Photo Department – Photo Index

This index includes the subjects: Persons, Places, and Things, but is primarily about persons—pioneers. In the future, we will be adding more Places and Things.

Because this index is not perfect, here are some suggestions:

  • Women are filed by their last married name; however, when using this index, check all married names.
  • Check spelling variations of names.
  • Check this index periodically—photos are continually being added.
  • For some pioneers, there is more than one photo available.
  • Identify the pioneer of interest by all available names and dates when corresponding with us.

To search, enter any part of the last name or maiden name of the subject. The results will list all subjects that contain the letters you have typed.

For ordering images, or for clarifying questions you may have, use email or mail.

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Enter the last name of the person you want to find:

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