxaca; Colonia Morelos; Colonia San Jose
Pioneer Artifact CollectionMuseum Memories, Volume 1Pioneer Memorial Museum; Pioneer Jubilees; Pioneer Golden Jubilee of 1897; 1897 Relics in the DUP Museum; Organization of the Daughters of Utah Pioneers; The Pioneer Memorial Museum is Envisioned; the Construction of the Pioneer Memorial Museum; The Museum is Opened and Dedicated; The Saramarie J. Van Dyke Carriage House; the Centennial Monument; “Ever Pressing Forward Lest We Forget”
Salt Lake TheatreMuseum Memories, Volume 1Beginning of the Salt Lake Theatre, Guest Artists Who Performed in the Salt Lake Theatre; Local Artists; Behind the Scenes; Orchestra; Final Curtain
Joseph Smith CollectionMuseum Memories, Volume 1Pioneer Memorial Museum; Brigham Young; Joseph Smith Sr. Catherine (Katharine) Smith Salisbury; Joe Duncan; Mary Fielding Smith; Emmeline B. Wells; Margaret McIntire Burgess; John Bills; Mary Alice Cannon Lambert; Mary Grimshaw; A Wife for Charles C. Rich; Michael A. Kennedy; Commemorative Temple Plates; Busts and Plaques; Ceremonial Goblet; Joseph Toronto Trunk; Other Significant Relics
A Pioneer ChristmasMuseum Memories, Volume 1Christmas on the Homestead farm; Christmas at Hole-in-the-Rock; A Scared Girl; Menu of a Christmas Dinner in 1860; Grandma’s Soft Ginger Snaps; The Three Angels
Flag and Banner CollectionMuseum Memories, Volume 1The First Pioneer Flags in the Salt Lake Valley; Pioneer Liberty Poles; The Nauvoo Brass Band Flag; The Nickerson Flag; The Thirty-Five Star Van Natta Flag; The Seventh Ward Relief Society Thirty-Five Star Flag; The Peterson Relief Society Thirty-Seven star flag; Forty-Five Star Utah Statehood Flags; The State Flag of Utah; The Daughters of Utah Pioneers Flag; the David Jeremy Davis Flag; Service Star Flag; The Dan Weggeland Banners
Valentines and Love StoriesMuseum Memories, Volume 1Origins of Valentine cards; Valentines in the Pioneer Memorial Museum; Romantic Love Stories; Gifts of Love
Andrew Jenson CollectionMuseum Memories, Volume 1Encyclopedic History of the Church; Letter of Commendation; Preface to the Encyclopedic History of the Church; Preface to Autobiography of Andrew Jenson; Proselyting on Mors Island; Courtship and Marriage of Andrew Jenson; Marriage to Emma Howell and Death of Mary Jenson; Andrew Jenson and Bertha Howell; Early History of the Jenson Family; An Early Historian; An Excursion to the Holy Land; Three Bottles of Water; Obituary of Kiersten (Kirsten) Andersen (Anderson) Jenson (Jensen); A Covered Wagon for Denmark; Utah Writer Scrutinizes Diary; Andrew Jenson’s vault; Andrew Jenson Memorial Hall; Scandinavian Centennial Jubilee (1950); Andrew Jenon’s Black Cane; Grandfather Clock; Tribute to Andrew Jenson; Eva H. Jenson Olson
Weber County Daughters of Utah Pioneers Museum, OgdenMuseum Memories, Volume 1Weber Stake Relief Society Hall; Fort Buenaventura; Miles Goodyear Cabin; Ogden Pioneer Tabernacle
Transcontinental and Utah Central RailroadsMuseum Memories, Volume 1The Transcontinental Railroad is Envisioned; choosing the route; The Pacific Railroad Act; the Central Pacific Builds from California to Nevada; The Union Pacific Crosses Nebraska and Wyoming; Utah Pioneers Grade the Lines Through Utah; Benson, Farr and West; The Race to Promontory Summit; Driving the Golden Spike; The Last Rail is Laid; The Last Spike is Driven; the Pacific Railroad is Completed; The Point of Junction is 1,086 Miles West of the Missouri River and 600 Miles East of Sacramento City; Leland Stanford; Central Pacific Railroad; The Utah Central Railroad; The Lucin Cutoff; The Undriving of the Golden Spike; The Golden Spike Reenactment and the DUP
Pioneer MidwivesMuseum Memories, Volume 2Relief Society Instruction; Patty Bartlett Sessions: Sarah Jane Veach (Veech) Lewis; Elizabeth Murray Moyes; Leonora Cannon Allred Gardner; Margaret Ellen Black Rowley; Hilda Erickson; Alice and the Midwives; Josephine Catherine Chatterley Wood; Mary Alice Barker Shurtz; Caroline Griffin Thompson; Sarah Thompson Phelps; Charlotte Gilchrist Wylie; Eliza Ann Grover Simmons Parker; midwife
Pioneer PhysiciansMuseum Memories, Volume 2Ellis Reynolds Shipp; Margaret Curtis Shipp Roberts; Mary Elizabeth Hilstead; The Sanitarian Magazine; Martha Hughes Cannon; Netta Anna Furrer Cardon; Isabella Lambert Burgess; Caroline Amelia Daniels Mills; Sophie Ruesch Mathis; Romania Bunnell Pratt Penrose; Leah Jane Shaw Keller; Julia Anna Ivins Macdonald Pace; Elvira Stevens Barney; Prejudice Against Medical Doctors; Oliver Cromwell Ormsby; Samuel L. Sprague; Washington F. Anderson; Seymour Bicknell Young; John Lewis Dunyon; The Council of Health; Reasons for a Relief Society Nursing School; Deseret Hospital; Thomsonian Herbal System of Medicine
Stories from the Provo Pioneer MuseumMuseum Memories, Volume 2The Founding of Fort Utah (Provo); Jepperson’s Paintings Bring Provo’s History to Life; Chief Sowiette; Joseph Strong’s Oxbow; Relics from Nauvoo; Affidavit Signed by Women Who Knew Joseph Smith; FIshing Saves the Pioneers from Starvation; Sacrament Service from the Old Provo Tabernacle; Pioneer Wedding Dresses; Orrin Porter Rockwell’s Hat; the Cleo Pierce Heavener Doll Collection; Johnston’s Army Safe; Henry Clegg Jr.’s Dulcimer; Pioneer clocks; a childhood portrait of Maude Adams
Pioneer Christmas Celebrations and Museum Doll CollectionMuseum Memories, Volume 2The Christmas when Lorenzo Young played Santa Claus; the Christmas Tree; Cardston’s First Christmas, 1887; Christmas Menus; Dressings; Desserts; Sauces for Puddings; Mama and the Magic Bag; Memories of Christmas from the Pioneer Memorial Museum; Museum Doll Collection; the World of Dolls
Pacific Islands CollectionMuseum Memories, Volume 2Pioneer Memorial Museum; Polynesia; The Society Island (French Polynesia); Hawaii (Sandwich Islands); LDS Mission in Hawaii; George Nebeker; Iosepa (Utah’s Tropic Island); Alma Lamoni Smith; Other Hawaiian Artifacts; Samoa; Samoan Mission; Katie Hale Merrill; Little Samoan Missionaries; Tongan History; A Mission in Tonga; Robert Louis Stevenson (Tusitala); Introduction to Stevenson’s Prayers; Picturesbooks in Winter; the Bottle Imp; New Zealand; The Phillippines
Pioneer WoodcraftersMuseum Memories, Volume 2William Bell Jr.; The Public Works; Ralph Ramsay and the Eagle Gate; Painting and Wood Graining; Henry Dinwoodey; the Mormon Couch; Orson Pratt
Pioneer BlacksmithsMuseum Memories, Volume 2Basic Blacksmith Tools; A Generation of Blacksmiths; David Brinton, Henry Passmore Bawden, John William Bohman; Oblad and Knight; Deseret Carriage and Wagon Shops; John Webster; Henry Rampton; Henry George Marriott; Joseph Alma Packer; Joseph Johnson Smith; Levi Savage Waldron; William Fulsbury Carter; Newton Tuttle; John Hill
Eliza Roxcy SnowMuseum Memories, Volume 2Statue dedication; Program for the dedication; Beginnings; Youthful Poet; Published Poet; Religion; Queen Victoria; Persecution; Zion’s Poetess; Organization of the Relief Society; Marriage; Continued Persecution; Starting West, Winter Quarters, The Lion House, Relief Society 1866 to 1887; Retrenchment Society; Women’s Suffrage, Trip to Palestine; Woman’s Exponent, Centennial Fair, Primary Organization; Deseret Hospital; Private Projects; Her Handiwork
A Pictorial Essay of the Pioneer Memorial MuseumMuseum Memories, Volume 2Pioneer Portraits; oil paintings; three paintings by Sutcliffe Maudsley; A Trio of Young Girls; Two Murals by Minerva Teichert; Photographic Crayon Portraits; Photography; Daguerreotype; Ambrotype; Tintype; Paper prints; Carte-de-visite; Cabinet Card; Preserving Our Collection; Preserving Your Collection; Enjoy
Gardo House (Amelia’s Palace)Museum Memories, Volume 3Construction of the Gardo House; Joseph Harris Ridges; William Harrison Folsom; Mary Ann Angell Young; John Taylor; Wilford Woodruff; Keeley Institute; Isaac Trumbo; Susanne Bransford Emery Holmes Delitch Engalitcheff (Silver Queen);
Utah War – Buchanan’s BlunderMuseum Memories, Volume 3army Commences its March : Martial Law in the Territory; Army Enters Salt Lake Valley; Fairfiled; Camp Floyd; Fort Crittenden
Utah Pioneer Jubilee 1897Museum Memories, Volume 3A Pageant of Magnificence, Semi-Centennial Commission; James Baker, Mississippi Saints; Pueblo Saints, Mormon Battalion Members Who Were Pioneers of 1847; Jedediah M. Grant Company; Daniel Spencer Company; Edward Hunter Company; Abraham Smoot Company; Charles C. Rich Company
Joyful JubileeMuseum Memories, Volume 3Salt Lake City Prepares; the Visitors; Jubilee Events; Souvenirs; Surplus Funds; Legacy of the Pioneer Jubilee
Christmas MemoriesMuseum Memories, Volume 3Santa Claus; Christmas at Winter Quarters; Christmas in the Valley 1847; Christmas in the Missions; Candy Horses; George Albert Smith’s Christmas Stocking; Christmas is a Magic Time
Spinning Wheels and Looms Spin a StoryMuseum Memories, Volume 3Home Industry; wool; Frederick Peterson and his Three Wives; How Early Utahns Went to the Dogs; Dying; FLax; Cotton; Carpet Weaving; SIlk; Early Clothing Mills
Woolley Parlor RoomMuseum Memories, Volume 3John Woolley; Edwin Dilworth Woolley Sr.; Taylor Hoopes Woolley; Sarah Woolley Davis; Susan Woolley Taylor; Phebe Woolley Davis; John Mills Woolley; Samuel Amos Woolley; John Wickersham Woolley; Samuel Wickersham Woolley; Edwin Dilworth Woolley Jr.; Edwin Gordon Woolley, George Edwin Woolley, Sarah Woolley, Samuel Woolley
Teapots Tell a TaleMuseum Memories, Volume 3Teapot Collection at Pioneer Memorial Museum; David L. Davis; Elizabeth Mary Tyler Tuckfield; Karen Juliana Larsen Hansen; Harriet Teeples Wixom Sessions Worden Clarke; Mary Woodfield Jinks Hunt; Lucina Sessions Waite; John Anson Waite Jr. William Holmes Walker; Margaret Hannah Shepherd Sutton
Handwork of the Pioneer WomenMuseum Memories, Volume 3Redwork, bobbin lace, milinery, early millinery stories, hats displayed at the museum and their owners
The 157-Year-Old Jeremiah Willey CabinMuseum Memories, Volume 4Brian T. Gubler Article; the Willey/Gorringe/Hall/Sedgwick/Neath Cabin; Cabin Gets a Facelife; Rock Home; inside the cabin; We Lived in a Gange Hideout; Outside the WIlley Cabin; Artifacts in the Pioneer Memorial Museum; Perrigrine Sessions
Womanly Wisdom: The Young Woman’s JournalMuseum Memories, Volume 4History of the Young Woman’s Journal; Gems from the Journal; Natty Notions for Girls; Girl Queries; From Retrenchment to Mutual Improvement; 1869-1939 Seventy Years of Young Woman’s History; Susa Young Gates (Susan Young Gates); Elmina Shephard (Elmina Shepherd) Taylor; Ruth May Fox
Musical InstrumentsMuseum Memories, Volume 4William Fowler; Winslow Farr Jr.; John Tyler; Robert Leeming Fishburn; Don Carlos Shurtz (Schertz or Shirts); Thomas Griffith Clegg; Charles Henry Crow and Franklin Crow; Titus Davis; Cahterine Gascoigne (Gascogyne) Clark; Anders Nilson Ostlund; Elizabeth Anderson Howard; Thomas Davis Giles; Thomas Calvin Cragun; Charles John Thomas; Woops; musical instruments with brief histories; Alexandra Maria Lofdahl Jenson; Knute Erickson
Christmas Stories and Museum MemoriesMuseum Memories, Volume 4Symbolism of the Christmas Tree; Memories of Christmas Tree Ornaments; A John and Charlotte Coon Family Christmas; Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains; Christmas Memories from Utah’s Dixie; Sleighs; A Sleigh Ride; The Skating Pond; Memories of Christmas at the Social Hall; Christmas Day Ice Cream; Excursions to Brigham Young’s Old Farm House; Christmas Wisdom from “Aunt Em”
Pioneer EducationMuseum Memories, Volume 4Mary Jane DIlworth Hammond; Education in Early Utah; Morgan College; Karl Gottfried Maeser; The Social Hall Private School; William Eddington and the Globes; McGuffey’s Eclectic Readers; John B. Fairbanks; The First Free School in American Fork; The Parent School; The Pioneer Schoolroom – Pioneer Memorial Museum; Maria Young Dougall; William Willes; Frederick Kesler; Joseph Stacy Murdock; Mary Ann Cannell Hadley; William Wollerton Riter; Granvill Gillett; Lathilla Merrill Pratt Kimball, Jane Susannah Ballantyne Anderson
Zion’s Co-operative Mercantile InstitutionMuseum Memories, Volume 4ZCMI; Why a Co-operative Plan? Organiation of ZCMI; Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries; ZCMI Stories and Tidbits; the Big Boot and other ZCMI Factories; John M. Bernhisel; Robert Cleghorn; William Jennings; Autobiography of James Tucker; a ZCMI Co-op in Richmond; Early Merchants — Woodmansee Brothers; Other Early Merchants; Artifacts; Beginning of the End; ZCMI Facade to be Stored and Reinstalled; ZCMI Facade Back on Main Street
Relief Society MagazineMuseum Memories, Volume 4History of the Relief Society Magazine; Relief Society Bulletin; Musings from early magazines; Home Department Science; On the Watch Tower; Brief History of the Relief Society; The First Eighty Years; The Relief Society and World War I, Sarah Melissa Granger Kimball; Margaret Thompson Smoot and the Friendship Quilt
Hair ArtMuseum Memories, Volume 4Maria Young Dougall; Cornelia Harriet Hales Horne Clayton; Martha Mellen Howells; Sarah Elizabeth Perry Stratton; Rhoda Berrett Jones; Hannah Stevens Marks and John Rowe Marks; Lusannah Emeline Goodridge (Goodrich) Hovey; Emma Jane Mason Davis; Lorenzo Southwell Clark; William Wagstaff; Eliza Wilson Cleghorn; Susannah Fullmer Snyder; William Cameron; Alexander Perry; Edward Davis Wade
Stories of Pioneer Quilts: Women’s LegacyMuseum Memories, Volume 4History of Quilting; Social History of Quilts; Quilting Frames; Patchwork or Crazy Patch Quilts; Pioneer Memorial Museum Quilt Show; Pioener Quilt Stories; Salt Lake City 14th Ward Album Quilt
“Fashion in the Bag” All About Purses and HandbagsMuseum Memories, Volume 5A Snippet of Bag History; An In-Depth Study of Handbags; Prestigious Fashion House Histories; “Behind the Bag” psychology; More Bis about Bags; Vintage Bags in the Pioneer Memorial Museum; Elizabeth Haven Barlow; Robert Taylor Burton; Sarah Jane Miller Carbine; Mary Bonnelli Eyring; Susan Fairchild Noble Grant; Jane Ambrosia Hemming Reader (Reeder); Lovise (Louisa) Jenne Roundy; Aphek Woodruff
Daughters of Utah Pioneers, St. George, Utah and the Pilot Peak DUP Museum, Enterprise, UtahMuseum Memories, Volume 5From Aspiration to Actuality; The McQuarrie Memorial Museum; Hortense McQuarrie Odlum’s Pioneer Ancestors; Artifacts from the St. George Temple; Artifacts Belonging to Church and Community Leaders; Other Interesting Artifacts; the Pilot Peak DUP Museum in Enterprise, Utah
Rexburg, Idaho, Tabernacle – 100 YearsMuseum Memories, Volume 5Teton Dam Flood; History of the Rexburg Tabernacle; Memories of the Rexburg Tabernacle; Community Efforts to Preserve the Tabernacle; DUP Museum Collection
Christmas MemoriesMuseum Memories, Volume 5A Christmas Carol; Christmas Dinner, 1840; Some Christmas Days of Long Ago; Christmas Holidays on the Atlantic Ocean; The Pioneers’ First Christmas; Bertie Brown’s Kansas Letter; Elizabeth Cady Stanton; Christmas in Cache Valley
Christmas PotpourriMuseum Memories, Volume 5The Real Meaning of Christmas; Shopping for Christmas; Star Valley Pioneer Museum Artifact; Caroline Pill Farnham; A Christmas Revenge; Early Celebrations in the Valley; Meatballs and other Recipes; The Greatest Gift
Christmas Stories from the Children’s Friend and the Juvenile InstructorMuseum Memories, Volume 5The Wonderful Night; Pansy’s Mother’s Christmas Gift; Keeping Christmas; Christmas Dinner for the Birds; Santa Bobby Claus; My Wax Doll; German Legend of the First Christmas Tree
Pioneer Pianos, Organs, and MelodeonsMuseum Memories, Volume 5Samuel Hamblin Steele; Jane Wilkie Hooper Blood; Julia Permella Murdock Farnsworth; Hampden Sidney Beathie Marion; Thankful Mumford Beatie; Anthony Canute Lund; Abraham Hunsaker; William Davis Williams; Nicholas Groesbeck; Ann (Annie) Brooks Andrus; Henry Evans Giles; Harriet Amelia Folsom Young; Thomas Steven Williams; Albert Carrington; Theodocia Fannie Walker Davis; Solomon Warner; George Edward Percy Careless; Agnus Munn Cannon; Joseph Horne
“Frivolous Fans” and Those Who Fancied ThemMuseum Memories, Volume 5Dealing with the Unthinkable; a Brief History of Fans; Keeping Cool at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery; Fan Talk; Further Fanfare; Collectible Fans; Eveline (Evelyn) Vosburg Van Natta; Elizabeth Hill Jones Cutcliffe; Mary Ellen Richards Webber; Catherine (“Kate”) Bearnson Carter; Josephine Streeper Chase; Lucy Ann Decker Young; Olive Ann Jones Farr; Mary Julia Johnson Richards; Margaret Burch Goff; Julia Elizabeth Davis Rawlins; Elizabeth Winsor Smart; More Fun Fans
Ancestral Roots of President George Albert SmithMuseum Memories, Volume 5Utah Pioneers; Mother of President George Albert Smith; Early Homes of the Smith Families; Father of President George Albert Smith; Maternal Grandmother of President George Albert Smith; Maternal Grandfather of President George Albert Smith; Paternal Grandmother of President George Albert Smith; Paternal Grandfather of President George Albert Smith; Paternal Great-Grandparents of President George Albert Smith on His Grandfather Smith’s Father’s Line; Maternal Great-Grandparents of President George Albert Smith on His Grandmother Farr’s Father’s Line; Maternal Great-Grandparents of President George Albert Smith on His Grandmother Farr’s Mothers Line; Wife of President George Albert Smith; Children of President George Albert Smith and Lucy Emily Smith; Salt Lake City Cemetery
LDS Primary AssociationMuseum Memories, Volume 5Pioneering the Primary; Aurelia Spencer Rogers; Primary Progress; The Primary Prospers with President Louie B. Felt; Sarah Louise (“Louie”) Bouton Felt; Moving Forward with President Mary (“May”) Anderson; The Primary Children’s Hospital
Pioneer KitchensMuseum Memories, Volume 5Emily Jane Smith Woodruff; William Bernard Dougall; Lucretia Davis Gay; Charles Sharp and Ann Malin Sharp; Hannah Corilla Free Wells; Mary Ann Cannell Hadley; Henry Pearson; Samuel Bringhurst Sr. Emily Stewart Barnes; Sarah Elizabeth Woods Jack; Henry and Vilate Smith Arnold; William Bell Jr.; Erastus Bingham; Phebe Eleanor Richards Maiben and Elizabeth Richards Maiben; Thomas John James; William Calder; Judith Woodbury Temple Haven; Fanny McLean Coombs; Fannie Angier Peck Elliott
Charles William Penrose CabinMuseum Memories, Volume 6Charles William Penrose Cabin; Charles William Penrose Cabin Artifacts and Pictures; Lucetta Stratford Penrose; Louise Elizabeth Lusty Penrose; Occupations and Service of Charles W. Penrose; Esther Romania Salina Bunnell Pratt Penrose; Church Service of Charles W. Penrose; Amaza Lyman Clark; John W. Hess; Sarah Steed Harrod; Aurelia Spencer Rogers; Harrie Staniforth; John Earl; Street Car and Buggy; Mads Christensen
The Family KeslerMuseum Memories, Volume 6Frederick Kesler (son of the First Frederick Kesler); Grandfather as I Knew Him; Emeline Parker Kesler (First Wife of Frederick Kesler); Joseph Kesler (Oldest Son of Frederick Kesler); Jane Elizabeth Pratt Kesler (Second Wife of Frederick Kesler); Abigail Dow Snow Kesler (Third Wife of Frederick Kesler); Byron Lindsey (Linnzie) Kesler (son of Frederick Kesler); More Kesler Artifacts
Deseret Sunday School UnionMuseum Memories, Volume 6Richard Ballantyne; Huldah Meriah Clark Ballantyne; Mary Pearce Ballantyne; Caroline Albertine Sanderson Ballantyne; Begginings of the Modern Sunday School; Early Sunday Schools in Utah; the Juvenile Instructor; The Deseret Sunday School Union; George Q. Cannon
Christmases RememberedMuseum Memories, Volume 6First Christmas in the Valley; Christmas Dinner; Christmas Decorations; Sleigh Ride; Jane Thompson Bleak; James Godson Bleak
Richards Family Parlor RoomMuseum Memories, Volume 6Nineteenth-Century Parlor Rooms; The Beehive House Parlor; The Richards Family Parlor ROom; Willard Richards; The Wives of Willard Richards; Jennetta Richards Richards; Sarah Longstroth Richards; Amelia Elizabeth Peirson Richards; The Farmington Sister Wives; Nanny Longstroth Richards Richards; May Thompson Richards Richards; Sarah Bayliss Richards Richards; Rhoda Harriet Foss Richards Richards
Diary of Jean Rio Griffiths BakerMuseum Memories, Volume 6The Diary of Jean Rio Griffiths Baker; America at Last; St. Louis; The Salt Lake Valley; William George Baker Jr. Artifacts
Pioneer Artists and Their ArtMuseum Memories, Volume 6Welcome to the Pioneer Memorial Museum; Salt Lake Theatre Curtain; The Value of Art; Art Teachers and the First Art School; Artist Paints; Scandinavian Artists in Pioneer Utah; Life Sketch of Danquart Anthon Weggeland; Life Skept of Carl Christian Anton Christensen; British Artists in Pioneer Utah; Life Sketch of Alfred Lambourne; Life Sketch of WIlliam Warner Major; The Only American-Born Artist in Pioneer Utah; Life Sketch of George Martin Ottinger
Paisley Shawls and MoreMuseum Memories, Volume 6History; Paisley Design; First Floor Paisley Shawls; Other Shawls
Pioneer PastimesMuseum Memories, Volume 6Hard Work Versus Social Gatherings; Charles Barber Taylor; Simon Peter Eggersten; Harvey Dixon; Julia Permelia Murdock Farnsworth; Alta Hancock Davis; Maria Constance Roselund Swanberg Corbett; George Oscar Hadley; Samuel Bateman; Other Popular Games; Joseph Cotton Wood; Peter Olof Holmgren
Things Broken and MendedMuseum Memories, Volume 7John Rowe Moyle; The Turpin Family; The Robert Crow Family; The Robert Russell Anderson Family; Sarah Cossitt Mayfield Chaffin; The James Cushing Family; John Alexander Cameron; Elizabeth White Stewart; Broken and Mended Artifacts from the Pioneer Memorial Museum
More Pioneer PastimesMuseum Memories, Volume 7In Grandma’s Day; Winter Fun; Lewis Samuel Hills; Philo Dibble Sr.; Magic Lantern Show; Stereoscopes; Walker Barlow; Summer Fun; Wilford Woodruff; Celebrations; Isabella Park Kenner; Pioneer Sports; Mark Croxall; Julie Ann Young Quayle; Willard Brigham Richards; Swimming and Resorts; Other Attractions
Woman’s SuffrageMuseum Memories, Volume 71895 Celebration; Women’s Rights; Suffrage for Utah Women; National Women’s Suffrage Association; Utah Constitutional Convention; The Nineteenth Amendment to the Constitution; Prominent Women Suffragettes; Susan B. Anthony; Elizabeth Cady Stanton; Anna H. Shaw; Sarah G. Kimball; Emmeline B. Wells; Emily T. Richards; Susa Young Gates
Enchanted ChristmasesMuseum Memories, Volume 7To Celebrate or Not to Celebrate; Brigham Young Enjoyed Christmas; ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas; Waiting for Santa; Katy’s Christmas; John Pierpont; Packages for Christmas; How Christmas Came to John Lightner; Tasty Treats for Christmas; The Spirit of Christmas; Another Poem for Christmas
Stories from the Pioneer Memorial MuseumMuseum Memories, Volume 7Georgina Fisher; Hannah Topham Stowell Clark; Rebecca Burdick Winters; Sophia Elizabeth Tucker Weeks Winters; Walters Family; The Groo Family; Ruth May Fox
Infant and Child CareMuseum Memories, Volume 7Elizabeth Ann Clucas Mullet (Mullett); William Frederick Fisher and Millenium (Mellennium or Millennium) Andrus Fisher; Rudger Judd Clawson; Charles William Symons; George Cotton Wood; Charles Henry Oliphant; Joseph Warrington McAllister; Rachel Ridgeway Ivins Grant; Heber Jeddy Grant; Susannah (“Susan”) Baylis Richards Richards; Elizabeth Rowley Udall; Susan Eliza Savage Angell; Mary Julia Johnson Richards
Matthew McCune FamilyMuseum Memories, Volume 7Matthew McCune; Sarah Elizabeth Caroline Scott McCune; Ann Midgley Grow McCune; Isabella Cailey McCune; Ann Chalmers Bailey McCune
Sarah Goode Marshall FamilyMuseum Memories, Volume 7Journey to Zion; English Roots of the Marshall Family; The Perpetual Emigrating Fund; Atlatic Ocean Voyage by Sailing Ship; Emigrant President Dan Jones; By Rail to Iowa City; Captain Edmund Lovell Ellsworth; On the Trail to Zion; End of the Trail
Clarks and Farmington RevisitedMuseum Memories, Volume 7Ezra Thompson Clark; Mary Stevenson Clark; Hyrum Don Carlos Clark (Son of Ezra Thompson Clark); Ann Eliza Porter Clark (wife of Hyrum Don Carlos Clark); A Social Survey of Farmington
Pioneer ChildrenMuseum Memories, Volume 8Margaret Jane McIntire Burgess, The Whistling and Whittling Brigade, Mosiah Lyman Hancock, George Sudbury Humpherys, Saving the Doctrine and Covenants, Mary Elizabeth Rollins Lightner, Edwin Pettit
McCune MansionMuseum Memories, Volume 8The McCune Mansion, Life Inside the Mansion, the House that Elizabeth Built, Ghosts of the Mansion, Donation of the Home to the Church, Alfred William McCune and Elizabeth Ann Claridge McCune
Counterpanes and CoverletsMuseum Memories, Volume 8Elizabeth William Hathaway Rolfe, Abraham Owen Smoot, Horace Sunderlin Eldredge, Mary Magdalene (Fought) Vogt Garn, Caroline Young Harris Davis, Lovinia (Lovina) Ann Johnson Farnsworth, Mary Ann Harrison Janes, Dorinda Melissa Moody Salmon Goheen Slade, Daniel Duncan McArthur and Matilda Carolie Fuller McArthur, Fielding Garr, Hannah Flint Holbrook, Vilate Murray Kimball, Emily Dow Partridge Smith Young, Clarissa (Clara) Decker Young, Eli Brazee Kelsey, Pamelia Andrus Benson
Gifts of ChristmasMuseum Memories, Volume 8First Recorded Christmas in LDS Church History, Legend of the Christmas Stocking, The “Christmas Gift” Game, The Three Wise Men, Gifts of the Magi, The Gift of Compassion, The Gift of Pioneer Community Christmas Trees, The Gifts of Family and Friends, Inherited Legacy from Utah Pioneers
Surviving the SaludaMuseum Memories, Volume 8St. Louis, The Steamboat Saluda, William Cameron Dunbar, Sarah Brown Woodruff, Eli Brazee Kelsey, Henry Ballard
Pioneer JewelryMuseum Memories, Volume 8Bracelets, Brooches, Hatpins, Men’s Jewelry, Mourning Jewelry, Necklaces, Earrings and Earbobs, Rings
Pioneer TimepiecesMuseum Memories, Volume 8Charles Smith, Margaret Ann Stewart, Maria Stubbs Wiseman Wagstaff, Robert Gray, Peter Nebeker, My Grandfather’s Clock, Christian Jenson, Octave Ursenbach, James Madison Barlow, Henry Emery, Joseph Lazarus Matthews, William James Powell, An Interview with a Clock
Military RoomMuseum Memories, Volume 8David Henry Caldwell, John William Ellison, Nathaniel Vary Jones, Reddick Newton Allred, Henry Grow Jr., Seth Taft III, David Fullmer, Robert Pixton, Olivery Goultrey Workman, Israel Barlow, Joseph Toronto, William Coleman Allen, Daniel Stark, Peter Stubbs, Orrin Porter Rockwell, Seymour Bicknell Young, John Quincy Leavitt, Robert Taylor Burton, David Lazarus Davis (David L. Davis)
Utah at the Columbian ExpositionMuseum Memories, Volume 8Joining the Nation, Competing for a Location at the Fair, Financial Difficulties for the Utah Exhibits, Pushing Forward with the Work at Home, Dedication of the Columbian Exposition, Transporting the Utah Exhibits, The Utah Building, Woman’s Building, Agricultural Department, Mines and Mining Department, Ethnology and Archaeology Department, Manufactures Department, While at the Fair, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir Featured at the Fair, The Grand Welsh Eisteddfod, Utah’s Formal Reception, Utah Day at the Chicago World’s Fair, Saturday, September 9th, 1893; The End of the Chicago World’s Fair, Closure of an Epic Adventure, in Retrospect
Kindness on the TrailMuseum Memories, Volume 9The Battle of Crooked River; Haun’s Mill; Harrison Herman Severe; Quincy, Illinois; Carthage; Lexington, Missouri; Nauvoo to Council Bluffs and Beyond; Council Bluffs to the Salt Lake Valley; Helpful Indians
Deseret AlphabetMuseum Memories, Volume 9The Deseret Alphabet; George Darling Watt; A True Story; Early Pioneer Schools
Souvenirs and MemorabiliaMuseum Memories, Volume 9Souvenirs with Notes; Mount Vernon Memorabilia; Mark Twain and Relic Hunters; American Souvenirs; Pioneer Souvenirs; Andrew Jenson; Covered Wagon Relic; Plates and Platters; Hair Locks; Knick-Knacks and Bric-A-Brac; Spoons; Shadowboxes
Christmas in the Rocky MountainsMuseum Memories, Volume 9Explorers; Indians, Fur Trappers, and Priests; Christmas in the Valley; Fire at the Parowan Christmas Party; A True Christmas Story of George Reuben Moses and Mary Wallace Moses; Praying Shoes; Christmas at Grandma’s; Catherine Cox Parker
Artistic Pioneer HeritageMuseum Memories, Volume 9The Art of Stained Glass; Sarah Ellen (Ella) Duncan Morris; The Paris Art Mission; John Hafen; Lorus Pratt; John B. Fairbanks; Edwin Evans; Herman Haag; The Art of Writing Hymns; William Wines Phelps and Stella (Sally) Waterman Phelps
Pioneer SamplersMuseum Memories, Volume 9Alphabet Samplers; Stolen and Returned Sampler – Caroline Mitchell Starley; Mourning Samplers; Rachel Ridgeway Ivins Grant and Heber Jeddy Grant; Punch Paper Samplers
Brigham City Cabin and MuseumMuseum Memories, Volume 9The Brigham City Cabin; Wilhelm (Knudsen) Knudson; Charles Porter Squires; Amelia Thomsen Munk Christensen Jensen; The Brigham City Museum
Pioneer ClothingMuseum Memories, Volume 9Sarah Elizabeth Carmichael Williamson; Young Ladies’ Retrenchment Society; Guidelines from LDS Church Leaders; Fabric Sources; Documenting Historic Clothing; Fashion Trends in Women’s Clothing; Fashion Trends in Men’s Clothing; Children’s Clothing; Types of Clothing and Accessories; Clothing Brought from Foreign Lands to America with the Utah Pioneers; Eliza Wilson Cleghorn; Elizabeth Davis Ayrton
Museum MemoriesMuseum Memories, Volume 9Pioneer Memorial Museum; Main Floor; Second and Third Floor; The Carriage House; Upper Floor of the Carriage House; Upper Flour South End of the Carriage House; Museum’s Basement Floor
Across the Mexican BorderTales of Triumph, Volume 1Evolution of the DUP Lesson Books; Mexican Mormon Colonies; Plural Marriage/Polygamy; The Plateau Colonies; Colonia Diaz; Colonia Juarez; Colonia Dublan; The Mountain Colonies; Colonia Pacheco; Cave Valley; Colonia Garcia; Colonia Chuichupa; The Sonora Colonies; Colonia Oaxaca; Colonia Morelos; Mexican Revolutions and Three Mormon Exoduses; Colonia Juarez Academy; Colonia Juarez Chihuahua Mexican Temple
The Pioneer EraTales of Triumph, Volume 1Transcontinental Railroad; Chinese Immigrant Workers; Local and World History; Technological Advances; the Telegraph; Pioneer Contributions; John Moses Browning; Lewis E. Farnsworth; Charles Eugene Fletcher; Eliza Ann Farnsworth Wire; The Legend of Jean (John) Baptiste
Cove FortTales of Triumph, Volume 1Willden Family; Cove Fort; Cove Fort Today; Ira Nathaniel Hinckley; Arza Erastus Hinkley; Nicholas Paul
Told Around the Christmas TreeTales of Triumph, Volume 1Giving of Self at Christmas; Christmas Away From Home; St. George; Bah! Humbug! Christmas Mischief! Christmas Mistakes and Disappointments; Christmas Joy; Bringing Christmas Through the Snow; Food at Christmas Time
Utah Pioneer Family and Friends of Martin HarrisTales of Triumph, Volume 1Martin Harris; Martin Harris Comes to Utah; Caroline Young Harris Davis Harris; Martin Harris Junior; Julia Lacothia Harris Davis; John Wheeler Harris; Solomon Webster Harris; Ida May Harris Crockett; William Harrison Homer
Pioneers Who Traveled East to the TerritoryTales of Triumph, Volume 1Thomas Rhoades Family (Rhoads, Rhodes), Donner Party, Australia; Henry Gale; Luke Syphus; The Wreck of the Julia Ann; John McCarthy; Rosa Clara Friedlander Logie; Brooklyn Saints; Laura Hotchkiss Goodwin
Pioneer Mills and Millwrights and Heber C. Kimball MillTales of Triumph, Volume 1Three Important Pioneer Millwrights; Heber C. Kimball Mill/ Bountiful Gristmill; Daughters of Utah Pioneers Marker Site; Heber C. Kimball Gristmill; Workers on the Heber C. Kimball Gristmill; Heber Chase Kimball; Heber City
Historic Chesterfield, IdahoTales of Triumph, Volume 1Chester Call; Ruth Piede Call Davids and James Henry Davids; Home Styles in Chesterfield; Nathan Barlow; Judson and Mary Ann Tolman; Community Life in Chesterfield; Christina Young Higginson; Group Activities in Chesterfield; The Decline and Renewal of Chesterfield
Pioneer Gravesites Honor LivesTales of Triumph, Volume 1Victorian Mourning Rituals; Museum Mourning Artifacts; Mary Flint Call; Charlotte Alvord Curtis Elliott; Early Cemeteries and Burial Grounds; Gravesites of LDS Church Presidents; Brigham Young Family Cemetery; Salt Lake City Cemetery; Pioneer Gravemarkers
Stories from the Iron MissionTales of Triumph, Volume 2Exploring Expedition; Colonizing Iron County; Founding Parowan; Founding Cedar City; Settling at Coal Creek; We Must Have Iron; The Jacobs Families
Historic Buildings at This is the Place Heritage ParkTales of Triumph, Volume 2Mary Fielding Smith Home; Solon and Henrietta Richardson Cabin; Lucy Andrus Halfway House; Levi and Rebecca Riter Cabin; Brigham Young Farmhouse; Murdock Carriage House; Gottlieb and Elizabeth Ence (Enz) Cabin; William and Sarah Burnett Cabin; Levi and Harriet Roberts Cabin; Margaret Hickman Cabin; Joseph and Sarah Staker Cabin; John and Sarah Fairbanks Home; Richard and Mary Goble Pay Cabin
Early Campgrounds and Semi-Permanent Settlements on the Mormon TrailTales of Triumph, Volume 2Camp of Israel; Sugar Creek; Locust Creek; Semi-Permanent Camps; Garden Grove; Mount Pisgah; Cemeteries on the Mormon Trail; First Church Historic Site
Stories of ChristmasTales of Triumph, Volume 2Her First Doll; Christmas Eve 1881; His Christmas Gift; James William Nielsen; Mary Elizabeth Dalley Hulet; Christmas Came Late; Hole-in-the-Rock Christmas; Sarah Clayton’s Christmas Party; A True Christmas Story; Pioneer Christmas in Millard; “Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plains;” Christmas in Castle Valley; The Christmas Angel
Lure of the Great Salt LakeTales of Triumph, Volume 2Discovery of the Great Salt Lake; The Stansbury Survey; Great Salt Lake Islands; Bird Rookeries; Antelope Island; Fremont Island; Stansbury Island; Carrington Island; Gunnison Island; Swimming in the Great Salt Lake; Sailing the Great Salt Lake; Captain David L. Davis; Alfred Lambourne; Words to Live By
Transcontinental Railroad of 1869Tales of Triumph, Volume 2The Beginning: The Enabling Act; Order to the Senate by President Abraham Lincoln; the Union Pacific Railroad; Grading and Laying the Track; Brigham Young’s contract; The Mass Meeting Progress Reports; Ogden Celebrates the Train Coming to Town; Henefer and the Railroad; First Railroad in the West; Central Pacific; Benson, Farr and West; Echo Canyon; the Two Locomotives; The Ceremony; Re-Creating Jupiter and 199.
Settling Canada, Early Mormon Canadian PioneersTales of Triumph, Volume 2Missionary Work Begins in Canada; Railroad Building; The First Mormon Settlement in Canada; Continuing Mormon Migration to Canada
Pioneer Era MedicineTales of Triumph, Volume 2Mistrust of “Orthodox” Doctors; Pioneer Era Remedies; Changing Attitudes Towards Conventional Doctors; Timeline of Pioneer Era and Late Ninteenth Century Medical Advances; Early Hospitals
Women’s Right to VoteTales of Triumph, Volume 2National Suffrage Leaders Fight for the Vote; U.S. Postage Stamps Commemorating Women’s Suffrage; The Woman’s Suffrage Association of the Utah Territory; Women’s Suffrage Dominated Politics in Utah; 1895 Celebration; Utah Pioneer Suffragists; Colorado Suffragists
First Twenty-Five Years of DUPTales of Triumph, Volume 3Daughters of Utah Pioneers History; Organization of Daughters of Utah Pioneers; The Constitution; Growth of the Society; Collection of Relics; Collection of Histories; Aims of the Society; Ann (Aliza) Eliza Hunter Rich; Phebe Amelia (Augusta) Carter Woodruff Snow; Laura Marinda Hyde Miner; Sarah Jane Rich Tobin Miller; Presidents 1901-1925
Cowboys of the American WestTales of Triumph, Volume 3Laws of 1854; A Herdsman; Brands; Cowboy Clothing and Equipment; Cattle Rustling; Claim Jumping; Cowby Life; Code of the West; Wyoming State Code of the West; Cowboy Poetry; Cattle Roundup; John H. Davies; Cowboys of Strawberry Valley; Miles Morris Goodyear; Trailing Cattle on the Old Spanish or Mormon Trail; Cache County; San Juan
American Civil War, Slavery, and the PioneersTales of Triumph, Volume 3Western Migration and the Civil War; Black Pioneers; Jane Manning James; Green Flake; Gobo Fango; Mammy Chloe Ewell
Celebration of ChristmasTales of Triumph, Volume 3Remember Their Stories; Christmas Customs; Legends and Carols; We Three Kings of Orient Are; A Christmas Gift of Love; Christmas Babies; The Prophet Joseph Smith Jr.; Christmas is Memories
Pioneer CookingTales of Triumph, Volume 3Food Available to Pioneers; Rules for Eating in Early Days; Emily Stewart Barnes; Cooking in the Valley; Pioneer Kitchens; The Coal Stove; Cookbooks; Violet Gray Ruben; Mary Gray Street Carter; Pioneer Cooking as Recorded in Children’s Literature; Well-Known Mormon Recipes and their Histories; Recipes for Dyes and Soap
Wyoming DUP MarkersTales of Triumph, Volume 3Marker #237 Star Valley; Marker #540 Burlington Tithing House; Marker #554 Penrose Ward Tithing House; Marker #567 Big Horn Academy; Marker #78 First Brick Church; Marker #52 First School House in Wyoming; Marker #123 Jackson Hole; Marker #537 Women of Sixth Crossing of the Sweetwater; Marker #357 To Utah in 1868; Marker #558 Bluemel Homesteads; Marker #371 Osmond; Marker #511 Muddy Creek Camp and Crossing; Marker #277 First Post Office; Marker #581 Thayne Relief Society Hall
Mona, Utah, and Pioneers Who Settled ThereTales of Triumph, Volume 3History of Mona; Mount Nebo; Pioneers of Mona; Andrew Love; Mary Ellen Love Neff; Sarah Malinda Alexander; Rodney Degrass Swasey; William Newton; Edward Kay; John Vest; Memories of Mona
Indians of the State of DeseretTales of Triumph, Volume 3Native American Life Prior to 1847; Indian Slavery; Indian Life and Relations During the Pioneer Era; Alma Shock Brown; Minnie Burgess; Ammon Draper; Frantz Grundtvig; Indian Chiefs; Keeping the Peace
“The Big Ten” Daughters of Brigham Young and Their MothersTales of Triumph, Volume 3Emmeline Free Young, mother of Ellie (Ella) and Marinda; Emily Dow Partridge Smith Young, mother of Carolyn and Emily; Clarissa Ann Ross Young, mother of Mary and Clarissa (Maria); Lucy (Luca) Ann Decker Seely Young, mother of Fanny; Clarissa “Clara” Decker Young, mother of Jeanette; Margaret Maria Alley Young, mother of Evelyn; Zina Diantha Huntington Jacobs Young, mother of Zina Presendia
Pioneer FolkloreTales of Triumph, Volume 4Material Folklore; Folktales; Once Upon A Time; Ghost Stories; Agricultural Folklore, Mining Legends, Monster Folklore
Arizona DUP MarkersTales of Triumph, Volume 4Marker #173 The Old Fort; Marker 436 Lakeside; Marker 350 Lee’s Ferry; Marker #169 Mesa; Marker #532 Arizona’s Honeymoon Trail; Marker #504 Mormon Battalion and Pima and Maricopa Indians; Marker #344 Arizona’s Pioneer Women; Marker #194 Public Building; Marker #250 Show Low Valley Settlement; Marker #76 Snowflake Pioneers; Marker #543 Yavapai Pioneer Trail; Marker #548 The Settlement of Binghampton
They Came on Their OwnTales of Triumph, Volume 4Mary Ann Martha Roberts Day and Brigham Henry Roberts; Ann Fish Bell; Maria Allen Griffin; Mildred Eliza Johnson Randall; Margaret Webster Esplin; Elizabeth Ratz (Raetz) Cowan; Teamsters and Freighters; Three Sisters
Winter on the TrailTales of Triumph, Volume 4Winter at the Trail Head; The First Winter at Winter Quarters; The Plum Pudding; Warren S. Snow Company; Miner G. Atwood Company; The Faith of a Child
After the RescueTales of Triumph, Volume 4Pioneer Emigration in 1856; Stories from the Stranded Companies of 1856; Age-Related Statistics; After the Rescue Rocky Ridge; Born on the Trail; Orphaned on the Trail; Love Stories
Pioneer RomanceTales of Triumph, Volume 4Peter Sheffield and Mary Helen (Ellen) Scott Barson; Samuel and Hannah Last Cornaby; Joseph Elijah and Dorothy Henderson Watson Robinson; Joshua Terry’s Indian Bride; Goudy Eric and Christina Nelson Hogan; Love Letters; James and Zurviah Gleason Fuller Eardley; Thomas Waters and Hannah Lucretia Rogers Cropper; Ebenezer and Sarah Ann Hancock Beesley; Moroni and Emily Casto Hunt; Romance With a Shotgun; Orson Kimball and Joanna Noel Whitney; Three Courtships With Surprise Endings
In Honor of the 175th Anniversary of the Arrival of the Vanguard Company of PioneersTales of Triumph, Volume 4Selection of First Company Members; Laws and Rules; Inventory; Vanguard Company; Three Women Who Came With the Vanguard Company; Women of the Mississippi Saints; Jubilees; Pioneer Centennial Celebration 1947; Days of ’47 2020
Pioneer Homes and DwellingsTales of Triumph, Volume 4Early Pioneer Homes; Tents; Wagon Boxes; Earthen Homes; Dugouts; Sod Houses; Forts; Adobe Houses; Stone Houses; Log Cabins
Journal of Louisa Barnes PrattTales of Triumph, Volume 4Preface; Ancestry and Childhood; Life in Canada; War of 1812; The Pratt Family; Addison and Louisa Are Married; Begin Housekeeping; The Pratts Join the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; Nauvoo Period; Addison Leaves for a Mission; On to the West; Mount Pisgah; Winter Quarters; Across the Plains; In the Valley of the Great Salt Lake; Their Mission; Leaving in Beaver
The Sixth-Seventh WardTales of Triumph, Volume 5The Old Fort; Sixth Ward; Early Pioneers and Important Events from the Sixth Ward; Seventh Ward; Early Pioneers and Important Events from the Seventh Ward; Sixth-Seventh Ward; Throughout the Years Historical Book Committee; To the Historical Committee
Beehive HouseTales of Triumph, Volume 5The Beginning; Families Who Lived in the Beehive House; A Typical Day for Children Living at the Beehive House; Murder, Mystery and Midnight at the Mansion; Company’s Coming; Remodeling; Recognition and Restoration
California DUP MarkersTales of Triumph, Volume 5The Mormon Battalion: Marker #57 The Mormon Battalion; Marker 257 Women of the Mormon Battalion; Marker #240 Mormon Island Settlement; Marker #547 Bumpy Meadow Trailhead; Marker #338 Tragedy Spring; The Saints of the Ship Brooklyn; Marker #60 Ship Brooklyn Pioneers; Marker #415 Wilmington Pioneer Wagon Train Seaport; Marker #490 Mormon Pioneer Adobes; Marker #246 Pioneer Schoolhouse and Chapel; The Rhoades (Rhoads Rhodes) Family; Marker #572 Rhoads Diggings; Marker #382 Sloughhouse Pioneer Cemetery; Marker #302 Settlement of San Bernardino
Winter Guard at Fort SeminoeTales of Triumph, Volume 5On the Trail in 1856; The Winter Guard; Visitors at the Fort; Mail Couriers; Indians; Heading for Home; The Final Report to Brigham Young
Women HomesteadersTales of Triumph, Volume 5Who They Were and Why They Came; Married Women Homesteaders; Single Women Homesteaders; Elinore Pruitt Rupert Stewart; Women Homesteaders in Utah; Newspaper Support for Utah Women Homesteaders; Impressions of the Land From a Woman’s Point of View; Women’s Legal Rights in Utah; Life Sketches of Women Homesteaders in Utah
Recovered TreasuresTales of Triumph, Volume 5Discarded Items; Brigham Young’s Wagon; Mislabeled Item; Nauvoo Temple Daguerreotype; Put Away for ‘Safe Keeping;’ Stolen and Recovered; Buried Treasure; Rescued Relics
Springville, UtahTales of Triumph, Volume 5Who They Were; Crime and Punishment; Springville Industries; Schools and Meetinghouses; Springville Celebrations
The Utah Silk IndustryTales of Triumph, Volume 5The Silk Industry in Utah; Instructions for Raising Silkworms; Silk Thread; Mulberry Trees; Growing the Industry; Ann Kempton Brown Dunyon; Experiences with the Silk Industry; Pioneer Memorial Museum Silk Room; Marker #73 Pioneer Silk Industry
Union Pacific BoomtownsTales of Triumph, Volume 5Hell on Wheels Towns; Transcontinental Railroad; Kearny, Nebraska; North Platte, Nebraska; Julesburge, Colorado; Cheyenne, Wyoming; Laramie, Wyoming; Benton, Wyoming; Bear River City, Wyoming, Corinne, Utah
Pioneer Architects and ArchitectureTales of Triumph, Volume 6The Kirtland Temple; The Nauvoo Temple; Building in the Salt Lake Valley; The Salt Lake Tabernacle; Salt Lake Tabernacle Architects; The St. George Tabernacle; The Pine Valley Chapel; the Tenth Ward; The Brigham City Tabernacle; The Paris Idaho Stake Tabernacle
The Hole-in-the-Rock ExpeditionTales of Triumph, Volume 6Exploring Party; Shortcut to the San Juan; The Journey; Building the Road; The Ferry Boat; Travel Through the Hole-in-the-Rock; Making the Way to the San Juan Region; San Juan Hill; The Hole-in-the-Rock Trail; Stories of the Hole-in-the-Rock Missionaries; Bluff Fort Historic Site and Visitor Center
Pioneer BeveragesTales of Triumph, Volume 6Drinking Customs in Colonial America; Cider; Beer; Taverns of the East; Saloons of the West; The Shooting Star Saloon; History of Brewing Beer in Utah; Whiskey; Coffee as a National Beverage; Temperance (Non-Alcoholic) Beverages; Medicinal Beverages
Victorian Christmas TraditionsTales of Triumph, Volume 6Christmas Trees; Christmas Crackers; Christmas Cards; Advent Calendars; Charles Dickens; Robert Louis Stevenson; Ghost Stories; Pioneer Child Laborers
Women Pioneer Hymn WritersTales of Triumph, Volume 6Hannah Last Cornaby; Caroline Stockdale Thomas; Emily Hill Mills Woodmansee; Ellen Knowles Melling Salisbury; Ruth May Fox; Emmeline Blanche Woodward Harris Whitney Wells; Ellis Reynolds Shipp; Eliza Roxcy Snow
Handcart Company Captains of 1856Tales of Triumph, Volume 6Edmund Ellsworth (First Handcart Company); Duncan McArthur (Second Handcart Company); Edward Bunker (Third Handcart Company); James G. Willie (Fourth Handcart Company); Edward Martin (Fifth Handcart Company); Summary of Handcart Companies of 1856
Families of the Mormon BattalionTales of Triumph, Volume 6The Reality; Honoring the Women Left Behind; Emily Abbott Bunker; Seviah Cunningham Egbert Huntsman; Barzilla Guyman (Guymon) Caldwell; Mary Bettice (Bettis) Compton; Jane Draper Bulkley; Clarinda Bartholomew McCullough; Ann Ratcliff (Ratcliffe) Karren; Elizabeth Cooper Pixton; Elvira Annie Cowles Smith Holmes; Cyrena Dustin Merrill
“Down and Back” Church TrainsTales of Triumph, Volume 6Florence, Nebraska Territory Outfitting Station; Wyoming, Nebraska Territory Outfitting Station; Pioneer Participants in the “Down and Back” Effort
St. Thomas, Nevada; Mormon Island, California; Rockport, UtahTales of Triumph, Volume 6St. Thomas, Clark County, Nevada; Thomas Sasson Smith; Bonnelli Ferry; Mormon Island, Sacramento County, California; Sutter’s Fort; Discovery of Gold; Sutter’s Mill; Rockport, Summit County, Utah; Wanship Dam; Mary Deforest Smith Green; Thomas Gibbons; Edmund Hortin
Early Presidents of Utah UniversitiesTales of Triumph, Volume 7The University of Utah; Brigham Young University; Utah State University
The Tetons, Jackson Hole, and Mormon RowTales of Triumph, Volume 7History of Jackson Hole; Settlement of Jackson Hole; Wilson, Wyoming; Menors Ferry; Gros Ventre, Grovont, Mormon Row; Mormon Row Historic District; Grand Teton National Park; Multi-year Restoration Project Launched at Mormon Row in Grand Teton National Park
The Utah TerritoryTales of Triumph, Volume 7Theocracy in the Valley; Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo; The State of Deseret and Utah Territory; Pioneer Era Governors; Statehood; Political Parties of the Territory; Marching Through Zion
Christmas Songs of the 19th CenturyTales of Triumph, Volume 7“Silent Night;” “O Christmas Tree” (“O Tannenbaum”); “The First Noel;” “O Holy Night;” “It Came Upon the (A) Midnight Clear;” “Good King Wenceslas;” “Jingle Bells;” “We Three Kings of Orient Are;” “Angels We Have Heard on High;” “Up on the Housetop;” “Go Tell it on the Mountain;” “What Child is This?;” “O Little Town of Bethlehem;” “Far, Far Away on Judea’s Plain;” “Away in a Manger.”
Santa Clara, UtahTales of Triumph, Volume 7A Timeline of Key Moments in the History of Santa Clara; Settling Santa Clara; Early Settlers of Santa Clara.
Johnston’s ArmyTales of Triumph, Volume 7Rumors of Rebellion; Federal Intervention; Johnston’s Army; Activation of the Nauvoo Legion; United States Army Stranded at Fort Bridger; Peaceful Entry into the Salt Lake Valley
History of Box Elder CountyTales of Triumph, Volume 7Fremont Indians; Shoshone Indians; Trappers and Explorers; Pioneer Settlements in Box Elder County Willard; Perry; Bear River City; Harper (Calls Fort); Promontory; Corinne; Grouse Creek; Brigham City
Journal of Reddick AllredTales of Triumph, Volume 7Nauvoo, Illinois; Mormon Battalion; Across the Plains to the Valley of the Great Salt Lake; Living in the Valley; Mission to Hawaii; Home in Kaysville; Johnston’s Army; Living in Sanpete Valley; The Black Hawk War; Move to Chester, Sanpete County; Home in Spring City
Camp Floyd and Johnston’s ArmyTales of Triumph, Volume 7Fairfield, Utah County, Utah; Saints return to the northern settlements; Building Camp Floyd; Life at Camp Floyd; Amusement and Entertainment at Camp Floyd; Identifying the Enemy; Abandoning Camp Floyd; Soldiers of the Civil War; Camp Floyd Today

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