The Pioneer Memorial Museum ~ Steam Engine “Roosevelt”

Roosevelt has been lovingly restored to original working condition and appears as when first delivered to Salt Lake City, Utah, in 1902.

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Owner International Society Daughters of Utah Pioneers
Co-Sponsorship Bountiful Fire Department
Restored By Brent R. Palmer Bountiful Fire Station No. 1
Restoration Start Date February 4, 1994        Restoration Completion Date: June 15, 1996
Restoration Costs $125,000                    Restoration Labor Cost: Volunteer
Total Restored Parts 22,124                        Registration Number: 2844
Builder American Fire Engine Company, Seneca, New York
Christened & Named "Roosevelt" in honor of President Theodore Roosevelt
  • Steamer Number One (Roosevelt), Salt Lake City, Utah 1902-1072
  • Daughters of Utah Pioneers 1972
  • Date of Manufacture 1902
    Type First size, horse-drawn, steamer pumper
    Frame Crane neck rails
    Axles Square iron, front tubular rear
    Suspension Semi-elliptical, three-quarter platform springs front; two semi-elliptical springs rear
    Wheels Patent hub, wood spoke, Iron tire front & rear
    Brakes Foot lever operated contacting on rear tires
    Steering Fifth wheel, two pole for three horse hitch
    Boiler Vertical, water tube, coal fired. Pipe fittings for circulation water from external source
    Engine Vertical, double acting, two cylinder slide valve, 7 1/2" bore 7" stroke
    Pump Vertical, double acting, two cylinder shared piston rods; 6" bore
    Balance wheel Single vertical
    Intake Two 5" (one each side of pump). Two 12' lengths of hard suction
    Discharge Four 2 1/2"
    Equipment Bell, hand lanterns, horse blankets, equipment locker, strainer
    Finish Nickle-plated stack & hardware. Painted maroon & bright red with gold leaf & painted stripe decoration. Leather upholstery
    Dimensions 15' overall length x 9'7" overall height
    Weight 10,800 pounds
    Performance 92 horse power boiler
    Cost $8,900 (1902)

    The Daughters of Utah Pioneers maintain numerous satellite museums around the state of Utah and beyond. Click here for a list of other DUP (satellite) Museums.

    A Glimpse of the Pioneer Memorial Museum

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