The Pioneer Memorial Museum – Be a Docent

What is a Docent?

A docent’s role is to be a guide or hostess and to inform visitors about the museum exhibits. This is done through a mutual exploration of the exhibits by telling stories, historical facts or sharing reminiscences. They also help school children through the Museum assisting with their “Scavenger Hunts” that the Museum provides. Another function is to protect our artifacts, to maintain order, and welcome guests as they sign the guest register at the desk. A docent is the key to making museum visits pleasant and an enjoyable experience for the visitor.

Our Museum is the finest Pioneer Museum in the United States. Every nook and cranny is filled with thousands of relics including photographs, paintings, dolls, guns, wagons, flags, musical instruments, and our 1902 beautifully restored Fire Engine.

Numerous local, national, and international guests come to our museum each year. Therefore, it is necessary for us to have a well trained and adequately staffed docent program.

There is no museum that can pay for all the service and assistance needed to operate correctly. Without dedicated volunteers who give of their time, interest, and love, we could not stay open. A docent is invaluable.

We need docents who can be committed to work for two to four days a month, for just four hours a day. We have two shifts every day. The first starts at 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. The second shift is at 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. Please contact Christine at if you are interested in becoming a docent. 

We have training classes, where you are provided with a packet that includes stories of the artifacts in the museum and instructions on being a docent.

Guidelines for Docents


We need docents that are:
Committed:You make a commitment to serve on a certain day and to honor that commitment.
Knowledgeable:Know the stories and artifacts.
Enthusiastic:Show that you love what you are doing.
Well-groomed:Make a good impression on our visitors.
Friendly:To everyone who enters our museum.


This is our museum and it is our responsibility to help preserve our pioneer artifacts. The service given by a docent becomes a rewarding experience in her personal life.

The Daughters of Utah Pioneers maintain numerous satellite museums around the state of Utah and beyond. Click here for a list of other DUP (satellite) Museums.

A Glimpse of the Pioneer Memorial Museum

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