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Welcome to the International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers Photo Department. We house and maintain a photographic collection of pioneers, their homes, communities, organizations, and artifacts. This collection provides a visual link to our pioneer ancestors and their era. Remember, a pioneer is an ancestor who came to the State of Deseret / Utah Territory, died crossing the plains, or was born in the State of Deseret / Utah Territory before May 10, 1869, the coming of the railroad. If your ancestors do not fit into these criteria, we will not have their photos.

The collection of photos is located in the basement of the museum. Many patrons do not realize that the collection of portraits and photographs hanging on the museum walls is only a small portion of our extensive photo collection.

Copies of photos, paintings, and portraits are available for purchase. These images can be saved to a thumb drive (provided) and multiple images can be placed on thumb drive. The photo department is staffed by volunteers, and generally, they or members of the artifacts department can assist you in person. Nonetheless, schedules vary so call ahead or email at if you want personal assistance. You can always use the Photo Request Form found in the photo department or online and email, mail, or leave them with the office secretary.

– Click here for our Photo and Image Use Price List.

To order images, email or mail your list of pioneers. Include full names and birth and death dates if available.

– Click on this email address to send your email.

– Click here for our Photo Request Form.

To see what we have, start with our Photo Index. This index lists the subjects for whom we have photos.

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1897 Pioneer Jubilee Celebration Pioneers
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Image Use Policy: No images obtained through DUP, whether print or digital, may be used or reproduced for monetary gain without a formal use agreement with DUP. Images used for monetary gain will generally follow the pricing schedule found in our Photo Use Price List. Images may freely be posted to non-profit websites and used for non-profit digital purposes ONLY by adhering to the DUP Image Website Policy.

– Click here for Photo and Image Use Price List.

– Click here for DUP Image Website Policy.

How You Can Help: The photo department encourages donations of photographs or images of pioneers or period places or things. The PRIORITY of how we would like to see donations are:

  1. Original photo
  2. Our scan of your original photo
  3. Professional copy of original
  4. Your best copy of original
  5. Your best digital copy (scanned or digital camera)

As many people are opting for number 5. “Your best digital copy”, here are some GUIDELINES for donating digital images and for digitizing images in general. They are not all-encompassing, but they should be helpful. Click here for Digital Imaging Suggestions.

All of the photos and images in our collection are stored safely in the museum with archival quality protection and documentation. Contributing images to DUP collection enables others to enjoy them—remember your great-great-grandparents have many more grandchildren than just you!

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