Tiffany & Co. Replica Pin


Originally commissioned by the Jubilee Committee in 1897, these gold pins were created by Tiffany & Company of New York at a cost of $10 each. The pin featured a central portrait of Brigham Yong surrounded by four bees, a beehive, a locomotive, a Pony Express rider, and a covered wagon with the date 1847. The badges were given to the surviving pioneers of 1847. The pioneer recipient’s name was engraved on the back of each pin. This badge granted each wearer free admission to all amusements of the Jubilee. Original examples of this pin can be seen at the Pioneer Memorial Museum. This current pin is a metallic (not gold) replica of the 1897 Semi-Centennial Tiffany Pin and celebrates our DUP motto. There is no engraving on the back.


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